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Eric is currently packing away his meager belongings with a heavy heart. It is done; Snow is queen of the realm and she no longer needs a huntsman's protection. She has an army now.

Don't take this to mean that's he's given up, that he's just laying down. He's not, not really. It's just that…there's no way for this to work. He is a commoner and she is a queen. It is an age-old argument but the reason it's age-old is because it's concrete. Eric would fight for her if he knew there was a chance. She loves you, isn't that chance enough? You could ask her to leave, she would follow you. And she would, Eric is sure. For all her bravery and wisdom, Snow White is still a young girl who has no business ruling a kingdom and she knows this. It was a fight just getting her to accept the thrown. He has no doubt that she will be a magnificent queen but it's not what she wants…yes, it wouldn't be hard at all to get her to follow him.

It's a tempting idea, far too tempting, but Eric knows what life with him would be like. He knows no home, just murky taverns with beds and cold, barren streets. For all his misgivings and flaws, Eric loves Snow too much to expose her to that part of the world. "You're just going to leave then?" He's pulled from his thoughts by the very reason for his pain, Queen Snow White.

"It looks that way." He turns from her and resumes his packing.

"Why?" She is persistent, like an innocent child who doesn't know how to give up yet.

"I do not have a place here." Eric says simply, willing himself not to look her in the eye. "I do not tend to stay where I have no place, my Queen."

"Don't call me that!" Her outburst surprises him. He has never seen her angry. "I-I don't want you to call me that, Eric."

Finally, he turns around to face her. And just like every time he looks at her, is breath is taken away and his heart beats faster than should be possible. Long forgotten is the finery she has worn all day long, instead she is wearing a simple peasant's dress. Eric is suddenly hit with visions of a cottage near the dwarves, waking up to her beautiful face every morning. A child with her eyes and his blonde hair…All of it so clear he can almost taste it. Almost. Eric pulls himself out of it before he can fall to his knees in grief over what can never be. "It seems like that is neither my place, nor my right, my Queen."

"Like hell it is!" Once again, the outburst surprises him. This time, it apparently surprises Snow as well. She stops short and blushed rapidly. "I don't want you to go." She murmured, her raven hair hiding her beautifully blushing face.

Eric's defenses soften. "I don't want to go." He admits, even though he knows he shouldn't.

Snow's face whips up and hope builds in her eyes. "Then stay…please." She's stepped closer to him, her small hand reaching for his large, calloused one. "If you love me, you'll stay."

Without really meaning to the hand that isn't ensnared with hers is reaching for her tiny waist and pulling her to him. Those words were treacherous and much more under-handed than he would ever guess the innocent queen capable of. "You know how I feel about you, Snow." Eric says gently, painfully wishing that his next sentence didn't have to be uttered. "But I'm not right for the kingdom or-or you, despite what you may think. I am no king. I am not worthy of what you are offering me."

"I disagree with you." She says pressingly, her lovely green eyes widening with her sincerity.

His lips pull up in a sad grin. "I know you do."

"Eric, if you weren't worthy of me, than you wouldn't have been able to wake me up. If you weren't worthy of me, than you wouldn't have protected me. Despite what you think, you are not the lost cause you seem to believe you are. You are a good man…" She pauses for a second and the eye contact she has kept with him this whole time breaks for a fraction of a second. "I can think of no one more worthy to love."

He can feel his heart breaking. "Please don't say that."

She doesn't listen, she's never listened. "I love you, Eric." His queen whispers. "Say it back."

"I-I love you."

Snow's returning smile is so blinding and happy that Eric can scarcely believe he's the cause. He's almost certain this is all a dream, actually. "Stay?" It's a shy question, like even after all that she expects him to say he's still going to leave. Eric can't really blame her, he expects him to say no, too.

They're both surprised. "Yes."

And like every happy ending, their's is sealed with a smile and a kiss.

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