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"Cock-sucking, prick, screw you!"

Kakuzu squinted, "Watch your mouth, boy." Hidan laughed, giving Kakuzu one of his I-don't-give-a-shit-about-anything-you-say-cause-I'm-too-cool looks. "Or what?" He sneered.

Kakuzu, growled, frustrated. Hidan always new how to hit nerves. They had gotten into an argument when Hidan asked for money to repair his scratched up scythe. Of course, Kakuzu had refused. So Hidan had gotten even more angry, bringing up all sorts of things that had nothing to do with the situation. Like about how Kakuzu was a grouch, or about how he was in love with money, or about how they can never stay in a decent hotel, and yatta-yatta-yatta.

"I'll kill you, that's what." Kakuzu replied snidely, not bothering to mask his growing anger at the younger male in front of him. Hidan laughed again, only succeeding in pissing the Taki-nin off further.

"Yeah! I wish someone would kill me already, but it's just not possible, eh? I'm Immortal."

Kakuzu eyed him, scoffing. "You don't mean that, you don't want to die." Hidan just huffed. "Ri—ght. As if you even cared! But, maybe your right. Maybe I don't want to die…." Hidan trailed off, seemingly caught up in a new wave of thought.

"Plus," Kakuzu began, "I wouldn't want you to die either. I need you as a partner, and for money reasons…and…stuff…" Kakuzu voice trailed off, as he stared at the floor. Hidan had been so annoying lately. But even though Hidan made him want to kill himself, Kakuzu wouldn't want him to die. So far he's been the best partner he's ever had. In fighting, of course. And Hidan was a valuable asset. And, maybe because the old man had developed slight feelings for the boy? No, Kakuzu denied it. How could he, who hates everything and anything but money, begin to care about an annoying, bitchy brat like Hidan? Said person's voice brought him back to earth.

"Yeah RIGHT, Kakuzu!" You say you want to kill me all the time! You've even tried a few times! And never once have you said thank you for anything! In fact, you've never appreciated or cared about me at all!" As soon as the words left Hidan's mouth he regretted them. He'd just hit a raw nerve. Kakuzu eyebrows lowered, and he emitted a throaty growl, slapping Hidan hard.


"I told you to watch your mouth! What is with you today! Fuck! You're telling me this now?"

"You know what, yes, I am! I wasn't going to, but I'm glad I did! I've been feeling this way for a long time, I just never said anything!" Hidan yelled, voice shaky, as if he were on the verge of tears.

Kakuzu growled. "What way?"

"Used and Under-appreciated!"

"What?" Kakuzu asked, completely bewildered.

"Just what I said you dumb fuck! I do all this shit for you and you don't even care! I go out at 3 in the morning with you to get bounties, I follow you around in 90 degree weather when you're too cheap to rent a hotel! I help you carry back bounties, I'm always at your side in battle, waiting to come to your aid should you need it! And not once have you said 'Thank you', or apprecitated me in any way, and not once have you ever cared about me, or what happens to me!"

Kakuzu stood in shock, bewildered by Hidan's sudden outburst. Had he been feeling this way all along? Kakuzu's confusion was soon replaced by anger. "So what? You're not happy here, with me?"

"Maybe Not!" Hidan yelled, agitated at everything.

Kakuzu's anger was replaced by hurt, for only a second, before it replaced by blind rage. "Then fucking LEAVE!"

"Maybe I will!" Hidan yelled, tears welled up in his eyes.

"The GET OUT!" Kakuzu snarled, pointing to the door to the hotel room they were staying in.

The tears in Hidan's eyes began to spill over, as he whirled around to the door.

Kakuzu saw them too late.

And the door slammed shut.