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After lunch was over at the Titan Tower, Tucker arranged the spectra speeder to its upgrade at his technopathic power. Danny has watched his best friend working his power and Sam was inside of it during the progress. The two were working as a team and knowing each other's strength and weaknesses. Vlad and Luna discussed a few ideas on the guest room and Danny's room. Robin tried pointing out Danny's room should be the same and that Luna and him should use the guest room.

Jazz and Valerie were working on a good cover story for Robin and Luna's guests staying, but they had no clue who Robin truly was. Cyborg took the girl to a special program to where she'd be adopted and given her serious help. Beast Boy went along to give her comfort by being a kitten and she held him until they had to leave her. She told him that she was going to plan on getting a kitten and name it after him. Beast Boy passed out and Cyborg carried him anyway. The girl laughed and waved happily, knowing she could trust them, and never saw them again.

Raven and Starfire cleaned out Robin's room and working on a few things, plus, making sure, he had his things to take with him in case of emergency, and he couldn't really get much of a say in this. Others realized that Batman and Flash must have left in some point, but they couldn't really tell the top heroes to stay or leave. The mission was completed, CEAS was done.

Sam pulled out on Danny's invention and he gasped. He totally had forgotten about his device for over a year now.

"You guys found the Phantom Bundler!" Danny chuckled.

Tucker turned to Danny and blinked once, "…Phantom Bundler?"

Sam agreed, "Yeah, why name that?"

Danny shocked, "You guys didn't read the back of the letter?"

Sam felt like an idiot and she went to get the letter. Tucker joined up with her and read it along with her. Danny shook his head, he couldn't believe his best friend wouldn't check the back, and he figured they could read it.

As they read:

Oh! Yeah, the tradition of naming inventions. Phantom Bundler, I named it because…well, it's obvious. It bundles up powers of a ghost or a Phantom. I figured it's my invention, it'd get called after me instead of Fenton Bundler otherwise it'd look stupid. It took me forever to come up a name and thought how to explain what the device was mainly for. It bundles up any ghost powers you want to store up, so bundler came first. At first, I was going to call it Fenton Bundler, but it'd be like following my dad's step. Name it all to be Fenton object and thought it would be lame. So, I thought of my ghost half, tried calling it ghost bundler and it sounded so stupid again. I replaced ghost to Phantom.

Why? 'Cause I already tested to give power into this bundler and thought it deserves the first ghost's power's name. Phantom Bundler it is!

They glanced up and stared at their best friend who took forever explaining in the letter with the name. Danny shrugged and he wasn't totally into the whole "name" an invention, but it was a start.

Tucker and Sam went back on working with the Spectra speeder and Danny went to find his boyfriend. Of course, he found the man arguing about the room and shook his head. He sighed.

"Guys? One, arguing over something so stupid?" Danny's eyebrow went up, "Two, Luna and Robin are getting the OB-center. It has kitchen, bathroom, and a bed. Three, Vlad and I get the guest room since it's bigger than my room. Fair enough?" His arms crossed.

Both Vlad and Luna shut up and Robin was glad this nonsense was over.

"So we have our own space?"

"Almost, but yes. Do me a favor, do not press a single button or my dad will be jumping into some stupid ghost conclusion. I haven't given much thought about telling him on the whole, yeah I'm half ghost crap and that's why I am more than likely to get fucking pregnant sort of a thing."

"Daniel, how come they get the OB-center?" Vlad whined.

Danny glared at his boyfriend, "Because you're now part of the Fenton family and you're gonna have to deal with my parents as your in-laws." He grinned.

Vlad wanted to go against it, but he didn't want to upset the boy, and kept quiet. Robin snickered at the billionaire and how low the man has gone down.

"I don't care as long we have a room." Robin stated, "But, I'll remove my mask in…the speeder thing." He walked off over to the kitchen to help himself some random crackers he found.

After half an hour gone by, everyone was ready to leave except the titan. Robin had to go with the Phantom team until the whole pregnancy thing was over for him. They all hugged him before he left and Tucker managed to arrange the speeder to be more "comfortable" for everyone. Sam smirked at the idea of having privacy in the front and Tucker noticed she took it to her liking.

Robin finally became Dick and Luna blinked several times. She could see somewhat of resemblance between Danny and Dick, the difference was Danny had small baby cheekbones and Dick has flat cheekbones. It helped them out, but no one was in the completely secret thing for hero. Everyone knew the rules, Sam came back, and recognized Dick due to Bruce Wayne's adoption. She treated him as a friend and he was more aware of her being rich because of her parents. Valerie flipped finding out about Sam and Sam shyly admitted about her cover.

By the time, they arrived to the Fenton house. Jack was sleeping on the couch while cuddling with a pillow out of his misery. Maddie shook her head and the others stayed behind in the laboratory before anything needed to explain. Valerie had to go and wished them good byes. Tucker and Sam left along with Valerie, but they had their own plan. It left the five people in the room and Jazz closed the door for privacy.

"Before dad sees you all, we might want to go over a cover story or something. But," She paused, "I want you guys to know if you need a therapy, I'm here. To what CEAS put you guys through, I understand considering what they have done to Sam and Tucker." Jazz looked over to Danny, "I'm surprised you're talking about Dan as if he's a ghost story."

Vlad nodded, "He confessed the story and all-"

"-but, I got more memories from Dan. Apparently, Azar was the one who created him in the alternative time line." Danny explained, "Now, I know the whole story. I'll explain it when we have time alone. It's dad, we have to worry about. Personally, from Freakedshow took over the world experience, dad is okay with me being half ghost. It's the hug I'm worried about." The ghost boy frowned.

Luna blinked, "Then, don't tell him. It's better off to keep people clueless."

"You know, clueless will pick hints up from time to time."

Everyone stared at Dick from what he has said and suddenly, Jazz, Vlad, and Danny laughed their heads off. Vlad wiped his tears away.

"No offense, Dick, but Jack is pretty clueless and gullible. He's bright, but his attention span is much of a childlike. It's like saying his ham and fudge are in his room. He'll believe you and runs until finds something he's looking for. Or he forgets and does what he's doing." Vlad explained.

"Pretty much what my dad is like. Jazz, can you convince dad no hugging until everything is explains to him? I rather not have mom or you feel like keeping secrets around him anymore. The thing is…Vlad is going to get me knocked up after our son is born and there's no way he'd give up on having a big family." Danny's thumb pointed at the billionaire man.

Jazz blinked once and turned her attention to her brother's boyfriend. Vlad gasped like he was insulted and Jazz agreed on the idea. She hurried off and dealt with her dad, she constantly bickered at him to control himself, and Jack took a while to agree with his daughter. She used extended vocabularies against her father to confuse him and he was getting annoyed listening to something he didn't understand. So, he gave in and kept his promise. Jazz called Danny and the others up.

Jack wanted to hug his son he hasn't seen, but he groaned since he couldn't. Mr. Fenton didn't understand the others in the room and he stayed on the couch. Danny and the others helped themselves on the free couch at comfort. As Danny began to tell his father on the ghost portal and explained how he came out to be. Jack kept quiet and shocked to discover his son was half ghost. Once Danny explained, he told him how his best friends were kidnapped by the CEAS for a month and a half and what has become of them and how it affected them. Jack was disturbed by such monstrous organization and Vlad was surprised to see Jack wasn't jumping conclusion as if it was a ghostly organization. Danny continued to explain he has spent more time with his friends since last year and the invention he created between his dad and Vlad. The halfa mentioned his disappearance with Vlad and the others by CEAS and Jack was on a murderous roll. Danny continued to explain a lot had gone on, but the main point was what the experiment was for Danny and Dick.

Jack froze once he heard 'male pregnancy' and stared at the two boys' stomach, knowing two of them were pregnant, and he felt guilty not helping his son or wanting to squeeze the life out of his son. He knew why Jazz was restricting him on the hugging and his shoulders dropped instantly. Danny carried on pointing out "Dan" has killed Azar and another ghost, leaving the ghost's name unknown, took them out to escape to one of Dick's familiar location which where Jazz and Maddie were at.

A moment of silent, Danny stopped explaining and telling the secret. Vlad joined in and placed his secret out. Jack was an exciting puppy to find out that his "buddy" was like his son! That's when Jack realized how the two were very close and Vlad pointed out that he's dating Danny. Jack muttered and couldn't find himself how to express it and shrugged it off. Jack couldn't complain since he was happy to have a grandson along the way.

Dick and Luna explained to Jack of their heroes' status and Jack sat there, not sure how to reply to something he doesn't get into. He nodded along with a smile and supported the awkward relationship. He immediately welcomed them into the family. Luna couldn't shake it off, but she felt the man was something else for once.

Things had to work out and Luna took care of the hard work to bring or move things around. The OB-center was more useful and private for the moon and sun, they used the blind and closed it to have privacy from outside. Vlad and Danny had to work on the guest room and making it work out well, Vlad ordered a couple of things like a bigger bed, the blankets, and all that junk. Danny shook his head at the fact Vlad went a little overboard. Jazz assisted the others as much as she could, she arranged the special dietary for Dick and Danny, and everyone thought it was best to leave Jazz in charged.

Jazz has gotten Danny caught up on his whole semester he missed. She told him that she managed to convince them that he had taken online courses at his college. He was rather surprised at her work and accepted that. He had Vlad and Jazz helping him know everything he had missed for the past three weeks.

Dick and Luna had to do a lot of arrangement of their lives and figuring out what to do after the baby was born and after getting back onto his feet. Jazz constantly checked on the two at least three times a day and made sure Dick was eating something.

Christmas was over and Vlad had to back to work since Jazz has really covered him. Danny felt trapped in the house and somehow, he had himself exploring in his parents' bedroom and their closet. He found several unused sweaters that his dad never wore…

"Hey! He never used the ones I got him?" Danny muttered…furious at his dad for not least try normal clothes.

One thing for sure, he was done buying his dad clothes and decided to use them for now. He rushed upstairs by flying up and found Luna and Dick reading books. Danny shook his head, never understanding to read books, and shrugged. He tossed the extra sweater over to Dick and smirked.

"Come on! We're going out to eat for once and I don't know about you guys, but fresh air is what we need." Danny grinned, "Besides, Nasty Burger and my team can meet us there." Danny insisted.

Danny hurried to put on the sweater and found it to cover up his pregnancy since he was five months as the same as Dick was. Dick blinked and stared at the size of this sweater. Luna perked up at the idea of freedom and hurried up to help her boyfriend into the sweater. He tried to get out of it, but he failed a couple of times and she felt there was no reason to assume his pregnancy. Luna appeared a red head wig and wore it on for her safety.

He snuck a pair of dark black sunglasses on and they all walked off to the Nasty Burger. The winter wasn't bad either, not too chilly or blizzard on action, and Danny called his team to meet up at the restaurant. They assumed he figured out how to cover his pregnancy excuse and made no amend to that. Dick observed the city of Amity Park at his interests and Luna kept her guards at all time. Until they arrived to the Nasty Burger, Dash tried to pick on Danny and Danny was rather irritated. Luna flipped Dash and he freaked out on her unexpected action. She cussed him and frightened him. Dash raced over to the other side and everyone else stayed away.

Danny glared at Luna and she didn't take the halfa too seriously anyway. They found the rest of the Phantom team, except Jazz who was at home with their parents. Sam was snuggling under Tucker's arms and Danny was confused the way the two acted lately. Valerie teased their relationship and Danny gasped in laughter. He cheered on his winning bet that he knew they'd go on a date with each other someday. The gothic and techno-geek had no clue he knew they had feelings for each other, but they figured it wouldn't be much of a problem. Tucker somehow wondered why Danny never gave an obvious sign or anything else.

More or less, they ordered and had a good down time and Vlad showed up. He didn't want to be less of a boyfriend status in the public. The man didn't care as long their secret was all right. Dash was shocked to find out Fentina was dating the world top billionaire! Vlad found himself wanting to beat up Dash into a pulp in a matter of second and he growled at the bully. Dash backed off and left Nasty Burger before he'd mess up anything else. Danny thought it was cute to see the protective Vlad's side.

Dick observing Luna's fighting skills against Vlad and pointed out all of the errors. Luna found this to be aggravating for the past four months after they finally went out in public. Dick has been helping her to know how to battle properly and Luna had her moments on rescuing kids whenever Vlad fought ghosts. Danny would have a ghost scent and Vlad would wait until the ghost shows up. The way everyone does things was harder to adapt for them.

While Luna was learning to fight against invisible Vlad, Dick felt uncomfortable at the most and Danny took in responsibility to understand what was wrong. Until Dick had screamed and Luna noticed her boyfriend's pain as Vlad caught her unguarded. Vlad turned his attention over to Luna's sun and realized this.

Luna rushed over to him and prepared to him give birth. Dick grew to be hating the pain he was suffering and he didn't think women complained was this serious as he thought it was. Now, he mentally regretted ever thinking of that. Luna placed her sun onto the bed and Danny sat down next to his pregnant friend. Vlad gathered all the supplies before the baby could be born.

"Ack! Get it out of me now!" Dick snapped.

Luna chuckled, "Hang in there, sun. We have to get you ready first." Luna ensured him.

He groaned and glared at her, "Ugh, Luna…it's too painful."

Luna soothed his stomach, "I know, now breathe in and out. No more talking for you," She kissed his baby bump.

Dick groaned unbearably at this sharp pain hitting his spine. He did what Luna suggested and he felt it was pointless. Danny held boy wonder up and supported him in any way he could and knowing this was a first time. Vlad rushed over to Luna and she took the opposite side from Danny. Vlad took a deep breath and looked at Dick with a supportive smile.

"Richard, we will have to take our time on this. Continue to breathe like Luna has said, I will remove the fluid out of your womb." Vlad instructed.

Robin thought it was going to be simple as just take it out, but he didn't think it was more than this. Vlad did some serious research on pregnancy and found situations to be more complicated since males didn't have a birth canal for their sons. So, he grew prepared on the subject and had it all set to go.

Vlad constantly had to empty the womb and waited until Dick was very less than ten centimeter. He sweated so much, Danny had no clue how the hell he was going to go through this with his own childbirth, and Luna tried to keep Dick cool off. Danny was able to help by using his Cryokinesis power on the boy wonder's forehead. Dick was more relieved to have help and he didn't believe it would get any easier. He kept breathing in and out of the pattern and tried to distract himself by looking at Luna.

Time was taking a long time and Luna sensed something. Her head shook and gulped.

"Fuck, Vlad! Get our boy out! Now!" She demanded.

Vlad blinked and didn't ask her once to understand why. His hand went into Dick's bump and managed to be careful helping a newborn to come out. Vlad had to be careful in his action and made sure the cord was taken care of first. His left hand reached out for a blanket and pulled the baby out finally. The baby took his first gasped and Vlad pumped the first air. This one cried loudly. Vlad had to check the beating heart and used his short static to get the boy's heart going. Luna sighed, knowing the baby wasn't dying, and she hugged her sun. Danny thought it was a sweet moment for the sun and moon. Vlad came over and handed their baby wrapped in a blanket.

Dick was nervous holding the baby, but Luna helped him out. The baby finally stopped crying once he was in his mother's arms and Dick was surprised to see how quick it was. He felt strange, knowing he had spent nine months with this one.

"You can name him, Luna, I'm not really good with names." He sheepishly smiled.

Luna hugged her boys, "Starlin would be good, don't you think?"

Dick chuckled out of breath, "I guess so," He nodded.

Vlad shrugged when Danny looked at Vlad as if this was the weirdest relationship to see. Danny got up and joined Vlad. They decided to go to their room and left the others alone. Vlad had to go onto his laptop and arranged a cover up on Luna's human's side to claim her "birth", even though "Starlin" was given birth by Dick. Danny lay down on the bed, having trouble to even get on, and glad to have his ghost power to help.

"Vlad?" Danny called out.

Vlad hummed, "Yes, Daniel?"

"When do you think our son will be born?"

Vlad chuckled, "When he's ready, he will pick out his own birthday."

"If he isn't here next week, will you get him out?"

Vlad sighed and turned away from his laptop, "Daniel, are you feeling alright? You sound upset."

Danny sighed and stared at the ceiling. Vlad cuddled up with his halfa and looked straight at the man who's carrying his son.

"I-I am not patience, Vlad. I want to see his face and everything." Danny explained.

Vlad chuckled, "In time, he will be ready when he wants to. He is half ghost as much as we are, so bear in mind. Ghost develops longer." Vlad's lips placed on the baby bump, "Please wait, my badger. Our little badger will come when he's ready."

Danny blushed furiously when Vlad made him feel so good.

"I-I'm trying and I know, ghost develops longer. It's been forty-five weeks and that's a little overboard the normal average. It even mentioned that the placenta starts dissolving or something?" Danny gulped.

Vlad sat up and found himself shocked. He didn't think of it before and he knew his badger was right.

"Get yourself comfortable, Daniel. We'll have to induce your labor and get this going before anything could happen." Vlad took on action.

Danny mentally thought what he had said must have gotten Vlad to get serious now. He nodded and adjusted himself to get ready on their bed. Vlad already had the stuff prepared in their room and door knocking came through.

"Uh, who is it?" Danny called out.

An orange hair peeked through, "I wanted to check on you to see if you ate anything and-" She noticed her brother on his bed, "-is everything okay?"

Vlad nodded, "Yes, we're going to get our son out and I have forgotten about the placenta. Surely, waiting is not a smooth idea to go by at this stage. Dick gave birth just ten minutes ago. Now, I'm going to induce labor for Daniel." Vlad explained.

Danny chuckled out of awkward and Jazz gasped at excitement.

"Oh, my! I'll get mom so she can help!" Jazz squealed.

Danny tried to deny wanting their mom involved, but she raced off to downstairs before he had the chance to say. He groaned and Vlad smirked at his boyfriend's misery.

"Daniel, it'll be longer than Dick's childbirth. You'll need more attention than mine alone." And when his boyfriend's miserable, he can work on comforting or cheering him up.

Danny sighed, "If you say so, fruitloop. After three months, the baby is born, we're moving to the mansion out here. I don't think we're going to want our son exposed too much from ghosts…or dad."

Vlad chuckled, "Or you could simply," His voice lowered into a whisper, "…manipulate," His voice returned, "Them."

Danny gasped at the billionaire and just he thought all of that manipulation excuse was over. Unfortunately, he had to deal with the older hybrid different and keep a closer eye on him. The rest of the Fenton family rushed in, Jack was thrilled to be a grandfather, and Maddie joined Vlad on the situation on-hand help. Jazz sat down next to her brother for upright support.

"I knew today is going to be a special day," Maddie commented.

Danny chuckled, "Yeah, Dick had already given birth and now, I'm going through the same thing." His eyes rolled.

Jazz chuckled, "Well, let's see how long this one will takes to come out. They might become twins at separate birth."

Maddie and Vlad spent their time making the induce labor at progress and two other Fentons supported Danny with comfort at the best they could. Danny grew sleepy, but Jazz kept him up by talking about the things they have done for five years. He would exchange laughter and tears at the wonderful memories. No one was feeling any rush.

Jack often got excited hearing about the ghost fights his son has been in, but they avoided the whole Vlad was Danny's archenemy scenario since their relationship grew. Until Jack asked how they found out, Danny made it up saying that they accidentally fought against each other until he passed out. Vlad confessed and tested him to see how far he gained on his powers. Since then, Vlad had helped him in difference situations and made him powerful on certain occasion. Jack believed his son right off the back and knowing it was half-truthful.

Jack questioned about the inventions and how has it affected his son and his best pal. They pointed out how it was either affecting their ghost half or it just hurts them somehow. Jack was eager to make the inventions to be not harming any hybrid. Jazz wondered about Dani and Maddie and Jack were confused. Danny glared at Jazz for even bringing that up. Vlad came up a cover story about the whole cloning process was merely a company or a need of a family. He pointed out that Danielle chose to roam free and often check on Vlad and Danny when she has the chance.

Times flew by and Vlad smirked. Danny noticed his boyfriend's sly look and shook his head. Vlad prepared to remove their son out of the womb and Danny screamed out of severe pain against his spine. He felt their baby has kicked so hard and how much he wanted to ignore, pretending it was normal, and those screaming wouldn't quit it.

Luna teleported into the room with worried until she realized Danny was giving birth. She sighed and rushed over for support. She made sure there was nothing to worry about for the baby and Vlad retrieved his son. Danny gasped and he desperately wanted to hold his child. First, the billionaire gave his son first breathe of air. Then, Vlad wrapped the baby up and let Danny hold their son. Danny cradled the crying child into his arm and hushed him from time to time.

"Mama is here," Danny smiled, felt happier than he has before.

Vlad cuddled around the two loves, "Daddy is here too," Vlad squeezed the hug from his boyfriend and kissed his son's forehead.

The baby cried, but everyone adored him. Luna went back to Dick and informed him what was going on. The boy wonder was pleased to hear the news. Apparently, it was five minutes away from midnight for Danny's baby, but still separate at birth. Jazz teased his brother overall let's make it as twins, but they had no idea how that'd turn out.

"I think Jaden is perfect, what do you think, Vlad?" Danny glanced up.

Vlad smiled, "Lovely, it fits him perfectly." Vlad sat down next to him, "Daniel?"

Danny looked up at Vlad, "Yeah, Vlad?"

Vlad moved his folded hand over to Danny's sight, he held up a gentle smile, and met his boyfriend's eyes.

"Marry me, would you?" Vlad's hand revealed a thick gold ring.

Danny gasped at the proposal, "V-vlad?" He wept, "Of course, you fruitloop!"

Vlad wiped the tears away and placed the ring onto his newly fiancée. The Fenton family adored the moment even more.

Everyone was happy and safe. CEAS was done for good. Dick called Bruce to let the man know he's a grandfather now. Jazz called Sam, Tucker, and Valerie to announce the news while her brother sleeps with the baby and Vlad. Danny was glad his best friends dating each other, but he didn't mind. Valerie bought someone along and that person was shocked to find out her "cousin" had a baby. Danny was so happy to Dani and Dani adored her little cousin.

Life has changed for everyone. Sam and Tucker had created their personal business involving their powers and limited their ability at comfort. Tucker moved in with Sam after he proposed to her a couple of months ago. Valerie took Dani in for shelter and they worked together as a team to fight ghosts. Danny suspected something with Valerie and Dani, but he shrugged it off. Dick and Luna stayed at the Fenton for a while until Dick talked to his team. His team was happy to hear everything had went well and wondered when to meet little "Starlin" for the first time. Luna almost went ballistic on exposing their son too early for a newborn. They agreed not until Starlin was three months old.

Bruce managed an arrangement at the Fenton's home and brought Barry, or Flash. Jack was left clueless on who Bruce or Barry was, but it meant secret were safe for heroes. Jack hasn't exactly noticed the clue that Dick was Robin and that Luna is…well, Children's moon Luna. Bruce has spoiled a lot with his grandson. Danny found this interesting to how his life has really made another turn around on things.

Danny and Dick wanted their sons to be together, so they planned to make sure all the events would be taken at Vlad's mansion for secure privacy. Bruce was fine with the idea and figured it would give the man a break on situation. Barry was happy to be here and enjoyed being around kids. Luna and Vlad had their moments on getting their partners pregnant again, but they were suspected, even Danny the most.

Starlin and Jaden slept together in the same crib and Vlad naturally took a picture. The camera flashed, but it didn't startle either of the babies. Danny breathed to the fact there wasn't any worried with lights situation. Luna showed Dick with the baby's magic in their sleep, Danny joined in, and Starlin was literally glowing in his sleep. One thing for sure, they were glad to count on Jazz for being a babysitter until the kids were able to control their powers.

Thus, life was a completely new start and the world's victims of CEAS spread the word that it was over. Azar was dead. That placed a smile on the universe to keep balance.

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