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By Edhelwen Oneita



Lord Elrond stood looking out of the window of his room that overlooked the many waterfalls of Rivendell, his home. He was tall with dark brown hair that was nearly black that contrasted with his pale skin and grey eyes. A braid pulled part of his hair back while the rest hung down his back in a silken curtain, and an intricate silver circlet sat upon his brow shining brightly as the sun hit it. He wore a silver silk robe with a dark blue sash tied around his waist. The sleeves were long and flared out at the wrist. Elrond looked up at the sky in thought of the letter he had received some time ago. After he had read it, he had sent messages to three others and he knew they would be arriving soon.

At the sound of hooves, Elrond turned towards the road leading up to his home and saw three riders, two Elves and one man. The man gracefully dismounted his horse and patted the horse's neck before taking his pack off the saddle. He was tall with dark brown shoulder length hair and soft grey eyes. He looked rugged compared to the Elves that accompanied him. He was clad in clothes of brown and black with a quiver and bow strapped to his back. On his belt, he held an assortment of daggers and a sword. The Elves were taller than the man was and they moved with an ethereal grace. One of the Elves looked slightly older than the other. The older Elf wore a tunic of beige silk and grey pants with a grey cloak over his shoulders with a clasp in the shape of a single leaf. He had long blond hair that fell down his back with a portion pulled back with a braid and dark grey eyes. He had a quiver and bow strapped to his back with two Elven swords on his hips. Beside him, the younger Elf was dressed similarly in green and brown with a silver cloak held together by a clasp of two green leaves. He also had a quiver and bow strapped to his back with two long knives on his belt. His blond hair was shorter than the other Elf's but was pulled back in the same manner and was also more of a silvery blond that seemed to enhance his light grey eyes.

The three riders turned and greeted Lord Elrond as he came down the steps to meet them. Elrond smiled to them and showed them inside. "Welcome Haldir, Prince Legolas, and Aragorn. I am pleased to see that you three could come. There is something that we must do. However, this quest will be quite different." The other three looked at each other and followed Elrond to a pavilion that had chairs and benches along the railing. Elrond gestured to his guests for them to sit and as he took his seat, a young Elven boy came and brought refreshments for the four of them.

Once the young boy left, Aragorn turned to Elrond and looked at him before speaking. "What is this quest that you speak of, My Lord?"

Haldir and Legolas looked at Elrond, who glanced towards them before looking back at Aragorn. "I have gotten a message from Gandalf. It appears that he needs our assistance for something."

"But why us?" Legolas asked as his brow knitted together in confusion.

"Gandalf asked me to choose three people I trust entirely to join me on this quest. We are to go to a different realm to help protect someone of great importance from a Dark Lord who seeks to kill and destroy. I do not know the full details so we would have to speak with Gandalf on what it is he needs us to do."

"When will we be going, Lord Elrond?"

"We will leave tomorrow morning, Haldir. For now, we shall rest and pack. I am not sure how long we will be there, but from my understanding upon reading the desperateness of Gandalf's letter, I am fairly certain that it is an extremely important matter." Elrond looked and met the other's gazes then smiled as he caught sight of his only daughter standing near the entrance of the pavilion. He stood and held out a hand towards her beckoning her to come. His daughter smiled and walked over to him, placing her slender hand in his hand then leaned in to kiss his cheek in greeting.

She turned and bowed her head to the guests with her eyes lingering longer on Aragorn before returning her gaze to her father's. "Ada, Elladan and Elrohir have returned home."

"Thank you, Arwen. I need to speak with them as I will be leaving tomorrow morning." Elrond looked down at his daughter's dark grey eyes and smiled warmly then looked towards the guests. "We shall meet here tomorrow at dawn to leave." Aragorn, Legolas, and Haldir stood and bowed their heads towards both Lord Elrond and Lady Arwen before exiting the room. Arwen hugged Elrond lovingly before going after the guests to talk with Aragorn. Elrond watched as his daughter left to go talk with the man she loved. He was glad that she was happy and had found the one that she wanted to spend her life with but he also did not want to lose his only daughter. However, he will not keep her from going down the path that she has chosen, instead he will cherish the time he has with her. Smiling to himself, Lord Elrond left the pavilion to seek out his two sons.

Lord Elrond followed the sound of laughter towards the back of the stables and stood there watching his sons, Elladan and Elrohir. After a moment, Elladan noticed their father standing there and greeted him causing Elrohir to turn, "Good afternoon, Ada."

"Elladan, Elrohir, finish caring for your horses then come find me in the library after you have cleaned up from your travels. I need to speak with you as soon as you can."

"Of course, Ada. We will be there as soon as we are done." Elladan bowed his head as he spoke followed by Elrohir. Lord Elrond smiled and nodded his head then left the stables heading towards the library. As he walked he thought about Gandalf's request for help and could not help but wonder what it was that seemed to put the old wizard on edge.


The following morning Haldir, Legolas, and Aragorn met up at the pavilion that they had met with Lord Elrond at the day before. Legolas walked over to the railing and looked out towards the valley of Rivendell. Haldir leaned his back against a nearby column and looked up at the sky that was just beginning to show signs of dawn. Aragorn sat on a bench and looked at the ground as they waited for Lord Elrond to arrive.

Lord Elrond came into the pavilion not long after they had and followed by Elladan, Elrohir, and Arwen. He was dressed in a silvery grey tunic with dark blue leggings and boots, his sword strapped to his side. Elrond smiled in greeting and told them to follow him then he turned and led them to a grove that had a mirror standing on a wall. Framing the mirror was Elven runes that seemed to glow with their own light. Stopping ten feet from the mirror, he turned and looked at the three that would be joining him. "We will be going to the other realm through the mirror. All you have to do is just walk through it and wait for the others on the other side to arrive. Once we are all there then we will go and speak with Gandalf."

"Agreed, Lord Elrond. Who will go first then?" Haldir asked.

Aragorn stepped forward. "I will go first, if it is alright with the others."

"Of course, Aragorn." Lord Elrond nodded at Aragorn.

Arwen hugged Aragorn and whispered softly in his ear. "Please be safe, Aragorn."

"I will, Arwen." Aragorn stepped back then bowed to Elladan and Elrohir who rolled their eyes then clapped him on the back. The three of them shared a laugh before Aragorn turned to the mirror. He walked towards the mirror and without stopping, disappeared as he walked through it. On the other side, Aragorn stood amazed at what he saw. He was in a forest but one he knew not of. He could also tell that the air was different here than in Middle Earth. He spun around as Legolas suddenly appeared behind him with a similar look on his face. Not long after, Haldir appeared and he stood looking around as Elrond joined them in the strange forest.

Lord Elrond was surprised at how different this new world seemed to be in comparison to Middle Earth. He looked at the other three and walked towards a trail. Soon, they came to the edge of the forest and saw a large lake that was next to a large castle. The air around then was thick with magic and they could feel it.

"Gandalf told me that he would meet us at the castle's main entrance. Let us go." Elrond led the way towards the castle by passing the massive lake that appeared to look as if the waters were black.

The four visitors walked up the castle's steps and saw Gandalf standing there waiting for them with a smile. "Welcome Lord Elrond, Prince Legolas, Haldir, and Aragorn to Hogwarts. And I should also say welcome to Earth." Gandalf chuckled and looked at them with blue eyes that sparkled with amusement. "Come, I will take you to my office to explain everything." They followed Gandalf inside and through several hallways past talking paintings, ghosts, and moving suits of armor. He finally stopped at a statue of a bird that looked to be covered in flames.

"Lemon Puffs" The strange words caused the statue to spin revealing a spiral staircase as it rose up. They all climbed the steps and entered into a spacious room that had odd little objects covering the shelves that lined the walls. Towards the back sat a large wooden desk that had a bird resting on a stand next to it. The bird was the color of flames and was very beautiful. Gandalf took out a thin stick from a pocket in his silver robe and flicked his wrist causing four chairs to appear out of thin air. He flicked it again and a table appeared holding refreshments and drinks. Putting the wand away, Gandalf gestured to the table and seats. "Please, make yourselves comfortable."

The five of them sat and drank some Elven wine that Gandalf had kept for special times. After they had relaxed some and caught up on some of the happenings from Middle Earth, Lord Elrond placed his glass down on the table and sat back in the chair his hands resting on the arms elegantly as he looked towards Gandalf. "Gandalf, my old friend, why is it that you asked us to come? What has happened that has put so much worry in your eyes?"

Gandalf sighed and looked at the empty glass in his hands before looking up to meet the Elf's eyes. "Lord Elrond, I am sad to say that there is a great evil here that has become so powerful I fear that we may not have a chance to beat it. I need help protecting the one the Dark Lord seeks to kill. If the Dark Lord succeeds, then this word will be forever covered in darkness." A heavy sigh left his lips at the slightly confused and curious faces of his companions. "Perhaps I should start from the beginning." He then proceeded to tell his four companions the history of Lord Voldemort and young Harry.

"So you see, if Harry does not beat the Dark Lord and dies, this world will be forever lost." Gandalf finished in a grave voice as he stood and walked to a window that overlooked the courtyard that had students mingling.

Silence hung in the air as the four took in everything that was said. Lord Elrond stood and walked over to Gandalf and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Gandalf, rest assured that we will do what we can to help you."

Legolas stood up and looked at the two over by the window. "Indeed, we will help in whatever way we can." Gandalf turned to see Haldir and Aragorn standing next to Legolas in agreement. He gave them a small smile and bowed to them. "Thank you, I only hope that we will succeed.

He walked over to a mirror and lightly touched the silver surface with his fingertips. Suddenly, there was an image showing on the surface in place of the mirror's reflective glass. It showed a group of three young students sitting in the shade of a tree. One was a boy of sixteen that had dark messy hair, green eyes and glasses. Another boy was tall and had bright orange red hair and blue eyes. Sitting not far from them was a girl that held a large book in her lap. She had long golden brown hair that curled softly, gently framing her face.

Lord Elrond felt drawn to the girl for some reason. As he looked at her, he saw some things that confused him about her. However if they were back in Middle Earth, they would make sense. He also noticed how her eyes looked pained and sad even though she had a smile on her face. Elrond felt his fatherly instincts come forth and he wondered why. He glanced at Gandalf and saw that his eyes held deep sadness to them as he looked at the image. Elrond looked back at the mirror before voicing his question. "Gandalf, who is the young girl?"

"Her name is Hermione Granger. She is close friends with Harry and is a very powerful and smart witch. Perhaps the best that has ever walked these halls since the founders themselves."

Lord Elrond went to ask another question about her, but stopped as Legolas's voice asked it. "Why do her eyes show such pain and sorrow? What has happened to her to cause such a thing?" Both Aragorn and Haldir found themselves wondering the same thing. She was a beautiful and pure spirit. What could have happened to bring such a look to her beautiful golden eyes?

Gandalf closed his eyes and took a deep breath before answering them in a pained voice that held a hint of guilt. "She… She has been through many things that no child should ever have to go through, and part of it was my fault." He hung his head and turned away from the mirror.

Legolas, Haldir, and Aragorn glanced at each other in surprise then looked at Gandalf in disbelief. Lord Elrond was stunned. Never has Gandalf said something like that. He looked at the elderly wizard who now seemed so much older than a few moments ago. Elrond looked back at the girl and he felt his heart weep for her as he watched her read in the shade of the tree.


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