Secrets: Ichika's Princess


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Secret…According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, Secret, is kept from knowledge or view, marked by the habit of discretion, working with hidden aims or methods, not acknowledged, and conducted in secret.

But for a certain family, having secrets is like a hobby for them that it can be considered a family tradition.

For example, Orimura Chifuyu. This woman has so many secrets that she kept so close to the vest that practically no one knew of her and brother's origin. A certain Bugs Bunny would know but her knowledge on her best friend is limited, at best.

Now Chifuyu, the strongest women in her generation (as far as the public is concern), have several dark secrets that would earn her five life sentences and one secret that can be considered taboo. It's not her fault but the blood that she spilled cannot be recovered anymore. She is far from innocent, to be frank; she had lost her innocence at the tender age of four. Of course, nobody with a working brain would try to investigate her or accuse her of anything for their own personal safety. After all, you could literally count in one hand those who could survive, much less win a fist fight against her.

A word of wisdom, if you threaten or even try to point a weapon at Chifuyu in a secluded dark alley, you would be lucky enough to escape her with a litter of blood left in your body and with every bone in your body bent in an odd angle. If she does that to you, that means she's in a good mood, try not to imagine what she can do to you if she's not in a good mood. This woman can destroy the human body in ways that not even a horror movie director would imagine.

Now, like sister, like brother, Ichika also have secrets of his own, although his sister knows all of them but two. There are two secrets that she did not know about her brother, two secrets that may shake the core of their well establish relationship. Ichika's most well kept secret are not as dark as his sister's but the way he had hidden it from his friends and from his sister is so complex that it's mind blowing. The complexity of it is so amazing that it's a wonder why Ichika isn't enrolled in Harvard or a criminal master mind of an organization that is hell bent in taking over the whole world.

Now to fully understand our hero's well kept secret, it's time for us to take a look back in his life, before he became known as the only male I.S pilot, he was referred to with another title. He was still called by that title this very day but only one person had called him that and he cherish this person like he cherish his precious older sister. A casual observer that knows Ichika, if they had witness his interaction with this person, they may very well misinterpret that maybe, just maybe this person means more to Ichika than the older sister that took good care of him when he was young.

This person that Ichika is so fond of is his secret, his most precious secret and this is the reason why we, yes, we my friends, are going to look back on his history, a history that Ichika made sure is hidden in the dark.

This history that Ichika hid from his most precious people can be describe as a history crafted by gentle touches. As they say, to show someone you care about them; words are not needed for you could see their feelings towards you with their eyes, and in their actions toward you. True love shines through action. People can lie when they tell you how much you mean to them, but when someone lays their life on the line for you time and again, what need is there for words?

Their first meeting, a ten year old Ichika was chain to a chair while this girl, a girl that easily captivated Ichika in a way that his sister only could, looked at him with eyes filled with sadness that Ichika almost cried. This young girl, a girl younger than Ichika by a year, lifted her hands and caress Ichika's cheeks with her delicate fingers. She did this to say these words to him: "I am sorry."

Ichika answered by gently rubbing his cheeks on her knuckles. Ichika did this to tell her: "I do not blame you."

Their second meeting was one month after Ichika's kidnapping. Ichika was taking a walk late in a particular night on July 28 when he saw something that he should have not seen, a woman pointing a gun at a defenseless girl. Ichika, though he was ten, followed his instinct and heart and grabbed the nearest weapon and quietly charge at the woman with the gun. With two swift swings, he had broken the woman's knee and knocked her unconscious.

After the deed was done, he looked at the girl who was being threatened and his eyes widen when the said girl flung herself to his arms. This is their first embrace. When the girl wrapped her shivering arms around Ichika's frame, this is her way of saying: "Thank you!"

When Ichika shakily patted her on the shoulder, this is his way of saying: "We've met before."

When Ichika brought her to his house, a house that only he occupied at the moment, the girl held onto Ichika with her body shivering in fear and exhaustion. Ichika interpret this as her way of asking him if she could stay with him for some time. Ichika answered by rubbing his cheeks on her scalp, to tell her that she can stay for as long as she wants.

For the first three days that the girl he rescued stayed in his house, Ichika and she did not speak to each other. The girl who he rescued preferred to stay in the bed that Ichika provided her. Ichika, being the wonderful and natural gentleman that he is, respected her wishes and brought her meals to her bed, which she is grateful for.

This lasted for three days, and in the fourth day, Ichika could not resist but stroke her cheeks three times, as to tell her that she can trust him before spoon feeding her a meal that is comparable to those serve at those five star hotels. After the meal was finish and when Ichika was about to leave her, the girl grabbed his arm, telling him to wait for a moment. As Ichika turned his attention towards her again, she smiled before saying the first words that started a relationship so beautiful that it made the Gods smile in joy.

"My Name is Miyuki."

Ichika was ecstatic when Miyuki finally got out of bed and started exploring the Orimura Household, a house that his sister worked hard for. The house wasn't that extravagant but it was considerably big, a two story house with at least ten different rooms, thirteen if you count Chifuyu's personal work rooms, filled with weapons that are illegal in twenty countries, swords in all shapes and sizes that came from over fifty countries, and classified equipment that only a handful of countries could get their hands on.

The house was spacious enough that it took Ichika all day to make the house spotless. That change when Miyuki quietly approach him one day and run her hands on Ichika's arms, before giving it a squeeze and swiping the broom from his hands. This was Miyuki's way of telling Ichika that she'll help.

Ichika's reply was to ruffle her long bluish black hair, to say thank you.

The first time Miyuki tried to cook, what she produced was, for the lack of accurate words to describe its horror, out of this world in a very, very horrific way. Food, no matter how it is cook, cannot be color gray, except for deserts but, what Miyuki concocted was an omelet, a cuisine that Ichika could cook like a master chief with his eyes blindfolded. Did I mention that the egg was grey.

Miyuki was distraught about her failure and her expression alone told Ichika that she is not use at failing. Ichika, wanting to save what little of her pride is left, patted Miyuki on the shoulder, to say: "Well, it is your first time," before proceeding to eat the clearly sickening egg. As much as it terrified Miyuki that Ichika ate her cooking, which can be considered as a lethal poison, she was flattered that Ichika at least accepted her small token of thanks.

Miyuki also personally took care of Ichika for the next two weeks as he felt ill and suffered diarrhea. Miyuki rubbed his back as a way to apologies, yet the two continue to laugh at the incident even to this day.

It was strange, truly it was. Miyuki has been staying with Ichika in his house for two months now and it is impressive that two children, a ten year old boy and a nine year old girl could survive and manage a house without any parental guidance. One fateful and boring day, meaning that there are no good animes in TV, the house is spotless from top to bottom, and Miyuki's cooking lessons had progress to the point that the food produce by her cooking can be plated and presented already (though it is far from being edible or being recognizable as food), the two close friends decided to trade secrets.

Apparently, Miyuki knows how to fence and she convinced Ichika that he should teach her kendo while she teaches him fencing. Ichika hesitated for a bit until Miyuki grabbed both of Ichika's hands and held them tightly to her chest while looking at him with eyes that would make the devil yield. The way Miyuki held Ichika's hand told him that she was desperate to know more about him and she wanted to also share something to him and, it seems that he cannot resist her puppy dog eyes, so he agreed in the end.

One week later, the two were surprise at the outcome of their training. Apparently, Ichika was a natural in fencing and Miyuki was an absolute genius in kendo.

How ironic that the sword style that they were taught actually fit the person that taught them the sword style that they were absolute monsters of.

Miyuki, for the first time in three months, looked absolutely horrified. She had received a letter, from a vampire bat, and that only meant one thing. She was finally found and the person who was going to take her out was the worst person imaginable. Miyuki sneaked a glance on her friend that meant so much to her before crumpling the letter.

The night after she received her death sentence, when Ichika was sleeping tightly in his bed, Miyuki crawled into his bed and wrapped her arms around his head before kissing his forehead. This is her way of telling him goodbye. This was the only time their warm touches ended prematurely as Miyuki was suddenly lifted from the back before harshly being thrown to the wall.

"You have guts, touching my husband like that." The woman told her and Miyuki's only reply was to reach for the sword that Ichika had use to teach her kendo. If she'll die, she'll die swinging.

As Miyuki predicted, she was not a match against her cousin. Even with kendo, the sword style that she seems to have a great affinity to, she was still trashed so bad that she knew that she had fractured a couple of bones. Kana wasn't even using a weapon when she had beaten her soundly. She could hear her cousin approaching her and she waited for the killing blow to come. Her cousin was not known for mercy even to family. She had resigned herself to her fate and awaited the scythe to remove her head from her body.

The blow didn't come as she was tackled away from ground zero. When Miyuki glanced at her savior, she was surprise to see Ichika holding on to her tightly. The way Ichika held her convey a message that made her want to laugh: "What did you get yourself into?"

Miyuki's only answer was to flick a stray of hair that blocked Ichika's eyes: "You don't want to know."

The fight was long and hard and Kana, the strongest and the most ruthless operative of Phantom Task, actually had to make an effort to actually fend off her opponents. That itself is an impressive feat considering Kana has the ability to destroy a small army with little to no problem.

Miyuki, the cousin that she had to eliminate, was using kendo techniques that were so flawless that it was almost perfect.

Ichika, her fiancé, according to her mind and his mother though he was unaware of their engagement, was using fencing slashes and thrust with speed and accuracy that it was almost scary, for somebody normal.

Alone, Kana could and would have destroyed anyone of them with ease.

Together, Kana could still trash them. The only reason that she hasn't destroyed them yet was A) She cannot kill her fiancé and B) she was growling in frustration on how the two fought her.

Ichika and Miyuki were holding hands; their hands intertwine as they attack. To them, this notion meant: "He / She is not alone, we fight, together as one."

The fight ended prematurely, after Kana actually got hit by Miyuki, which is very impressive for only a few fighters could actually land a hit against her, all bets were off.

With one skillful swing of her scythe, the two children were thrown upward and several cuts appeared on their bodies, and that was done by just one swing.

Ichika's wounds were light and were not lethal. Miyuki's on the other hand, was a different story. Miyuki had a long gash that runs down on her shoulders, a large wound across her chest, and a large wound on her stomach. She was bleeding profusely in three different areas and Ichika knew that she was dying and it was only a matter of time. He was thankful when Miyuki had lost consciousness, at least she will be at peace and not suffer.

Seeing his friend in that kind of state, something snapped inside of Ichika. His eyes turned cold lilac as he squeezes her friend's limp hand before grabbing the katana and the rapier. He charged at Kana in cold fury, not minding the fact that she had a triumphant smile on her face.

Tabane, the Alice in Wonderland wannabee as well as one of the richest women in the world and not to mention the smartest mad scientist in the world, had several bases all over the world. She had so many hiding places and they were so well hidden that it would take an army of treasure hunters just to find one, Tabane made sure of that.

So Tabane was quite impress when Ichika found one of her base and she was even more surprise that he was able to find it when she was actually staying on the hideout.

Contrary to popular belief, Tabane was not completely heartless to those who she does not care about. That was proven correct that fateful night when she found a bleeding Ichika carrying a bleeding girl that she automatically took a liking on despite the fact that it was the first time she had ever seen her.

With her skillful eyes, she could tell that the girl had merely half an hour to live before she dies because of blood lost. What a comforting thought!

Ichika's injuries were many but not life threatening as he was able to at least limp inside of the well hidden base before gently setting down the dying Miyuki on a sofa that was shape like a carrot. Ichika then face Tabane before kneeling before her. "Save her," Ichika begged as he willed his body to stay awake regardless of the wounds that he received from Kana. Ichika had slash wounds all over his body, he had slash wounds on his slash wounds and they were all deep, enough to cause him to lose a lot of blood but it wasn't enough to put his life in jeopardy. He also had a broken arm and a dislocated ankle, a concussion, and four broken ribs.

For the record, Kana went easy on him.

Tabane look between the dying girl that Ichika brought to her lovely base before looking at Ichika. She shrugged before attending to the dying girl that Ichika seems so attach to. She had a feeling that the girl was interesting.

Three days later

She was right, the girl was interesting. "Chi-chan, so mean, why didn't you tell me that you have a cute little sister?" Tabane muttered out loud as she once again read the information on her monitor. It was a DNA test and a blood test of the girl that she had saved, for Ichika. Her DNA completely matches Ichika's and Chifuyu's DNA, which means one thing.

"This genius smells something outrageous."

When Miyuki finally regain her consciousness, she was completely surprise that she was still alive, she was even more surprise when she found herself in bed with Ichika. She shed tears at the sight of her friend. He had bandages all over his body and he got those because of her.

"I'm sorry," Miyuki whispered and she was startled when Ichika abruptly raise his hands and cupped her chin.

"At ease, my little angel, do not cry." Ichika sang and surprisingly, he has a pretty damn good voice. He pulled her close as he proceeded to sing the lullaby to his friend that means as much to him as his older sister. "Do not cry my little angel for I am here to sing you this lullaby. Angel's should not cry, they should always smile, for they are the stars in this dark filled night. Smile vibrantly, my little angel, let thy smile illuminate the dark. My little angel, so beautiful and divine, do not cry, do not shed tears, and forget your sorrow and fears for this devil would protect you with all his might." Ichika sang to her and Miyuki was move as her tears died down. That was the first lullaby that was sang to her by someone.

Right there and then, Miyuki decided that she would live her life for Ichika and for him alone.

It is a well known fact that Tabane will only keep a select few secrets that she deems worthy of her time. Apparently, Ichika and Miyuki's real relationship was not worth her privacy. When the two were healthy enough to leave her base, thank god for her advance medical technology, Tabane had informed the two of the real extent of their relationship while shoving the proof on their faces. DNA test, blood test, you name it, she provided it for them.

Initially the two were shock at this revelation, until Miyuki, with tears in her eyes, threw herself into Ichika's arms. Ichika was still startled by the news that he received but he was still able to unconsciously wrap his arms around Miyuki's waist and allowed her to cry on his chest.

The two did not say any words as they let their actions speak for themselves. When Miyuki buried her head on the crook of Ichika's neck, she was telling Ichika that she was happy to have him as a brother. When Ichika nuzzle her hair with his cheeks, he was telling her that he would protect her.

When the initial shock subsided, Miyuki told Ichika, and unknowingly Tabane, about their family, about their mother, about their other, estrange sister, and about the organization Phantom Task. After all was said, Ichika merely held her tightly, his eyes burning with determination. When he gently wiped the tears off her eyes, that was him telling her that there was no need to worry.

Tabane, after hearing that story from Miyuki, a grin so large adorned her face as two things caught her attention from that story. One was Phantom Task, her knowledge about that organization was limited at best and it explained why her best friend hates her origins so much. Second, was the so called bloodline of the Orimura family that Miyuki had unknowingly hinted.

"Well, if Mi-chan is telling that truth, then that explains why Ikkun's genetic data is so unique." Tabane mumbled, wondering how she should play her cards with this information.

Ichika's first order of business as Miyuki's oniisama, as she started to call him, was to purchase a house for her. Tabane had warned the two that Chifuyu would not allow Miyuki to live in their residence when she comes back from Germany. Ichika sees the knowledge behind this, considering Chifuyu had blatantly and went out of her way to tell him that they don't have any other family.

When Tabane offered Ichika to house Miyuki for a while, Ichika rejected her offer, opting to use his own money to give Miyuki her house, which is located near his. That, and Ichika did not like the glint on Tabane's eyes when she was looking at his newly found little sister.

If you ask how Ichika could got the money for the house, well….have you guys ever watch Auction Hunters.

"Come on now man, 200, 000 yen (2,156.20 dollars), I could make more than that if I auction this in the internet." Ichika argued to the old, expert gun collector that he was selling a Colt Peacemaker to. Behind him were Miyuki and Tabane watching the exchange with warp amusement. Miyuki did not know that her oniisama was good at selling and Tabane was reminded on how she got her funding to develop her first ever I.S.

Ichika was very good at buying storages and selling items in general.

"For starters, this gun is over 100 years old and it is in mint condition, you cannot find another one like this in the market with this kind of condition. I've already proven that this gun can be fired (the one who he was selling the gun to wonder how a ten year old knows how to fire a gun). And you said it yourself, the serial number on this gun means that this is a standard military issue, which made it a rare find. You can easily get 3,179,400 yen (40,000 dollars) to 3,974,250 yen (50,000 dollars) with this gun if you sell it in the states. 200,000 yen is not going to cut it, that's too low." Ichika stated before looking at the man with critical eyes. "You need revenue, I get that, so what about, let say, 715,365 yen (9000 dollars)." Ichika negotiated for what seems like the tenth time in the past five minutes.

Two more minutes pass, and Ichika and his entourage left the building, with Ichika being 705,250 yen (8,872.74 dollars) richer. He was holding Miyuki's hands tightly as a shown of pride, while Miyuki's doubts of Ichika ever being related to her mother vanish. Her mother was once able to convince someone to slit his throat, if Ichika was able to convince somebody four times his age to give him that much money for an antic gun… Yup, Ichika would be one scary guy one day.

We find two siblings lying on the rooftop of the newly bought house. The house that Ichika bought for Miyuki was three story high, filled with stuff that would make Miyuki's life comfortable…Actually, forget that, Miyuki could live an extravagant life with the house that Ichika gave her. The house was complete with everything one would need to live a comfortable life and more stuff that would allow someone to live extravagantly.

Miyuki had complained to Ichika, but he merely shrugged her off and told her that she deserves the best and he would provide her with the best. Miyuki's arguments fell to deaf ears as Ichika prepared for her housewarming party, which only Tabane attended.

Ichika always did made the best carrot cake.

After the small party, Ichika and Miyuki could not believe that Tabane had a very low alcohol tolerance; the two siblings laid beside each other, their hands intertwine. Miyuki was pointing at the different constellations while telling Ichika their names while Ichika's eyes followed her fingers while smiling at his newly found sister.

After a minute or so, Ichika pulled Miyuki into his arms. He did not say anything but merely caress her long hair tenderly, which was Ichika's way of telling her that he was glad to have her as a sister.

Three months had passed since that incident with Kana and Miyuki could not help but clutch her chest tightly in pain.

Watching her older brother that she loves so much embrace somebody that is not her made her heart ache in sorrow.

What's worst was the fact that her elder sister that she still does not know, Chifuyu, looks similar to her mother like her Madoka-nee. But what made her worse than Madoka was that her Aura was similar to her mother and Kana. Not as strong and not as murderous as her mother but it was close, just about Kana's level and that scared Miyuki.

What bewildered her even more was her brother's reaction at the sight of her. He wasn't scared, no, he was ecstatic at the very sight of her. He was so happy that he literally flew in the woman's arms.

What made her angry was the fact that Chifuyu did not even return the embrace that her brother gave her, she merely patted Ichika on the head and gently push him off her.

Right there and then, Miyuki decided that she did not like Chifuyu. A sister who does not show affection to a brother like Ichika is nothing but a fool to her. In Chifuyu's defense, a lot of people were watching them and she isn't good in showing affection in public.

As much as Miyuki wants to attend Ichika's school with him, both of them vetoed the idea in fear of somebody figuring out the true extent of their relationship. They are not embarrassed that they are related; in fact they are both happy that they are siblings, but several problems will arise if they go to the same school.

For starters, it would be weird for another Orimura to come out of the blue.

Second, Chifuyu would interrogate the two and Miyuki was not looking forward meeting the eldest Orimura, not by a long shot.

Third and most importantly, the two of them were so affectionate that those around them tend to mistake that two as a betrothed pair.

Fourth and lastly, putting Miyuki in a school where her brother is the most sought after guy will result into something that you can only find in a slasher movie.

Considering those factors, three out of four at least, Ichika had once again asked Tabane for a favor, which she complied. It only took Tabane three minutes to create a false identity for Miyuki, complete with a birth certificate and the like.

The name that she was using now was Shiba Miyuki.

Ichika, with the help of Tabane, enrolled Miyuki to a well establish and well known private school near the school that he was attending. Ichika, of course will pay her tuition behind his sister's back, but that's another story.

For the next five years, the two made a routine. Ichika and Miyuki never made contact with each other during school, but the two will always take the same route going to and from school. This route will allow them to cross paths with each other and every time they cross paths, they always brush their shoulders on each other, which in their private language, a language that they could only understand means: "I miss you!"

Miyuki, in her days in elementary school and in middle school, never had a boyfriend, not even a suitor.

This is not because there aren't any willing boys. She is very beautiful and would be considered a prize by anyone with a pair of working eyes.

It is not because Miyuki possess a fragile beauty that would make anyone hesitate to touch her. That characteristic of her actually added an allure to her.

No, the reason why Miyuki did not have any suitors was because of her overprotective brother. Ichika, God knows how he bypass his normal oblivious way in seeing girls, notice that his younger sister was developing quite nicely, a ten year old girl having the figure of an average thirteen year old girl and with a face as beautiful as an angel is very concerning for Ichika. Ichika's brotherly instinct went haywire.

So he watched his sister from the shadows in order to protect her from those boys who have less desirable intentions towards her, forgetting the fact that Miyuki could protect herself. Of course, Miyuki does not have the heart to tell him that she could see him but she was glad that her brother was actually escorting her somewhat.

Now, whenever Ichika found boys who were looking at Miyuki with lecherous eyes, he, Ichika, would quickly dispose of these boys. Of course, he remembered their promise of keeping their relationship a secret, so whenever Ichika disposed of them, he always wore an all black attire which compose of a black fitted shirt, black leather pants, a black coat, and a black and white face paint. He was also holding a black baseball bat which he used to threaten those who tried to approach his fragile little sister.

It usually works, for Ichika was absolutely emotionless whenever he dealt with Miyuki's suitor, but those who were annoyingly persistent, Ichika had to be creative in getting rid of them.

And creative he was, those persistent boys who dared look at his younger sister with disgusting eyes were dealt with according. His methods range from heavily drugging, gagging and bounding those boys before sending them to some remote land, local or abroad, depends on his mood, or….Well let's just say Ichika is so creative that he could direct a horror movie that would make anyone who watches it to be traumatize for life. He once buried somebody alive by the way, but it wasn't his fault, the bastard shouldn't have grope Miyuki in the first place.

Miyuki found her overprotective brother amusing but Ichika find his actions justify.

Whenever Miyuki ask why those boys are interested in her, Ichika merely run his fingers through her hair, as to say to her: "You have no idea how beautiful you are."

There was a time when Ichika was close to a breaking point, a period of time when he thought that it was the end of the world.

You see, Ichika, whenever he practices with his sword, he felt connected with his sisters. Whenever he practices kendo, he felt close to his Chifuyu-nee, and whenever he practices fencing, he felt close to his Miyuki.

But that all change when Ichika picked up a bow and arrow for the first time. Apparently, he was better with a bow and arrow than he was with a sword, evident at the fact that he had pinned a fly to a tree, forty yards away from him, without killing it, and that was his first time using a bow and arrow, and that scared him a lot. It didn't help that Ichika actually enjoyed using the bow and arrow.

Although his fears died quickly when Miyuki gave him the equipments that would allow him to practice Kyūdō (Way of the Bow). His first time using this equipment, Miyuki held his hands, just to say to him: "You can be both."

Now, every time Ichika practices Kyūdō, every time he wields a bow and arrow, he was reminded of Miyuki, which made him a monster archer. Give Ichika a bow and arrow, and he will not miss a target within two kilometers of him. That should be impossible but come on now, have you seen his family.

Miyuki, as much as she does not want to admit it, was quite grateful at the fact that Chifuyu, when she returned, was periodically not home. That gave her some bonding time with her brother, which the two enjoyed rather well.

But whenever she saw him glancing at the picture of his sister, Miyuki still refused to refer to her as her elder sister because of her view to her as being too identical to Kana, she cannot help but recent Chifuyu more.

Miyuki was not blind, she knew, as much as it leaves a bitter taste in her mouth, she knew that Ichika likes Chifuyu more than her. She knew that he wished that Chifuyu was as affectionate to him as she is.

She also knew that Ichika miss spending time with Chifuyu. Having Chifuyu leave for six months and her not spending more time at home, Chifuyu and Ichika were not acting as close as they used too, which sadden Ichika a lot.

Whenever Miyuki sees him like this, she would embrace him from behind and kiss his neck. She meant to tell her brother by her actions that she would be a better sister than Chifuyu.

Ichika's only reply was to lean on her for support, glad that he had such a wonderful sister like Miyuki. A sister that will always be by his side

Ichika and Miyuki had already planned their whole high school life, I mean that literally.

They would go to the same high school; Miyuki is different from most girls in her age. She doesn't want to be an I.S pilot, she could if she wanted to, she has enough skills to actually Represent the country but she would rather spend more time with Ichika and attending I.S academy will not give her that opportunity.

Their plan was simple that it was stupid. Ichika would naturally be ahead of her and when she attends the school, Ichika would then act as good sempai towards her, which gives Miyuki the excuse to call him oniisama in public. A simple plan which easily can be executed.

Fate, being a complete bitch, decided to throw a monkey wrench in their well thought of plan. That monkey wrench was Ichika being the only male in the planet capable of piloting an I.S.

The night when it became public, Ichika instantly went to Miyuki's house and Miyuki instantly embrace her brother, sadness filling her very being. She knows what would come next; her brother would be force to attend I.S Academy. That means a year without him and that was worst than a death sentence.

Ichika patted her on the back before pressing his forehead to hers. He stroked her cheeks gently as they started to renew their plan. They intertwine both their hands as the silent conversation started between the two. Ever since they met, the two of them had the ability to talk to each other by merely touching.

They pressed their bodies on each other and they felt each other's heartbeat synchronizing with each other. Their lips inches apart while their eyes, Ichika's chocolate brown eyes and Miyuki's emerald green eyes, were emitting emotions that should not be use to look at a sibling. The feeling of each other's breath on their skin sent Goosebumps to their spine.

The two stayed in that position for a while before they simultaneously took a step back, their hands not letting go of each other. "I'll follow you everywhere, oniisama." Miyuki whispered passionately with a smile.

"They won't be seeing the real me, not until I have my Princess in the academy." Ichika promised her as he leaned towards her and kissed her on the forehead. "Being strong is useless without my Princess watching."

Miyuki was lonely, her brother, the reason of her very existence, was far away from her. Sure, he always contacts her through social media, he always texted her every hour of the day but, as sweet as he maybe, he was not with her. Her brother is not here beside her and that alone is very torturous.

Ever since they met, even when Chifuyu was presence, there is not a day that goes by when the two did not spend time with each other. Miyuki, for one year, would not be able to see her brother that frequently. She would miss his delectable cooking, she would miss her brother's gentle touches, she misses her brother period.

But she would be strong, her brother expected her to be strong, so strong she will become. She knew her brother was waiting for her in I.S Academy; he was purposely acting weak because she was waiting for her to go where he is. He had told her that it's useless being strong without her being there and that made her happy.

Her brother was holding back his strength because he wants her to be their when he shows the world what his true abilities are.

It was such an honor that it made her so happy, very happy.

Miyuki clutch her hands into a fist in determination. "Eight more months, oniisama, eight more months and you can finally show yours wings."

Ichika, alone in his room in I.S Academy, was looking at the large picture frame of her younger sister, his princess. It has been six years since the two met and Miyuki had grown into a very wonderful woman that Ichika was so fond off.

"Three more months, three more months and my princess can finally stand before me." Ichika whispered as he caresses the picture of his younger sister, a look of longing adorning his face.

Secrets, the Orimura family revolves around so many secrets. Every single Orimura that lives in this world have so many secrets but, only Ichika possess a pure secret, a secret that he would protect with his life.

Unfortunately, the secret that he has, a secret of that caliber cannot stay hidden. The enormous secret that is the Orimura family will have to be revealed one day.

This is the story of that revelation.

Writing this fic in order to get more ideas for my Pokemon Fic Secrets and yes, I have a fetish for fics that involves deep and complex secrets….

This fic is inspired by the Light Novel and Manga Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei...Read it, it is very good...

Well, read, enjoy and review….