This is based off of my favourite scene, Jagermonsters Join the Circus. The clowns line gave me this brilliant idea and here it is. All internal dialogue is done in normal English because I believe the Jager accent is created by their funny teeth. Thoughts have no teeth.

"Hy can't belef ve're doink dis."

"Hy can. Dis iz vhat a jagerkin iz aboot."

"Vould hyu two shut yup?"

Dimo smacked Oggie on the head. "Ve iz under orders. Ve find ze next master, and deen ve gets to go home."

Maxim waved his hand around. "Vell, home or vampage around ze country."

Oggie rubbed his head and smiled. "And don't forgets de vemmin."

Dimo cradled his head with his hand. Idiots. I'm on the most important mission I've ever been on, and I'm surrounded by a bunch of idiots. "Visten yup hyu bunch of hydiots. Ve gots to finds ze next master first, and zen ve gets ze vimmin."

Oggie sat down on the ground. "But vhat's zat gots to do vit dis?"

Dimo looked at the clown outfit he was sporting. "Vell, ve found ze next master. So now Jenka vants us to vatch her until ze generals gets vord to us. So if ze mistress iz part dof ze circus, den ve gets to be part dof ze circuss." Though it wasn't my idea to be clowns.

Maxim placed his red wig on top of his bright purple hair. "Da. And dis iz silly. Vhy can't ve just take ze mistress to ze castle now?"

"Because the mistress doesn't want to go now." Dimo turned around to see Agatha standing with her hands on her hips.

"Mistress." He bowed low, placing his left arm across his chest. Maxim and Oggie copied him after a few seconds.

Master Payne came running up to the group. "What are you three doing? You're on stage next!" Agatha waved the three jagers to follow him.

Dimo pulled out of his bow and repositioned his wig. Behind him, Oggie muttered again, "Hy can't belef ve're doink dis."

"Shut yup!"