Thanks you guys for checkin out my story and now I have great news! Or well to me its lol I've decided to turn my "Fated Meting idea" into a series of one shots that give my telling of events leading up to and maybe after the 2nd keyblader war, takes place after Dream Drop Distance but i may change a thing for two story wise but ill try and keep the ending of DDD in mind while i write. It ll be a series of one shots or 1-3 chapter fics each will deal with the points of views, life styles, beliefs and morals of the KH characters as they fight through the war and fight eachother….

So if you enjoyed part one of this series you'll love part two which brings together everybody's fav nobody and the Organizations cold second in command. How much will there friend ship be tested? Or are they even still friends? Has Saix really sided with Master Xehanort or is this all about of some deep confusing plan?

Find this out and more in Fated Meeting II: The Red Moon Coming SOON!