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I can still remember his eyes, those yellow cat-like eyes. His ears were pointed like an elf's. His fiery red hair was spikey. His hair matched his personality. At the time, all he wanted to do was save his kingdom so I could never tell him how he saved me as well. When he first fell into my life, I helped save his kingdom from the Akuto Crisis. The second time he fell to the Lower World, he didn't ask for my help at first. But when Ichiko and Suzume showed up, he changed his mind and believed in me just as I had believed in him the year before. Space-time merged that day, the space-time continuum was broken. The next day, the cycle of Akuto was restored. The last time I saw him was when he returned Ichiko. Suzume and I back to our world. I was now a third year in high school and still no word from him. Ichiko, Suzume and I were down by the river. The wind was blowing softly, picking up speed every now and then. The wind chose that moment to try and blow our skirts up but we stopped that from happening, giggling slightly. We were all laughing when I felt someone's eyes on me. I turned around and stood up, shocked at what I was seeing. Fiery, spikey, red hair blew around his face in the wind. Yellow cat-like eyes gleamed as he smiled at me. His pointed ears stuck out from his hair. I felt a smile start to form on my face. One word came to my lips as I started up the hill towards him. "Munto."

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