These are a serie of essays I wrote in highschool for my English classes. Somehow all of them ended up concaining Winnie the Pooh in them. Not to be taken seriously.

People who follow me for the bat fic: I've almost finished next chapter (I'm sorry I'm so late!), but first I'll upload these. 13 chapters, feel free to ignore them. And please forgive me.

Prompt: A turning point in your life. A point in your life that was important to you.

The most important time in my life was, without any doubt, the first time I saw the awful and terrible Winnie the Pooh. I was only seven years old. One nice summer morning, my gradmother turned on the TV. And then I was it. Right in front of my eyes. Staring at me.

"W...what is *that*, grandma?" I asked with tremulous voice.

"Oh, it's that cute Winnie the Pooh, it's very educational" my grandmother answered.

But I knew the truth. I was the only one who did. That evil orange bear, with its little, treacherous eyes, planned to conquer the world -and kill us all in the process.

With its stupid songs, the World's children would want to eat honey. They'd become addicted to honey, and they'll search for it. They'll go mad for it. They'll kill for it. Winnie the Pooh would give them all the honey he has stored, and then, the children would join their crazed, bloodthristy army. And doom us.

Because of that, I've decided to spend my whole life fighting against Winnie the Pooh. Join the resistance, or the world will become a devastated place consumed by the greed of that creature.