It was a dark night in Diamond City…

Waluigi kicked a rock as he made his way down the half empty streets of the city, a bar owned by Wario could be seen in the distance, with the neon lights flickering on and off. Waluigi walked into his partner's bar and sat at a table next to the entrance. A Koopa wearing a red tie and white kitchen gown approached the purple pest.

''what would you like tonight sir?'' the Koopa asked. Waluigi glared up at the Koopa.

''same as always Jeff.'' Waluigi sighed. Jeff the Koopa smiled and sat down on the seat opposite Waluigi.

''rough night?'' Jeff asked. Waluigi shrugged in reply.

''you could say that'' Waluigi then said. Waluigi then took his eyes off of the table and heard a mysterious sound, only to see a drunken Wario outside in the Wario Car with his lover Mona, and disco lover Jimmy. T

''that's the reason why I'm being such a downer Jeff'' Waluigi then said, engaging in conversation once more with Jeff.

''yeah, last I heard he was having a huge party at Jimmy's club tonight.'' Jeff replied, Waluigi nodded.

''he's having a party cause he and Mona just got engaged.'' Waluigi spoke. ''hard to believe, considering the fact that Wario would never do that kind of thing to any girl except Peach if he was given the opportunity, but he has special feelings for Mona.'' Waluigi continued.

Waluigi then watched as Wario and Jimmy gave a wedgie to a small Toad outside. Jeff rolled his eyes after seeing this.

''typical Wario…why don't you go away for a bit?'' Jeff said in a more happy tone.

Waluigi quickly shook his head. ''without me here, Wario's castle would be reduced to ashes in an instant.'' Waluigi continued, still staying in his saddened mood.

Jeff watched as Waluigi looked on at Wario and Jimmy's constant abuse of the people outside. Jeff then left his seat and walked around the counter and a few minutes later, emerged with a glass of water.

''have some of this'' Jeff said warmly, ''I'll give you a ride back to your place if you want.'' Jeff offered.

Waluigi shook his head, ''no thanks Jeff, I'd rather walk, Wario and Jimmy have drove off anyway, I'll be OK.''

Jeff smiled, ''OK Waluigi, you be careful dude.''

Waluigi gave a rare smile, then took a sip from the glass of water and made his leave, walking out into the dense concrete jungle known as Diamond City. Waluigi watched as the sun rose. Waluigi made his way down the street, kicking rocks as he walked home, with Wario's laughter roaring threw the huge city Waluigi called home..