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''What do you mean you're raising the rent again?" Molly shouted into the speaker end of her phone. Her landlord was not the most professional man on his best days. He often raised the price to rent out her small flat, but never bothered to keep it in running order. Molly's face flushed red with anger as she listened to the man's ''reasoning'' behind the inflation.

''I can barely afford it now as it is!'' She hollered again, pacing a groove in the floor of St. Bart's morgue. Finally, when she had heard enough, she hung up the phone, before getting a chance to mutter where her landlord could shove his higher rate.


Sherlock Holmes and John Watson had been on a case that morning. Every so often, Sherlock allowed John to pick out a case. It was never an interesting one, but then again, he had a feeling that John did that deliberately. They had finished with the case of a young man's missing laptop, it was the roommate's idiot girlfriend. Sherlock and John sat in the back of the cab driving to Bart's. John grinned as he felt Sherlock's mind stewing over the morning's events.

''Why on earth do you have to pick the most boring of cases, John? Honestly, I may as well have Anderson accompany me on outings. What an utter waste of time.'' Sherlock finally spoke, clearly agitated with his flatmate. John merely rolled his eyes and looked out the opposite window. The cab arrived shortly after, Sherlock still refusing to utter a word as they crawled out. Sherlock paid the cabbie, and they walked inside. Once they reached the doors to the morgue, Sherlock had decided to remove the wall of silence that separated John from himself. He flung open the doors, and waltzed through. John followed behind, chuckling at the theatrics of his friend's entrance. This was shortly cut off by the sound of something whizzing past his head and crashing into the wall behind him.

''Oh, oh dear God. I am so sosososo sorry, John.'' Molly immediately flew to his side, where he stood, clearly shocked. He nodded, as if telling her it was alright. She then walked over to where the thing had crashed, and began picking up the pieces. John looked to Sherlock, who seemed uninterested, but was rather waiting impatiently by the body lockers. Molly had placed the remnants on the counter by the door, and John could clearly make out three pieces of a screen from a phone. His eyes followed her as she walked to Sherlock's side.

''Ah, hello Molly. I need to take a look at this man's gout. Experiment.'' Sherlock stated, waiting expectantly next to a locker. Molly heaved a sigh, before opening it, and wheeling out the large body. She had turned to continue with her paperwork, when she screeched to a halt at his next words.

''Cup of coffee, while you're at it. Black, two sugars.'' He said, not looking up from the fat man's feet. Molly wheeled herself around and quickly pushed the cart into its hole, before slamming the door shut, nearly hitting Sherlock's face.

''Get your own damned coffee.'' She said, her eyes venomous. She turned around and quickly grabbed her bag, before storming out of the morgue. John's eyes glanced back to Sherlock after she left, and stifled a grin. Sherlock's face was one of pure confusion, unblinking, and a bit scared.


Molly sighed as she walked through the line of the cafeteria. She grabbed a cup of coffee, and then a second one. She hadn't meant to bark at him like that, but, well, sometimes he had it coming. She prepared his cup for him and then began to walk back to the morgue, she looked out the window in thought.

''What am I going to do?"


That evening, Molly had been flipping through the stations on her old set, nothing intriguing on. She settled for an old episode of Miss Marple, while she began flipping through the want ads in the paper. Her eyes scrolled the long columns, not pleased with any of the viable job offers. Her eyes came to the end of the last column, when she saw it. A small, three-liner, in the lower corner.

Evening positions available. No experience required.
Inquire at 64 Shoreditch High Street.

She clipped the ad out and placed it in her wallet. 'Tomorrow.' She thought to herself, before dozing off.


The next day, Molly woke to the sound of her alarm chiming. It had been her day off, yet she had been so intrigued, she wanted an early start on this job inquery. Molly had dressed in a semi-professional manner. She wore a pair of dark blue dress slacks, with a ruffled purple top. She pulled her hair into a ponytail, and tucked a loose strand behind her ear. It would take around 15 minutes to reach the address by cab, so she called ahead for one. Shortly thereafter, she was climbing into the back of the car, and on her way. She clutched the tiny ad in her fingertips, reading over the words time and time again. When she arrived, she paid the cab driver and then turned to walk into the building. She gazed up at the sign, and took a deep breath as she opened the door.


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