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The First Date.


Hinata woke up early this morning to get ready for her date with Gaara. She rubbed her eyes and got up to make a lunch. Hinata got permission to use the hospital's kitchen. Hinata wondered what she should put in the bento. She recalled that Gaara said that he liked salted tongue, and gizzard but that seems pretty gross so Hinata crossed out that idea. This was more difficult than she thought it would be. She sighed and decided to make rice balls as a safe choice. She included sausages,tamagoyaki, and salted salmon in the bento, too.


Gaara got up early this morning too. The redheaded boy didn't actually sleep, but he does read a lot, and spends time looking up at the moon. The moon was comforting to him, and its his favorite second thing to look at. Temari heard about their first date and was super excited.

Temari said," So, whats the plan for you today?"

Gaara asked," What do you mean?"

" Well it's your first date right? So, shouldn't you do something a bit big?"

Gaara rejected the idea immediately," No, I think I'll be okay."

Kankuro walked in with a sloppy appearence and said," You should do something special little bro. Woman always want something more."

Gaara answered," Hinata isn't like that, but I'd do anything to see her smile."

His siblings couldn't here what he was saything though over all the noise they were making. Temari smacked him on the head roughly and said," Huh?!" Kankuro scurried to the bathroom and locked the door quickly before Temari could cause him any more pain this early in the morning. She started banging on the door, while Gaara just decided it would be best if he just made breakfast.



Hinata's family came to pick her up from the hospital, and drove her home for the first time made her feel comforted. Her room was kept clean thanks to the maids. Hinata was now wondering what she should wear for her date. Maybe it would be best to just wear her jacket, but maybe she should wear something more cute. She picked up a purple top, a matching scarf, and white shorts thinking that this would look nice on her. Hinata decided to tie up her short hair, and put on a white, and purple hairband. She was starting to feel nervous.

Neji decided to go hang out by himself and walk around the village becasue he needed some fresh air.



Temari was looking through Gaara's closet furiously for something nice to wear. " Why the heck are all your clothes so...emo looking?"

Gaara glared at her.

She picked out a white and black striped shirt, and black skinny jeans. "Okay. I think this will look good enough, actually heres a black tie to wear too."

" Isn't this what hipsters wear?"

" It still looks good with your shirt"

Gaara shrugged, put on his clothes, and decided to just read before him and Hinata meet up.



Gaara was waiting for Hinata at the aquarium, and he soon spotted her walking his way.

Hinata said out of breath,"I'm sorry...for being late."

"...No I just got here too. You didn't have to rush yourself like that."

Hinata smiled softly and said nervously," But this i-is the first time we're going a date, so I really wanted to be here on time."

He looked at her said," I see, well you look nice today."

She was glad that he liked her outfit, and smiled happily" Thank you Gaara. So, should we be going now?"


Hinata was about to walk in the aquarium, and Gaara asked suddenly," Do you...want to hold hands?" Gaara was thinking ' Did I really just ask that? No, I did not just ask that.' Gaara was looking down and looked up to see Hinata smiling. ' Oh god I really did ask that ' Hinata gave him her hand eagerly because she was actually hoping that he would ask.

' Ah I hope my hands don't get sweaty.' Hinata worried cutely.

Gaara paid for the tickets even though Hinata claimed she could pay for herself, and they walked in together. There were many tanks of fish, all with many different types swimming around. It was really relaxing, and it was fun. Hinata smiled when she saw all the exotic fish. She stood there with her mouth opened at the jellyfish. Hinata saw a turtle swimming in a particularly big tank, and was looking at it closely, but it than got really close to the glass, and surprised her. Hinata fell to the ground suddenly before Gaara could catch her.

Hinata said," Th-That startled me."

Gaara gave her a hand, and smiled a bit. " Your so amusing with all the different facial expressions you show. "

She felt flustered, but laughed anyway. " Gaara, what's your favorite fish?"

He thought for a second and said,"...I think that shark would be my favorite." He pointed to the shark alone in the tank. " Because I feel like if I don't keep moving than I'll die, and before I met you my I felt like I was suffocating. I was always alone because everyone was afraid of me, but I didn't know how lonely I felt deep inside. Before, I would get excited when I saw blood, but now it's just different."

There was a slight pause before Gaara asked," What fish would you compare yourself to?"

" I-I don't want to say"

"Come on, I already told you mine."

Hinata sighed and said," I would probably be a blue tang b-because I was how in "Finding Nemo" Dory was always open, and she wasn't afraid of the shark at all. Do you think that sounded childish? Dory always felt insecure, but in the end she overcame that. " Hinata was prepared to see if Gaara would tease her or not.

Gaara didn't think it was childish at all. He felt moved that she thought that way actually. He said," No...not at all." Gaara pulled Hinata into a loving embrace. "Do you love me?"

Hinata closed her eyes, smiled and answered," Yes"

"Do you really love me?"


"Can...you tell me one more time?"

" I-I love you, and I'll tell you that as many times as you want to hear it"

Gaara asked," How do you know?"

" Because...I was drawn to you ever since we met, and maybe I'm just to young to know this feeling, but I just know"

Gaara thought to himself, ' If I recall correctly, the first time we met I pushed her down'

Silence...Hinata asked Gaara," Do you want to go eat lunch now? You might not be hungry if you've already eaten already though..." She looked at Gaara sadly.

"I'll eat..." So, the couple went outside to eat at a nearby park bench. Hinata unpacked the two bentos aand Gaara said," This looks really good."

A slight blush was on Hinata's face " N-No! It's just normal." Gaara took a pair of chopsticks and tried the food Hinata has prepared. Hinata looked nervous afraid to hear what Gaara thought of her cooking.

Gaara said while chewing," This is actually really good you know." Gaara picked up a tamagoyaki, " Hinata, open your mouth." Hinata opened her mouth, and Gaara fed her. " Now do you think your food tastes good?"

Honestly Hinata couldn't taste anything at all because she was so nervous, but nodded anyways. Gaara had a teasing smile on his face," Yeah I knew you would say , theres something on your face"

Hinata asked," Eh? Where?"

Gaara said," Don't worry. I can get it." He leaned in closer to Hinata, and licked off a couple grains of rice on her cheek.

Hinata reacted quickly and stuttered," I-I could've gotten it myself! " A dark blush was clearly visible.

He simply said," Yeah I know."

An old couple walked by and commented," It must nice to young.

She sighed but inside she felt rather happy. The silence was comfotable, and there was a nice breeze outside. They finished off lunch without anything out of the ordinary happening. Hinata suggested they go into town and see if there was anything to buy.

Hinata said," You still remember that Ino is having her party in 10 days,right?

Gaara replied," Yeah I remember."

"...Are you going to go?"

" I guess...but I feel like it would be weird since I barely know anyone."

Hinata gave Gaara's hand a squeeze. " Everybody already met you at the hospital,remember?."

"Yeah, I know..."

Hinata could see how uneasy Gaara still felt. " It'll be alright,everyone wants to be your friends." Gaara still had doubts because he felt like making friends could not be this easy.


Neji was also in town, looking for TenTen. He didn't feel bad about it at first, but after sleeping on it, he just couldn't get rid of the guilty feeling. Neji tried going to TenTen's house, but she wasn't there.

Neji spotted her...walking with another guy. Who was that with her? It was...Shino?!

His mind wasn't processing this thought? 'When did they get close to each other? Actually did they even talk to each other?' A million questions were being asked inside his mind, but none of them were going to get answered if he just stood around like a fool.

He raced toward the unexpected pair. TenTen spotted Neji coming though and she tugged on Shino's sleeve, and he immediately got the message. They immediately ran into a crowd of people, but that wasn't a problem for Neji. He spotted them quickly and grabbed TenTen's wrist roughly, but she refused to turn around and meet his eyes . After what happened the other day,she still needed time to collect her feelings.

Shino just stood awkwardy between them, not sure how he should this kind of situations.

Neji was the first to speak," Why are you out with Shino?"

No answer.

" Why won't you look at me?"

No answer.

" TenTen, stop making me look like an idiot already."

TenTen turned around abruptly and shook off Neji's hand. " Oh, you think you look like an idiot now? I'm the one that feels like the idiot, idiot!" Her eyes were red and slightly puffy.

Neji apologized while rubbing his temple," I'm sorry. Now will you answer my questions?"


" Great...wait what do you mean by no? I already said I was sorry."

" You didn't mean it anyway."

" I did"

TenTen rolled her eyes. " Whatever. I was in town crying over a...jerk like you, and Shino asked me what was wrong. So, he offered to listen to my problems, and than you rushed in here all angry."

Neji was a bit annoyed but still glad that TenTen did not have any other kind of relationship with Shino. I mean it's Shino, so of course she would not think of him in that kind of way.

Shino was a bit annoyed because he could read what Neji was probably thinking about something rude at the moment. Shino said," Well, if nobody need me I'll be leaving now."

TenTen said," Bye Shino" before slapping Neji across the cheek. " I still haven't forgiven you."

Neji said," Come on TenTen, we're team mates. You can not keep a grudge anyway, and wow that stung!"

"It should, cause what you said to me hurt even more."

TenTen was mad because she knew it was true. She wasn't that mad at Neji anymore after crying and talking about it, but now she was mad at herself for letting her emotions get out of control, but slapping Neji felt good.

TenTen exploded again," I know that! You don't think I know that? I'm leaving!" TenTen ran off at high speed.

Neji decided that he was never going to get girls, but he decided to chase after her anyways.


Gaara offered to buy Hinata ice cream since it was getting late now. Gaara paid for the ice cream and Hinata took the strawberry ice cream cone happily. Gaara didn't like sweets too, so he was just glad to see Hinata having a good time. Hinata ate half, and felt too full. She got up to throw the rest of the ice cream, but somebody suddenly slammed into her.

Her ice cream got all over that person's clothes, and they fell down together. Hinata opened her eyes and saw TenTen panicked.

Hinata suddenly said," TenTen?! Wh-What was that?"

TenTen explained," Sorry, I was running away from Neji, and wasn't looking to see where I was going. What is all over me? Is this ice cream? Ugh it feels cold, and gross."

Hinja apologized quickly," S-Sorry! It was my fault..."

" No! It was my fault for running into you..."

Neji came into the scene out of breath and said," Finally...caught up to you."

TenTen groaned in frustration. " Yeah, awesome," she said sarcastically.

Gaara said awkwardly," Maybe everyone should sit down and collect themselves, and explain to me what the heck is going on?"

Everyone sat on a park bench and the first to explain what was happening was TenTen. How they got into this kind of fight in the first place, up to when he was chasing after her. Neji explained that he wanted to apologize, but she wouldn't face him.

TenTen was covered in ice cream, and this entire situation was exhausting. Hinata suggested," Maybe, we should all go back to my house, and call it a night." It was roughly aroung 7:30 p.m. at the time. The walk to the house was painfully awkward for Neji and TenTen, but on the other hand, Gaara and Hinata were chatting happily about their day.

Hinata rang the doorbell and Hiashi answered, surprised by how Hinata and Neji brought home guests.

Hinata just took TenTen up to her room, and got her a change of clothes. Neji and Gaara were sitting in the living room silently. Hanabi was pestering them.

Hanabi whispered to Gaara," Hey, your Hinata's boyfriend aren't you?"

He was dumbfouned for a second. She's a sharp little girl. Gaara just responded back by giving her a slight nod.

Hiashi was still clueless and confused, wondering what was going on. Hinata and TenTen walked down to see Gaara getting questioned from Hiashi. " So, are you Neji's friend or Hinata's?

Hinata came down and answered," F-Father, Gaara is m-m-my..."

Gaara butted in and said," I'm her boyfriend."

The father was trying to register what he just said. " Wait, is this the boy that let you stay over his house for the night, and lent you those clothes? I do not approve of this relationship." Gaara is a strong shinobi though.



Hinata said," Don't try to act like my father now. You haven't been with me all my life, I never got your support, I never felt like I was a part of this family before you apologized to me at the hospital. I don't want to give up on Gaara just because you told me to do so. Besides Gaara was there for me when I was feeling broken down while you were ignoring me"

He answered back," I know, but I am your father, but you can do as you wish for now."

" Thank you..."

Gaara was glad that Hinata said that for him. Hinata invited everyone to play fighting games on her Xbox since it might be a good way to break the ice. The mood really did change, and TenTen was playing happily with Neji.

"Ha! In your face Neji!" TenTen said loudly.

Neji stated," Hmph, whatever you were just pressing random buttons anyway, and its just a game.

" Oh you want to go again?"

"Not...really" Neji was glad that TenTen wasn't angry at him anymore.

TenTen decided to sleep over in Hinata's room because by the time they finished playing video games, it was already really late. Hiashi came downstair and saw the children still enjoying themselves, and looked at the clock. It was already 1:00 a.m. So, he offered to let Gaara and TenTen stay over. Gaara was about to reject his offer, but Hiashi insisted.

At the same time Temari was tired of waiting for Gaara to come home. ' When that boy comes home tomorrow, he better be prepared to get a scolding on the life time. I hope they had fun though...ah young love must be great. I kinda want an amazing romance story like my little brother got. It is annoying that her brother was able to get in this kind of relationship before her though.'

Hinata and TenTen talked for quite a while, but TenTen fell asleep first. Hinata got out of bed to get a glass of water, and found Gaara sitting on the couch reading a book. " Gaara, your still awake?"

Gaara turned around,"...Yeah, well I don't need to sleep after all."

"Oh..." Hinata took a seat next to Gaara, and put her head on his shoulder. Her hair tickled Gaara's face, but he didn't mind. Gaara wrapped his arms aroung Hinata's thin waist. " You know I had a really great time today, and I wish we could have more days like this before the chuunin exams start."

The plan...Gaara almost forgot about it. He didn't know if he wanted to go through with it anymore.

Gaara replied back stoically," Same here..." he spaced out a bit before he asked," Shouldn't you be going back to sleep right now?"

Hinata was trying to hide it, but her chest felt tight and painful at the thought of him leaving, and the thought of her village getting invaded. She couldn't hold her tears in anymore, and clutched his shirt tighly. " J-Just a little longer" Gaara sighed, and patted her head knowing that he was probably the reason for her tears. " Eh? What's with these tears? I had so much fun today, but they just won't stop falling...," She said while sniffling in between words.

' I don't want to ever see your tears again'

Gaara wasn't the type to strike up a conversation but he asked Hinata," Hey, do you want to go out for a walk?"

" Sure..."

It started with a stroll in the neighborhood, but it has been an hour and it looked like they didn't have any intention on turning back soon. There was a notable distance between them. Hinata said," You know, I feel like I could just touch the moon right now...it just feels really close today. "

"Hm, I guess it does, can we just sit on the grass for a second?"

" Yeah, I'm starting to feel tired"

A few minutes ticked by, before they decided it would be best to return to Hinata's house.

Hiashi though to himself in bed ' Kids these days are growing up much too fast.'