Chapter 2:

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Ally POV:

I could not affirm what had just happened just now! Whoa, I stood up for Austin. Sadly, I still have stage fright with all the people cheering on me. It's hard to get rid of you stage fright. Somehow, I think that Austin, Trish or Dez planned the concert just now. Trish and Dez would never let down their best friend, Austin. If I were to really get rid of my stage fright for life, I need it to be genuine and not some dubious acting of any sort.

I was at the practice room in Sonic Boom, hitting random keys while letting lyrics flow in my head.

Sparks fly, its like electricity

I might die, when I forget how to breathe.

"Ally, are you okay?" Trish and Austin said in unison while barging into the practice room and comforted me. I nodded and grinned mischievously.

"So, are you stage fright gone? Trish, Dez and I planned all this and we really hope your stage fright is gone," Austin asked me impatiently and tapped his foot waiting for my answer. "I'm so sorry Austin, but no. I want it to be genuine and not some sort of acting," I answered disapprovingly. Austin and Trish frowned.

"Benjamin, you're sitting here," Dez said to his gingerbread man while putting it inside his gingerbread house. I can say that Austin and Trish did most of the planning as all Dez does was playing with his gingerbread house. He does not even comfort me when I'm down. I know that he's the man of his words but must he really be that honest? It just hurts terribly especially the moment when he agreed to my father's words whereby I have a one in a billionth chance to perform on stage.

I need to repay Austin and Trish's kindness. Trish loves make-up, mostly those girly accessories, revenge and also quitting her job every single day. I can give her a make-up gift. There's a discount at the make-up kiosk. As for revenge and job quitting, there's no gift for that. If I were to help Trish's vengeance, do not count on me, as I'm not good in revenge and keeping secrets. Revenge is just so nasty and what's the point of telling a secret to me? It's no longer a secret anymore and you might as well spill it to others, well actually, I might spell it to others.

As for Austin, he loves pancakes, mostly all musical instruments and Cassidy! Maybe I can make him some pancakes, present him a yellow guitar- he loves yellow and maybe arrange him a date with Cassidy! That will be perfect since him and Cassidy would make a really cute couple.

It's finally time to close up, so I ushered my 3 friends to leave Sonic Boom. They left and now it's time to buy presents for Austin and Trish tonight. " Bye guys! See ya'll tomorrow," I said while waving at them.

After arranging the musical instruments neatly and wiping the counter, I grabbed my wallet and left Sonic Boom for the mall. I now, I'm a nice girl.

Once I reached the mall, I bought a make-up gift bag for Trish. For Austin, I bought him a yellow, electric guitar. As for Cassidy, I will ask Austin to ask Cassidy out tomorrow. If it she accepts, I will make reservations in a fancy restaurant. I hope they kissed so that I will be the happiest girl in the world! My best friend has a girlfriend! Let's just hope.

The Next Day…

It's another tiring day for me. I'm at Sonic Boom when I saw Trish walked in. Secretly, I took my gift from Trish and made a beeline for her while she was busy reading her magazine.

"Trish, here's you gift, for attempting to help me get rid of my stage fright," I told Trish and handed her gift. Her jaws dropped and she hugged me happily. I grinned and did our fist pump.

"Hello, girls," Austin greeted us while he was walking into Sonic Boom. "Austin, here's you gift as you aided me in ridding my stage fright," I told Austin and handed him a yellow guitar and a plate of pancakes with melting butter on top of the pancake. "Thanks, Ally-gator! I love you! I've always wanted a yellow guitar!" Ally exclaimed and gave me a bear hug. "Another thing, I made my research that Cassidy is in the mall around this time and I was thinking maybe you could ask her out? I will make reservations in a fancy restaurant if she accepts your offer. Don't say 'date', it will make things weirder," I told Austin and grinned.

I grabbed Austin's hand and made our way to the mall. We hid behind a bush. "Sorry, didn't see that, you're a big boy now," I looked at our intertwining hands and let off. Cassidy was sitting at the food court enjoying her drink. Perfect. " Austin, go get that girl!" I said to Austin and grinned.

Austin POV

That's so sweet of Ally. How can I ever repay her kindness? I walked towards Cassidy and made the courage to talk to her. " Um… Cassidy, do you mind if I could hangout with you tonight? Wear casually," I told her nervously.

"Is there Dez?" she asked pleadingly. I nodded, as I knew she has a crush on Dez and would not go out with me if both of us were alone. It's just a white lie. At least I got to hang out with her alone and make her come although Dez is not really there. " Set," she told me and slurped her drink.

I went to the bush when Ally asked me if she accepts my offer. I nodded and didn't tell her about 'Dez'. She grinned and we headed to Sonic Boom.

"Austin, I've made reservations. All the best!" she assured me and smiled. Got to look awesome with my 'date', Cassidy. " Ally, I want you to come and help me out in case I get all freaked out," I told her. She nodded and I just can't wait for tonight!

The Night

"Ally, you look gorgeous with the red dress!" I exclaimed. We went to the restaurant and wait for Cassidy. The restaurant was so fancy. Chandeliers hanging, fancy seats- those comfy and fabric seats and there's also a violinist playing the violin! Paintings hanging on the walls, jazz music playing and the best thing was that fancy people surround me. I really need to repay Ally's kindness! It felt somewhat like heaven! I sit at a 2-seated table and waited for Cassidy. Ally was at the table opposite us, observing me. Speaking of Cassidy, here she comes now! Ally looked at the menu and peeked at us, grinning. Cassidy was so stunning. She wore these earrings and a white dress. The first thing she said was…instead of asking how are things going with me she asked, "Where's Dez?" Unbelievable!

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