Secrets: Ichika's Princess


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"Were you the one who taught my brother archery?" Chifuyu asked while watching her brother training with his bow and arrow. Every arrow that was release by her brother always hits the target without fail, and the targets that he was hitting were at least two to three kilometers away.

Kaede chuckled while shaking her head. "Nope, I wasn't the one who taught him. According to Miyuki-chan…" There was a distinct growled that emanated from Chifuyu, which Kaede ignored. "…Ichika-kun picked a bow and arrow one day because of a dare, fire an arrow and hit a target that was a kilometer away, pinning a mosquito without killing it in the process, and the rest is history." Kaede looked at her student with an unreadable expression before sighing.

"And you know what, he is better with a bow and arrow than he is with a sword, and that is saying something." Kaede stated melancholy, causing Chifuyu to growl slightly.

"Just like her." Chifuyu whispered quietly as she watch her brother fire two arrows simultaneously, with the second arrow cutting the first arrow in half even before it hit the target. The second arrow was able to penetrate the large target board while the two halves of the arrow were able to hit the center of the target.

The target board was at least three and a half of a kilometer away.

The show of skill sent a sense of dread through Chifuyu.

"Just like Isane-sama." Kaede mumbled under her breath as she watched her student draw another arrow.

"If you want to keep your head, you won't mention her name again." Chifuyu growled as she glared at her friend in the corner of her eyes. "I still haven't forgiven you for training my brother behind my back."

"I merely acted based on my instincts. Only a Seed-bearer can beat another Seed-bearer, and Ichika-kun is the best bet we have against Isane-sama. You know that better than anyone how much of a game changer the Seed is." Kaede defended with a serious tone. "And no offense, Chi-Chi, but Ichika-kun's lack of training when I first met him was disheartening. Yes, the Seed is a fearsome tool, but without any initial skills, the Seed would just be another performance enhancing drug. In theory, formidable, certainly useful, but in the long run, it is still a drug. The Seed is not a drug... The Seed is the greatest tool for a human being to utilize its body."

"I've beaten a Seed-bearer before." Chifuyu argued, but Kaede merely gave the elder Orimura a look.

"That was your grandmother, and she's over 80-years old. Yes, she is still formidable, a superhuman even, but she has already passed her prime." Kaede exclaimed, quietly so that Ichika could not hear them, but the emphasis was still there. "Orimura Isane is different. She is still in her prime, and she is considered as the strongest Orimura in the last ten generations for a reason. With or without an I.S, she is dangerous."

"And you think I don't know that!" Chifuyu growled in irritation. "As much as I want to deny this, she is my mother, I know what's she's capable off better than anyone. That's the reason why I don't want her and Ichika to meet. Do you have any idea how much damage that woman can inflict on Ichika's psyche?"

"That's the reason why I took him under my wing."

"No training in the world can prepare him against her." Chifuyu argued with a barely suppress growl. "That woman is literally an army, and with an I.S, she is literally an Armada of her own. I will not have my brother fight her."

"You are talking like we have a choice." Kaede replied with a grim tone. "The Civil War that almost tore your clan asunder, the Orimura had already recovered from that, and your mother is proceeding with her derange plan. How long do you think the world can keep that woman occupied? How long do you think the world can keep her actions from the public? A decade, a year, Phantom Task would have already taken a third of the world, and the best thing about it is that countries will not even realize that they are conquered before it's too late." Kaede added with conviction but Chifuyu merely looked at her friend passively.

"You and I have different priorities. I do not care whether or not this world burns or not, as long as my brother remains pure." Chifuyu said with a low voice. "I will not stop you, his training has come to the point where I cannot meddle, but take heed, if you ever force my brother to fight anyone from Phantom Task, I will personally end you." Chifuyu told her with a dangerous edge in her eyes.

Kaede opened her mouth, but Chifuyu continue. "And remember, I am an Orimura, you were just my bodyguard. You know the system; an Orimura is required to have a bodyguard to prevent us from fighting. You know how dangerous I am. As skilled as you are, you are nothing compare to me." For the first, Chifuyu directed her entire attention from her brother to her friend. "Remember, you swore yourself to me. Your loyalty lies with me till the day you die, remember that."

There was only silence following that statement, with the only sound being Ichika's arrow flying through the air, piercing the target boards without fail.

(Scene Change)

"So there are the weapons of this generation. I must say, I am impressed." The former matriarch of the Orimura clan commented; her eyes scanning the lines of lined up in front of her, with all of them Phantom Task originals. "Do we have decent pilots?" The woman inquired curiously.

Isane could not help but snort at that question. "I wouldn't say decent, but they are at least decent compare to that soldiers fielded by most countries, well, some of them."

"I see, well, our ancestors make do with what they had, including me, so I guess you have to make do with what you have as well." The former matriarch said, and Isane merely nodded in agreement.

"It is difficult to find decent subordinates, but at least they are useable, albeit barely." Isane exclaimed with a shrugged as the two walked around Phantom Task's private factory, ignoring the workers scattered in the facility. The workers that they were passing by were bowing before them, praying that the women will continue ignoring them, which they did with any effort.

"Tell me, how are you progressing with your plans? Last I check, our clan was in the verge of destroying itself." The former matriarch inquired curiously, her eyes still looking at the array of around her.

"The civil war was just a minor setback, and my schemes have just been push back for at least two years." Isane answered with a rather dismissive tone. "You worry too much, mother. In my life, I have not failed, and I don't intend to start now."

"I see you still have your arrogance."

"Being arrogant is okay when you back it up, mother." Once again, Isane answered with a dismissive tone. "What about you, mother? Have you regained your mobility yet? You were quite sluggish during your breakout." Isane commented, which earned her a whack over the head with her mother's cane.

The cane was made of steel, yet it bended the moment it hit Isane's head. Another thing was that Isane was not even affected or bruise.

"Mother, you are losing your touch. Usually, when you do that, I feel a mosquito bite, but now, all I feel is a breeze." Isane commented with a cheeky grin, causing her mother to chuckle.

"Don't worry daughter, I am back to 80%, and by tomorrow, I'll be back to 100%." The old woman assured her daughter with a grin of her own. "I'll start whipping your pathetic underlings into shape by tomorrow, although I am not excited to see that failure of yours."

The grin on Isane's face disappeared at the reminder of one of her 'failures', and was replace by a scowl. "Do you have to remind me about that worthless meat sack, mother? It is bad enough that I have to deal with her in a weekly basis."

"My apologies, but I am still quite appalled that she is related to you. Although she was born together with the prince, she lacks the potential to go beyond a below average Orimura. Even Chifuyu and Miyuki have more potential than her." Isane's mother stated, and all it did was caused Isane's scowl to be deeper.

"Her only use is a warm body for my son to fuck when he takes his rightful place as the Orimura Head and the Emperor of the world. That will be her only use as well as that minor-failure of mine." Isane muttered darkly.

At the mention of 'that minor-failures', Isane's mother smiled. "Speaking of Miyuki, I am quite delighted that she is under the care of the Prince."

"Not this again, mother." Isane groaned loudly, causing everyone within the vicinity to vacate their workplace. When Orimura Isane is showing any emotions aside from whimsical, it is better to run before she decides to practice her aim or her swing, with you as the target. "I still do not agree with your statement."

"You may not agree with it, but it is true. Orimura Miyuki is the most beautiful woman that our clan had ever produced, and she would bear our clan a magnificent heir." The former matriarch stated with conviction.

Isane merely scowled at this. "She is a glorified cum dumb for my son to use, no more, no less." Isane then sighed slightly. "Although I would admit that she is at least somewhat useful compare to those other two." If one is to look close enough, they would see that Isane looked to be ready to throw up after admitting that.

"It is because of her that our Prince was able to realize a small portion of his potential." The former matriarch of the Orimura clan stated with a small smile.

"And that alone is enough for her to have her life after I'm through with this world."

(Scene Change) (Chifuyu POV)

"So mother bailed her out." I muttered under my breath as I read the document that was given to me by Tabane. Now this little info puts a damper into my mood, but still, I expected this. Even without that devil, that woman could have walk out of that prison anytime and anyway she pleases.

Still, I'm worried. Mother has started making her move, and sooner or later, she will go after her 'heir'.

Just the thought of that makes me sick. The thought of mother corrupting my brother repulse me so much.

I took several calming breaths. Thinking about that woman always makes me want to dismantle something.

Orimura Isane, I despised that woman. She has everything a woman can have in life. Power, beauty, riches, just name it, she has it in spades, but everything went downhill when father died. Even when father was alive, she has always been unstable, doing meaningless things on a whim because she could.

When father died, she became unstable, more so than usual, more violent, more vicious, she became the incarnation of Satan himself, and sometimes, she's worse than the devil.

After father's death, mother developed an unhealthy obsession for Ichika. Ichika looks exactly like our father and mother relish and took comfort at that. Every time she looks at Ichika, I knew that she was seeing father, and that unnerved me.

Ichika was one year old back then, and even then, he possesses the smile that makes everyone around him feel happy. Even mother, mother who hated my guts and Madoka's, couldn't find it in herself to hate Ichika.

I don't know whether it's because Ichika looks like father, or because he also possess the Seed like mother.

And speaking of the Seed, I'm going to murder Tabane when I see her! She knew about my brother's condition and instead of telling me, she instead conducted experiments on my brother.

Ichika told me and showed me the documents. His excused for not telling me was that he thought that the Seed was an anomaly and he did not want to worry me.

True, for me, the Seed is an anomaly. Enhancing the user's body functions, giving the user abilities that surpass human boundaries at the cost of the user's sanity. I've seen firsthand how the Seed could be use, and superhuman is the only word to describe Seed users.

Grandmother, though already old, is still capable of cutting thick concrete in half with a sword with the use of Seed.

Mother, I hope she rots in hell, is capable of taking on several army platoons with her bare hands with the use of the Seed.

Ichika is capable of fighting me in an equal footing with the Seed. The fact that he accidentally activated it during our spar is a cause of worry.

The fact that my brother is taking drugs to suppress the Seed is a piece of information that I find intriguing, and I am quite thankful that Tabane was able to concoct a drug that suppresses our clan's curse.

I would still beat her with an inch of her life though.

My thoughts were interrupted when dawn broke. The sunlight slipped through the half closed blinds, crept along the hardwood floors and came to rest upon my queen-size bed in the centre of my enormous room in I.S Academy.

As the rays beamed upon my brother's handsome face, he tried to hide his closed eyes into the softness on my breasts. I chuckled at this as he snuggled up to what he believed was a pillow, burying his face further with a quiet incoherent mumble.

I almost laughed at this. Since that day we first slept together, it has been a norm for us to sleep in the same bed together as much as we can, naked as the day we were born. I can still vividly remember the deeds that my brother and I did last night.

My brother is such a wonderful lover. The way he caress my body, the way he kiss every inch of my body, the way he brought me to mind numbing orgasm without touching my most sacred place, it was such a paradise. I should have done this a long time ago.

Sure, I am still upset that my brother is still bedding that girl, but to begin with, it's partially my fault.

As much as I despise that girl, she was right on the account that I neglected my brother's affections, and also denied my desires for him. In my attempt to bury my past, I forgot the one defining trait of an Orimura:

Every Orimura will always love their family among and above all else. After all, our family is considered potential love interest.

I tightened my embrace on my brother at the thought of that, my fingers tracing the soft, cool skin of his body. Yes, my brother would choose me. An Orimura will always choose family over any stranger, and though my brother considers that girl his sister, she is still not an Orimura.

I held my brother even closer, exhilarated at the feeling of his skin rubbing onto my skin. The day that I can finally make love with my brother would be the greatest day of my life. It's true that if I ask my brother right now, he would make love to me here without question and I would certainly be moaning his name, but that will not be worth it.

When that happens, I must be the only one in my brother's heart.

And for that to happen, I must eliminate that woman from my brother's heart.

(Scene Change)

Orimura Miyuki, or as she was known by some of her pseudo-peers, Shiba Miyuki was waiting for her brother in front of his room in I.S Academy, Second Year Dorm. Technically speaking, Miyuki was risking a lot just for being in the Second Year Dorm, being a First Year and all, but fortunately, it was the first day of the semester and most of her brother's year-mates were just arriving today, and classes starts immediately at 9AM.

Also, her brother's room was isolated from the rest of the rooms considering that he was the only boy in an all-girls academy.

Currently, Miyuki was leaning on the doorframe of her brother's room, patiently waiting for him. Mood wise, she is not in the best of moods because Chifuyu took her brother a day early so that he can 'assist' her in preparing for her lesson plan.

Which is a complete and utter bullshit in Miyuki's mind?

'If she can survive living with mother for almost ten years, she can make a lesson plan all by herself, no problem.' Miyuki thought darkly as a murderous expression cross her face.

She didn't particularly like this fact but she had already accepted it, no matter how much it leaves a bitter taste in her mouth.

Ichika loved her and Chifuyu equally.

It is common for an Orimura to fall in love with another Orimura. Incest was practically programmed into them the moment they were born.

And that itself is the reason why every family in the Orimura clan must have an equal amount of males and females in their family, to prevent infighting in the family. In the Orimura clan, it is very unwise for two brothers fighting over their sister, and two sisters fighting over their brother because regardless of who will end up with whom, one way or another, someone was going to suffer.

That was the hardcore fact that Miyuki accepted when she fell in love with her brother.

She was no fool. She knew that her brother was in love with Chifuyu, ever since he was 10-years old or maybe younger; Ichika was already in love with his elder sister. Whether he knew it back then or not was irrelevant.

She had watched her brother looked at Chifuyu with eyes that held many wonderful emotions that it almost moved her to tears; it almost drove her to depression knowing that her brother's heart was already taken even before she came into his life.

In fact, there was a time when Miyuki was in the verge of giving up on him.

But that change when she noticed Chifuyu's incapability of returning her brother's feelings. Miyuki knew that Chifuyu was also in love with Ichika, she have seen the eyes of the elder Orimura whenever she was looking at their brother, and the eyes that she has was the same as hers.

Orimura Chifuyu was in love with Orimura Ichika even before she arrived in the picture.

But Chifuyu had one problem that gave Miyuki hope, and that was Chifuyu's inability to return the affection that Ichika was giving her. Chifuyu may not know this, or may choose to ignore this fact, but Ichika always felt heartbroken whenever the elder Orimura rejected the small gesture of affections that he always gave her. Every time Chifuyu hesitate to return Ichika's embrace, every time Chifuyu failed to return a smile whenever Ichika smiled at her, every time Chifuyu left Ichika without so much of a goodbye, was torture for Orimura heir.

And Miyuki was always there beside him whenever Ichika feels depressed.

And that was probably the reason why Ichika fell in love with Miyuki.

For almost five years, there was a distinction between Chifuyu and Miyuki.

Chifuyu always hesitates whenever Ichika showed her affection. Miyuki relishes the affection Ichika gave her.

Chifuyu often times ignores the smiles that Ichika gives her. Miyuki always answers the smiles that her beloved brother gives her with a smile of her own.

Chifuyu often times hesitates to return the embrace Ichika gives her, and even push him back sometimes. Miyuki literally melts into the embrace of her brother every time he takes her in his arms.

Chifuyu was uncomfortable in the arms of her brother. Miyuki was at home in the arms of his brother.

In conclusion, Chifuyu's fear of accepting her own feelings was the reason why Ichika fell in love with his little sister, Miyuki.

For more than five years, Chifuyu's cowardice was the reason why Ichika and Miyuki became closer.

That change though when Chifuyu witness that there was a legitimate threat for her brother's heart, but the damage was already done.

Ichika was now in love with two women.

But that still doesn't change the reality that Ichika was an Orimura, that both Chifuyu and Miyuki were Orimuras, and in the Orimura clan, one sister and one brother will always end up together, two sisters sharing a single brother had never happen in the history of the clan.

And it will not start now.

Both Chifuyu and Miyuki will not share Ichika with each other.

They would sooner kill each other before sharing him with each other.

"Morning, Miyuki-hime!"

The sound of Ichika's voice snapped her out of her thoughts instantly. She marveled at that as she gazed upon the person that took care of her for more than five years, the person who taught her how to be human and a woman.

Miyuki looked at her, and she smiled. Just the sight of him was enough for her mood to improve.

To have him forever in her arms…To be in his arms forever…Miyuki was willing to pay any price for that.

"Oniisama," Miyuki greeted with a dazzling smile as in a matter of seconds, she found herself in the arms of her brother, his lips on hers.

Miyuki enjoyed the moment, something that Chifuyu was incapable of for five years.

(Scene Change)

Miyuki watched Ichika cook from her perch on the dining room chair with steady eyes. He was cooking her favorite breakfast combination, a Romanian dishes called Borş de burechiuşe (Soup) and Cocoloşi (a traditional Romanian dish, consisting of balls of mămăligă (a porridge made out of yellow maize flour) filled with cheese and grilled on a barbecue), and the fragrant of the food that he was preparing was making her salivate, with only her image and her manners preventing her from doing so.

She liked watching her brother cook, because he was at home in the kitchen, and the product that he always produced was such top quality that it can top any food served in a five star restaurant, cooked by Michelin Star quality chefs. Also, Ichika may not noticed this, but whenever he was cooking, he moves in the kitchen like a dancer moves in the dance floor, and Miyuki enjoyed watching her brother in his stage, in one of his stages.

"So, first day of school…" Ichika spoke while seasoning the food that he was preparing, the Romanian dishes that Miyuki liked so much. "Aren't you excited?"

Miyuki chuckled at the enthusiasm that he was showing. "I am excited at finally having you in the same school as me." Truth be told, Miyuki did not feel anything at being accepted in I.S Academy. She did not even feel the honor or the privilege at being chosen as a Representative Candidate of Japan. For her, being a student in I.S Academy and being a Representative Candidate were just mundane compare to being the little sister of Orimura Ichika.

Ichika chuckled at that statement as he proceeded to add the final ingredients and seasonings to the two dishes that he was cooking. "Yeah, having you within arm's length would be the highlight of this school year and also the next." Ichika said with a dashing smile that only made Miyuki blush lightly.

"I'm glad you see it my way." Miyuki replied with her own smile as she watched her brother turn off the stove and serve the two dishes in front of her.

"Let's eat?" Ichika asked with a humorous smile

"Let's eat," Miyuki said with a nod as Ichika sat across her.

"ITADAKIMASU!" The two exclaimed simultaneously as they proceeded to eat the food in front of them.

The first bite that Miyuki took gave her a pause as her brother's excellent cooking made itself known to her taste buds yet again.

"This is very good, as expected from you, Oniisama." Miyuki idly wondered what their mother's reaction would be is she discovered that her favorite son took such an unmanly hobby.

"Only the best for my Princess." Ichika said while slowly eating the food that he had prepared. "Also, I've already spoken to Chifuyu-nee about this, and she surprisingly agreed, you'll be sleeping in my room tonight."

Now that was a surprised for Miyuki. Truthfully, she intended to share the bed of her brother, she never planned in sleeping in the First Year dorm in the first place, but the fact that Chifuyu herself allowed her to be with Ichika, even if for one night, was surprising.

It was so surprising, that Miyuki could not help herself but inquire further. "How did you convince her of that? She hates me." The sentiment was shared.

"Miyuki-hime, Chifuyu-nee does not hate you. Both of you just started at the wrong foot." It took everything Miyuki had to not snort out loudly. "As for the reason…" Ichika closed his right eye before opening it again, revealing a lilac-colored eye. "I've been having troubles controlling the Seed for some time now."

This is another dilemma that was brought upon them when Chifuyu discovered Miyuki.

Chifuyu wanted to know the full capabilities of her brother, and decided to spar. The spar when out of hand rather quickly as Ichika forced himself to equal Chifuyu, which resulted in him activating the Seed. That prompted Miyuki to intervene in the spar, and Tabane to explain to Chifuyu about the steps that she took to suppress the Seed.

To say Chifuyu was furious at that revelation was an understatement, and her anger was further intensified when she discovered that Miyuki was the only one capable of calming Ichika down when he is in Seed mode without resulting to a heated make out session.

Logically, and this made Miyuki giddy in joy, glee, and pride, the eldest Orimura had to accept the fact that either Ichika had to master the Seed, or that Miyuki should stay within arm's reach Ichika.

In Chifuyu's mind, she could not decide what's worst.

"I'll be delighted to." Miyuki said with a bright smile as the two continue on with their meal.

(Scene Change) (Miyuki POV)

"Everyone's here, right? Then let's start the SHR (student homeroom meeting)-"

The vice-homeroom teacher, Yamada Maya-sensei, who, if memory serves me right, was the person who I defeated in the entrance exam, stood in front of the blackboard as she earnestly smiled at everyone, though I could tell that she was slight nervous and that her smile was rather force, which is something unbecoming of a teacher in my opinion.

As my Oniisama describe her, she has a petite figure, which made her look like a student rather than a teacher, and her outfit does not do her any justice whatsoever. Her dress may not showing any skin, but her huge bust was emphasize by her yellow dress, which made half of the class stare at her rather sizable bust.

"Then everyone, let's get along with each other over the next year~"

As expected, nobody in the class knows how to react as the classroom was filled with an awkward mood with nobody reacting. I think some of my classmates suspected that all of the words that were coming out of Yamada-sensei's mouth were rehearse.

It's to be expected, after all, Yamada-sensei is not use to this batch of students.

As for the awkward mood, it is also to be expected. None of us knew each other after all. All of us are basically strangers.

"Now, let's move on to self-introductions. Mm, we'll go by seating arrangements."

That's settle it, she had rehearse this and rehearse this quite well.

My Oniisama told me stories about this school, and how this school works. According to him, I.S Academy is not that different from other high schools, with the only difference being that this school focuses on training teenage girls to use weapons of mass destruction.

Just like back in Romania in the days of my derange childhood.

As I halfheartedly listen to the introductions of my classmates, I allowed my mind to drift off, remembering the week before the start of the school year.

Orimura Chifuyu, my biological elder sister, finally discovered my existence and, as predicted, she did not react well. Of course, I don't blame her. If I was her, I would have reacted the same way, only much more violent.

We do not like each other.

In the eyes of Orimura Chifuyu, I am merely her replacement, a third rate replacement.

In my eyes, Orimura Chifuyu failed in raising my Oniisama.

Don't get me wrong, my Oniisama is a very beautiful person. He is the purest Orimura, the only one who had shed blood with pure intentions, the intention of protecting me. My Oniisama is a kind and understanding man. He is a noble man who would protect his friends with his life, and would give his life for me or for Chifuyu in a second.

My Oniisama is a wonderful man, the most wonderful man in the world, and I thank whatever God up in the heavens because he did not inherited any of the foul traits of our mother.

I am still surprise that Isane Orimura gave birth to her very own anti-thesis, and it is even more surprising that she loved her anti-thesis with all her being, but I am not complaining one bit. In fact, I am quite happy that the dark clan that is the Orimura clan bore an Angel after a century of bearing devils and demons.

"Shiba Miyuki-san."

So it seems that it is my turn to give an introduction.

I stood up, and I instantly felt the eyes of everyone in the room drifting towards me.

I struggled to suppress a groan as I notice the expressions written in every single people in the classroom.

My time in the care of Orimura Isane, that four years of hell considering my training started at the age of five, taught me one crucial skill, and that skill is the ability to read the emotions of people by reading their faces. That is the only useful thing that I learned from my mother.

The look in my seatmates', classmates' and teacher's face says it all, and I also know, from experience, and even though I am seated in the front, in the right corner, with my back turned from most of my classmates, I know that everybody was staring and gawking at me with an expression of either awestruck or jealousy, or even both.

I don't know what people see in me. Everybody I met, with no exception, always tells me that I am beautiful, whenever I meet somebody, they will comment that I am beautiful, and truth be told, it is getting old.

I do not understand why people gawk at me whenever they look at me. I do not understand why boys look at me with lewd eyes. I do not understand why girls, younger than me or older than me, even within my age bracket look at me with jealous eyes.

I don't understand why people are so fixated with my looks. I don't understand why people call me beautiful.

People, when they describe me, the word beautiful is the most common words that comes out of their mouth. I don't understand this because I know people who are more beautiful than me, and who has a much more appealing body than me.

I've been called beautiful and sexy more times than I would like to count that I started not believing the compliments of those people who say those words to me.

Of course, their compliments mean nothing to me.

My Oniisama!

His words mean everything to me, his compliments means the world to me. I know for a fact that whenever my Oniisama says something to me, whenever he compliments me, whenever he praise me, I know for a fact that he is telling the truth and his words are innocent, with no other meaning behind his sweet words.

I do not believe other people when they call me beautiful because I know that they either want something from me, or they are lying to me and merely trying to flatter me, but when my Oniisama calls me beautiful, I know that he is telling the truth.

As much as I do not want to believe it, because my Oniisama told me countless times, the truth that I am very beautiful is a reality.

I took a deep breath before I turned around, and gave my classmates a small smile. "My name is Shiba Miyuki, I am please and honor to be attending this school, and I am looking forward in spending this year with all of you." I told them while using a gentle tone before bowing courteously.

Truth be told, I am looking forward into spending this year with my Oniisama. Maybe I can find a friend among the 29 people here, but as far as I am concern, the only person who I would gladly spend my time with willingly is with my Oniisama.

"That was a lackluster introduction"

I gingerly turned around. Black tight fitting skirt, tall and slim, the body line of someone who doesn't look muscular even after lots of training. Her hands folded in front of her chest, her sharp slim phoenix eyes would remind anyone of wolves.

"Well, that's a face that I did not want to see." I whispered to myself, but I knew that she heard my statement as she smirk viciously at me.

"If you want to drop out, say the word, I'll personally sign the papers." Chifuyu goaded me, and all I could do is glare at her, but only for a second.

She's the teacher, I'm a student, and I'm required to respect her. Truth be told, I do respect her, I respect her skills, her talents, and her ability to run away from our mother (that takes a lot of guts).

Although I dislike her, at least she was able to divert the attention of the class from me to her.

Black tight fitting skirt, tall and slim, the body line of someone who doesn't look muscular even after lots of training, her built is similar to Kaede-sensei and mine.

"Everyone, my name is Orimura Chifuyu, and my duty is that for this one year, I'll be training you in the operations and controls of IS. Everything I teach, you have to remember, and understand. To those who can't understand, I'll teach them till they can. My job is to thoroughly train you during your first year, from the age of 15 to 16. You can dislike my attitude, but you still have to do what I say. Understood?" I got to say, I'm impress, she introduce herself right of the bat without wasting any time and instantly lay down the law.

I still dislike her thought, and I don't even want to know why she decided to be my homeroom teacher.

And with that thought, I wonder who Oniisama's homeroom teacher is.

(Scene Change)

Orimura Ichika expected many things in his ascension from a first year student to a second year student in I.S Academy. He expected harder subjects, tougher exams, both in theory and practical, he expected looking after his little sister Miyuki in the majority of the year like how a real brother should, and he expected his sister to be sticker on him compare to last year.

What he did not expect was all his friends, all the Representative candidate of his year, being in the same class as him. It was a surprise, but it was a welcome surprise.

Still, what are the odds?

And, no matter how many times he glared at the figure in front of him, no matter how ridiculous and retarded the odds were, and regardless of how much he wanted it to be a nightmare, the one thing that he did not expect, the one thing he did not even consider a possibility was right in front of him, grinning like the maniac that she is.

"Hello everybody, my name is Nagase Kaede, and for the next year, 210 days to be exact, I am going to be teaching you all advance I.S Combat and Tactics." Kaede greeted her class with a rather enthusiastic tone. "I know that we are all going to get a long, and I am not giving any of you a choice for that matter." She then gave Ichika a pointed and mischievous look, winking at everyone, and he had to resist the urged to groan loudly.

Every single student in the classroom, all 30 of them looked at their homeroom teacher with a beffudled expression. A good majority of them were starring at her wide eye, an awe struck look crossing their facial features, and a few of them were giving her a weary look. Ichika on the other hand, was looking at her with a mixture of fright and disgust.

Ichika was frightened because of the fact that, for the next year, he and his friends would be suffering at the hands of one Nagase Kaede, and he was disgusted at his ninjutsu master's outfit.

The one thing Ichika hated, loathed about Kaede was her choice of wardrobe. His master's wardrobe consists of very skimpy and tight fitting clothes. For example, the outfit that Kaede was wearing at the moment was rather revealing and daring, and it was disgusting. Her outfit consists of a blouse four sizes below her actual size causing it to hug her upper body, emphasizing her D-cup breasts and showing a lot of cleavage and her tone stomach, and a skirt that barely covered her crotch, revealing a portion of her thighs to everyone to stare.

'My belts are longer than that skirt!' Ichika thought to himself while trying his best to not bolt out of the room.

Ichika wondered why his classmates were not bothered by their teacher's attire. Most of the girls in Ichika's life, the girls that mattered anyway, won't even consider wearing clothing like that. Miyuki wouldn't even wear anything that would reveal any skin in public, and Chifuyu-nee may wear daring clothing but it was not that extreme, which Ichika thank God for.

"Okay class, considering that this is the first day of the semester, let's get to know each other better before starting the heavy stuff, after all, I will start torturing all of you by tomorrow." Ichika did not doubt that. Regardless of Kaede's choice of clothing, she was a very effective teacher, and if she was going to teach them how to fight, then Ichika knew that she would do a fine job.

Still, Ichika would rather have her wearing appropriate clothing for the job, with a skirt or short that would at least cover half of her lower body, or more, he would prefer more.

"Now, I will call people in random, and I want them to tell me something about themselves, more specifically, what form of fighting do you know and prefer during I.S Combat, and a weapon of choice in I.S Combat." Kaede said while sitting on her desk cross leg, and in a way that flaunted and show off her smooth and milky legs to everyone in the room, even giving the class a glance of her frilly panties.

Ichika was now tempted to jump out of the window of the room to save himself from Kaede's scheming and lecherous way, which will result in a very embarrassing situation for everyone.

"Okay, let's start with…" In a very unprecedented move, Kaede took a kunai from nowhere, only Ichika saw where she got the bladed weapon from and he would not tell a soul were the weapon was resting, and threw it across the room. The kunai flew with amazing speed, faster than a bullet shot from a revolver, and embedded itself on the wall, hitting a picture that most of the people in the room did not even know was there. "The person who has that face that seems to be familiar to me…" Kaede said, her tone taking a pitch of interest.

Ichika sighed at how eccentric his ninjutsu master is, before looking at where the kunai landed, and almost let out an exasperated groan. 'Great, her!' Ichika thought wearily while taking several coins from his pocket.

The person who was in the picture stood up, and carefully eyed her homeroom teacher, before introducing herself. "My name is Shinonono Houki…" Ichika's right eye twitched when Kaede visibly perked up when she heard Houki's family name. "…I know Kendo and Karate, but I prefer to use Kendo during I.S Combat, as for weapon of choice, a sword would do for me." Houki introduced herself smooth while Ichika took aim.

"Shinonono, huh!? So your Taba-chan's little sister…" Kaede started with a rather affectionate and enthusiastic tone. The way Kaede referred to Tabane was enough to catch everyone's attention, and it further aggravated Ichika.

Tabane and Kaede, in the past, had a very unique relationship that was not just limited to friendship. Ichika and Miyuki were aware of their relationship, and that made Ichika a bit cautious and uncomfortable at the current situation.

Houki raised a brow at this, not expecting this. "You know my sister, Nagase-sensei?"

"Of course I do! She, Orimura Chifuyu, and I go way back. The three of us know each other since we were in Elementary, and Taba-chan and I started to slee…" Kaede was not able to finish her statement when a 100 yen hit her on the forehead. The coin had enough force to catch her attention, its speed fast enough to be unseen by untrained eyes, and its precision was enough to hit Kaede squarely on the forehead, with the coin bouncing off her forehead and returning to the hands of the person who threw it in the first place, without anyone noticing it.

With those variables alone, Kaede instantly knew who threw the coin. There was only one person that she knew who was precise with all kinds of weapons capable of a feat of that caliber.

Kaede, without moving her head at all, looked at Ichika at the corner of her eyes, and the sight of Ichika's lilac eyes was enough to get rid of anything perverted in her thoughts, for the moment at least.

Kaede coughed a bit before diverting her eyes back to Houki. "I hope you are not exactly your sister, though she is my friend, Taba-chan can't fight normally." Kaede then motioned her to sit down, before throwing the next kunai.

(Scene Change)

When SHR was over, Ichika was able to get his Ninjutsu instructor alone in a secluded corridor, an impressive feat considering his Harem did not even notice him leave. Ichika was now using the ninjutsu skills that he had learned from her, but that did not change the fact that he was far from please with his instructor.

"Can't you tell me why you're here, and why ARE YOU WEARING THAT KIND OF CLOTHING?" Ichika shouted while pointing at the revealing clothes that Kaede was wearing.

Kaede merely chuckled before leaning provocatively towards Ichika, giving him a good glimpse of her cleavage. "Come on now, Ichika-kun, you are the only one who has an issue with my clothing, and considering that you have two very pretty sisters, I thought you are used to girls wearing very little things."

"Chifuyu-nee and Miyuki-hime are decent women, and they wear decent clothes." Ichika answered before calming down, and gently pushing his ninjutsu instructor away from him. "One warning, if you ever try to molest any of the girls in this school, I will bury you." Ichika warned her with a voice as sharp as a blade.

Kaede raised her hand at that as she leaned on the wall behind her. "Relax Ichika-bouzu, I won't do anything that would cause your ire to be upon me. Chi-Chi also warned me to keep my lewd thoughts to myself, and I am not dumb enough to take both of you on." Kaede assured him with an exaggerated thumps up.

Ichika rolled his eyes at her over the top antics. "So, how did you get this job?" Ichika asked, trying to come in terms with Kaede being his homeroom adviser for the rest of the year. 'I already miss Chifuyu-nee.' Ichika thought, not looking forward in having to endure Kaede's many perverted antics.

"Chi-Chi recruited me, saying this school needs more skill fighters considering the many incidents last year." Kaede informed her with a proud smirk. "Also, I cannot leave my two protégés in their own device."

Ichika narrowed his eyes. Ichika didn't know why but the mere presence of his ninjutsu instructor really aggravated him, her mere presence always irritated him. "I can take good care of Miyuki-hime and myself, thank you very much." Ichika then suddenly have thought of something. "Who's our class's Vice-homeroom teacher?" Ichika asked curiously, and suddenly, the smile on Kaede's face faltered.

"She's running late but you and the class will meet her during the afternoon classes." Kaede told him with a calm tone, her teasing tone slightly faltering, something that Ichika notice yet ignored.

"I hope she'll be able to control you." Ichika said before turning around and proceeded to walk away from her.

If Ichika have stayed within ear shot, he would have heard Kaede saying the two words that he had never heard from her come out of her mouth.

"Forgive me, Ichika,"