The Unexpected Consequences of getting to Forever After

In Chapter 1…there are a lot of tears, especially from his royal hotness Prince Charming. You should know that he cries excessively in the beginning of this story. Well darnit all, he should , it's my punishment for being such a friggen nancy boy. That curse took his best features and made him into an epic weepy doorknob. And yes, I have temporarily turned poor Emma into a mess, but let's face it that poor woman has had a few major life changing events, slayed a dragon, and probably hasn't slept in a few days. Emma deserves a temporary meltdown. Now keep in mind that I haven't written darn near anything in 5 plus years and have zero beta. Slay me with your swords people. I can take the criticism, as it makes me a better writer.

Chapter 1 in which the Charming keeps crying…

Snow forced her eyes shut and buried her face into Charming's flannel shirt, purple smoke enveloped them, but she kept a death grip on him for fear he'd be whisked away yet again. But as fast as it came, the purple smoke moved on and she found herself gazing again into those beautiful blue eyes. He was still there, and she sighed in relief and stood on her toes to kiss his soft lips again. The townspeople around them were shell shocked and understandably confused, but here and there you could hear shouts of joy as loved ones were reunited. Loved ones that had spent 28 years just out of each other's reach. Breaking the kiss, both of them looked at each other in sudden realization. "Emma!" they said in unison, Snow looked utterly horror stricken. "Henry… he was dying," she said with anguish.

Snow grabbed her husband's hand and took off running towards the hospital. But after a few yards Charming drug her to a halt. A perplexed look came across his face, and his brow was furrowed in deep thought. His daughter was a woman who hated him or to be precise hated David Nolan. Emma was 28 no older than they were, and he had a grandson, that precocious little boy who once asked if he knew how to use a sword. Snow finally yelled his name trying to regain his attention. It was the terror in her voice that brought him back. "Truck…we take my truck it's faster," He practically yelled, and they raced for his old truck, taking a white knuckled drive to Storybrooke Hospital. Thankfully, David Nolan somehow new how to drive the wheeled machine even if Prince Charming didn't.

Ignoring the shrieks of delight and the bowing and curtseying of their loyal subjects, Snow and Charming raced through the hospital and burst through the glass doors to their daughter and grandson. Where Mary Margaret had been timid and quiet, Snow was her opposite and it was this woman who grabbed Emma and Henry and held on for dear life. Emma and Snow began sobbing and the three sank to the floor in an impossibly tight hug, Henry smiling wrapped his arms around his beloved grandmother's neck, his mother hugging Snow around him. Charming stood near, tears streaming down his handsome face for what felt like the umpteenth time that day, Snow looked up at him, smiling through her own tears and held out her hand to him. He took what was offered and was promptly yanked downwards to hold his family.

The Blue Fairy gazed with pride at the young Royals; yes, they had suffered much, but now had much to gain. She ushered the others out of the room including a very flustered Dr. Whale who had regained the power of speech and now kept on insisting he apologize to the Princess for his impropriety, and shut the door behind them. She gave them a few moments for Emma's sobbing to stop. "Your majesties," she began and then leaned down and lovingly placed a hand under her chin bringing Emma to look at her. "Dear child, tell me, where is Pinocchio? He was to have been with you." Emma looked utterly distraught and her father held her close to him, confusion written on his handsome countenance at what that naughty little boy of Gepetto's would have to do with Emma. "Dead, August is dead" Emma choked out her grief pouring off of her. "He...he… turned to wood right in front of me. I…I didn't believe in time." And with that Emma leaned back into her father and he held her as her tears started anew. Snow understood, the Stranger, August, and Pinocchio were one in the same, Old Geppetto would be devastated at this sad news, but like her husband also wondered why he was to suppose to be with Emma.

Henry jumped up with a smile on his exuberant face, "But you're the Blue Fairy! You can fix him!" Emma turned to look at Charming who smiled a sad smile and nodded in agreement. "She is." Snow stood up and offered a hand to Emma pulling her and Charming up. To the Blue Fairy, she asked, "Can you?" Something about Henry caught the Fairy's eye and she studied him for a moment. Henry had Emma's mouth, Snow's tenacity and James's hair, but those eyes…she had seen them before, long ago and she knew what she had to do. Smiling she nodded her yes to the Princess and she and the Royal family left the hospital for Granny's. Through her sniffles Emma commented, "She's awfully big for a fairy."