22 Years after the events of F.E.A.R.3, the homicidal Paxton Fettel returns to destroy the last essence of Alma Wade, John Wade. The now 21 year old John Wade must now battle for survival as he begins to learn about the darkened past his family once had, who his mother was, and who he really is. This story will take you on a physiological journey as Paxton Fettel will confront his mother through haunting visual imagery, and John Wade looks to destroy the vicious Paxton Fettel.

AN: You're all probably wondering why I have decided to set the next installment of F.E.A.R so many years after it's predecessor. Well the reason is because I feel the story of Pointman is done and obviously Michael Becket met his demise so this meant a new protagonist would be needed, so I have introduced John Wade. (The baby saw at the end of F.E.A.R 3). This means I can give a great character introduction of what has happened to John Wade and who he is. This is a story about a man trying to find who he really is, and Paxton Fettel who will learn the true meaning of FEAR. The way I have done this is that Paxton Fettel will be haunted by visual imagery of his mother Alma Wade, who will haunt Paxton Fettel as he goes on his quest to destroy the last essence of her, John Wade. All characters will be explained clearly, and do not think I have forgot about Pointman because I have not, but you shall have to wait to see what I have in store.