Powers...are used for different reasons. Every day, there's more increasing without even thinking to stop it or rid of it. It helps to balance the universe, time, and chaos without trying to mess it up. Some have gained experience to mess with time. Others have created chaos. The rest would stand by. Powers like to have super speed or being able to go invisible.

There are people who lose and/or gain powers. Some may have been born with them without needing to earn them. The universe would give them a purpose to store order.

Yet, people chases after those who have powers if they knew. One of the many examples, ghost hunters can establish hunting a ghost and not knowing it's someone who's part ghost. The other example would be criminal with a mastermind would do anything to find out their archenemy's secret identity until the down to the point where it's revealed.

But, a deeper society that remained unknown to the public's eyes. Not even the government knows their true potential. The group of CEAS and they hunt specialist to do their personal study. They first Collect what they want, Experiment their specialist, And Study through the whole process. Which, it has led them to be called CEAS.

They wore slick and dark blue lab coat like a coat. They had leather pants to contain most of the thing they carried. Mostly weapons or traps for their specialists mainly. They were capable of handling all types of superpower beings. They already gained experience from obtaining Superman or Batman for short time, but they got their experiment ran by already.

Today, they were leaping building to buildings to gather someone particularly. This girl, who has white hair and regular brown eyes, she had some sort of thick sweater hoodie on her waists. She held her emotions inside of her and kept herself far from CEAS ninja workers.

"Luna." Someone called her out of a command.

None of the CEAS ninjas chased further more when their leader has spoken her name. The white hair girl ran a couple of more building and she stopped with her guards up. She directly looked at the leader of CEAS and didn't request much of any of their choices.

"What? I thought this is a typical chase me until you catch me?" She hissed, "I won't be caught, dammit!" She spitted off the roof.

The leader revealed herself to Luna, who has dark brown hair and dark shade of yellow. She looked down at Luna, who was no more than two inches taller than the girl, and smirked at her with upper hold of the group.

"Luna, we know your family and we can hurt them or…kill them." The leader's words cut like a sharp knife.

Luna gritted her teeth, but she held back instead.

"I ran away from my family. They're not family anymore." Which, was honest.

Luna checked around for anyone made a single movement. She wore a masked identity since she practically protects the citizens as she pleases, but usually to keep her family safe. No one knew how she got this white hair, but the CEAS knew almost. The leader lifted her chin up at the young girl.

"We'll gather your friends, then. I'm sure they'll be useful."

Luna wished to say a word and this caused her to teleport elsewhere. The leader growled and wanted to obtain the girl for her own greater purpose. One of the ninja came up to the woman and stood by her side. In the woman's hand, she held the glasses and crushed it in her bare hands. The other ninja immediately took care of her hands as if it was expected.

"Should we locate her and try capturing her, Miss Azar?"

Azar slightly cornered her eyes over to her top worker, "No. We will do a different approach to get her. For now, let's retrieve a pair of rare Halflings." She insisted on forward with the plan.

Azar looked over to the bandaged hand and bended her fingers to be sure she was still functioning. The ninja healer joined with the others and her trustworthy worker remained at her side to keep the plan going.

"I'll deal with Luna until we get her to join us, she will not be removed from the purpose. If I see anyone managed to get her, I will throw them into the fire and deal with captured Luna." She turned to her loyal workers, "Do you all understand?"

They all nodded and they dashed off to the very next mission. Azar leapt up and took care of herself to another mission for the so called, "Halflings". She knew this would be more of an easy mission due their oblivious history.