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Chapter 6

It had been a few weeks since that day. Draco and Laron had got closer. Tom had been over a few times since then. Laron had noticed he always felt a strange warming in his chest every time Tom hugged or payed attention to him. He didn't payed much attention to it though. Today they had been waiting for Kali to show up with her husband, Myron. For the first time they were meeting her husband, who they hadn't heard much about. Draco had gotten his brother up early for he was very excited to meet this strange man Kali kept mentioning many times.

Adrianna and Clay didn't really talk all that much and kept their distance. Sometimes they wouldn't see the vampires all day except at meals which strangely enough they could eat. Adrianna was the youngest starting 5th year at Hogwarts while Clay was in the same year as them 6th. Adrianna was dark skinned, her light chestnut brown hair was short and straight, her eyes were an intense deep blue. Clay was fair skinned, his dark brown hair was long and held back in a ponytail, his eyes were a softer blue then his sisters. They were all waiting for Kali show up with her family.

The twins were the only ones left in the lobby for their parents decided to leave to check on the house elves. Draco starred at Laron and smiled he had always dreamed of having his brother back, and know he did. For a long time he had known he had a brother but he hadnt known he was alive. So when they had flooed back home and had seen his father sitting on the couch with three unknown teenagers. When he found out that one of them was his twin brother, he heard the door open and looked up. He found Blaise walking in with a grin on his face. "Whats got u so happy". Draco looked at his friend "My brother, Larons come back" he said reaceiving a strange look from Blaise. Before it hit his friend "The kid who was with your father" he said. Draco nodded before stopped "You were in the room when it had been said...unless you were distracted by someone" Draco said just as his friend blushed. "Enjoyed your night with Jade must huh" Draco asked with a grin. Before he could answer Laron came running in with a letter with a large smile on his face. "Whats got you so happy" the two of them asked. "Besides Kali coming" he got a nod " im officialy going to Hogwarts as Laron Malfoy" he said recieving a bright smile from his brother.

"Finally" a voice behind them said, they turned to find Kali behind them. "Kali!" Laron exclaimed as he ran forward hugging the demon. It seems she had come sometime during Laron's explanation. "You guys better watch the twins, they will be first years" She said fiercely there was no argument, the three of them nodded quickly. "So where are they" Draco asked just as a bright flashed engulfed the room. When the light finally dimmed it revealed a tall golden blond man, two kids attached to his waist. When the man was revealed both Draco and Laron started to giggle with a sort whisper from Blaise "Oh the Irony" he said. The man attached to his back was two large white wings. One of the kids after the light completly vanished ran and attached itself to Kali. Causing Kali to smile a bit, the one on her leg had a darker shade of blond then his father but it was blond. He was deathly pale and had golden eyes. The other was the oposite he had pitch black hair. His skin was pale while his eyes looked black almost but was actually a dark blue. "This is Wyatt" Kali said pointing to the one on her leg " and the one on Myron is Wendell". Laron was the first to act walking up to the two. "Nice to meet you two" he said with a smile. "We going to Diagon, Soon Soon" Both of them said together. Laron was confused slightly and was saved by Draco "We are going just as our parents get here with a friend" He answered receiving a strange look from the twins. It wasn't long before his parents arrived with the vampires and Jade. "Okay off to Diagon" the twins annouced. Hopefully today there won't be any unpleasent surprises.

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