Hidan followed, close behind Kakuzu, into the bathroom adjacent to the bedroom at the hotel roomKakuzu had rented. As most hotels do, the tub in their room was slightly over-sized, as was the whole bathroom. Kakuzu walked straight to the bath tub, turning on the water and adjusting it to the right temperature, and then he sat on the toilet and stared at Hidan. Hidan stood, dumbly, looking back at Kakuzu. He did this for a few seconds, before becoming angry.


"Get in the shower." Hidan frowned.

"Why me first?" It was Kakuzu's turn to frown.

"Get. In."

Hidan sneered. "Or what?"

Kakuzu stood, ghosting around behind him with lighting speed, lips pressed to the Jashinist's neck just lightly enough to make him shudder, hips pressed against him just enough to get him to press back against Kakuzu, just enough to make him want more. Kakuzu then moved up to Hidan's ear, and whispered in a low, husky, voice, "Get in the tub," he grabbed Hidan's 'now erect' member, "or I won't continue." Hidan stood dumbfounded, and a bit angry.

"What! Kakuzu! You can't just do that to…to…ahh~…" Kakuzu pushed his hips forward a little harder, and began to ghost his fingers up and down Hidan's shaft. He shuddered. "Fine, fine, I'll get in the fucking shower." Hidan moved back the curtain, and stepped in, instantly met with warm water against his skin. He sighed, muscles relaxing, the cum from their previous love-making washing off his body with the streams of water, water droplets forming on his skin where the streams didn't reach.

Hidan had something to tell his partner. He just wasn't sure when to do it. He knew Kakuzu didn't care for him very much, and the part of him that did care about him was probably very small. Hidan also knew that the old man cared not for feelings of intimacy. Hidan wanted to tell him, he really did, but he didn't want to mess up the so called 'relationship' they had created today, if you could even call it a relationship.

He was almost positive that Kakuzu was really just fucking him, probably using him, but he didn't care. It was worth it to get the high Kakuzu gave him, and when he did it, it made Hidan feel wanted, needed, loved. Hidan loved his partner. He wasn't sure of it before, but now he was.

Hidan's body had finally relaxed, and had lost that tense feeling you get when you want to be fucked real bad. He sighed heavily, closing his eyes, and letting the water wash away his worries. He body relaxed, up until a warm hand wound itself around his waist, and he was pulled back into another wet body. Kakuzu wrapped his other arm around Hidan, in somewhat of an embrace, holding him back against himself.

"Ah…" Hidan moaned quietly as Kakuzu's member pressed against his entrance. Hidan's body tensed again, as the blood began to flow downwards. Hidan made a move to turn around, but was stopped by Kakuzu's firm hands and a warning.

"Don't." Hidan submitted begrudgingly, utterly irritated, that he was being dominated like this.

"Do you…" Kakuzu breathed, pressing his lips against Hidan's neck, kissing it lightly. Hidan understood the unsaid question, shivering at the lips nipping at his neck.

"Yeah." Hidan whispered, grinded back against his counterpart, the water running down both of them.

Kakuzu, groaned quietly, at the friction their wet bodies were creating against one another. Kakuzu loved when Hidan was like this. The water gently flowing down his pale skin, the wetness it created on that skin. The way Hidan's wet skin felt against his own. It turned him on like mad, it made him want to touch him…need to touch him.

By now, Kakuzu's hands were wandering around Hidan's body, pinching there, squeezing here, and rubbing down there. He also began to grind against his partner, his own member, pressing against Hidan's entrance, earning gasps and moans from the Jashinist. His hands went to Hidan's back, gently pressing as they went downward. Hidan jumped, and yelped, as one of Kakuzu's fingers was inserted into him.

"Gah! Kakuzu?" Hidan whined.

"What? You don't like it?" Kakuzu hooked his finger inside the boy, trying to get a good answer.

"Ah! No…no…it's not that…it's you should…should…aahhh…" Kakuzu inserted a second finger, almost emitting a moan himself, just from the reactions his partner was giving him.

"Should what, Hidan?"

"Fuck you. You should warn me first, asshole." Kakuzu chuckled.

"Now where's the fun in that?" Kakuzu began moving his hands in a scissoring motion.

"Goh! Fuuuuck!" Hidan arched his back against Kakuzu, moaning loudly, and shivering. "Like that?" Kakuzu asked, obviously amused at the reaction he was given by something as simple as moving his fingers in a particular fashion.

"Fuck yes. What you doin' down there, huh?" Kakuzu smirked, bemused at his partner's obvious lack of knowledge on this subject. "Preparing you, dumbass."

"Preparing me?"

Kakuzu laughed. "Duh. So it won't hurt too much when I put it in."

"Put what-ooooohhh. Why? You didn't do it last time." Kakuzu just grunted, and withdrew his fingers.

He grabbed Hidan's hips, and positioned himself carefully. He then eased himself into the younger male, earning a gasp from his counterpart.

Hidan's face contorted into an expression of pained pleasure. The grip on his hips tightened slightly as Kakuzu buried himself to the hilt in his partner.

"Kakuzu," Hidan started, his voice slightly shaky, "do you….do you enjoy this?"

Kakuzu squeezed Hidan tighter, trying to refrain himself from pounding the other. Hidan turned him on like mad, and it was quite difficult to refrain from fucking him senseless. He succeeded in not thrusting, but continued to slightly grind upward.

"What do you mean, Hidan?"

"You know…this…do you like fucking me? Does it make you feel good?"

Kakuzu grunted, placing his lips on Hidan's neck, nipping lightly, before going to Hidan's ear, and licking it.

"What do you think Hidan?" All Hidan did was shrug. He was hoping that that Kakuzu enjoyed this as much as he did. He was hoping that he sent Kakuzu into ecstasies the way Kakuzu did to him. He really just wanted Kakuzu to enjoy it as much as he did. He silently prayed to Jashin for a good answer.

Kakuzu emitted a long sigh, thrusting into the Jashinist a few times, before building a slow and steady pace, rocking them back and forth gently. "You….are so insecure."

Hidan jaw dropped. "What?" He yelled, aggravated that Kakuzu would say such a frank thing to him, especially during sex. Kakuzu huffed.

"Calm down, fairy boy, I was just saying. Do you want me to answer your question, or no?"

Hidan nodded, before moaning out his partner's name. It sent shivers down Kakuzu spine, to hear the Jashinist moan, and call out his name like that. "Yes, I do enjoy this. I love it."

"How much?" Hidan laughed, he knew he was pushing it with the elder, but he really wanted to know.

"Enough to become…addicted." He said lowly, breathing air into Hidan's ear. Hidan shivered.

Kakuzu pace quickened fast, until he was pounding the other, slamming Hidan into the shower wall over and over, Hidan moaning and screaming his name the whole time. Hidan banged the wall, agitated that he was already so close so fast. He wanted it to last longer, damnit! He wanted to feel this great for a longer time, to feel Kakuzu pounding him, going in and out of his body.

"AH! KAKUZU! I'm gonna! Gonna….AH!"

Kakuzu put a hand over his mouth. "I already know." Then he removed it in order to let Hidan continue moaning. Kakuzu loved his moans, the way he didn't hold back. A gag couldn't silence his moans he was so vocal.

Kakuzu switched his angel, pounding Hidan's prostate, until the other tightened down around him.

"KAKUZU!" Hidan came hard, arching his back, hitting his forehead on the tile wall, his body tensing. The tensing however didn't release, like it normally did. Kakuzu continued to slam that spot, making Hidan call out and shake. Hidan's body was convulsing slightly, his eyes rolled back into his head, screaming loudly.

"GAH! KAKUZU!" Hidan came again, pulling Kakuzu over the edge with him, as he released inside the smaller.

"Aha…ah." Kakuzu thrust a few more times, before stopping moving completely, holding Hidan tightly against the shower wall, basically keeping now shaking Hidan from collapsing onto the shower floor.

"Holy fucking…fucking….fuck…."

Kakuzu smirked, knowing full well that he not only sent Hidan to multiple orgasm, but that he'd sent him to the highest state of euphoria, one that no doubt he'd never felt before. And the evidence was obvious. The way Hidan's could barely stand, the way his body was shaking, and the way he was breathing so heavily, and slurring his words. Kakuzu lowered himself to the tub floor, and pulled Hidan on top of him.

Finally, since they first began, Hidan was allowed to turn around, and to face his 'new' lover. He looked hazily at his lover's stitched body and face, the stitches 'just so', to make him look actually quite handsome, his dark hair, falling to his shoulders and framing his face.

"I can see your face, Kakuzu." Kakuzu smiled. Actually smiled.

'Yes, Hidan, I know." And he pulled the albino into a hug, surprising himself and Hidan. After a while, he moved Hidan. "C'mon, rinse of and get out. The water's going to get cold. And with that, He helped Hidan up, and helped rinse him off, before turning off the water, and drying off them both.

"C'mon, bud." Kakuzu picked up Hidan bridal style, and carried him to the bed, lying him down gently on his side.

Kakuzu turned off the bedroom light, and curled up under the covers with his partner. But instead of turning away from him and going to sleep, he grabbed him, from behind, spooning him.

"Oh…" Hidan jumped lightly.


"What Hidan?"

"There's something I gotta'…gotta'… tell you."

"What is it, Hidan?" Hidan pressed back against Kakuzu, their bodies fitting perfectly together. Hidan yawned loudly, as did Kakuzu.

"I…I…" Kakuzu kissed him. "Shhhh, quiet Hidan. Tell me in the morning."

Hidan nodded, cuddling up to his partner, unused to the affection he was receiving.

Kakuzu smiled, as he watched the Jashinist drift off to sleep.

Kakuzu chuckled.

He'd already known what Hidan wanted to tell him.

But he wouldn't let Hidan know that.

Then he drifted off to sleep.