A/N: I used the title from Salvador Dali's art, but there are no melted watches or funny looking horses in this. The drabble word this week was soap, I naturally thought my muse would go with hot steamy scenes of Dean in the shower. I thought wrong. There's absolutely no nudity in this. No wet, freckled, well muscled skin. No soap suds. It's surprisingly poignant, even for me. Where oh where did I go wrong?

Word Count Below the Section Line: 100 on the nose.

Summary: E/O CHALLENGE. Drabble word: Soap. Sometimes ordinary things hold the best memories of the ones we've loved and lost. One drabble, extreme Dean angst.

Mom's slim fingers ruffle his hair. The memory's so real Dean shudders a little.

"I love you, Dean. Always have. Always will."

Her skin smelled like wild flowers, joy and sunlight, not smoke and sadness. Dean guards the memory fiercely in his heart, but he needs something he can touch. He doesn't share. Sammy's too little to understand. Dad? He's got enough to worry about.

Five years after Mary Winchester's death, Dean finds what he's looking for.

No five finger discount. Not this time. He pays cash, then slips the scented soap into his pocket like it's a precious thing.