Hinata was about to enter the "Forest of Death" for the chuunin exams. She looked around nervously at the others, all looked very strong, but the thing is, it wasn't Naruto who stood out the most. It was a boy with blood red hair. Kiba noticed how nervous Hinata looked and said," Don't worry! I got your back!"

She smiled at Kiba's encouraging words, and Shino's calming effect. " I-I know everything w-will be alright." I hope at least

Anko sent out the signal to start and Kiba raced ahead towards the dark forest not waiting for Shino and Hinata.

Hinata stuttered out," Kiba-kun w-wait for us!" Kiba looked back not realizing that he wasn't with his other team mates and waited a minute.

They were exploring the forest, finding no end to the deadly plants, and animals there.

Shino said," We need a plan. We should split up and look for other teams. " Shino looked at Kiba and sighed " Kiba do not attack anyone who doesn't have the same scroll as us, or do anything hasty. "

" I wouldn't have done that anyway!" Kiba whined.

Shino said sighing," I'm your best friend, I know you would."

Kiba looked a little disheartened," If your my best friend, you should have more faith in me cause Hinata has more faith in me." Kiba sighed after getting no reaction from Shino and continued saying, " Whatever lets come back here after an hour, Shino and me will look together."

Kiba asked," Is it really alright to leave Hinata by herself?"

Shino said," She can take care of herself, after all her eyes can see anything."

" I guess thats true...okay we should leave now"

"Okay," Hinata said.

Hinata left dashing in the opposite direction as Shino and Kiba. She activated her Byakugan to find enemies faster and closer. After 15 minutes, she hasn't spotted anyone until she saw one figure in the distance. The shy ninja ran over there and hid quietly, making sure he couldn't see her. It was no other than the boy with red hair. The one she was a little bit interested in.

He was sitting there all alone staring up at the sky, concentrating, not letting his gaze stray from the object.

Then it occured to Hinata, he was staring at the full moon. Hinata realized that you could see it perfectly, no clouds covering it up or anything. Hinata was looking up at it dazed by the moon's elegence because its the only beautiful thing she's seen since entering the forest. ' Its beautiful' Hinata's thoughts were interrupted when she heard somebody say something.

" Hey. Come out from where your hiding." The voice was deeper than one a twelve year old boy should have, but it didn't take a genuis to figure out where the voice came from.

Hinata figured her cover was blown and came out to see the boy for the first time clearly. It was terrifying how he knew she was there, even though she rid her presence completely. " H-hi" She was holding her breath hoping he won't try to hurt her, or worse kill her.

After getting no response she introduced herself " M-my name is Hinata what's y-yours?" It didn't make a lot of sense to be talking to the enemy, but what other option did she have? Hinata didn't want to be a coward and run away because he probably could've cought her easily.

" Gaara of the Sand" That name sounded so familiar to Hinata. Then she remembered! He was the most ferocious and vicious person in the Sand Village. The rumors say he's a blood thirsy maniac. He's famous and very well known here in the Leaf Village. She remembered little kids use to make up scary stories of Gaara, picturing him to be a monster in human form. Being this close to him now she could see why.

Gaara had dark, teal, pupil-less eyes that followed your every move. She didn't find them strange because in comparism her eyes were stranger. What he stood out most for was the giant gourd he was carrying on his back. The best feature he had was deffinitely his hair because it was a beautiful shade of red Hinata realized after getting a better look at it.

" Don't worry I'm not into killing the weak," She sighed maybe he wasn't as scary, and mean as he looked " Because I like to watch my victims put up a fight" Great now she wasn't even worth killing. ' Maybe father was right. Maybe I am just a burden to my team. No! I can't think that way anymore because if I continue to be positive good things will happen.'

" I-I don't th-think you h-have the right t-to talk to me l-like that! Because a h-human life is precious and should be cherished." It took up all of Hinata's courage to say that to a boy with demonic energy.

" Hmph I'm a monster, that was cursed with too much power. I can't do things other people my age can like having feelings like love and friendship, or enjoy living. The only thing I like to look at is blood being shed."

" Gaara y-you h-have to be the s-same age as me. "

Gaara said completely ignoring what Hinata just said," Age doesn't matter. Normal people haven't killed their own mothers right? Or maybe have the only person they truly trust betray them, but that happened to me and now my father hates me. " He had a menacing glare on his face.

Hinata didn't think of it as a threat. With the kind of understanding heart she has, she thought of it more as a plea for help. She started to tear up a little " Love Gaara is s-something everyone i-is capable of f-feeling. Its hard to find, but wh-when you do find it, its an undescribable emotion. M-maybe you should learn that before j-j-jumping to conclusions." Hinata walked up to him slowly and lightly touched his shoulder.

" Don't touch me, and don't look at me with those pitiful eyes. " Gaara said fiercely swatting her hand away. " Just leave me alone" Gaara started to walk away from Hinata. Her hand stung, and it was turning red. Hinata knew that Gaara probably didn't hit her with all his force.

She walked behind him cautiously.

Hinata looked at him sadly. How badly was he treated before? She took a deep breath and spoke slowly so she wouldn't stutter. " I want to talk to you Gaara. I want to be y-your friend. "

" You think its that simple? How can you make me feel, when you can barely speak a sentence without stuttering," He turned around sharply pushing her on the ground roughly. " You can try to open up my heart, but it hasn't been touched in years. If you irritate me too much, I won't hesitate to take your life." and left to meet up with his siblings.

Hinata sat on the ground feeling hurt for a while, lost in her thoughts. Hinata figured she should at least look for new enemies, but had no luck. She went up to meet up with Shino and Kiba to see if they met up with any opposing teams.

" Hinata! We got the scroll!" Kiba yelled. He took a good look on Hinata and saw that her clothes were dirty " What the heck happened to you? Your clothes are all dirty, and your face is pale." no way could she tell them what actually happened. Kiba would just end up trying to hurt Gaara. Kiba's strong, but sometimes he just doesn't think before he reacts. I'm terrible at lying, but I have to make up a believable excuse.'

" Th-thats great Kiba wh-which o-one of you got it and I-I just tr-tripped over a tree r-root." Hinata felt like smacking her own forehead after saying that. ' Stupid Hinata!' She mentally scolded herself.

Shino raised an eyebrow not believing a word she said. She was never nervous with them enough just to lie in front of their faces. Shino noticed that Kiba hasn't noticed anything wrong with Hinata so, he just ignored the lie.

" It was Shino! Dang that dude has some freaky abilities. He made a team walk into a trap of leeches, and the leeches sucked all there blood in a matter of minutes." While Kiba was going on and on Hinata was still thinking of Gaara and sighing in relief because the two boys decided not to push the matter.


" Gaara where have you been?" Kankuro yelled. " Right after we got the scroll from those amateurs you just ran off!"

Gaara sent him a glare," I was out walking. It was mostly me who did all the work anyway becauseTemari destroys all the trees around her when she attacks and your puppets make the loudest chattering noise. You told me I was the best person for the job, so I don't want to here any complaints if you can't do it better than me" Gaara said it cooly.

Kankuro started getting goosebumps. Kankuro was scared of Gaara whenever he gave him that look. Who in the right mind would actually start talking to Gaara and leave him angry like that? Kankuro knew it wasn't his fault for Gaara's crankiness because his patience wasn't that short.

Temari, who was the oldest of the three siblings sighed," Lets just drop the subject and go to the tower already cause I want to be the first ones there"

Kankuro mumbled, " Fine "

Gaara followed behind his siblings clutching the shoulder Hinata touched. I live in the desert. Its always hot there to others, but I feel nothing. Why did one small touch feel so warm?