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They were married in the autumn of that same year, after Eric had been knighted, and after his family had settled in at the palace.

The wedding was held in the village square before the townsfolk, rather than in the chapel before a group of stuffy nobles. Eric had come from a village such as this one, and most people saw it as fitting for him to be married here.

But even if it had not been seen as fitting, neither he nor Snow would have had it any other way. These were the people who had remained loyal, after all. Who had not given up hope even when they thought their princess to be dead. Who had fought for her to the very end. They had a right to see their monarchs wed.

After the ceremony, Eric's niece rushed around with a basket full of flower petals, flinging them in the air at anyone she pleased, most often her newly-married uncle and aunt.

Years passed. King Eric and Queen Snow ruled their kingdom wisely, and were loved by all in the land. They had lived among their subjects; knew their struggles and pains, and were able to help them in ways that previous rulers had not.

When twin princesses were born, with Snow's hair and Eric's eyes, the people rejoiced with them.

"Long live the princesses! Long live King Eric and Queen Snow!"

Even though they were king and queen, they still preferred to call each other 'huntsman' and 'princess' when it was just them and their daughters. For, to each other, that was what they truly were, and always would be.

He was the huntsman who would not desert her.

She was the princess who had shown him grace.

Huntsman and princess, living happily together, then and now and for ever after.

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