"Jules!" my best friend, Nicolette called out from behind me.

I was sitting on the floor against a row of forest-green painted lockers during ninth-period Global History, attempting to get my work done. Mrs. Pavelchak had kicked me out of the room, claiming that I wasn't 'paying attention' and being 'disruptive towards the class', yet I was actually doing my work, and was the only one in the class not talking.

Nicolette sped-walked towards me, her long, golden brown hair flying behind her in a tight, thick French braid was tied off midway down her back.

She wore light blue skinny jeans with multiple rips ranging from her thighs to her lower shins, a baggy white T-shirt that hung loosely against her small body and a bigger, long-sleeved gray sweater over the T-shirt. The small heel of her gray army boots clicked against the tiled floor of the hallway as she made her way towards me, adjusting her pale pink Juicy Couture backpack lower on her back.

"Hey, Nic!" I smiled, looking up from my worksheet on Athens.

She shrugged the backpack off once she approached me and tossed it on the floor next to me, "What are you doing?" she peered over my shoulder at the worksheet.

"Global," I answered.

Nicolette scrunched up her nose, her freckles twitching, "Why out here?"

I rolled my eyes, "Mrs. Pavelchak kicked me out."

"Mrs. Pavelchak kicking my baby cousin out of class? This should be interesting," I heard my cousin Tyler's familiar voice ringing out from farther down the hallway, "What'd you do, Jules?"

"First of all, Ty, I'm only a year younger than you, I'm not a baby. Second, nothing!" I exclaimed, "She kicked me out 'cause she said I wasn't paying attention and being disruptive, but I was the only one working and being quiet."

Tyler stopped in front of Nicolette and I, holding a basketball under his arm, "Well, Mrs. Pavelchak does hate us Capp's," he smirked, twirling the basketball on his finger.

Julianne Capp, that's me. My cousin Tyler Capp, and my best friend Nicolette Cooke.

I sighed, "I noticed. She tells me I need to participate more and whenever I raise my hand, she ignores it."

"Well, cheer up. You get to watch us destroy Montahue Academy today," Tyler grinned, returning the basketball to back under his arm.

Nicolette gasped, "Oh, god, Tyler. There better not be a repeat of last month's game!"

Tyler threw his left hand up, "Hey, Bennett Monty had it coming to him."

I shook my head, "Ty, he did nothing wrong. You just went after him because he's a Monty. And for that, you got a two-game suspension."

"He was up my butt," Tyler retorted. "He better not get on my bad side, today."

I ignored him and went back to my worksheet. Nicolette stood up and put on her backpack, "Well, if I don't get back to study hall, Mr. Quinn is going to kill me. I said I needed to pee. Meet you outside the school after the bell, Jules!" she cried, and she ran off after I nodded.

Tyler glanced at me, "Well, have fun doing your work, and I expect to see you at the game, but don't socialize with anyone from Montahue, especially not the Monty's."

"I wasn't planning on it. We hate the Monty's," I spat.

Tyler laughed, "Good job. See you later," and he ran off, bouncing the basketball as he walked.

These Monty's have no clue what's coming for them.