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Never Been Kissed

The bell rang and Blaine looked at his phone.

"Shoot," he muttered. He was late for the Warbler performance and he was on the other side of school. He jogged down the long hallways until he reached the crowd.

Blaine walked quickly down the main steps to the choir room. He kept his head down to watch the stairs he was stepping on and followed the crowd. Once he got to the bottom of the steps he heard a high pitched voice say "Excuse me." He was a little surprised to hear the voice in an all boys school.

He turned to see a very pale and very thin boy standing a few step up. He looked to be around his age, but he didn't go to Dalton. He was wearing a designer outfit and obviously stuck out from the crowd.

"Um, hi," the boy said to Blaine, "Can I ask you a question? I…I'm new here."

That explains the outfit then, Blaine thought. "My name is Blaine," he introduced himself extending his hand with a smile.

The boy looked like he was about to say something before he took Blaine's hand and said, "Kurt."

He has soft hands, Blaine mused.

The boy sighed then asked, "So, what exactly is going on?"

Blaine smiled, "The Warblers! Every once and a while they throw an impromptu performance in the senior commons," Blaine leaned forward and lowered his voice, "It tends to shut the school down for a while."

"So wait… The Glee club here is kind of cool?" Kurt said as if he couldn't believe it.

"The Warblers are like rock stars," Blaine said. He started to wonder where Kurt came from and what brought him to Dalton. He reached out and grabbed Kurt's hand. "Come on I know a shortcut."

He pulled Kurt out of the crowd and jogged hand in hand with him in an empty hallway towards the senior commons. Blaine could feel electricity jolting through him.

They reached the senior commons just as the Warblers were finishing setting everything up. Blaine led Kurt in and turned to look at him. Kurt looked around the room staring at all the teenagers.

"Ooh, I stick out like a sore thumb," Kurt said nervously.

"Then next time don't forget your jacket, new kid," Blaine said as he patted down Kurt's collar, "You'll fit right in."

"Now, if you'll excuse me," Blaine said as he put down his bag and went to join his fellow Warblers.

Blaine started to sing, and the chatter stopped.

Before you met me

I was alright

But things were kind of heavy

You brought me to life

Now every February

You'll be my Valentine, Valentine~

Blaine turned away from the Warblers to look at Kurt. He fell into the choreography with his fellow Warblers.

Lets go all the way tonight

No regrets, just love

We can dance until we die

You and I

We'll be young forever~

Blaine tried to stop singing to Kurt even though he desperately wanted to. But instead he pointed directly at Kurt and sung the next part of the song.

You make me feel

Like I'm living a

Teen-age dream

The way you turn me on

I can't sleep

Lets run away

And don't ever look back

Don't ever look back

Lets go all the way tonight

No regrets, just love

We can dance until we die

You and I

We'll be young forever~

Again Blaine pointed at Kurt. He felt like kicking himself for it. He didn't want to freak the boy out, but Blaine couldn't stop looking at Kurt.

You make me feel

Like I'm living a

Teen-age dream

The way you turn me on

I can't sleep

Lets run away

And don't ever look back

Don't ever look back

My heart stops

When you look at me

Just one touch

Now baby I believe

This is real

So take a chance

And don't ever look back

Don't ever look back

Blaine noticed Kurt look around the room at all the dancing teenage boys. He looked a little sad and lonely despite the high energy in the room.

I'ma get your heart racing

In those skin tight jeans

Be your teenage dream tonight

Let you put your hands on me

In my skin tight jeans

Be your teenage dream tonight



You make me feel

Like I'm living a

Teen-age dream

The way you turn me on

I can't sleep

Lets run away

And don't ever look back

Don't ever look back

My heart stops

When you look at me

Just one touch

Now baby I believe

This is real

So take a chance

And don't ever look back

Don't ever look back

I'ma get your heart racing

In those skin tight jeans

Be your teenage dream tonight

Let you put your hands on me

In my skin tight jeans

Be your teenage dream tonight

Once he finished, everyone started clapping. He kept his attention on Kurt, hoping he enjoyed the performance. Blaine thanked the other Warblers and then walked over Kurt.

"What did you think?" Blaine asked Kurt.

"Wow. The New Directions has some worthy competition," Kurt replied. It took Kurt a minute to realize what he just said. Then he put his hand over his mouth and his face turned bright red. Blaine just blinked with his mouth agape. Kurt was in the New Directions, the Warbler's competition for sectionals.

Then Wes and David walked over. Wes put his hand on Blaine shoulder.

"Who's your new friend Blaine?" Wes asked.

"Uh, his name is Kurt… He's in the New Directions," Blaine said slowly, "Maybe we should all talk later today."

Wes and David were stunned and Kurt nodded quickly.

"Meet us here at three?" Blaine asked.

"Sure," Kurt said quietly before quickly escaping the senior commons.


Blaine explained everything to Wes and David. They laughed, and commented on how Blaine should have noticed that you get your uniform a week before you start your first day at Dalton, rather than flirting with Kurt.

"I was not flirting!" Blaine exclaimed.

"You so were! You sang Teenage Dream to the poor guy!" David laughed.

"I did not!" Blaine denied it, even though he knew it was true.

"Did too!"

"Blaine, everyone noticed it," Wes said pointedly, "It's so obvious you are attracted to him."

"So… What do we do?" Blaine asked, changing the subject.

"He's from the New Directions, our competition for sectionals. So we need to scratch Teenage Dream from the set list," Wes sighed.

"He's such a horrible spy," David laughed.


Blaine left his dorm room to meet up with Kurt at a quarter to three. He texted Wes and David to meet him in the Dalton café. When Blaine got downstairs, Kurt was waiting awkwardly at the main entrance. He was wearing a completely different outfit than when he was earlier that morning. Blaine smiled and walked over to him.

"Come with me," Blaine said as he grabbed his hand and took him to the Dalton café where Wes and David sat with four coffees.

David and Wes looked at the boys' hands cautiously. Blaine immediately dropped Kurt's hand and walked over to the coffee stand.

Kurt sat down across from Wes and David.

"Latte?" Blaine asked as he pushed the coffee towards Kurt. Kurt mouthed a thank you to Blaine as Blaine sat between Wes and David.

"This is Wes and David," Blaine said motioning to Wes, on his right, and David, on his left.

"It's very civilized of you to invite me for coffee before you beat me up for spying," Kurt said quietly.

What would make you think that we would beat you up? Blaine thought and furrowed his thick eyebrows.

"We aren't going to beat you up," Wes stated.

David laughed a little, "You were such a terrible spy we thought it was sort of endearing."

"Which made me think that spying on us wasn't really the reason you came," Blaine said. Blaine had thought about it a lot while he was in his dorm. Why would Kurt think the Warblers were not supposed to be cool? and just now now Why would he assume that Wes, David, and himself would beat him up?

Kurt smiled and laughed nervously, "Can I ask you guys a question?" Kurt asked leaning a little bit forward, looking a little uncomfortable. They all nodded in response. "Are you guys all gay?"

Oh… Blaine thought as he realized Kurt's situation. The one thing that brought himself to Dalton, he's getting picked on for being gay. He knew how Kurt was feeling and the torment of it all.

The three Warblers laughed at the question. Kurt looked upset and confused, on the verge of crying. Blaine smiled at Kurt and said, "No. I mean I am, but these two have girlfriends."

"This is not a gay school," David said with horrible choice of words, but he understood what Kurt meant from hearing all of Blaine's horror stories of public school in Ohio. "We just have a zero harassment policy."

Wes understood Kurt also and he clarified David's statement, "Everyone here gets treated the same. No matter what they are. It's pretty simple."

Kurt looked like he had stepped into another dimension. Blaine looked at him with understanding. He's being bullied, badly. There was fear in Kurt's eyes. Blaine's heart ached for him.

"Could you guys excuse us?" Blaine asked Wes and David. Wes and David knew Blaine needed to talk to Kurt alone.

"Take it easy Kurt," Wes said to Kurt with a kind smile before leaving with David.

Kurt sat there holding back his tears. Blaine wanted to help him, but he wasn't exactly sure how. Every situation was different, but he might as well try.

"I take it you're having trouble with school," Blaine said.

"I am the only person out of the closet at my school," Kurt said with his tears falling slowly onto his cheeks, "And I… I try to stay strong about it, but… there is this Neanderthal who has made it his mission to make my life a living hell. And nobody seems to notice."

Blaine nodded in understanding. The flashbacks from middle school went through his head. The bullies slamming him into lockers, being locked into closets, and the Sadie Hawkins dance incident. "I know how you feel," he said empathetically.

Kurt seemed to roll his eyes either to keep anymore tears from falling or it just seemed too cliché.

"I got taunted at my old school. It really…" Blaine growled, "pissed me off. I even complained about it to the faculty. They were sympathetic and all, but you could just tell nobody really cared. It was like, 'Hey if you're gay your life's just going to be miserable. Sorry, nothing we can do about it.' So I left. I came here. Simple as that."

Blaine studied Kurt's sad face for a moment and then told him, "So you have two options. I mean, I'd love to tell you to just enroll here but tuition at Dalton is sort of steep and I know it's not an option for everybody. But, or you could refuse to be the victim. Prejudice is just ignorance, Kurt. You have a chance right now to teach him."

Kurt had been hanging on his every word. He looked up and asked, "How?"

"Confront him! Call him out!" Blaine told him. Kurt's eyes sunk back into their fear. "I ran, Kurt. I didn't stand up. I let bullies chase me away. And it is something that I really, really regret."

Kurt then broke down crying. Oh crap! What did I do, Blaine panicked. He kept it together for Kurt. He stood up and pulled a chair next to Kurt, and began to gently rub his back.

Once Kurt stopped crying, Blaine asked if he could see his phone. Kurt pulled out his iPhone and handed it to Blaine with a confused look. Blaine struggled to type in something and handed it back to Kurt.

"Just call me when you need someone to talk to," Blaine said with a kind smile.

"Thank you," Kurt said.

They spent a few hours just talking about music, boys, and fashion. Blaine found out that Kurt can hit the high F in Defying Gravity. Kurt proceeded to tell him about Rachel Berry and her obnoxious tendencies and how he threw a competition against her because his father got a phone call from a guy calling his son a "fag". This upset Blaine but he continued to listen as Kurt changed the subject to his best friend Mercedes, the first person he came out to.

Blaine laughed at the stories he told about him and Mercedes. She had had a crush on him last year and busted the window out of his car once he told her he was in love with someone else. She had thought that he had meant he loved Rachel, when he really meant Finn. Kurt told Blaine about his plan to get closer to Finn and ended up with their parents dating and only making it worse.

Kurt continued telling Blaine about the New Directions. The entire club was so diverse. There was Mr. Shuester, the very close minded Spanish/Glee teacher. There was Quinn, the captain of the cheerleading team, who got pregnant the year before and went into labor during regionals. There was the guy who got Quinn pregnant, Puck. There was the very bitchy Santana. There was Brittany, the girl who thought Kurt was a dolphin and Dr. Pepper was an actual doctor. There was Mike and Tina, the lovebird Asian couple. There was Sam, who Kurt swears is gay because no straight guy bleaches his hair. And there was Mercedes and Rachel, the divas.

Blaine was glad that Kurt had many people around him who loved him for who he was. It was a good thing to have when the rest of society rejected you.

After they were done talking, Blaine walked Kurt to his car. One which was not something Blaine expected Kurt to have. Blaine caught Kurt off guard and hugged him before he left. "Remember to call me when you need to talk," Blaine reminded Kurt.

"You have no idea what you just signed up for, Blaine Anderson," Kurt joked as he pulled away from Blaine.

"I'll take my chances," Blaine laughed. Kurt got in his car and left as Blaine watched him leave.

Blaine went back to his dorm and wished that Kurt was still at Dalton talking to him, opening up to him. Blaine knew that what he had with Kurt was special. It was nothing he had ever had with anyone before. It was a bit scary, but comforting.

When Kurt got home after they talked, he called Blaine. He thanked him for being there for him and giving him courage. He also said that he felt safer around Blaine, then he freaked out saying how weird he sounded. Blaine just laughed about how cute he was.


Around lunch the next day, Blaine texted Kurt.


Blaine smiled at the message, hoping that it would comfort Kurt and get him through the day.

About an hour after he had sent the text, Kurt called. His phone vibrated in his pocket.

"Whose phone is that?" The teacher asked. Blaine just looked around, pretending that it wasn't his phone. Wes, who was sitting next to him caught on and looked around too. His phone went to voicemail and buzzed once to tell him he missed a call.

After class Blaine called Kurt, but no answer. He figured Kurt was in class and would call him after school.

Sure enough Kurt called Blaine after school. He was sobbing on the other end.

"Kurt? What wrong?" Blaine worried.

"He… He ki-i…" Kurt had a difficult time explaining between sobs.

"Where are you?" Blaine asked grabbing his car keys off of his desk in his dorm.

"At h-home," Kurt said. Blaine asked Kurt where he lived. Kurt managed to say an address in Lima, Ohio.

Dammit, Blaine thought, that's a two hour drive. But he figured he could get there in under an hour if he sped on the interstate.

"Ok, I'll be there in an hour," Blaine said before he hung up the phone and started driving to Lima, Ohio.

He reached Kurt's house in fifty-three minutes. He ran up to the doorstep, and knocked on the door. A man, who Blaine assumed to be Kurt's father, answered the door. He was much taller and bulkier than Blaine was, and he was immediately intimidated.

"Um… Hi," Blaine stuttered, "I'm one of Kurt's friend's."

"Are you one of the Glee kids?" The man asked looking up and down at him.

"No, sir," Blaine said politely. Kurt came running to the door.

"Blaine," he said. His eyes and nose were red from crying. He moved his father out of the way and grabbed Blaine's wrist and pulled him inside.

"Kurt, it's a school night," his father warned.

"I know dad. Blaine is here to help me with a project," Kurt said and his father nodded and went to sit on the couch.

Kurt dragged Blaine down into the basement, which turned out to be Kurt's room. Blaine noted how clean and organized it was, also how cold it was.

Kurt collapsed on his bed, then he took a handful of mints and threw them into his mouth. Blaine looked at him cautiously.

"What happened, Kurt?" He asked. Kurt mumbled something with the mints in his mouth. "I didn't catch that," Blaine said sitting on the bed where Kurt was laying.

"He kissed me," Kurt whispered. The tears started running down his face and onto the pillow.

"What? Who?" Blaine asked confused.


Blaine went through a list of names that Kurt gave him the other day.

"The Neanderthal I told you about the other day," Kurt clarified.

That explains the mints, Blaine thought. "Is he gay? I thought you were the only one out of the closet at McKinley."

"I am the only one out of the closet," Kurt thought for a second, "I think he might be confused."

Kurt explained everything to Blaine. He cried through most of the story, and paused a few times to shove mints into his mouth. Kurt had even said that Karofsky tried to kiss him a second time, but Kurt pushed him away.

I did this, Blaine felt so guilty. He had told Kurt to stand up for himself, but it backfired and the bully had come out of the closet to Kurt.

"I'm so sorry, Kurt," Blaine whispered.

"I finally understand why he bullies me," Kurt said, "He's afraid. Don't you remember what it's like to hide who you are to the rest of society because you are afraid of rejection? He's feeling that right now. Even though he has hurt me I still feel like I should help him."

Blaine pulled Kurt into a hug trying to comfort him. Kurt whispered into his chest, "But I can't do it alone. He's just… so much bigger than me."

"How about I go with you tomorrow during my lunch break?" Blaine asked.

"But Dalton is a two hour drive! You'll miss class!" Kurt exclaimed.

"I'll call in sick. You need me more than I need to go to class," Blaine said comfortingly, "I know that it's hard to come out of the closet. Both of us have been there. And this might just solve your bullying problem."

Kurt looked up and smiled at Blaine. He's so beautiful when he smiles, Blaine thought.


Blaine pulled into the McKinley High School parking lot before lunch. He sat in his car and texted Kurt.

I'm here- Blaine

A few seconds later he got a reply.

I'll meet you at your car- Kurt

Blaine waited patiently in his car. He started to mess with the radio when there was a tap on the glass. Blaine looked out and saw Kurt. Blaine opened the door and got out.

"Hey, how are you feeling?" Blaine asked.

"Okay," Kurt said quietly and wrapped his arms around his middle. Blaine took in Kurt's outfit. He was wearing a light blue jacket and a scarf along with a pair of tight pants that showed off Kurt's long and slim legs and knee high boots. Blaine pulled himself together and continued.

"Come on. Let's go find Karofsky."

They wandered around the school for a little while. Blaine noticed that every time a locker shut, Kurt winced. Blaine had no idea that the bullying was this bad. Kurt was way stronger and braver than Blaine ever was. Blaine ran away at the first chance he had.

"Thanks again for coming," Kurt said quickly.

"Don't worry about it. Just let me do the talking," Blaine said not wanting the plan to go array.

"There he is," Kurt said. His body seemed to stiffen.

"I got your back," Blaine said and looked up at Karofsky. He was a large guy, much larger than both him and Kurt.

"Excuse me," Blaine asked Karofsky.

"Hey Lady-boys," Karofsky's eyes shifted between Kurt and Blaine, "Pfft. This your boyfriend, Kurt?" Kurt cringed and Blaine took control of the situation.

"Kurt and I would like to talk to you about something." Blaine started.

"I gotta go to class," Karofsky shoved Kurt, and walked between him and Blaine.

"Kurt told me what you did," Blaine said and Karofsky turned around.

"Oh yeah?" Karofsky challenged putting his hands in his pockets, "What's that?"

"You kissed me," Kurt deadpanned.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Karofsky said looking around to see if anyone had heard Kurt's accusation.

"It seems like you might be a little bit confused. And that's totally normal," Blaine explained. Karofsky didn't want to hear it and started walking away, but Blaine just followed, "This is a very hard thing to come to terms with, and you should just know that you're not alone."

"Do. Not. Mess. With. Me." Karofsky spat as he headed back up the steps and shoved Blaine into the fence. Blaine fought the urge to fight back. He put up both of his hands in surrender.

"Stop this!" Kurt pulled Karofsky off of Blaine and pushed him back.

Karofsky hesitated and headed back down the steps.

"Well he's not coming out anytime soon," Blaine said trying to lighten the mood.

"What's going on?" Blaine asked concerned as Kurt sat on the steps. Kurt looked at his lap and Blaine walked over to him and sat down. "Why are you so upset?"

Kurt exhaled, "Because up until yesterday, I had never been kissed. At least not that counted."

How could a kiss not count? Blaine thought.

Blaine looked at Kurt's upset face and he knew he needed to comfort him, but he wasn't quite sure how. He took a deep breath and said, "Come on. I'll buy you lunch."

Those words got Blaine a halfhearted smile, but it was a smile. Blaine remembered a saying his brother, Cooper had once told him. Never frown; you never know who is falling in love with your smile. And Blaine knew he was falling in love with this boy's smile.


Lunch went well. Blaine had taken Kurt to a restaurant called Breadsticks, where the breadsticks just kept on coming. Kurt ordered a salad and Blaine ordered alfredo pasta.

The two talked about Broadway and Blaine obsessed over P!nk and Katy Perry. Blaine did everything in his power to make Kurt smile. He even told Kurt that he wanted to be a Disney Princess when he was younger.

"Seriously?" Kurt choked on his water, "The one and only Blaine Warbler wanted to be a Disney Princess?"

"Yes! I wanted to be Ariel as a matter of fact," Blaine laughed. He was glad to see that Kurt was having a good time. "And my last name is Anderson by the way."

"Well Mr. Anderson, I think should be on my way," Kurt said. "I had a great time and thank you for lunch. Along with everything else you have done for me."

"It was my pleasure Mr… Uh…" Blaine paused looking for a last name.

"Hummel," Kurt smiled.

"Mr. Hummel, I'm at your service anytime," Blaine smiled back. "So will I see you anytime soon?"

"Don't plan on getting rid of me too easily. You'll be seeing a lot of me."

"Oh dear, I hope this has nothing to do with our show choirs being rivals, because you are an awful spy."

"Oh God no!" Kurt exclaimed. "Let's make a pact right here that we will never speak of show choir ever in each other's presence."

"Alright, pinky swear?" Blaine smiled holding out his pinky.

"Isn't that a little childish?" Kurt asked but took Blaine's pinky with his. "I pinky swear," Kurt said rolling his eyes.

"Good, I like you too much to let show choir get in the way."

Kurt smiled, "Me too."

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