Author Introduction: This used to be part of a collection fic of short stories which I called 'Kirsty's Fate'. It had compiled a collection of one shots which told of what could have possibly happened to Kirsty after 'Hellseeker'. But I've since decided to scrap the whole collection fic idea, and just release all my ideas as stand alone one shots. I hope that there's no inconvenience. :) More will come soon, hopefully. This one's a little bit of a romantic one, but I have ensured Pinhead is in character, and Kirsty too even if she's a little submissive in this. What can I say? She's in love. ;) Enjoy!


It had been apart of their original deal; the exploration of flesh between them, bar hooks and chains. One night of such meagre human pleasures. Both had agreed on this damning of deals together, not long after she had promised him she'd gather the five souls of those that had wronged her.

Her not so beloved husband had been oblivious to the fact that she had played him at his own game, moments after he had handed her that damned box, and with the one thing he had hoped would kill her.

Kirsty Cotton had been living out her worst nightmare and sweetest dream simultaneously as the pinned one had dragged her into his dark embrace not even a minute after the deal was set. She could see the lust, the greed glittering in his usually inscrutable ebony eyes. They burned right through to her ever darkening soul like the fires of Hell itself, put a mark on her, made her believe she was his and his alone. His arousal had been obvious from the very moment he had touched her. So had hers. Those strong and powerful arms had engulfed her delicately female frame as his lips had ravaged hers. She had no choice but to submit to his desires, running her hands along his strong shoulders, along a surprisingly muscular body that was hidden under a layer of thick leather, as his probing tongue - cool as ice - teased her inner mouth.

Before she had known it, Kirsty's clothes were discarded along the stone floors, along with his. His oddly desirable body, so strong and muscular, had only served to drive her further into the darkest part of her soul. And with each kiss, each thrust, Kirsty had fallen deeper; deeper for her need for revenge, her need for him...

She had not known it, but Kirsty Cotton had allowed herself to become addicted to his touch, to his most unholy desires, to the otherworldly and powerful love making. He might have been a Hell dweller...but the sex had been something very heavenly indeed.

So, following the death of her cheating rat of a husband by her own hand, Kirsty kept returning to the pinned one - night after night, for the forbidden meeting of their flesh. He had been the dangerous drug she so craved, she couldn't live without those masculine hands tearing at her clothes and caressing every inch of her. Kissing her...ravaging her...taking her hard...She needed it all like the air she breathed.

It hadn't meant anything though of course, she had reasoned with herself. It was just sex. Just something to keep him satisfied. He had lusted her flesh for so long, after all, and this was the nearest thing he was going to get in terms of exploring every curve and inch of her flesh.

Or so she had thought. In reality, she had broken the number one rule she had set for herself after her latest broken heart; Never fall in love. Ever again. And she had...oh she had fallen hard. So very hard. For him...that cursed pinned Cenobite who had stalked and chased her, corrupted her very soul...

She had cursed herself for this. Why did it have to be him? He wasn't exactly Prince Charming when it came down to the bare facts. Oh no. He was a blood lusting torture loving demon. He merely lusted to tear her apart. There was no way they could live happily ever after.

Or...then again, why not? He had once been human. He had protected her not once, not twice...but thrice. He had saved her from those who threatened harm upon her. She had looked into the eyes of the man he had been so long ago; they were so kind, so genuine, so...loving. It wasn't too much of a stretch to believe that he had been a good human being, so much like herself, before he became corrupted.

She had kept that in mind during their latest coupling.

It was a full year after Trevor's death, and those murders. They were writhing together in his chambers, in the very Labyrinth. On his magnificent Kingsize bed, which came complete with silken sheets fit for Royalty. It was comfortable, considering where they were. Chains and hooks played around them, tinkling their uneven and unsettling rhythm as he took her, over and over again.

"Oh Xipe..." she whispered his demon name over and over again as she moaned and arched her back, meeting his powerful thrusts. He kissed her beautiful breasts, her flawless, perfect torso and flat stomach. Kirsty touched him, running her fingers across his back, stroking the biceps in his arms and powerful shoulders, his head tilting back with pleasure with each caress. She felt those bloody wounds and scars under her fingertips as they travelled every length and breadth of his chest; so many scars.

Her heart sank in feeling such sadness for him, in trying to imagine the pain he endured when he acquired those scars and wounds. They looked painful, but he didn't seem like he was in pain. If he had, then he had a good way of hiding it. He was so strong, she thought. But this wasn't fair, wasn't right. She longed to save him, save him from this Hell. But, she had sighed to herself, it was most likely impossible to do so. He was apart of this realm, forever, whether he wanted it or not.

Then, her thought process was interrupted as his strong thrusts became much faster, much more powerful than before. He pounded her as harder as he had ever done before, making her scream into oblivion.

"You are right; you cannot save me, Kirsty," he told her rather abruptly, making her eyes snap open. She gazed right into his coal eyes questioningly as his thrusts continued to grow more powerful with each second passed. Obviously, he could hear her thoughts as simply in her head as if she had spoken them by her lips. "I was damned so long ago. There is no hope for me...and neither is there for you." he went on, his hands caressing her glistening breasts as he spoke.

"We don't know unless we try." she countered rather bravely and determinedly. "Channard changed you back, remember? There's a way, I know it...It doesn't have to be this way, we-"

She was unprepared for his hand to shoot out and grasp a hold of her throat. He gave a little squeeze, aiming to assert his dominance over her. She gasped at the tightness of his hold, his inhuman strength, staring into his eyes pleadingly. He stared back with eyes as calm and fathomless as pure marble. It was unsettling. But despite that obvious threat, it simply just made her want him more, love him more...

"No." he hissed urgently at her. "I ceased to live and breathe as your kind so long ago. There is no way back. And it is time for you to share in my fate!"

As the pinned one spoke to her, it did nothing to slow his thrusts. In fact, his pace grew quicker and more urgent. His hand still squeezed her throat, making her choke under his strength. She threw her head back against the silk pillow, obviously still aroused, screaming as her climax came ever closer.

And just as he released himself into her, as his dark and almost evil looking eyes glared down at her and his hand squeezed harder, she let slip an eternally damned confession which not only shook the bowels of Hell but him also...

"...I LOVE YOU!"

Her eyes had been closed during the confession, as he had peaked, as his thrusts had started to lessen. But when she opened them, she had met with his eyes, a pair of dark eyes which stared down to her questioningly. Confusedly.

She hadn't meant for it to come out the way it did, nor did she ever want to confess her feelings for him. But she just could not help it. His thrusts, his painful hold upon her throat, the overwhelming pleasure that had been building up...the confession, the truth of her love for him, had managed to escape her lips during a moment where she had lost control of her own self, her own body, her mind...and her soul.

Kirsty gazed upon him, not once tearing her eyes away, hoping he would finally say something. He stared back, his eyes as inscrutable as ever, and not a murmur passing his icy lips. She grew more uncomfortable as the seconds passed by, not knowing what he was thinking, or even plotting.

Was he going to kill her? Punish her? Flay her?

In a way, she did not care. Whatever he was going to do to her, she didn't mind, just so long as he did it and she was with him.

Her heart pounded so hard she felt it would escape her chest, and tears blurred her vision.

Finally, after what felt to be such an age, he left her embrace, left her body, and rose from the bed. He stared down to her, face as passive as ever. Then he finally spoke; "Love?" he chuckled humourlessly, his leather uniform magically appearing back on his body, covering his nakedness. "Love is but a whimsical, flawed emotion, Kirsty. Many have died for love, some have endured such pain, many have killed in the name of it. It is such a dangerous emotion, yet your kind continue to hold it in such high esteem. The suffering from one such can be exquisite."

A fat tear rolled down her cheek as he spoke those words. "Maybe." she said. "All I know is that it's broke down the barrier I fought so hard to keep up. My love for's made me weak. And now all I wanna do is be with you."

A sadistic smile spread across his lips, but there was also something in his eyes, something foreign. Something she hadn't seen before. It was longing, but it was a different kind of longing. "You would want to finally yield to me, Kirsty? To submit to Hell and my kind? You would finally give yourself to me?"

She didn't speak for a while, but the demon could see that he had finally broke her spirit, her protective barrier. She was finally giving in. He presented his hand to her, and calmly awaited her next move.

She could simply do nothing but stare to the offered hand. She was still unsure, but what she felt for him - it goaded her on. Pushing her to her destiny.

With a slight sigh, Kirsty slowly raised her hand and inch by inch, drew it closer to his. Eventually, their palms touched, and their hands closed within each other's...

And as her body was torn asunder and remade to resemble his much later on, Xipe Totec stared to the Cenobitic Transformation Chamber his lover was currently screaming and writhing in, the very place she was being reborn in. He reached out, his hand gently smoothing across the patterned surface as Kirsty underwent her transformation.

Nobody saw, not even his God, as his dark and usually emotionless eyes glinted with such pain, and misted over with tears as he stared at the chamber.

Barely whispering, no one could hear the startling revelation which he would keep to himself and share with no one else...not even her. If he did, then he surely would be showing weakness. But he could not help it slipping out just this once.

"I love you, too, my sweet Kirsty." he sighed.

The End...