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Chapter 1

Naruto sat in his apartment as he thought all about his life, The fourth Shinobi world war was over peace had finally returned to the Elemental Nations Tobi was dead, everything was right with the world but for our Favorite Nine tailed jinchuriki it was not to last for even though he was the hero of the war, he was not treated as one what he expected had turned into a personal nightmare for him and the only that made him smile was the memory of when he departed for his 3 year training trip and found new friends that he could only describe as being a little out of this world.

A month earlier Tsunade had revealed the truth about him being the Kyuubi jinchuriki and the hate that the village held for naruto when he was growing up suddenly magnified most of the Konoha 12 turned on him the only exceptions being Hinata and Shikamaru, Shikamaru knew that he was a jinchuriki even before Tsunade announced it but Shikamaru was afraid of the female fury that would descend upon his form so he just went along with it and Hinata didn't care for she loved Naruto with all her heart so no matter what form naruto took she would love him with everything she had but she was forbidden from seeing him from both her family and the remaining Konoha 10, Naruto still remembered the confession that he had given Hinata.


"Hello Hinata can I have a moment of your time" said Naruto as he approached her at the training ground they were both at.

"Of course Naruto-kun what is the matter?" said Hinata though it was said with worry they never did have much time for each other all because of their 'wonderful' friends and family

"Remember what you said to me Hinata during the invasion of pein."

"O-o-of course Naruto-kun I said I loved you." She said with worry evident in her voice

Naruto fell to his knee as tears started to stream down his face "I'm sorry Hinata I was an idiot to the crush that you held for me but because of the fox I couldn't come to accept your love but most of all I'm sorry because . . . I love someone else . . . when I left for my training trip I met someone else. . . I'm so sorry Hinata I know that you will probably hate me now so please take your frustration out on me it doesn't matter what you do to me I deserve this for ignoring your feelings for so long but I hope that one day you can find it in your heart to forgive me, I'm sorry Hinata . . . I'm so sorry Hinata." He said as he began knocking his head against the ground.

Hinata looked at him in surprise and she was truly touched that Naruto had understood the crush which she held for him and though he cared it was not in the way that she had wanted it to be.

"Naruto-kun please get off the ground I forgive you, I forgive you just please get off the ground please. . . "But before she could continue a loud yell was heard from behind her.


Naruto had managed to get off the ground and dodged a swarm of kunai, and insects as he looked up and saw the source of the voice.

The Konoha 11, Sasuke, Sakura, Sai, Shikamaru, Ino, Choji, Kiba, Shino, Lee, Neji and Tenten were all together and looked at him with disgust. Naruto turned and vanished in a yellow flash.

Flashback end

Naruto stood up and he took out an album from a hidden floorboard in his trashed apartment building he was so tired of these villagers always putting him down even after all he did for them, he opened the album and stared at a picture of himself wearing a blue suit (this is the standard pilot suit guys wear in Evol) along with 9 other people 5 of them were wearing the same suit as him whereas the other four were wearing a pink version of their suits.

Tears began to fall down his face and onto the album "Amata, Mikono, Andy, Mix , Cayenne, Shrade, Yunoha, Jin and Zessica-chan I miss all of you the day I left that was the worst mistake I have ever made. "

He flipped to the last page which showed a green haired girl kissing him on his cheek while her arms were wrapped around his neck as he blushed while had a nervous smile on his face.

"I miss all of you so much especially you Zessica-chan." Said Naruto as he moved his finger around her face as he fell asleep crying.


The scene takes place at a harbor with a group of nine teens on one side and on the other side stood Naruto along with Jiraiya.

"Well looks like this is it huh Naruto." said Amata.

"Good luck over there." Said Mikono.

"Make sure you don't forget about us alright." Said Andy.

"If you do then I'm going to be filling the holes in your brain." Said Mix.

"You will always have a place among us Naruto." Said Cayenne.

"Never forget the tune that you have played with us." Said Shrade.

"Remember Naruto don't keep things to yourself." Said Yunoha.

"And always protect those closest to your heart Naruto." Said Jin.

"Take care of yourself over there alright Naruto." Said Zessica

Naruto looked at all of them and saw the sad faces that all of them held especially Zessica made his heart ache.

"It's time to go Naruto." Said Jiraiya though it was laced with sadness as he truly did not want to separate Naruto from his new friends especially after all they had gone through.

"Ok I'm coming ero-sennin." Said Naruto as he turned to see his friends one more time."All of you thank you for everything I'm never going to forget you." He then boarded the bat and it began to sail off into the distance.

Suddenly Zessica came forward and shouted "Naruto-kun no matter what happens always remember that you are you and nothing will ever change that and no matter what happens Naruto-kun always know that I will always love you."

Naruto could not help but shed tears at what all his friends said especially what Zessica said as he gave one final wave to them as the boat sailed further away.

Naruto set his bag down and sat down next to Jiraiya. He then took out the final picture that was taken with all his friends, he started to cry when he felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up and saw Jiraiya's hand on his shoulder trying to comfort him.

"Naruto never forget the bonds that you have created here because friends and bonds like them only come around once in a lifetime."

"I know ero-sennin but all of them have come to accept me, they know everything about me and more but they still treat me like me they gave me the gift of true friendship and love as well." Said Naruto

"Naruto let me ask you something have you ever heard of the phrase home is where the heart is."

"Yeah I have." Said Naruto

"Now let me ask you where your heart lies."

"I don't know my duty is to the leaf then I also have the promises that I made to the leaf but my heart tells me that I should abandon Konoha to be with Zessica." Said Naruto as tears continued to fall from his eyes

"Then follow both your heart and duty Naruto after everything in the elemental nations is done with come back here to be with the one you love, from now on every time you fight always remember the promise that you made to your friends over here and one day you will return here alright Naruto."

"Alright Jiraiya-sensei I promise on my nindo that after everything in the elemental nations is done with I'm going to turn in my resignation to baa-chan then I'm going to return to her."

"Never forget this promise alright Naruto."

End Dream/Flashback

Naruto woke up and stood up "Why did I leave? I actually had a life there true friends that accepted me for me I left all that behind for what a VILLAGE that wants me dead after all I did for them. His hand moves towards the necklace that was around his neck.

The necklace was not the one that Tsunade had given him instead it was a special necklace that he cherished with all his heart. The necklace was a female warrior and it was part of a pair that he had specially commissioned to be made, the other half being with Zessica he knew that the warrior on his necklace and the fox on Zessica's necklace were actually based on the unknown love story of Pollon and Cecilia, Apollonius's pet fox and Celiane's best friend/ oath sister respectively.

He got up and moved another floorboard away and pulled out something that did not belong in the elemental nations at all, it was a cell phone. He turned it on and began to scroll the different numbers until he reached a certain number and hesitated but he knew that he had to do it so he clicked dial and waited as the dialing tone came on, the phone rang a couple times, and he was ready to hang up until someone picked up and he heard the voice that he had not heard for months.

"Hello?" asked a female's voice

"Hello Zessica-chan, how are you doing?" He said as he mustered the courage to continue the conversation.

"N. .N. . . Naruto-kun? Is this really you, it really is you!" Naruto could hear that the voice was filled with happiness

"Yeah it's me Zessica . . . . How have you been?" said a nervous Naruto

"How am I? HOW AM I! Do you know how worried all of us have been? You didn't call back in months and all of thought that something had happened to you, there were times when I thought that you . . ." Zessica spoke angry and sad at the same time.

"I'm sorry Zessica-chan, it's just that many things came up over here especially with the Akatsuki and the war." Said Naruto while he pressed his hand over his face.

"WAR? Another one weren't the Abductors enough for you." She screamed.

"It's a long story Zessica-chan, I'm not going to discuss what happened because it will take too long, but my business with Konoha is finally over."

"So that means that you are coming back right? But what about your friends in the elemental countries?" she said, her voice laced with sadness.

"These people here don't deserve my friendship, the only friends I have are you and the gang back at the academy, I don't have anything here anymore Zessica-chan. I want to be there with you and the gang, to actually have a normal life, hell to actually have a life! I missed you ever since I left and there hasn't been a moment that I was here when I wasn't thinking of you." Said Naruto with all the determination that he could muster.

"I feel the same way Naruto-kun, ever since you left I never stopped thinking about you especially after our first night together." Zessica said with a loving voice.

Naruto for his part could not keep the blush that was rising hidden and thanked Kami that the gang could not see it, after all he loved Zessica with all his heart.

"So how long until you can get over here?" she said with a hope filled voice.

"Hmm I think about a month since I have to take care of something and then the trip back would also take some time."

"I'll be waiting for you even if I have to wait another 24,000 years."

Naruto blushed at her proclamation because he knew how Pollon had wanted to be reincarnated as a human so as to fall in love with Cecilia and had waited 24,000 years before they were reincarnated before falling in love again, indirectly, but they still fell in love.

"Alright then, say hi to the gang for me alright . . . also I love you."

"I love you too."

Naruto hung up and any doubt he had were banished the moment he heard Zessica's proclamation. The next thing he knew he had created a clone and the clone began writing on a piece of paper and Naruto began packing clothes away.


"I love you."

"I love you too."

With that Zessica Wong hung up and a large smile adorned her face, she took out a necklace in the form of a fox with wings and proceeded to kiss it.

"My Pollon you are finally coming back to me." She thought happily, she couldn't wait to tell everyone about the call and for the first time in a long time she fell asleep with a smile on her face.

[Next day, Neo-Deava Academy cafeteria]

The Evol squad sat at their tables enjoying the morning along with the company of each other. Two years ago they had managed to form the Genesis Aquarion a combination of Solar Aquarion, Aquarion Luna and Aquarion Mars and together they had defeated Mykage. With the death of Mykage the attacks from Altair became less frequent though they still happened.

"Ahhh after a morning of digging holes it's nice to sit down and enjoy our breakfast." Said Andy

"Again Andy you really need to find a new hobby, I don't want to keep filling in the holes that you dig." Said Mix

"I wonder how Naruto and Amata are it's been a while since they called." Said Yunoha

"Don't worry Yunoha I'm sure both of them are alright . . ." but Jin kept quiet as Zessica walked into the cafeteria

"Hey everyone!" said Zessica which caused all present to turn their heads.

"Oh, hey Zessica, good morning." Said Mikono

"Why are you so happy today Zessica." Said Mix

"Well yesterday night something happened and I'm willing to bet that you can't guess what it is." Said Zessica with a wide smile

"Well if I had to guess then the tune in your heart would say that Naruto called last night and he is coming back to Neo-Kowloon." Said Shrade as he walked over and sat by Cayenne

"That's cheating Shrade but it is true." Said Zessica as she told them all about her talk with Naruto

"Wow that's great Zessica with Naruto back the Two Legendary diggers can be reformed." Said Andy

Mikono gave a little giggle, getting the entire groups attention.

"Something the matter Mikono?" questioned Cayenne

"Well actually yes because last night I also received a call, it was from Amata-kun."

[Konoha council chambers, one month later]

The Konoha council as well as the other Kages and members of their villages had gathered after an important revelation from the Hokage. Moments ago, she had revealed that Naruto Uzumaki was in fact the son of their greatest heroes Minato and Kushina Namikaze, the last of both of their clans.

After the revelations the civilian part of the council were thinking on how to get on his good side for the vast wealth in both the Namikaze and Uzumaki bank accounts, the clan heads looked down in shame about the fact that they treated their friend's son like Garbage. Kakashi, Kurenai ,Anko and Hana were feeling far worse since they had basically ridiculed and neglected the con of their sensei's.

The Konoha 11 were taken aback after the revelation, Sakura and Ino were now only thinking about how they could get into the blonde's pants. Whereas the rest of them looked down in shame.

Hinata for her part was disgusted on how everyone started Viewing Naruto since he was the Son of the Yondaime, only the Ichiraku family, Konohamaru corps, Iruka-sensei and herself thought of him the same way they always had.

The door to the room suddenly opened revealing the blonde that all of them were waiting for, his appearance though was what surprised everyone gone was the orange jumpsuit and ninja sandals, he also didn't have his headband on instead on his head was some kind of symbol that was barely seen as his hair was no longer spiky instead it dropped down and covered that symbol on his forehead and his hair also had cyan highlights that were never present before. Instead of his orange jumpsuit he was now wearing an orange vest, a black undershirt, a pair of black boots, a pair of jeans with a brown belt and around his neck was a necklace in the shape of a woman in a loving embrace but what she was hugging was missing

"What do you want?" he asked in a cold voice none of them expected.

"Well Namikaze-san," said one civilian, "we are here to discuss the restoration of your clan."

"That is a matter concerning me and me alone, this has nothing to do with the council." Said Naruto in an angry tone while releasing a bit of KI.

"Well actually Namikaze-san this has everything to do with the council after all you are a Shinobi and citizen of Konoha, you are under our jurisdiction."

Sakura and Ino both had smiles had smiles on their faces knowing that soon they would have a greater social status and all the riches they could imagine, when the council ordered him to take them as his wives. But no one seemed to notice the evil smirk on Naruto's face.

"Well then it's lucky I have this." Said Naruto as he took out a paper and slammed it in the face of the first person there.

"What is this Namikaze-san?" asked a councilor

"Well this 'Honorable' councilor is my resignation as a Shinobi and citizen of Konoha signed by the Hokage herself.

"What I never approved any resignation form." Said a shocked Tsunade

"Well then maybe next time you do paperwork you should open your eyes more since I had this approved a month ago, you old hag" he said with venom

"B . . .but what about your dream of being Hokage, your friends and your love for me?" said Sakura

"Don't make me laugh Haruno, My dream was never to be Hokage but rather to be accepted which none of you ever did except for Hinata, the Ichiraku family and the Konohamaru corps as for my Love for you don't you ever repeat that in front of me again only one person has that and that is my precious Zessica." Said Naruto as he fingered his necklace which shocked all those present.

"Well now if you'll excuse me I'm late to get out of this hellhole." He said only to be stopped by a group of ANBU, who tied him up.

Tsunade came face to face with him." No Naruto you are not leaving this village even if I have to use force to make you stay."

Naruto could only laugh." Good thing I already left ."

"WHAT?" screamed the entire room.

"You think I would be dumb enough to stay knowing full well that you would do something like this? I left one month ago" said Naruto to a confused crowd

"Your not a clone but you aren't Naruto at the same time?" said Shikakau

"Well well it seems as though the Nara do have a brain after all the beating you took, your right I'm not a clone but I'm not Naruto at the same time this is my Element power 'perfect shadow clone' and the only reason I'm here is to see all of your shocked faces when I dispel, on another note I already took everything that belongs to both the Namikaze and Uzumaki clan."

"That's impossible how could you have you done that, let alone leave without anyone noticing?" said Hiashi

"It's because we let you, right?" said Shikamaru

"WOW, your clan is on a roll today lazy head."

"Come on Naruto this 'demon' thing was all a joke, can't you take a joke?" said Kiba.

"OH a joke I can take a joke but when your joke makes fun of my entire life, well the jokes on you then cause the next time you need help I'm not going to be there to save your asses the next time someone declares war on you. Seriously my parents sacrifice was all for nothing, you betrayed them when they saved your lives some thankful village." with that the clone vanished into the shadows.

"Damn it Kakashi, Kurenai, Gai and Asuma, take your team and search for that brat!"

"But Hokage-sama, he left a month ago there would not be any lingering scent or anything that could help us find him." Said Kakashi.

"Search his apartment and his parents house anything he dropped or left behind could help find him!" with that the four teams left for their destination.

[Neo Kowloon same time as the meeting in Konoha]

Naruto was admiring the view of the city. There were still some hours before he reached Neo Kowloon when suddenly a figure landed on the boats deck and handed a stack of money over to the driver.

Naruto then noticed a familiar shade of brown on the deck.


Said teen looked in his direction as he heard his name being called, only to see a familiar face.

"Naruto!" he shouted in surprise, "What are you doing?"

"Well I could ask you the same thing Amata it's good to see your face again." Said Naruto as he shook the hand of his friend

"Same here Naruto same here, still what are you doing here I thought that you would be in the elemental nations for a longer period of time."

"Well a lot of things have happened Amata some of it was really bad stuff. So I left the village so that I could have a future. What about you? Why are you returning to Neo-Kowloon."

"Well I wanted to see the world more so I left Neo-Kowloon for a while but I had some feeling that something would happen soon, so I came back."

"Really then can we expect some stories of your travels."

Amata laughed "Of course Naruto I have plenty of stories to tell."

"So I guess your life got worse when you went back huh Naruto." Said Amata

"Yeah it got worse Amata after all I did for them they turned their backs on me, hell I'm lucky to be alive but then again the training I did with Jiraiya and high-commander Fudo." Said Naruto with sadness in his voice.

Amata out his hand on Naruto's shoulder causing the blonde to look at him "If they did that then they weren't your friends at all, true friends accept one another no matter what. When we fought Mykage all of us saw each other's darkest secrets along with your 'reincarnation' but in the end we were able to finish the fight because we had each other." He said with a smile.

" Thanks Amata, I really needed that."

Suddenly Naruto put his hand over his forehead because he felt something.

"Are you ok Naruto your not catching the flu are you?" asked a worried Amata.

"No I'm alright I just got the memories from my shadow clone I created at Konoha and let me tell you they are not happy that I left." Said Naruto with a huge grin.

"Then let them be angry if they want to come after you then they can hope to get hurt cause their going to have to go through all of us to get you not to mention Aquarion."

"Hahaha . . . . Thanks Amata I needed that but still using the Aquarion on them seems like overkill."

"Well when it comes to our friends we'll use everything in our power to protect them."

The boat continued to its destination. Naruto and Amata continued to talk, making their way to Neo-Kowloon.

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