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By Edhelwen Oneita



Arwen rode her horse along the rode that she and the other elves from Rivendell were traveling. She could help but keep thinking back to the day her father had convinced her to go to the Grey Havens. She hated herself for giving in and it ate at her. She felt like she was doing something wrong. Something in the corner of her eye caught her attention and her horse slowed to a stop as she watched what seemed to be a lone child running across the road, ignored by the others. Confused at first she went to call out to him but stopped as she saw the surrounding woods change to a stone hall where a second figure stood with his back to her. The man turned showing a older Aragorn as he smiled and ran towards the boy and lifted him up to spin him before hugging the child close. Arwen's breathing quickened as she saw the boy turn to look directly into her eyes as if accusing her of giving up. A tear fell down her cheek when she recognized the pendant she gave to Aragorn around the boy's neck. Closing her eyes, she bowed her head as she remembered her father's words about death being the only thing left for her in the world. She opened her eyes to look upon the scene again only to find the forest back as it was before the vision took place. A voice caught her attention and she looked down to see the male elf that her father appointed to watch over her on the journey.

"Lady Arwen, we cannot delay." She looked at him seeing his concern. Without a word, she turned her horse away and took off back down the road ignoring the confused and worried elf calling to her. Her mind was made up and she knew she would regret leaving to Valinor now. Aragorn needed her, even if he was too far away for her to help him. He needed her hope, her faith, her love. Asfaloth sensed her urgency to get back to Rivendell and lengthened his stride swiftly carrying his rider back home.

It did not take long for Arwen to see the bridge that crossed the ravine and into Rivendell. Her eyes narrowed as her resolve strengthened. She knew her father meant well but she did not understand why he would do that when he himself knows the pain of loving someone but never to see them except in memory. Asfaloth galloped over the bridge and into the courtyard where Arwen dismounted and ran up the stairs towards her father's study, undoing the clasp that held on her cloak as she did so letting it fall from her shoulders and onto the leaf covered ground.

Lord Elrond looked up from his book at the sound of hooves and closed his eyes knowing who it would most likely be and sighed as her voice confirmed it as she rushed into the room to face him. "Tell me what you have seen!"


Arwen would not be swayed and asked him again as she moved to stand before him looking into her father's grey eyes with determination. "You have the gift of foresight, what did you see?"

Elrond sighed softly and looked at her with an expression of defeat. "I looked into your future and I saw death."

"But there was also life. You saw there was a child. You saw my son."

Elrond turned away unable to look at her. He had tried but he should have known that sending her to the boats would not sit well with her heart. He wanted to protect her from the pain of loss, of death. "But that future is almost gone."

"But it is not lost!" Arwen shouted causing Elrond to turn towards her again. She watched her father, seeing the internal battle raging in his eyes.

With another sigh, he sat down in his chair and shook his head speaking softly. "Nothing is certain, Arwen."

Arwen's expression softened and knelt down on her knees before him and took his hand, squeezing softly until he looked at her. "Some things are certain, Ada. If I leave him now, I will regret it forever." She reached up and placed a hand on his cheek looking into his eyes. "Ada, It is time."

Lord Elrond looked at her, her words confusing him until he realized what she was referring to. He turned his face away from her and stood, causing her to stand as well. He turned to leave but stopped as Arwen's voice drifted softly, the spoken words whispered as she recited a prophecy. "From the ashes a fire shall be woken, a light from the shadows shall spring, renewed shall be Blade that was broken. The crownless again shall be King. Reforge the Sword, Ada."

He met her eyes with his own before sighing and walking out of the room to think. Lord Elrond was lost in his thoughts as he walked, not realizing the path he walked until he came to a stop where the shards of Narsil were and his mind transported him back in time. The day Men and Elves fought at the foot of Mount Doom in Mordor. He had seen when Elendil had been slain by Sauron and how Isildur cut the Ring from Sauron's hand. Shaking his head to break away from the memories, Elrond lifted a hand and brushed his fingers across the hilt. He turned around and looked at the mural. Arwen was right. It was time. He turned and headed back to his study. As he passed the library, a sound of a book falling to the ground stopped him. Walking in he saw Arwen looking at her hands while her thumbs ran over the tips of her fingers as if in confusion. Worried, he walked over as she sat upon a bench in a manner that spoke of physical weakness and knelt before her. After picking up the book, he touched a hand only for him to drop the book himself so he could grab both of her hands with his.

"Your hands are cold." Elrond looked up at her, his fear plain to see in his eyes. He did not understand. "The life of the Eldar is leaving you."

Arwen took a breath before speaking softly. "This was my choice." She watched as a tear fell down her father's cheek and she lifted a hand from his to wipe it away. This was what her father feared most and was the main reason he pushed for her to go to the Undying Lands. "Adar, whether by your will or not, there is no ship now that can bear me hence."

"Your life is now tied to the Fate of the ring, Arwen. The sword's shards shall be reforged and I will personally deliver it to Aragorn, my daughter. I only hope the Valar will be merciful and you will survive." Arwen smiled softly as her father spoke and nodded her head. Elrond slipped his arm under her knees and the other around her back before picking her up to carry to her room.


Siladhiel was up before dawn dreading the trek before her. She did not want to continue the journey without Legolas. A heavy sigh left her lips before she decided to get up. She needed air. Making her way out front of the Great Hall, she did not notice the person following her until she stood under the stars and arms made their way around her waist as a voice whispered softly into her ear.

"Siladhiel, all will be fine. I do not wish to be separated from you again either, but we have our places in this war that we are needed at the most."

"I know, Legolas. In the other world, Harry was the one who was important. I was simply there to support and help him fight. To be someone that many will look up to is frightening in all honesty." Siladhiel leaned her head against Legolas's shoulder as his arms tightened around her and he leaned his head against hers. Together they watched as the sun slowly started to lighten the sky with the first light of dawn. Legolas's arms tightened as they both realized that it was nearing time for her to go to Minas Tirith.

The door of the Golden Hall creaked open and Boromir stepped out just as the two elves turned towards the door. He looked like he had gotten no sleep as well. The thought of going home but having to be hidden from his father and brother as well as his people worried him. He looked towards the couple and smiled though it came out more of a grimace that matched Siladhiel's.

"We should go."

Boromir blinked at the softly spoken words, having nearly missed them. Legolas hugged Siladhiel tightly and kissed her forehead before the three of them turned to head down to the stables. Shadowfax nickered at them in greeting as they approached. Siladhiel felt guilty in not saying goodbye to the others but she knew time was of the essence.

"Tell the others I am sorry." Legolas's lips curled and nodded before dipping his head for a long kiss. He was scared of losing her again. Arms went around his neck as she tilted her head to deepen the kiss and he held on tighter.

A throat being cleared caught their attention and both elves broke away blushing before looking at Boromir. To their surprise, he was looking past them to the entrance of the stables. Turning her head Siladhiel saw the others standing there, watching them. Haldir, Elladan Elrohir, Aragorn, and Gimli stood there smirking at them while Merry and Éowyn were blushing and looking at the ground, and Draco was looking slightly awkward, his expression telling them it was he who cleared his throat to get their attention. Siladhiel's cheeks grew hotter at the thought that they had seen her kiss Legolas.

Before she realized they moved, her brothers who both held a teasing grin on their faces enveloped her in a hug. "Awe, is our little sister embarrassed to be caught kissing a boy?"

"Not just any boy, Elladan, she kissed the Prince of Mirkwood. I wonder what Thranduil would say?"

"Oh right, what would he… oof!" A swift elbow into Elladan's ribs quickly ended his taunting as he looked down to a red faced scowling Siladhiel. Laughing Elrohir hugged her tightly and kissed her cheek while she glared at their brother. Elladan grinned and did the same as he whispered into her ear. "We were only teasing. He has not spoken to his Father for some time since he left Mirkwood after the Battle of the Five armies. Legolas is a good male, Siladhiel. He refused to leave your side for even the smallest amount of time and if he did, he was anxious to get back to you. There is no one better that has shown interest that I would allow to court you than him." Siladhiel looked up at Elladan in surprise at his words then looked at Elrohir who nodded his head in agreement. She smiled before hugging her brothers. She turned towards the others as she heard footsteps approaching.

Aragorn grinned at Legolas who scowled back at the teasing man and walked up to Siladhiel, placing his hands on his hips. "Now, did you really think you could sneak off without saying good bye? Ithilwen, you should know better than to think that would ever happen." Aragorn pulled her into a hug before releasing her.

Haldir quickly pulled her into another hug then pulled back and looked at her before speaking softly in Elvish. "I never thanked you for saving my life at Helms Deep, Siladhiel. You risked making yourself vulnerable to attack by doing so." He raised a hand as Siladhiel went to speak and she obediently went silent. "When I learned that you had been taken I was scared. When I saw you after Legolas brought you out from the storage room at Isengard, I was angry at those who did that to you but most of all my heart shattered. You are special Siladhiel. You are strong. They may have hurt you but you overcame it. Do not let the fear take hold. Fight it and show them you are the daughter of Elrond. Show them you are no longer Hermione Granger. Let them see the Warrior I know you are when you face them on the battlefield. They think they broke you. Make them shake in fear and not the other way around. You shine brightly like the moon in the darkness, remember that Siladhiel." He pulled her in for one more hug. His words stunned her and he knew it. They needed to be said. She needed to know. He watched as his words sunk in her mind and heart and smiled as he saw the determination to win fill her eyes.

Siladhiel looked into Haldir's eyes and smiled, he was right. She was no longer Hermione Granger but rather Siladhiel Ithilwen the second daughter of Lord Elrond. "Thank you Haldir. I will keep your words close to my heart." Haldir nodded his head and stepped back so that the others could have a chance to say their farewells. The most shocking was when Draco pulled her in for a hug and kissed her cheek before stepping back. Siladhiel gaped at Draco while her mind registered what he did.

"You know Granger, you are starting to resemble a fish." Siladhiel snapped her mouth closed before reopening it to tell Draco off for using her old name. Draco however beat her. "I know it will not matter now but I feel you should still know. I never hated you. I couldn't. I was mean to you because it was expected of me. But I admired you, envied your determination to be the best in everything you did. You were pretty, at first you were an ugly duckling but you still had a charm that drew me. Then our fourth year came and you were a vision in lilac during the Yule Ball. I was quite jealous of Krum who asked you to accompany him. It was more to protect you in the later years that I continued treating you like dirt. It hurt to do it, but if I had let any of the others know I liked you, you would've been a target for sure. Not that it helped you were Potter's right hand to begin with, but it would've been worse." Draco rubbed the back of his neck and sighed. "I guess I am trying to say that I fancied you. I am jealous of your Prince because he has you and I will never have that chance, mostly because I messed up any chance I had. I am glad you are happy though. You deserve it."

Siladhiel blinked at him as she replayed his words in her mind. Had Hell frozen over? Sure felt like it. She noticed the expectant look on his face and bit her lip as she looked down. "I am sorry, Draco. Had my life on earth been different and things at Hogwarts been different, perhaps there could have been something but..." Fingers being placed on her lips stopped her as she looked up at Draco.

"Don't. The past is the past. No point in wondering about what ifs. As much as would like to call you mine, I am more than willing to stay by your side as a friend and help protect you from anything else that wants to hurt you. I missed my chance and it is my fault for being cowardly. You are happy with your Prince, and honestly that is all I can ask for."

Legolas came up behind her and wrapped an arm around her. Draco smiled as he watched Legolas rest his chin on Siladhiel. "It is time to go, Ithilwen."

Sighing, Siladhiel nodded and went over to Boromir and looked at him. "I think its best no one sees you leaving here, Boromir. At first I was just going to have you ride with me then make you invisible when we got closer but with Sauron's eye possibly watching, it may be wiser for him to see one rider instead of two." Boromir stood and thought about her reasoning and agreed that it would be best, especially with those wizard beings that he had seen twice now. Who knew what they were capable of doing. He stood still as she pulled out her wand from its holster on her belt. "This will feel strange. As if someone cracked open a cold raw egg on your head and feeling it drip down all over you."

She quickly tapped the tip of her wand on his head before he could react to her words. Sure enough, he felt the sensation she described and stood there as everyone else watched as he disappeared. For added measure, she placed a Notice Me Not charm to further hide him so others would not see the ripple he caused when he moved. The two of them made their way to Shadowfax and Boromir waited as Siladhiel mounted first then he mounted up behind her. It was awkward to say the least as he was used to riding with a saddle rather than bareback which he knew the Elleth before him preferred. Before he would have probably been elated to be so close to Siladhiel but like Draco, he would rather be a friend if it meant seeing her smile and laugh while another held her heart.

Siladhiel felt Boromir get settled behind her and she gave a signal to Shadowfax to take off. She kept her eyes straight not wanting to look at Legolas for fear of her resolve breaking. A sudden arm around her waist broke her from her thoughts as she turned her head slightly as if looking at Boromir.

Boromir was startled when Shadowfax just took off nearly sending him to the ground so his arms instinctively went around Siladhiel's waist. Seeing her looking back at him, he spoke in a whisper. "Sorry, I am not trying to do anything. I just grabbed on to keep from falling off. I am not used to using no saddle while riding a horse." Her following chuckle made him smile.

"You know, I have no idea where I am going so you will need to direct me to Gondor, Boromir."

"Oh right, keep on this direction until you come close to the mountains, then follow the road that runs along the foothills of the mountains going southeast."


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