When Jonathan Crane first meet Bolton, an Arkham Asylum Security Head, he felt the chills. They ran down his spine and made his toes curl. He knew he wasn't the only one either, oh no, far from it, infact. He found this out the lunch of the day he met Bolton. He entered the lunch room, only to have his cellmate, Edward Nashton, or, Edward Nygma as he perfers to be called, dragged him towards their good friend, Jervis Tetch, who was currently on Jokers lap, and Harley hanging off of Jokers arm, one hand slowly stroking Jervis blond locks of hair.

Most people would think that of being weird, but Joker became bored with Harley and brought Jervis into his life, more-so then he already was. Strangely enough, Joker did talk it over with Harley, and, apparently, they had searched for months before choosing Jervis to be the best.

A quick shove on his shoulders from Edward had Jonathan pushed into a flimsy, navy blue plastic chair, and Edward crossing his arms and leaning in over Jonathan, resting his arms on Jonathans shoulders. Jonathan shot a quick glare at Edward before scanning the crowd.

Rogues. All of Gotham City's Rouges had been gathered around Joker, their makeshift leader of a sort. Him and Harvey, or Two-Face, made all the elaberate plans to escape Arkham. The others, if they wanted to escape, did it quietly. Jonathan licked his lips before speaking.

"What's with the meeting Joker?"

"Hehehe, did you, ah, did you meet the new cage keeper?"

"Yeah. What about him."

"Hehehe, I'd stay away from him if I were you."

"What are you going on about?"

"Awh, Scaredy, don't you get what Puddin's tryn to tell yah? I though you were smart."

"Harley..." Jonathan ground out under his breath, a warning tone hinting to it.

"Now, now, Jon, no need to get like that. Harley and Joker are just saying that the new guard is extremly creepy. Joker is just trying to keep you safe, that's all." Jervis smiled slightly at Jon.

"Honestly, Jervis, why would Joker care about what happens to me? Really?"

"Heehee, all I'm, ah, saying Jonny-ol-boy, is to stay away from him."

"I'll keep that in mind."


Two weeks later, Jon had a run in with Bolton. Again, Jon felt that creeping sensation move down his spine, and, once more, make his toes curl. More was added to Boltons creep factor when he started to leer at Jonathan. A smirk grew on his face as he drew closer to Jon and shoved him against a wall. He slammed his fist against the wall, once, twice, three times, and his smirk grew as Jonathan drew into himself even more with each hit.

"You're mine, scum. Mine." Bolton growled out before storming away from Jon.

Who would've guessed that Joker had the best advice.


Jon never told anyone, not even Edward or his doctor, about what happened. Two days later, Jonathan fled wearing his Scarecrow outfit.

All of his efforts, though, were destroyed when Batman and his little sidekick Robin dragged him back. He begged and pleaded for them to just let him leave, showed them how badly he was scared. He nearly cried when Bolton congradulated him and grabbed him by the arm.

Batman nor Robin were aware about what happened to Jon after the door slammed.

Bolton dragged Crane to his personal office and forced him onto the desk placed there. Waisting no time, Bolton stripped Crane of his lower half of his Scarecrow costume, spread Jons legs, unbuckled his belt, fished out his member, and with no warning or preperation, thrusted home.

Jon screamed as he felt his insides tear. He sobbed and struggled. He begged. It didn't matter what Jon did because Bolton didn't let up. Bolton continued until Jon came, still sobbing, and he laughed. Bolton didn't stop until he was finished, three times in a row.

Then Bolton beat Jon. He beat Jon until Jon was unconscious. Only then did Bolton stop. He didn't even bother reclothing Jon after he was done. He just carried the knocked out man until he reached the cell Jon shared with Edward, de-electrified the door, and threw Jon on the floor.

The thump of Jonathans body hitting the ground woke Edward. He froze when he saw the state of his friend, and had to keep himself from jumping Bolton when he unchained Edward.

"Clean up this mess."

"Riddle me this, riddle me that, who should be afraid of the big, black bat?"

"Not you. Not anyone anymore. I'm the scary one around here now. I said clean up this mess. Unless you want me to take him back with me."

"No!" Edward jumped in, a little too quickly for Boltons taste. "I'll do it. Just... just get out of here."

Bolton didn't respond, he just growled before leaving the cell, closing and re-electrifing the door.

Edward gathered the anorexic man in his arms and placed Jon in Edwards bunk. Mainly because it was closer to the ground, thus causing less josling around of the injured man. After making sure that Jon was fine and not in much pain, Edward climbed in his bed as well and held Jonathan.

Edward had no sleep that night.


Jon woke in the morning with Edward next to him. After he pushed himself up, wincing along the way, he sent one glance at Edward and asked for his uniform. Edward retrieved it for him and turned his back as Jon changed.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"About what? What Bolton did? Ha! As far as I'm concerned, it never happened."

"Jon, if you don't want to-"

"I don't. Just drop the subject."

No sooner did those words leave Jons mouth, two guards entered and pulled him away. Edward watched in sadness and some guilt as slight pain and fear crossed Jonathans face.


Jon could've kissed Bruce Wayne as he got Bolton to lose his cool. But, at the moment, he'll stay huddled against Harley and Arnold as he tried to get to certain people.

Jon had a certinality that it would've been him. He had a feeling that if Bolton got a hold on him, this time, he wouldn't let go.

He was even more terrified of Bolton than he was of the Bat.

That was saying something.


When Bolton was placed in Arkham, Jon made sure he had the best protection from him. Killer Croc. Over the six months that Bolton had been released of duty on Arkham, Jon and Waylon had been put together in a group like therapy. They grew close.

Waylon discovered that Jon was tickleish. Jon figured out how to calm Waylon when he was reacting badly to a situation (scratch under the chin). They were friends.

Jon still never told about what happened to him, although he figured that Waylon knew. He wasn't exactly quiet that night. Add animal like hearing to the mixture and it would be impossible not to know.

Waylon never asked though. He never wanted to confirm his suspcion.

Because Waylon figured that if he confirmed what he already thought, nothing would stop him from killing Bolton.


A month later, Jon, Edward, and Jervis broke out of Arkham. Jon had a feeling that he would have to have a talk with Waylon when he was returned. You just don't leave Killer Croc in the background.

Yet, at the same time, Jon had a feeling that Waylon would understand. He generally did when Jon needed his alone time. Sure, he wasn't alone this time, but it was still of the same concept.

Jon never really espected to get as far as he did with Nygma and Tetch. He was surprised that they did. Ever since Bolton had been emitted into Arkham, Batman kept a close watch on the asylum.

The only difference was that he ditched Bird Boy.

So, imagine the groups surprise when Batman came swooping down on them two days later with a young man wearing all black and some slight blue.

They fought of course. Jon fled when the others were preoccupied. He wasn't ready to hed back to the asylum. Jervis was - he missed Joker and Harley. Edward was too - the doctor gave him green paint. Jon wasn't though. He wanted to visit a library and get some decent food.

His wish was ignored when mister blue and black landed on Jons back, effectively pushing him into the ground.

Imagine the new comers surprise when Jon froze all ministrations of his body, except for his tensing of the body.

"You usually put up more of a fight."


"What's the matter, cat got your tounge?"


"Seriously. What's wrong?"

"... Get off of my back."

"What? How do I know you won't run again."

Jon started to shake. He hated himself when tears welled up in his eyes. He barely registered the fact that the newcomer removed himself from Jon.

"What happened?" Oh, great, Batman.

"I don't know. He just started doing this."

"He's been pinned before. Why react like this now?"

"I don't know."

"Nightwing, go get the others returned. I'll see if I can figure out what's wrong."

"Okay Batman."

Batman watched Nightwing leave. He turned his attention to the nearly sobbing man after Nightwing was out of view.


"Jonathans not here right now. Only Scarecrow."

"Knock it off Crane. When Scarecrow comes up, your voice changes."

"What do you want Batman?"

"I want to know why you're crying."

"Why does it matter?"

"Because you do matter?"

"Nice try. Say that again with belief in your voice. I'm scum. I'm the dirtiest of them all."

"What did Bolton do to you?" Batman asked after what Jon said clicked.

"I don't want to talk about it."

"Until you do, I'm keeping you with someone I can trust."


"Bruce Wayne."

"Oh, sure. The billionare play boy deffinatly wants me to stay with him."

"Whether he does or he doesn't, I don't want you in Arkham while Boltons there."

"Waylon is not going to like that." Jon muttered under his breath. "I don't need your worry. I have the protection I need."

"Killer Croc can't keep you from becoming Waylons bitch if you become his cellmate."

Jon didn't have a choice. He went with Batman.


Jon liked Alfred. The first thing Alfred did when Jon showed up with Batman was asking Jon if he wanted to go see the library. When Jon nodded, Alfred glared at Batman, and with some anger in his voice, told him to go find Bruce and talk to him about Jon being here.

If Jon didn't know any better, he would have said that Batman was blushing. But, Jon did know better, so he let it slide.

Alfred led Jon into the library after Batmans departure. The large area was over flowing with books of all kinds. As Jon wandered further into the library, Alfred left to prepare some tea.

And to cook. Seeing Jonathan so thin struck a chord in Alfred, making him wanting to feed Jon until Jon was... well, healthy.


Three or four hours later, Alfred returned to library. He followed the sound of crackling fire, and there he found Jon asleep in a giant rocker chair, seemingly being swallowed by the massive cushions. On the side table laid the empty cup of tea, and an empty tea kettle. Beside those was a plate of half eaten cookies and a small pile of books. An open book rested on Jons lap. Jons legs were curled underneath his body, his back against the back of the chair, head tilted to the side, mouth slightly open with a trail of drool coming out by the corner.

Alfred smiled and shook Jon awake. Jon snorted once before jerking, eyes flying open. He mummered under his breath before asking "what time is it?"

"Around three in the morning sir. Master Bruce has arrived home and is already in bed. I suggest you do the same. Come along sir. I'll lead you to your room."

"Thank you."

The walk to Jonathans new room was silent. When they arrived, Alfred opened the door and ushered Jonathan in.

"Master Bruces room is just down the hall. Mine is on the other side, when I do spend the night here in the Manor. If you need anything, give a shout."

"Thank you."

Alfred left Jonathan alone. Jon didn't bother cheaking out the rest of the room, he just dragged his feet to the large bed in the center of the room and dropped down onto it. He let sleep take control over his body.


Jon shot up in his bed, screaming bloody murder.

For the third time that week Jon had Bruce running into his room.

As always, Jon never did tell Bruce what happened, or what was going on, but Bruce had a feeling that it had something to do with Bolton breaking out of Arkham just three days prior, right when the nightmares started.

Bruce backed out of the room when Scarecrow started to show through.

The next night, Batman visited Jon. Jon told Batman that he felt safer knowing that Batman was hunting down Bolton, rather than watching Jon.

The night after that, Nightwing took over watching Jon.

Jon told Nightwing that Nightwing was weird. That, and that Nightwing reminded him of Bird Boy. Nightwing remarked that he was an ex-Robin.

Jon left the room, closing and locking the door behind him. That proved to be useless, however, when Nightwing picked the lock and followed Jon.

Jon told Nightwing that Nightwing was annoying. Nightwing smiled and ruffled the shorter* mans hair. Jon growled and swatted Nightwings hand away.

Jon went into the library, Nightwing following on his heels. Jonathan sat in the same chair Alfred found him in the night of Jons first time here. Once again, he opened a book. And, once again, he fell asleep in the same position as before.

Nightwing carried Jon back to his room. After tucking Jon in, Nightwing perched himself on the window ledge. He watched the night sky until dawn came.

Nightwing was gone before Jon woke up.


Three months down the road, Bruce decided no harm could come to Jon if Jon started his therapy with Killer Croc again.

Jon entered the enclosed space. Waylong grabbed ahold of him and pulled him into a bear hug. Jon patted Waylons back gently.

Waylon dropped Jon on the ground. "Why have you been with Batman?"

"Batman? Waylon I've only... Oh, my, god. I'll kill him!"


Jon confronted Bruce once about being Batman. Jon then made the quick conclusion that Dick Grayson was Robin, and is now Nightwing.

That night, Jon didn't leave his room. He refused to open the window for Nightwing. Surprisingly enough, Nightwing left.

Jon was gone in the morning, but not of his own consent.


Bolton had Jon for three days straight. He kept moving them around every time one of the Bat family got close.

He never took count for an ex-Bat family to come crashing down on them. Bolton took a bullet to the head.

Jon almost laughed when he heard the begging that spewed from Boltons mouth. He should have, really, given what he was put through those three days and nights he was with Bolton.

Jon froze, however, when the gun turned on him.

Of course he was going to get shot. What else is new?

A bang registered through the air before Jon felt the pain... a full three seconds of it. Jon fell to the ground, the bullet wound centered between both eyes.

The Scarecrow, and Dr. Jonathan Crane, were dead.


The funeral was held a few days later. Not a lot of people showed up. Most of the rogues had to break out just to come to the funeral.

Jervis cried. So did Harley, Pamelia, and Selina. Edward refused to talk to anyone. Waylon swore revenge on the person who did this to Jon. Joker wasn't laughing or making any jokes.

The gray tombstone read.

Here Lies Jonathan Crane. Died the way that he lived. R.I.P.

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