AN: My first Fan Fiction. Be as gentle, or not so much as you like...about the story I mean! I think the summary pretty much covers everything. Raven bet's Beast Boy that he couldn't handle a week with her powers. Due to his high levels of emotion and low levels of control.

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Chapter 1 - The Argument.

Such a glorious day it was in our fair Jump City. From the bay windows of Titan's Tower, one could glimpse the wonders of the day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, there was a ten story tall radioactive ooze monster battling a legion of monies to the death. Everything you would expect to see from the Titan's common room. As shocking as it would be to any 'normal' individuals, the majority of the Titans paid no mind to the current destruction. Only Robin and Beast Boy seemed to have any interested in the carnage that was being wrought.

"You'll never get away with this!" Cried Beast Boy as he was tossed side to side. With all of his power and skills, he was hopelessly outnumbered and his opponents were formidable.

"Fight together, we can take him!" Robin ordered. His brow covered with sweat, he looked tired, so tired. His hands aches from prolong use, his back cracked uncharacteristically as he stood up.

With a mighty swing the radioactive ooze monster slammed its giant arm like appendage into the ground, quickly shattering all hope of victory for Robin.

Beast Boy was speechless and mourned the loss of his friend, he held back sobs as he saluted. Taps could be heard playing in the distance, signifying the death. As the taps ended he looked to Robin, "Told you the radioactive character was overpowered! That's why you play it all the time!"

Robin sighed and dropped the game station controller "Yea but-!"

"No buts, a deal's a deal. Pay up!" Beast Boy beamed at his latest victory.

Grumbling to him the walking traffic light pulled a roll of bills from his belt, and handed a five to Beast Boy. "I hope you choke on your tofu..."

Unfazed Beast Boy elected to dance around in his glee as Robin left to do Slade related things in his private Slade shrin-...quarters.

A frown played on her lips as her eyes attempted absorb what she read. With an inner sigh she glanced up from her book, her frown only grew as the green titan stood well within her personal boundaries. "What?" she asked in her raspy voice. "Can't he see I am busy..?"

"I just won five dollars!" Beast Boy held the five dollar bill in front of her face, obscuring her vision. Clearly annoyed, perhaps not to Beast Boy, she batted his hand away. "Terrific, now stop bothering me I am trying to concentrate."

It was too late she realized that those words were translated in 'Beast Boy speak' to "Hey, what I am doing is more fun, and if you ask me about it I'll stop everything to tell you all about it!"

Before she could deter him, he sent a barrage of questions her way. It was simple logic if Raven was doing something that was worth her concentration he wanted to be a part of it...unless it was boring.

Unfortunately today was not the day to question her. She had escaped the prison that was her room only to be 'accosted' by the resident ball of sunshine that was Starfire about going to the mall with her. Raven had her reasons aside from the obvious not wanting to go, and 'politely' refused the Pleases', the Awe's, and the small pout she was berated with.

Locked in her mental flashback she failed to notice Beast Boy sniffing her. She cursed her body for not being quick enough. It all seemed slow motion, though his actions faster than hers. He screamed in shock, and horror he smelt blood.



Robin had been sulking his way back to his 'lair' after his recent defeat. Although it was a measly five dollar bet, he solemnly wondered if all of his digital victories were based on an over powered advantage. He scoffed aloud. "The only one of us without some super power or mechanical implant, and I get flak for playing an OP character on a game. This blows..."

It was then he heard the familiar snickering from his older team mate. Cyborg waved a greeting before patting the disheveled leader on the back. "Didn't play as your secret weapon this time eh?" The first thought that registered was not that Cyborg knew him so well. It was that he respected the older brother-ish figure for knowing him so well.

He nodded sadly, "I know it's just a game, but he gloats..."

"The grass stain is last in training, last in height on anyone on the team, aside from Mas y Menos...and that's not if they stand on one another's shoulders."

Robin couldn't help but smile softly at the mental image. "Yea I guess you're right, it's pointless but not to him. He needs something he's good at."

Cyborg nodded his agreement. "Don't worry the next time I see him, I'll beat the little grass stain for ya!"

They shared a chuckle before hearing said grass stain's shriek of terror.

Turning on their metal booted heals they sprinted for the common room. Being trained for so many scenarios' had numerous advantages. And yet one MAJOR flaw. What could have happened in the ultra-secure Titan's Tower to cause this commotion?

"Are we under attack? Is it Slade? Is Starfire okay?" Robin's thoughts raced to the possible emergency that awaited him, he only prayed he made it in time.

"Who could have gotten passed my security protocols? Atlas? Control Freak? Mumbo? I hate that magic using, fairy wand toting, blue skinned annoying freak! Magic and metal don't mix!"

Cyborg visibly blanched as he thought of his loathing of the magic user. Though unknown to most, Cyborg was opposed to the idea of magic usage. Science was the only magic that was needed!

But now wasn't the time for such thoughts they needed to get to their destination and there, and they were nearly there.

Pulling a bird-a-rang from his belt he tossed it into the fast approaching control panel, causing the door to slide open. With an expertly timed leap both titans passed through the door landing back to back weapons at the ready.

Looking around, there was no Slade, no security breach, no Mumbo, no attack of any kind. What they saw was a clearly pissed off Raven, and almost as pissed off Beast Boy staring at them.

Taking this opportunity to beat a hasty retreat Raven took off in a power walk toward the door. Unfortunately Beast Boy would not have it this time, she needed him and he would help her.

As she approached the confused Robin, and equally confused Cyborg, Beast Boy yelled the words that doomed him. "Stop her! She's bleeding badly and she won't let us help!"

Raven stopped in her tracks, her cheeks flushed for a moment before she tried to teleport away. As she did Robin and Cyborg both caught her by her wrist concern evident on their faces. "It's nothing, I'm fine. Let go of me." She bit back her rage that screamed to be released.

"Like hell we would, not till you tell us what's wrong!" Robin chastised her unabashedly...what a fool.

"Yea girl, what's up?" Cyborg eyed Raven curiously she looked 'okay' pissed but not bleeding out. After his quick examination he cast his glance towards the approaching Beast boy.

"She's not fine, I can smell the blood on her, and it's fresh!" He was scared; he was shocked what happened to her? Why hadn't she told anyone?

By the time anyone could notice, several items randomly exploded. Cups, plates, remote controls, even poor Silkies' pillow was not sparred as the demon half of the girl emerged.

Tears stung at her four crimson eyes, "Why couldn't you leave well enough alone? Had I wanted you to know, I would have told you!" More explosions dotted the room, Rage had escaped.

Revelation dawned on the two older males far, far too late. They should have checked the calendar before approaching Raven today. Releasing the girl they backed away, each trying to think of a way to calm the girl and keep her dignity intact.

The other present, had wrestled his own inner demon which he rationalized was just as scary as hers. Had the boy not known and confronted this level of fear, perhaps he would have been wiser. Alas...that was not the case. "Why? What's so secret that you had to hide it from us?"

The resounding smack echoed loudly as Robin's and Cyborg's palms flew to their respective faces. The unison thoughts "He's dead" resonating in their minds.

Raven's rage was unshackled and the defining roar of the bursting windows of the common room could not mask the clarity in her scream "I'm on my period!"

As the dam behind her eyes threatened to burst she teleported away and left the three slack jawed males to stare at one another.



"You...idiot..." the older males stated in tandem. "You had to know...I mean you HAD to know!" Robin was furious, not at Raven for the mess she created, or the damage wrecked. For the stupidity of calling a woman out on such a sensitive subject. Without letting Beast Boy get a word in, he help up his hand, and made a circular motion indicating to the entire room. "Clean it up, and once you finish find her and apologize. I don't care how long it takes; I don't care how you do it. Just get it done. "Without another word he left common room stopping only to pull his bird-a-rang from the console.

"Smooth...real smooth dude... Why, just why BB?" Cyborg was disappointed; he didn't think Beast Boy would tease her about something so...private.

"I...smelled the blood; I thought she had been hurt, or something." Beast boy surveyed the damage done by her tirade. Even now he wouldn't dare make a hurricane reference to the devastation she wrought.

The taller teen shook his head "You're heart was in the right place, but your head was a step behind man. I keep telling ya, ya gotta be more aware around people. You really embarrassed her."

"It's not like I meant to, besides did she have to do all this?" He gestured to the surroundings "...just because of a little embarrassment? It's like any of us were making fun of her or anything." Trying to rationalize her over reactions seemed like a good idea at the start.

"Ya' know grass stain; you never fully realize how much you've affected someone till you've walked a mile in their shoes. Start clearing up the debris, I'll head down to the garage to get you some supplies." Cyborg's voice trailed off as he made his way out of the room.

"I'm sorry..." he whispered to no one in particular.

Cyborg returned later, and helped clean up the mess Beast Boy had inadvertently caused. Even with the two of them it took a couple hours, plenty of time for Raven to have to calm down...or so one changeling hoped.

The silence of cleaning was broken by an upbeat music chime emitted from Cyborg's chest cavity. Looking to his wrist the ringer turned off and he set his broom aside. "Woo, just in time to leave. Alright I'll be gone for a few days so don't cause any more trouble, aight?"

"Headed to Steel City?" He didn't even have the heart to make a Bumble Bee related remark, which was noted by Cyborg. Even thinking of her brought back more than a few bitter thoughts.

"No choice, I'm the only one who can check the system out, as much as I don't want to go." He shrugged as he waved his goodbye. "They know when I'll be back but tell 'em again just in case. And seriously dude, make up with her you know you miss her." The comment was topped with a classic kiss face as Cyborg ducked out of the room, and away from a dust pan thrown at him.

"As if! if I didn't..." He sighed; it was going to be a long day. He glanced at the clock and groaned aloud. "11:57...not even half way done." With the cleaning done there was only one place to go, the lair of the raven.



Raven stood outside the locked gates of Rage's dominion. It had been more than a hard fight putting her in her place. She was tired, she was still upset, but it had been quelled enough for now. Nothing meditation wouldn't fix.

She stepped away from the crimson gates, and walked off ignoring the pleather of insults and taunts that was thrown from the denizen.

"He didn't know, he couldn't really have known. His experience with women is my knowledge." Her manifestation of knowledge chuckled at her own minor pun.

"I didn't ask for your opinion." Her voice was sharp, her rage might have been locked contained, but it was still there.

"You're embarrassed that he mentioned it, upset that the other's found out, angry that he was so stupid as to bring it up so vividly, when he should have been aware of the emotional backlash that devastated the room, and its adjacent halls."

Raven turned, surprised to see her ruder self-standing to her side. Her answer was so...knowledgeable. But before she could ask, her question was answered by the speaker.

"I know what she knows; I just say what's rude of me to." With that the orange robed manifestation walked off, how rude was it to leave after saying something rude!...Oh wait...right...

"Was I..?

"Over reacting, yes."

"Do you think..?"

"You should apologize, yes."

"I don't.."

"Need to apologize, yes you do."

"Will you cut that out?"

The yellow robed figure smiled to herself, you may yet have your chance.

"He's here!" Called out a purple robed young woman.

With a blink Raven tore herself from her inner thoughts, and sat down her special mirror. Straightening out her robe, she stood and walked to the door.



The trek to her room had been long an arduous. He still hadn't thought of much past 'I'm sorry' and that simply wouldn't do. With a sigh and a deep breath he rapped lightly on her door. Waiting a few moments he went to rap again, but heard her shifting on her bed. He listened to her glide across the room to the door, her deep breath, then the door opening revealing her reddened eyes and puffy cheeks. "What do you want?" 'Not what I wanted to say...'

Beast Boy felt a pang in his chest that was hurtful, deserved...but hurtful. "I wanted to apologize, for like...ya' know...over reacting...and...yea."

'Heart felt...wonder how long it took him to think of that. I could quote more eloquent apologies than that.' "Is that all you wanted to say?"

"Well..." He could read her body language and notice she was about to shut the door on him. "Cyborg said, I uh, um...something about a shoe...and a mile..?" He scratched the back of his head, how many hours had passed since he said it? Darn and it was so good too!

"Walk a mile in my shoes?" Raven added for the sake of his poor brain.

He snapped his fingers and beamed "That's it!"


"Yea...I guess we both kinda over-reacted, I mean it's not like I meant to mention THAT or anything."

Raven's eye twitched...'Swing and a miss...' "I, over reacted you say?"

"Well yea, I mean if we were like making fun of you for it, I could see you wigging out that much and destroying junk and stuff. But since no one was, I mean like guess we both went too far." He chuckled lightly thinking he was breaking the ice and building bridges.

"You...idiot. Laugh it up. No really, go ahead and laugh. You have no idea what my life is like. My powers are hard enough to control because of emotional outburst, so yea, yuck it up all you like because I slip up!" Raven's voice escalated, as her rage could feel the gates parting ever so slightly.

"Hey now, it's not like I'm trying to make fun of you. And it can't be so hard, I've seen you move your tea around with your mind, or use your powers to turn the pages of a book to make it easier!"

'That does it!' Without a thought Raven launched herself at Beast Boy, tackling him to the floor.

"Like you have it so hard! Oh I want to be a cat, poof! You're a cat! No wait, a dog! Poof you're a dog! LA-DEE-Stink'n-DA! That's soooo hard"

Surprised at her lunge Beast Boy wasn't ready for it, but now she crossed the line using his slight build advantage he rolled her onto her back pinning her down. He mocked a voice that would closer resemble Starfire's...with a cold, and a flu, and if Starfire was a twelve year old pre-pubescent male who had been kicked in his nonfunctional man parts. "Oh no, I'm upset I think I'll take it out on the lamp! Oh no, it's going to rain today I think I'll blow up a pillow! Ya' know I notice how many things blow up around me, I think you are trying to hit me and miss!"

Raven struggled under his hold, fuming all the more. "Did you ever stop to think you caused it? You know what, you wouldn't last a day with my powers!"

"The hell I can't, you couldn't last an hour using mine!"

With a skillful knee between the legs, the aching Beast Boy's weight collapsed onto Raven, who simply rolled him off of her. Getting up she entered her room and began searching through her books.

After a moment's reprise Beast Boy hobbled to his feet "That was low...even for you."

Ignoring him, she scanned her shelves till she found the tome she was searching for. Pulling it from the shelve she blew the dust from it and opened its pages. "It's time to put your money where your mouth is. I bet you couldn't control my powers for a week!"

Walking off the nether pains he entered room bedroom. "You're on! can we test it..?" He scratched his head the realization.

"With this!" She exclaimed, pointing to a passage in the tome, probably a spell so far as he knew. "This spell will change the key points of ourselves I-E our powers for exactly one week. Still think you can handle it Beast ~Boy~" She emphasized the boy knowing it would grate on his nerves.

"What do I get if I win?" He asked haughtily, no point in a bet if there wasn't a decent stake.

"When I win, you will cease to bother me for an entire month." Boastful, isn't she...?

"Fine, but WHEN I win, you have to do the same!"

"Deal!" 'I win either way...'

"Deal!" 'Crap...she wins either way...'






"..." Staring.

" we do it?" He asked suddenly realizing he was sort of out of his domain.

With a wave of her hand, probably showing off she teleported herself, the book, and Beast Boy to the roof. "Wha-? Why are we up here..?"

She sighed in annoyance as she pulled a razorblade from the spine of the book and sliced her palm open, much to his surprise. What surprised him more was she handed him the blade afterwards. "Do it."

He hesitated for a moment, long enough for her to think she'd win it before they started. "It's a blood pact, so you don't weasel out of the deal, but if you can't hack it..." She let her voice trail off tauntingly.

It worked.

He snatched the blade from her hand and mirrored her, slicing his palm open without a wince. "There, happy?"

Ignoring him she dropped the blade onto the page of the book. She extended her hand, and without prompt they shook on their deal. Closing her eyes she focused on the words she needed to use. Reopening them, they shown bright white as she spoke. "Aldruon, Enlenthranel, Vosolen Lirus-nor!" The once red blood upon the blade bubbled and surged violently, its color now a brilliant white.

He looked into her eyes, just as a beam of white light passed from her to him. It held for a few moments, which seemed to stretch on for eternity before it faltered out.

And then their world went dark.



When Beast Boy awoke, he saw the sleeping form of Raven cuddled into a cute ball on the roof next to him. Not that he liked her or anything! Sure she was a girl, and strong and all that. But this was RAVEN, the Ice-hearted Goth Queen, who's favorite bands he could list without effort. Who's favorite drink was a secret herbal blend she always bought at the same store. "Way to feel like a stalker, okay so you dig the girl abit; nothing wrong with that...right?"

Noting her rouse he shook the cobwebs out remembering their 'little' bet.

As they both stood, she smiled triumphantly. "Now the rules of the bet, you say it's Soo easy to control the powers, let's test it." She held up a hand full of bracelets, each with five crystal bobbles.

"I can handle any test you throw at me! What is it, lift something, read a mind, blow something up!" As he got more excited a section of the roof railing broke free and fell to depths below. "...That was easy!"

"The bet is, if you can Not use them. That is to say show mastery over them, by Not accidently activating them, like you just did."

"Piece of cake!" He jumped and cheered, causing the door to the roof access to fly open.

"Oh..? And to prevent you from killing someone, you have to wear these charms. Each one will absorb five discharges, if you use more than five in one day, the deal is off and I win. You have seven days' worth." She adds as the charms are placed on his wrist.

"I can handle this. You may not, but I can." He speaks with an uncharacteristic calmness and collected tongue, and yet the first bobble burst much to his surprise.

"Awe, so soon? Let me guess, racing thoughts? You can't just act centered, if you aren't actually centered, you'll still be prone to discharges."

Beast boy couldn't help himself, with all the issues today, she had to use THAT word, he suppressed a chuckle, and another bobble exploded. "Darn it!" And another..."Crap!" and another.

"Wow only one left. This will be easier than I thought..." She smirked knowingly; there was no way he could hope to handle her powers better than she.

He zoned himself out; desperate to think of something to take his mind away, to center himself, he looked up at the moonlit sky, and smiled. The final bobble burst.

"Ha, you couldn't even last five minutes!" She tasted victory and it was sweet.

"Didn't need to..."

"Come again..?"

He dug into his pockets and pulled out his phone, showing the time. 12:01.

She tilted her head in confusion, and then growled in frustration.

"You see, I used four on my first day, and one today." He grinned at taking her easy won victory from her.

"Luck, you won't make it past today."

"Oh, and what makes you so sure?"

Her grin was feral; she had to admit it was nice eliciting responses from him, goading him was like...hunting. "You have training with Robin today, and after yesterday I doubt he'll be going easy on you." She smiled as she lifted her arms, attempting to encase her body in her powers and teleport to her room.

Beast Boy just walked off toward the stairs, all the while biting his inner cheek to stop from laughing at her forgetting her powerless state.

Raven followed but was stopped by such a delicious smell. Such...heavenly, thirst quenching coppery smell...she could almost taste, even with not knowing what it was.

Without so much as a 'Hmmpf!' the two parted at the base of the stairs, each going to their own bedroom for the night.

AN: First off, I know that was really kinda mean putting Raven's monthly on the spot there. But come on...let's be reasonable, a power house who's power is governed by her emotions...might be a taaaaaad off her game during emotional times. Not hating on women or nothing, it's a completely natural and respectable process.

Also I felt myself that Raven might seem a little OOC in this chapter. I'd like to explain that, well the afore mentioned issue is bothering her. So she's in pain, and discomfort, embarrassed and upset. It's bound to make her crankier and more prone to more violent mood swings given her emotional background.

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