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Chapter Fifteen


Was my eye twitching? It felt like my eye was twitching. I couldn't really tell if my eye was twitching because my heart was thumping so damn loudly in my ears I thought that the noise would suffocate all my other senses. The only thing that was racing in my mind was "please tell me that this isn't April". But I knew that there was no possible other explanation…and the more I thought about her past behavior the more the pieces began to fall together. My daughter had played me and the worst part was, we were in public so I couldn't even DO anything about it!

I watched as April's mask lifted with a faint hiss and her green eyes faced mine. I hope she could sense how utterly fucked she was. At the moment that was the ONLY thought that was keeping me from pealing that suit off of her and beating her ass!

"Aren't you going to introduce me daddy dearest?" she yelled, causing the audience to gasp and some of them to applaud.

I put on an eerily cheery smile and gently put and arm around my daughter. Even in the suit, she wasn't that much taller than me. I would have to admit at some point, that this suit was pretty damn impressive…eventually…maybe…twenty years from now. I turned to face the public, so that they would believe this was all part of the Expo and gently gripped April's metal shoulder.

"A daughter and a SUIT after my own heart, huh!" I called out. "Isn't she just a daddy's girl, folks?"

Oh she was so fucking grounded it wasn't even funny. I almost wished she was young enough for a spanking…parents still did that crap right? I could never remember if it was one of those things that parents were for or against…well I know that right now I was DEFINITELY pro-spanking.

While the crowd seemed to be distracted, I gently turned off my microphone so no one would hear me and lowered my voice so that only April could hear me.

"I don't know what the HELL you were hoping to accomplish by all of this," I growled, still waving and smiling. "But as soon as we are done here…we are scrapping this suit and your ass is grass."

I watched as April turned to glare at me and I saw the same fire in her eyes that I usually had when I was about to do something I would seriously regret later. Before she could even say a word, I ducked as she through an armored punch at me.

"Are you fucking crazy?!" I hissed, happy my mic was still off. "You could have lopped my head off!"

"My SUIT can outfight yours any time and wear, Iron SHIT! Now put it on!"

My eyes darted into April's and something in me told me that this was going to happen whether I liked it or not…and at this point…it would probably be best that I was in my suit so that I wouldn't get clobbered. I doubted April would kill me, but I knew that she wouldn't be above breaking at least one of her father's bones when she was angry…Hell I knew that I wasn't.

Moving back over to the launch pad I held out my arms and waited for the suit. My eyes remained trained on my daughter as the metal clasped over my limbs and I glared at her the entire time, until my face was shielded from her and she could no longer see me. I could not believe this was happening, but what better way to start the Stark Expo than with a little family bonding.

"Tony," Pepper hissed of my mic. "What the Hell are you two doing?"

"Can't talk right now, Peps…I'm about to kick my daughter's ass."

April's helmet closed and I began using Jarvis to identify all the weak spots I could in her suit. She had done a good job…but her armor wasn't practical at all. It was so thing, if I dared to blast her with anything, it would no doubt cause some serious damage to her organs. This was going to be one of the hardest/easiest fights I have ever gone through.

"Tony, you can't do this-

-can't hear you, going through a tunnel."

Turning off the cell phone feed between Pepper and I, I turned back to my daughter and readied myself. This was going to be one of the best fights in Stark Family history. I don't think my dad would be able to boast about having such an intense fight with me.

"Ready when you are prin-

Before I could finish, April aimed her arm canon at me and fired. The blast was pure energy and I flew back into the crowd, careful to turn on my thrusters before slamming into anyone. I shook my head as I tried to pull myself together. Where in all that is fucking Holy had she gotten a hold of that kind of tech!?

And that's when it hit me…or she did…for a second time…she must have used my original design for that gun I had designed when we were held in captivity. I thought I had scrapped that damn thing! It was clear that I was going to have to be a lot more mindful about what I did with my designs.

I looked up at my daughter and barreled towards her, grabbing her with both my arms and pulling her off of the stage. I wasn't going to risk us hurting any of the audience members and I had a feeling that she and I really needed to talk one on one without a ton of people being around to listen in.

"What the Hell is your problem, April!?" I snapped. "Why are you doing this?"

"You LEFT me in Malibu!" she snarled. "You didn't even bother to ask if I wanted to be apart of the Stark Expo! And you haven't even TOLD anyone that I was your daughter! That crowd didn't even know I existed! But OH they all know about Pepper and you, don't they!?"

I grunted as April shoved her feet into my chest and kicked me back. I was starting to understand why she had made the suit with Platinum Sterling…her reflexes were really fast.

"How was I supposed to know that you wanted to go?!" I snapped, pulling her arm behind her back when she came to land another hit. "You didn't say anything, April Olivia!"

"You couldn't TELL!?" she roared, trying to aim her hand canon at my head. "Are you SERIOUSLY that dense!?"

"Apparently!" I yelled, grabbing her other arm. "Now stop…before I hurt you, April."

"Hurt me?" she snorted. "I'd like to see you try!"

"Your armor is thinner than mine, I get one clear shot…and you are down…I have both your arms behind your back…you have lost, April."

April tried to pull her legs up and I honestly knew that she wouldn't stop until I made it that she couldn't go any further. So taking my hand canon, I aimed at her feet and blasted. The thrusters hissed back and April gasped as her weight suddenly caught up to her and she sagged heavily in my arms.

"NO! No! What did you do!" she screamed.

"Are you going to calm down?!" I snapped. "Because I could just let go of you and you could have some time to yourself."

"You ruined her! I worked so hard!"

April's voice was trembling and I knew that she was going to cry…and a part of me felt kind of bad. I understood all the work that went into making a suit and I knew that part of April's soul had gone into this suit, but she was trying to kill me with it! Surely that meant I was right in what I had done.

"You were trying to hurt me with it, April," I sighed, lowering us to the ground. "You are my daughter-"

"I wasn't going to KILL you or anything! I was just trying to show you up! To show you that I was just as good at you at this crap! That I can be a superhero too!"

My eyes widened a bit and I removed my mask. I didn't want April to be a superhero! I wanted her to be a normal teenage girl, or as normal as she could be living with the Stark name. If she were to become a superhero, there was the chance that she would always be in danger! That she could die constantly. I got off on that shit, but April…I didn't even want to think about her living this kind of life.

"April…no…" I said holding her firmly. "This isn't…you can't be a super hero!"

"Why not?! You aren't the only extraordinary person in the world, Tony!"

"I know that!" I yelled. "But I don't want to lose you! God, April…I don't want you to be a superhero…it isn't that you couldn't do it…I know that you could…but I don't WANT you to do it. I don't want you putting yourself in danger for people that could give two fucks about you! I want you to be selfish and live for you and no one else!"

"I don't want to live like that Tony," she said, her mask lifting off her face. "I want to be needed, I wanted to be useful, and I want to matter!"

A few tears slide down her face, and gently I wiped them away with my metal hand. How many times was I going to have to prove this to April? I guess for every year that I had abandoned her.

"April, you matter…you matter to me." I said softly. "I would trade all of this for you…I would give it all up if I thought that we could live normal lives together…but we can't, princess…but I don't want you living like me. I don't want you giving up your freedom for the thrills of being a superhero…it's just not worth it."

"I am doing this…" she said firmly. "You can either…support me…or just stand by and watch as I do it on my own."

I chewed the inside of my cheek. I knew she wasn't making idle threats. April WOULD really continue to add to her suit and she would use it, if only to piss me off more. But perhaps if I gave her permission…maybe she would just lose interest. Psh…yeah right, I was fucked either way.

"Fine...we'll start working tonight..."

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