Author Note!

Hey everyone! Just wanted let you know yes I'm still alive and I apologize that I haven't been updating DP: Alliance. I've been extremely busy since August and I know a lot of you like the story, yes I do check the views and yes I read the reviews. I just wanted to let you all know that yes I'm still writing to it I haven't abandoned the story I promise you that. I've uploaded chapter eleven already and I'm sure some (ok most) of you are jumping for joy like finally! Again I apologize I've just been really busy and I've been swamped with projects and what not lately but you'll be glad to know that I'm working on chapter twelve as we speak I mean type -_-;. There are a grand total of nine chapters left in the story, if you're like me you're probably sad about it . Don't worry though because there is a sequel to it that'll be called Danny Phantom: Fallen, if you want to know more about that just PM me but hold those PMs until after I finish alliance because most of you questions might be answered. Anyway most of you probably don't care but I'm moving next month on the 12th, most likely, the date is still up for debate so that means I'm going to try to get chapter twelve up by the time I leave. If I'm lucky I'll have chapter thirteen done too since it's a shorter chapter.

The next thing I wanted to mention is that It'll take me longer to get some chapters for alliance up because they are longer than others. So if you see that it's been a while since it's been updated chances are that the chapter is much longer than I expected it to be or it's just a long chapter in general, but there's also the possibility that I couldn't upload it right away because of a project or because of work so please read the bold description because I will tell you which it is. Oh! Before I forget after I finish Alliance I will be uploading another author note to let you all know when the sequel is coming out and of course to thank you for reading it. I do appreciate the awesome reviews I've gotten for this story and I thank you for it and I also thank all of you who have added it to your favorite stories/ story alert lists. It makes me happy that people actually enjoy it and it also encourages me to continue writing to it. I will also be putting a poll up soon so people can vote on which pairing I should do for my Christmas one-shot this year since last year I uploaded a story I did for a secret Santa exchange on deviantart so keep a look out for that as well. Again thank you, all of you for taking the time to message me to make sure this story was still alive, to review it and to just read it. I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday.