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La-la-la-trala-la-la-la-la-la-la-trala-la-la-la- La-la-la-trala-la-la-la-la-la-la-trala-la-la

Pudding, pudding everywhere. Oh, to be in this joyous world forever. Beast Boy glanced around the landscape around him. Everything was perfect; he stood alone on a rainbow cookie bridge. (Sugar cookie flavored, he checked to be sure)The sun seemed to be made from an all-day sucker, judging by the warm orange hues he guessed it would taste like orange sorbet. Below him was an endless river of…you guessed it Pudding. He let out a small chuckle at the word…"Pudding..." such a funny word. As his attention was drawn to the valley and river below, the hero failed to notice the dark figure sneaking up behind him. With a sudden jolt Beast Boy was shoved from the rainbow bridge.

Timed seem to slow down, or at least his fall speed; but as he turned to see his attacker he released squeal of glee, beside him floated Hunk in all of his tofu glory. "Hunky!" He called out as he hugged the chuck of food closely. As they picked up speed they smiled to one another content with the expected landing into tapioca pudding. With a splash of pudding, the two shouted with joy before perfectly preforming a haphazard swim routine.

The two caught onto a large donut, complete with sprinkles, as they floated down the slow moving tapioca river. Hauling themselves onto the donut, the held hands and laughed about nothing in particular.

Hunk sat up and surveyed his surroundings and thought to himself, after fighting for so long with only a knife it was good to sit back and relax. At least that's what he would have thought if he hadn't been cut in half mid thought.

Beast Boy screamed in horror as the two halves of hunk slipped into the tapioca river. He watched his friend disappear into the viscous liquid before it began to bubble and wroth violently. The sky split revealing the galaxy beyond, the stars burning, the sun extinguished. The happy valley he once was in now became a prison cell. The bars of his cage adorned with glowing red seals, seals he could not read.

He grasped at the bars only to be burnt with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns. He cried, and screamed, too frightened to think of the loss of his friend, his confusion and worry increased with every second. He begged for aid but found no solace. Hooded figures appeared around him each with flaming torches. They began to chant, their language foreign yet familiar. Louder and louder the rhythmic chants grew to a deafening roar. Without warning or perhaps with warning if he had listened to their heavily accented African words, their torches became spears and shot through the bars at the trapped child.

Beast Boy bolted up right in his bed, quickly smacking his forehead into the top bunk and falling back to his sweat covered bedding. As the faint laughter of Raven echoed in his mind he looked to the bracelet, to see one bobble already broken.

"Uncontrolled emotions while sleeping equals power spike, noted." He spoke to no one in particular as he pulled himself from his bed.

Rubbing his sore head, he repeats a familiar mantra to himself. The effect of three simple words calms him and relieves the tension of the nightmare in seconds. Gathering his spoiled bedding he tosses the laundry down a laundry shoot and heads off for breakfast.

La-la-la-trala-la-la-la-la-la-la-trala-la-la-la- La-la-la-trala-la-la-la-la-la-la-trala-la-la

Raven was hungry. Strike that, Raven was famished. She watched in pain staking agony as Cyborg thoroughly prepared breakfast. Holding a knife in one hand, and a fork in the other she did all she could to keep from salivating on herself. The smell of the sizzling bacon was unlike she had ever smelt.

The sound of it had woken her. The tasty strips of tender, fatty meat roused her, and now she wanted revenge. Oh sweet barbeque sauce covered revenge.

Cyborg spoke animatedly to Robin as he cooked. Though Robin merely nodded and added Uh-huh's after each break in the conversation.

The morning's peace is broken as Starfire enters the room carrying Silkie. As she passes Raven, Raven cannot help but wonder what a Silkie hot dog would taste like. Sensing an imminent threat Silkie burrows into Starfire's bosom with a hiss.

This hiss directed at Raven gains the attention of her fellow team mates, and snaps her from her reverie. Quickly wiping the drool from her chin with her sleeve she reverts to her more normal, if only stoic face. "What?"

"I believe Silkie is still upset about her pillow being destroyed after yesterdays…discussion between yourself and Beast Boy." Starfire 'eeps' aloud as Silkie seemed a little too comfortable in her current hiding spot.

Robin makes a mental note of his jealousy for the lesbian Silk worm but remains quite and resumes reading his paper.

A loud clatter comes from the living room followed by Beast Boy entering the kitchen holding a wounded toe. "Ow ow, ow! Dang it!"

Earning himself a chuckle he looks around the room, "Heh ….tv remote, didn't see it. So what's up for breakfast?"

"What ya asking me for, you got a super sniffer, use it!" With a nervous chuckle Beast Boy ignores Cyborg's comment, apparently he didn't know super sniffing was a super power, and Raven had his.

Raven spares a glance to the bracelet and smiles at the day's progress. 'One down, four to…to…' "mmm Bacon…"

"Yea I know girl, Bacon'll be done in a minute, just got to add….the sauce!" With a pull of a string, a massive amount of sauce falls from a small spout above the oven covering the pans completely.

Blinking she realized she must have said that aloud without meaning to.

With a shudder Beast Boy suppressed his disgust, and asks evenly. "Is bacon the only thing you made for breakfast?"

"Uh...yea, we had pancakes yesterday, Gornish the day before, Robin shaped mustard filled cookies before that, and whatever the day before." Cyborg answers as he counts the days on his fingers. "If you don't want any, don't have any! There's some cereal in the cupboard-Was some cereal in the cupboard." With a sigh he glares at Silkie who currently has a cereal box in her mouth. "For the last time, you're supposed to eat what's IN the box, not the box itself!"

With a squeal she finishes her box, and grubs her way out of the kitchen. Sadly her haste retreat is at a Silkie's pace…and therefore not very quick at all.

"I think I shall pass on breakfast, I had something I needed to take care of anyway." Before he can turn and leave the room Robin uses the phrase all Titans have come to fear.

"Training after breakfast."

A round of groans erupts from the room, before a loud crash. What once were groans turn to gasp, yelps, and shrieks of surprise. At Raven's feet sits an empty skillet, unnoticed to her as she licks the sauce from her fingers.

With all the sauce accounted for, she glanced at the shocked expressions of her team mates. And then absentmindedly to Beast Boy's wrist. His eyes meet hers before following her gaze; from that sudden outburst two more bobbles were claimed. He steels himself as she laughs. The melodic, sweet, yet taunting sound she produces has little effect as he silently leaves the room.

Seeing Silkie still grubbing her way out of the room, Cyborg elects to make small talk between his team mates as the rest of breakfast is severed. "So how about them bears?"

With a quizzical tilt of her head, Starfire finds the question must be asked. "To which bears are you referring?"

Saving the poor girl from herself, Robin shows her the day's headlines. "Local bear exhibit comes to Jump City"

With a small blush she resumes eating her bacon. "Ah...those bears."

La-la-la-trala-la-la-la-la-la-la-trala-la-la-la- La-la-la-trala-la-la-la-la-la-la-trala-la-la

Stretching out before his personalized treadmill, Beast Boy wonders about the point of training. "I mean, it's not like I can transform. All I can do is…" With a wave of his hand a small black orb fills his palm, before quickly winking out. "What good is that in a fight? I don't even know what it does? Wait, if I don't know how to use her powers that means…I don't know how to use any powers!" The clueless one falls to his knees as he whines the loss of his super senses.

With a click beast Boy's world makes illuminates with knowledge, jumping to his feet he exclaims "That means she doesn't know how to transform!" Unfortunately that click wasn't only Robin turning the lights on, but a bobble cracking.

"Why should she?" Robin asked with his inquisitor eyebrow.

Looking past Robin, he sees no one else coming. "No reason at all and why are you the only one here?"

"Just you and me today, we got a match to settle." A dark grin ebbed onto the leader's face as he spoke. Striding past Beast Boy he approached a bench, covered neatly in bird based accessories. "Flight, high speed maneuvers, hand-to-hand, donkey wrestling, you pick your poison today."

Reciting the three word mantra to himself, he spoke evenly. "Hand-to-hand combat."

Now this puzzled Robin, it was Beast Boy's worst event why would he pick it as a sole focus? Surely he couldn't believe that Beast Boy had finally found out the benefits of hand-to-hand combat. 'I'll play along. We'll see his game and end it.' Why he spoke to himself with multi-personal terms even he didn't know.

The two stepped onto the mats, both taking a ready stance. "No powers." Robin warned, only to have a nod in response. Timing his actions to Beast Boy's blinking, we waited… The moment Beast Boy refreshed his vision Robin was on him. A spinning heal kick to the left faster than his opponent could perceive connected with his temple. With a yelp and a bobble exploding training was over.

Groaning with indignity Beast Boy groggily woke up to find his head resting on Starfire's lap. "Are you awake, Beast Boy?"

He nodded quietly fighting off his embarrassment as he tried to sit up.

"No not yet, you were hit quite well. Do not be alarmed of the others disappearance, Raven is cleaning in the kitchen, while Cyborg and Robin investigate a silent alarm tripped at gas station."

Not trusting his voice he nods again, and resists the urge to snuggle closer to Starfire. While she may be single due to Robin's inability to ask the girl out; and while he wasn't all that interested in her himself. There is just something nice about waking up with your head in a girl's lap. It was only then he noticed the weight further down his body. Glancing down he noted Silkie burrowing into the crotch of his uniform, much to the humor of Starfire.

"It seems you were wrong about her when you transformed into her species to communicate. She seems to like one male just fine."

"So it would seem." His response wasn't curt, or abrupt just simple.

"You sound much like Raven, I feel so…ostracized even within the Titans. I haven't anything in common with Cyborg, our culinary expertise are too far apart. Robin is…Robin. I feel as if I must wear a Slade mask to garner his attention. Raven I had hoped to be a kindred spirit as we are both female, but it seems that is not meant to be. Even after we shared our powers and history of ourselves she seems so-so distant. And now you-"

By now light tears had begun to fall from Starfire's eyes. The heartstrings of Beast Boy were pulled in all different directions. Resisting her grip he sat forward, and positioned himself beside her. Wrapping an arm around her he spoke measurably.

"I do not think badly of you. Nor do I think you are neither bad nor good. Without going much into detail, Raven and I have switched powers for the next six days. I must govern myself and my emotions if I am to win." He paused resisting the urge to join her tears. "You're like a sister to me Star. I could never see you hurt and not care. Please, forgive me this once for not being pre-active with you." With an even movement he kisses her forehead, causing the last bobble of the day to crack.

As she heard his words, she felt better. Not by much but at least she gained some understanding or insight into why Beast Boy was acting so oddly. If only now she could be given a reason for the rest of her team mates. But for now she was content enough.

"Thank you Beast Boy, I will reflect on what you have told me." With a soft smile and a heavy heart, she picked up Silkie much to the chagrin of the small worm.

Leaving the training room she failed to notice Raven slip in behind her.

Observing her prey, she silently stalked behind Beast Boy. Seeing the lone cracked bobble she knew this would be easy. Her movements changed from predatory to seductive, from cat like, to more fluid snake like. Wrapping her arms around Beast Boy she purred into his ear.

"That's quite a hit you took Beast Man…maybe I should kiss it better?"

Luck. Luck was all it was, her purple cloak happened to be caught in the mirror like surface a lone bar bell before him. It gave him time to prepare, as her arms encircled his body the mantra was repeated evenly within his mind, again and again.

"I will not be that easy to break Raven. Perhaps we can reschedule that kiss for another time?" His reply was even, every emotion suppressed to its highest levels.

This surprised the girl to know end, it should have been so simple she had the element of surprise, her prey was weak. It was the perfect hunt, why didn't she get the kill?

Before she could answer he stood, her arms falling to the sides as he moved. "Though, our arrangement seems unfair. I am showing some progress with my own powers. Yet, you do not seem to be using mine actively. How about we change the game?"

Raven hated games. She hated the idea of chance. Why would she agree to something so ridiculous?

"I like games…what game would you like, Beast Man?" She continued to purr seductively, absentmindedly allowing her finger to be drawn to the comer of her mouth.

He smiles softly, fake as it was. "Before the week is over you must be able to actively use my powers at will. How does that sound?"

Slinking up behind him she presses herself into his back before replying. "I don't know, I think if we do that we'll need a new…punishment."

"Loser does the other's laundry for a month?" he offers.

"Oh, trying to see if I have anything frilly for a whole month? I'll have to have Starfire escort me to the mall. That is, unless you want to…escort me."

He nods, "It's a deal, loser has to do the winner's laundry for a month, and take the winner shopping."

"I'm going to enjoy this…" Before she could lick his ear, he calmly walked off mumbling a good night.

As his scent faded her eyes opened wider at the realization of what had just transpired. "I need a cold shower…"

La-la-la-trala-la-la-la-la-la-la-trala-la-la-la- La-la-la-trala-la-la-la-la-la-la-trala-la-la

Alone in his room Beast Boy settles into his bed ready for a good night's sleep. Closing his eyes, he leans back and at the moment head meets pillow he feels himself falling.

"Ooof!" Opening his eyes he looks up into the happiest person he had ever met. "Happy..?"

"Right in one! Raven, tell 'em what he's won! Hey I rhymed! I'm a poet, and didn't even know it!" Her eyes open wider as she pulls a note pad out and begins writing. "This is good stuff."

Picking himself from the ground he glances around the landscape. "Nevermore."

"That is correct; you saved me time in explaining it."

The first thought was to answer, but he couldn't. Speaking required a tongue, and his was currently in knots. Standing before him, was the most beautiful woman in the world. It was Raven, but slightly older maybe in her mid-twenties. What shocked him the most was for the first time he was seeing her in color. A little known fact about the greenest hero was that in his 'human' form he was colorblind. In fact, most of his main sense didn't function properly. At a younger age he had discovered how to transform parts of his body making himself more homunculus than human. To have his increased vision, he elected to accept being color blind.

But now, he could see her. "So beautiful…"

"Yes, I am aware. Lust has been quite expressive to that point."

Shaking the cob webs out of his head. "Lust? Wait, When in Nevermore?"

A nod.

"In Raven's mind?"

A head shake.

"I thought Nevermore was In Raven's mind!"

A nod.

"But you just said-!"

"Was. Nevermore was, in Raven's mind. Allow me to explain."

"Please do."

"When Raven's powers were transferred into you, it also transferred her inner powers. This includes the connection to the mirror you used to get here."

At this he was stumped. "But I didn't use it; I never even went near it…"

"I DID IT!" Called a Happier person as she joined the duo whilst hand standing. "I hid the mirror under your pillow! Told ya it'd work."

"Yes yes, you deserve a cookie." Adjusting her glasses she looked back to Beast Boy.

"As I was saying, Nevermore was transferred into your mind, blending us with your own mind. We are what you represent yourself as, if you were Raven."

"Uh wha-?"

"It's complicated….just go with it and we're running short on time."

"So you are Raven's e-?" He stopped as soon as he started, cut off by a glare from the elder Raven.

"Do not call us an Emotion; I am so tired of being too referred to as such." She sighed, as the sound of chains breaking and shouts of pure rage could be heard from out of sight.

"What was that…?"


"Who was that?"


"Shut up."

Before any possible answer could be formulated Beast Boy was assaulted with a flying kick to his chest, knocking him back away from the two.

"That would be trouble."

"I thought it was Rage" said the younger Raven look alike.

"And that's our exit." Subdue her, and then you can leave.

"Beast Boy picked himself from the ground, looking so handsome and cool as he faced his own Rage. Looking over at me, he didn't see Rage's second attack a devastating right hook to the jaw- OW!" Happy was engrossed in narrating the fight, proving to be more harm than good. Earning her a dope-slap from her elder counterpart.

"Let them find out who will rule, and let's leave them to it." She monologues dragging the other along with her.

My Rage, in Raven's body. Wait…my Rage…Mine….

The dark red cloaked figure sized up her opponent. She was taller than him; he had to be about half her age. Should be an easy kill. With a smirk she dashed again, her left hand forming into a spiked gauntlet. This attack would be the killing blow.

Beast Boy squared his shoulders, and awaited the attack.

It connected, driving her clawed appendage into the stomach of Beast boy; she cackled in victory.

A short lived victory, and cackle as Beast Boy back handed her across the cheek. The woman seemed to shrink in size after being struck. Without giving her a moment's rest, he swept her legs out from under her, and knelt in one smooth movement. This ended with a very angry Raven bent over his knee. Realization hit her at the same time as his hand. Fear, pain, humiliation all rolled up in one. The might Raven was being spanked…literally.

"You see what you have done? By you trying to have your way, all you do is hurt me. I am You, you are a part of me, why would wish to hurt yourself so badly?"

"We're a monster, a beast, an animal who should be feared and respect-" Again with the spanking. At this the woman shrunk with each verbal and physical lashing she got from Beast Boy.

"No. That is not how it works in here. So long as you are within my mind, you will never hold power. Now-" With a firm jerk he pulled the girl's clawless hand from his side. "You will go back to your realm and wait there until I call you, is that understood little missy?" Releasing her he allowed her to stand. By now the woman looked to be the size of a five year old. The only similarities between this girl, and the woman who attacked him a moment ago, was the clock too large for her, and the stinging bottom.

"Wow…" Beast Boy turned to his side, to see many recognizable feelings before him.

"You just…spanked her…"

"I know…he…won…"

"Well, when one has a Beast living in you who tried to get out anytime it can. One must be aware with how to deal with it. Now that she is dealt with I will be going to bed."

"Right…to leave just-"

Snapping his fingers Beast Boy shimmered out of sight, and back into his bed.

"Did you know he could do that?"

"I do now…"

"Why didn't you tell him Raven will remember everything after we join with her in a week?"

"It must have slipped my mind." She smiled lightly before walking away from the group, presumably to read.

"What about my cookie?"

La-la-la-trala-la-la-la-la-la-la-trala-la-la-la- La-la-la-trala-la-la-la-la-la-la-trala-la-la

Raven walked through what could best be described as a tent. Objects were thrown around haphazardly pictures, posters, books, socks…so many socks. The only light of the small tent was from a very well used oil lamp. She idly picked pushed a sock away from a picture of young male, white skin but beautiful green eyes.

As she looked at the picture a chill ran down her spine, she could feel herself being watched. Someone, no something from outside the tent. Something that scared her. Something…primal.

She shudders at the memory of last night's dream. Sitting down she holds the picture to her chest wishing she would be left in peace.

A lone, long howl pierces the silence as tears fall from her eyes. "Please, please don't find me."

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