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Don Flack was sitting by the pool at the Caribbean hotel. Watching as a hot tanned blonde strolled around in a barely there white bikini and high heels. From behind his glasses he watched her find a chair across the pool from him and start lathering on sunscreen.

Smirking to himself as he watched her show off. He couldn't wait to tell Danny after he hooks up with this chick. Yeah he has Lindsey but hot damn. This blonde could stop traffic.

"You know that's a man right?" pulled Don from his thoughts. He looked to the dark haired women he hadn't noticed was sitting beside him reading a fashion magazine.

"I'm sorry what?" he replied.

"The blonde you are practically having a wet dream over is a man." chuckling as she replied from behind her massive glasses that hid the majority of her face.

"you're just jealous you don't look like that." he retorted. There was no way Don Flack was thinking what he was thinking about a man.

As she collected her things. He watched the petite brunette stand up.

Kicking himself for not noticing how much of a knockout she was.

"sorry sweetheart, I'm not jealous of him." laughing she walked away towards the hotel.

Behind him Flack heard a deep voice. "checking me out big man?"

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