E/O Challenge: Soap

Warnings/spoilers: If you have a bad heart...I don't know, the cuteness may kill you.

Word Count: 100. Success!

Disclaimer: What do you mean I have to give them back, Mr. Kripke? But, but, but...I already gave you Alastair...*snuggles Team Free Will protectively*

The Winchester Christmas Shopping List (in chronological order)

One motel room with two queens and an extra pull-out bed- $50

One bag of disposable holiday foo-fa-ra for said motel room- $11

A tank of gas, one carton of eggnog, a cheap bottle (better make it two) of rum, and two seperately bought copies of Busty Asian Beauties - $112

One rented copy of "A Christmas Story"- $7

Another tank of gas and a bar of Lifebouy because that was what was in the movie - $65

The look on Cas' face when he puts the soap in his mouth- Priceless.