Hey everybody! So yeah, this is a new fic i've been working on. The plot is basically an Ichigo x Rukia fic in which Ichigo, a young sixteen-year on mercenary-to-be trained by his father is defeated in his first battle, then sold into slavery in which he rises to glorious heights in the underground fighting system and the gladitorial arena. This story was inspired by the fanfic 'Mine' by 'Lovemydogs82' and the TV show 'Spartacus: Blood and Sand/Gods of the Arena/Vengeance etc..

It won't be a complete copy of the show Spartacus, but it's heavily influenced by it. The armor Ichigo and his companions will wear will most likely be in the show and i'll put pictures of it on my profile. Speaking of which, I would greatly appreciate it if someone on deviantart or whatever would draw some characters in the armor i've described, so that the readers would get a general idea of what they wear. If your a user, just PM me the link or if your an anonymous, just put it in the review. Ichigo will only wear like...seven or so outifts in the whole series, which i'll try to space out into two or three stories. Although you don't have to draw them all, you don't even have to draw Ichigo. There will be a lot of fan favorites in the show such as Gin and Rangiku (Huge parts) Grimmjow, Kugo Ginjou, Kenpachi, Aizen etc...

As for couples, there will be a mix of sexualities. There will be hetero, yaoi and yuri in the story and i'd like you all to be mature about it. I'm a guy, so I know men don't like maleXmale so i'll warn you beforehand, same with females. It's just to give people development and all bla bla bla. There will only be two or so homosexual couples so the male readers don't get scared off. Besides did you see what Agron x Nasir did for the female viewers of Spartacus? Piled those people in they did!

Anyways, on with the story!


It was a cool summers day in the thriving town of Karakura. The villagers chatted happily in the booming market as they bought and sold their wares. Karakura was a modest town, there wasn't much crime nor punishment and all the inhabitants where humble merchants, fish mongers, wood cutters or hunters. Except for a few.

This 'few' was the Yasutora family, the Ishida family and the Kurosaki family. They were the militia of the town and had been so for sixteen-generations. They were mercenaries who did odd-jobs out of the village to gain other villages trust so they weren't attacked or plundered.

The leader of the Yasutora family was 'Oscar Joaquín de la Rosa' While he wasn't a Yasutora by birth, he had married into the family and had been a trusted member for over thirty five-years. His children had died in a battle to protect the village and his heir was Sado Yasutora. A tall, yet gentle giant who was trained using an axe, hammer or spear. Something befitting his large and burly stature.

The Ishida family was led by the magnificent archer Ryuuken Ishida. While his father Soken still lived and fought, he had taken over long ago to allow Soken to train the young heir Uryu to take over when he came of age. The Ishida family specialized in bows, traps, strategy plans and demolitian, as their family had managed to find and create the sources on how to make gun-powder.

The final family, and the most powerful family were the Kurosakis. They were led by the fast and strong Isshin Kurosaki who prided himself on being the 'Epitome of all that is masculine' Isshin had trained his son Ichigo on how to use swords, shields, spears, warhammer, maces, axes and daggers. He had also trained him in Despite being quite slow, like his father. Ichigo had a keen war mind while only being just seventeen. He came up with numerous strategies on where his father should head and how he should do it before even entering a battefield for the first time. Isshin had also trained Ichigo in hand-to-hand combat, Ichigo was a master at pankration, which was a mixture between Wrestling and boxing, Ichigo also threw in some martial arts techniques he learnt when monks came to the town and trained hom for two months. The boy was a prodigy plain and simple. The Kurosaki's were looked at as leaders of the village and took their position with pride.

Although, this pride had turned into a sort of cockiness for Ichigo. He wasn't arrogant, he didn't believe himself better than anyone, his father could beat him down like a dog if he challenged him. He had just a little mischevious cockiness and had a very laid-back, yet heroic attitude towards fighting. He loved a challenge and was fearless when fighting, proving himself a glorious specimen to Karakura.

Ichigo stood 6'0 tall and had the body of an adonis. He had long orange her reaching down between his shoulder blades and was tied into a pony-tail. He had spiky bangs that went down to his cheek bones. (Kinda like his dangai hair) Ichigo wore a red cloak that covered his neck and collarbone area, while a lather strap was across his bare chest to hold his sword. He had a thick brown leather belt across his hips, with a brown cloth covering his crotch and groin areas. He had knee-length brown leather greaves too. When he went into battle he put on a steel Spartan-like plumed helmet.

Ichigo entered his families cabin after he had gone out hunting. He had speared a large boar and was quite proud of himself for doing so, the range was at least fifteen metres and he had hit the boar dead in the centre when he tossed the large weapon. "I'm home!" Ichigo called out. His mother's head popped out from the kictchen.

"Oh hello son...why do you smell?" Masaki asked with a raised eyebrow. Masaki was Ichigos beautiful mother and was praised in the village as being the town's most magnificent looking specimen in decades. She was a kind and caring person who didn't use anything for granted. This had been passed down to her daughter Yuzu, who was possibly the total opposite of Karin. Who had her father's looks and her brother's personality.

Speaking of the two daughters. Karin and Yuzu Kurosaki both idolized two women. Tatsuki Ariwasa for Karin and Orihime Inoue for Yuzu. Orihime Inoue was arranged to marry Ichigo as a term of a family alliance from the Inoue family. Orihime was possibly the most gorgeous woman in the town apart from Masaki. This annoyed Ichigo due to the fact that the girl was head-over-heels in love with him, while Ichigo had not even had a romantic thought or feeling about the girl. She was not a bad person, she was just a tad bubbly, too happy and pure for Ichigo. Ichigo didn't want to see her hurt as well as disappoint his family, so he agreed without a regret. She was better than everyone else in the village in terms of looks, personality and loyalty.

Ichigo rolled his eyes at his mother "I was hunting. There is a large boar out back. Father is going to skin it" He spoke.

"Oh, did Isshin say so himself?" Masaki mused

"No, but I caught him and I could not be assed" Ichigo chuckled

Masaki giggled before signalling her son to sit down "Come, here is some tea. Your father gave us some cow meat before he left, so the boar will be eaten tomorrow"

"I'll just eat this and go to bed, i'm a bit tired" Ichigo yawned

Maaski nodded in understanding "Very well. Your father spoke of something big, so you should get some rest, I fear you have a mission tomorrow." Masaki said

Ichigo sighed. 'I fear you have a mission tomorrow' Replayed in his mind. Masaki never did like Ichigo being a soldier but she did not want to break the Kurosaki tradition. Ichigo not being the leader would install panic and worry into the town. Ichigo however, loved being a mercenary and the perks that came with it. People saw him as a hero, he brought in vast amounts of coin for the towns well being and it gave him a sense of duty. "I shall speak with him about it later, he probably didn't give you details"

Masaki nodded "You know him. Mans duty is a mans business"

Ichigo smirked and nodded after scoffing down the last of the meat. "I know, I know. Anyway I'm done eating" He said before gulping down his tea. "I'll be in my room if you need me" He said. Masaki nodded before picking up his wooden plate and cup and scrubbing it ferociously. Ichigo sighed, gave a yawn and went to his room...


With Isshin...

Isshin Kurosaki, along with his two most trusted men, who happened to be the two heads of the Ishida and Yasutora family were in a large desolate beach. They had twenty men each under their command. Isshins former goofy eyes were now steely and determined.

In front of Isshin was a man standing 6'1. He had brown scholarly hair, brown eyes and wore a Seireitei legionairre uniform. Which was grey leather torso armor, with the arms covered with red leather strips. The armour extended to his mid-thigh, which was also covered in red-leather strips. He had brown leather bracers and brown leather greaves. He had a Gladius at his hip. This man was named Sosuke Aizen. Behind him was one hundred other legionairres wearing the exact same armor.

"What are Seireitei's soliders doing here in Karakura?" Isshin demanded as he glared at Aizen. Said man gave a smirk and spoke.

"I am merely here to form an alliance" He said with a calm smirk.

Isshin frowned "An alliance? What for? Seireitei never even acknowledges Karakura and now you want to form an alliance? I don't trust you for a second you smirking bastard!"

Aizen's smirk remained "Very perceptive. You see, Seireitei is going to go to war with Jigoku, and we would like Karakura's help. If you join us you will be a member of the republic, except we will not invade to take over." He said. Isshin's eyes only got more angry.

"So, you want our men, to go out and fight, and die. Just so the republic can have another country to plunder, enslave and rape? Not only do you get Jigoku, but you get Karakura as well? How the hell does Karakura benefit from this?"

Aizen sighed "Karakura's militia is rumoured to be one of the greatest if not the greatest. But then again, it's only a militia, not a true trained elite army like our legionairres. Your soliders stand no chance against Seireitei's legions. We're simply making it easier on you so you don't have to die when we want Karakura. Plain and simple. Not only that, but you'll be given protection and supplies when needed"

Isshin smirked "I know how far Seireitei's loyalty lies. I-no we decline your offer. Go back to Seireitei and tell Yamamoto that we do not need Seireitei's help, we've gone long enough without your help"

Aizen's smirk subsided. "We are not asking Kurosaki. We will not make this offer again"

Isshin snarled "Good!"

Aizen quickly unsheathed his sword and swung it at Isshin, Isshin quickly grabbed Aizens wrist, stopping the sword from striking him. He lifted his foot and planted it into Aizens stomach, sending the leader back. The mercenaries and armies quickly unsehathed their weapons and began to battle...


Uryu Ishida was not exactly a strong boy.

Don't get me wrong, he was an excellent fighter, but he used his brains more than his brawns. His sword-skill was fine and dandy, and his aim with the bow was better than anyones, including his fathers. But when it came to body strength he just wasn't there. He wasn't built for it. In comparison to Sado's large and burly build, as well as Ichigos lean and muscular, he was quite thin and slender. He was still muscular, yet slender.

That's why he was so annoyed at the fact that the person who insulted him for being so skinny, was weaker than him. "Pathetic shit" Uryu uncharacteristically said. Thr boy who had insulted him was now lying on the ground, bleeding from his nose, lip and gums.

Ishida began walking to his family cabin, he gave a yawn and a cough. He must have caught a cold hunting with Ichigo and Sado then heard a scream. He quickly looked outside of Karakuras gates and saw nothing. He sighed 'I must be hearing things' The young man thought before turning back towards his house.


Sado Yasutora's eyes widened as he heard the messenger speak. The messenger was a young boy, around fifteen and looked quite worried.

"Seireitei soldiers are fighting against my grandfather?" Sado asked the man "Where?"He snapped. The boy let out a quick yelp from Sado's demanding tone. Sado sighed "Sorry. Where?"

"A mile north. Get at least fifty men, there's at least one hundred of them!" The messenger boy cried.

Sado nodded "Go home. You deserve rest, thank you for this. You have saved many lives" He said and the boy gave a weak smile. The boy left and Sado grabbed his helmet and one-sided axe. He quickly rounded up men before sending them towards the Ishida and Kurosaki households.

Ichigo growled as his cabin door was banged over and over again. He quickly tied a cloth around his naked waist before answering it. The mysterious knocker was Uryu. "Uryu, what do you thinm your doing? My mother is sleeping you pric-!"

"It's your dad- our dads. They're fighting north... one mile... Seireitei" He panted, Uryu must have been running. That was all the information Ichigo needed. He quickly ran back and got dressed. He grabbed his helment, sword and his grey iron, circular shield that had three thin ripples around the base. He quickly closed the door and nodded to Uryu, who had a sword at his side, arrows on his back and his bow in hand.

The three friends met up and nodded to each other one last time. Ichigo was leading the charge so he was in front. Ichigo put on his helment before picking up a marching-like jog. He looked at Uryu before shouting.

"Why the hell are Seireitei soldiers here?"

Ishida shot a gaze at Ichigo "From what Sado said, they want us to face Jigoku in a war and for us to become part of the republic"

Ichigo looked at Sado "This true Chad?"

Sado nodded "It's what the messenger said"

Ichigo looked towards him "If all this is true, then Seireitei have gained an enemy in Karakura and most of all, Ichigo Kurosaki!" He yelled with a smirk, the crowd behind him cheered and once again he yelled "Let's go!"


Isshin blocked Aizens sword awkwardly as he hopped back. Aizen wasn't a general for nothing, the man was skilled with a sword. He quickly lifted his shield to block Aizens next attack and did so flawlessly. Aizen had a look of annoyance plastered on his face as Isshin quickly kneeled down and swung for Aizens knee's. Aizen dodged by jumping, and landing on the sword, disarming Isshin. Aizen quickly swung fast-paced strikes at Isshin now as he had the advantage of being able to swing recklessly. Isshin kept blocking with his shield and as he raised his shield once more, Aizen sweeped Isshin off his feet, making the man fall onto the floor. He let out a large gasp as his back slammed against the dirt and quickly rolled away from the thrust of Aizens sword. As Aizens sword pierced the ground, Isshin slammed his shield on his the blade, disarming Aizen and rolling across said shield and slamming his fist into Aizens jaw. Blood shot from the generals mouth as he fell to the ground. Isshin hastily stood and so did Aizen. Aizen picked up one of his legionairres shields and a sword and charged towards Isshin. He thrusted his shield at Isshin and followed through with slamming his sword down on his enemies shield. Isshin began the thrusting now and Aizen having a wooden shield became an advantage as Isshins blade was now stuck in his shield. Aizen quickly blocked the next attack before forcing Isshins sword far to the right before stabbing Isshin right in the gut.

"It's over" Aizen spoke as blood fell from Isshins mouth.

"Y-you bastard"

Just as Aizen was going to finish the final blow he heard a roar, his and Isshins eyes diverted to the left as Ichigo and his armie charged. Ichigo unsheathed his sword and kneeled as a legionairre charged at him. The legionairre couldn't stop and Ichigo let the run into him and then threw the solider over him via his shield. Another charged right at him and he blocked the attack then stabbed the man in the chest before giving a spin and slicing his throat.

The Seireitei soliders now knew what it was like to face a pissed-off Ichigo Kurosaki, they now knew he was a man with a purpose!

"Father!" Ichigo yelled "Stay put!" The boy shouted at his wounded father. Ichigo charged and cut through four different legionairres before reaching Aizen and his father. Ichigo ran and jumped, his sword raised high in the air and he slammed it down upon Aizen's shield. The wood from the shield broke and the blade almost cut Aizens wrist. The man scowled.

"Impressive strength child" Aizen spoke.

"Don't talk you bastard!"

Ichigo engaged in battle with Aizen and they both traded equal blows. Sword hit shield, shield blocked sword. It went like that for a while until Ichigo, by a stroke of luck and perhaps overconfidence on Aizend part, managed to thrust Aizens blade far to the right and with Ichigos right arm, swung his blade and the tip of his sword cut Aizens cheek. Ichigo grinned cockily "First blood goes to the child!" He spoke sarcastically. Aizen growled, thankfully for the general, the soldiers saw this and as far as they were concerned, if you could wound someone, you could kill them.

Six legionairres surround Ichigo and began a bombardment of attacks. Ichigo found it very difficult blocking each sword and axe and gave a growl or grunt each time he did so. Eventually his stamina and luck ran out and he felt the tip of a sword hit his calf.

"Fuck!" Ichigo cried out pain, his attacks became sloppier and a legionairre quickly slammed his shield into Ichigos jaw. The young Kurosaki fell to his knee and that gave an opening for Aizen to deliver a kick to the young mans head. Ichigo then fell on his back soundly defeated.

Ichigo felt himself slip in and out of conciousness, his eyes being blurred and hazed by the dust and damage. He heard yelling and screaming, as well as pieces of metal and wood slamming against each other. Ichigo heard a familiar voice yelling.

"Retreat!" Ryuuken yelled as he saw that Ichigo and Isshin were defeated. Three quarters of their numbers were wiped out "Back to Karakura!"

The mercenaries fled back to their hometown as the legionairres quickly began killing the unconcious. Ichigos eye partially opened to see Aizen, slowing piercing his Fathers heart with his sword. Ichigo coughed gaining their attention and stood up awkwardly. He could see finally see right despite his vision was blurred and it felt like he was squinting. His heart and emotions were mixed with anger, sadness and betrayel. He knew that his allies stood no chance, but they still left him!

Aizen smirked "You're quite interesting"

Ichigo gave a growl, picked up his sword and began swinging slowly and recklessly at Aizen. Aizen blocked and dodged with ease "Die! You dirty bastard!" Ichigo yelled in a berserker rage. Aizen gave a sigh before blocking Ichigos sword, sweeping him off his feet and once again, knocking him unconcious.

"Shall I kill this one, Legatus?" His soldier asked him.

"No. This one is strong-willed. Let us destroy that. Let us bring him to the Rukongai and sell him as a slave." Aizen said with his usual smirk.

"Legatus" The soliders nodded before handcuffing Ichigo and picking him up and bringing him to the slave ship with the rest of the P.O.W's.


That's chapter one!

So I know, it was mostly fighting. It was basically just your basic opening chapter. Who he was, how he was introduced to the plot, etc...

So yeah, Ichigo was a mercenary, a young sword-for-hire. He's going to be bought next chapter and go through the hardships on being a slave. But you know our Ichigo, he doesn't like being ordered so he's going to be a tad rebellious!

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