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The arena screamed with anticipation and excitement as Urahara, his wife and the Magistrate alongside the Senator sat, their eyes fixated on the sands. The politicans and friends of Sasakibe stared at the sands as the guards came in with five fugitives that had been caught. Yamamoto was getting impatient and rolled his eyes.

Today was the usual execution day, where criminals, fugitives and the sort would be executed either by a gladiator or by given the chance to fight, against a gladiator where it's more than likely you could die. Currently, normal executions were going to begin. Five fugitives appeared, two women and three men. Mayuri Kurotsuchi smirked as he saw one, particularly female.

"Is that not your slave?" Mayuri asked Urahara. The man frowned and saw what the creepy noble was speaking about. It was Senna! She lay there, her hair messy, wearing a simple white cloth over her chest and down to her mid-thigh.

"Apologies" Genshiro frowned "I had not known she yours, if you wish I can give her back to you, so you can punish her accordingly" The Magistrate offered. Urahara looked to his wife, who scowled.

"Leave her. A warning to those who would betray us" Yoruichi spoke "Such as Ukitake did"

Yamamoto nodded in approval. Genshiro looked down to the sand and nodded. The large gladiator, Ganryu a samnite. (Movie villain) He walked behind the first fugitive, his gladius poking at the back on his neck. With a nod from the magistrate, he shoved it down his torso, before moving onto the next fugitive. A cry was heard as the blade shoved down her back as well. Two more fugitives later and it was Senna's turn. The girl looked to the Pulvanis, to her Domina who was looking at her, a mixture between coldness and a slight, saddened melancholy in her eyes. Senna breathed in shuddering, before feeling the blade stab into her back, forcing her to the floor.

"Poor girl" Ichigo sighed through the gates. Ganryu had been the very slave who took her virginity, the same one who took her all the times afterwards, it was a cruel fate. Once again the God's turn on those most worthy. After the bodies were literally dragged away, Urahara stood with a grin gracing his lips. "Honored city of Rukongai. I stand here, sickened and disgusted with the tears yet hot upon my cheek to tell of a vile tale. Our great Magistrate Sasakibe, as you all know has died. His warmth and guidance being forever torn away by the base villain that stands at these gates. Enter, Ukitake. Enemy of Rukongai!"

Ukitake walked in, wearing nothing but a ragged, dirty white loincloth wielding a rusted sword and circular steel shield. Urahara nodded with a smirk before asking "Who shall balance the scales? Who shall restore honor to our city?"

The crowd chanted Ichigo's name furiously and Urahara chuckled "There is but one man. The Titan of the arena, The God of blood and sand! Enter Ichigo, champion of the Republic!"

Ichigo entered, wearing his usual Murmillo armor, absent the helmet. Since Ukitake pretty much stood no chance, it would be better for Ichigo to wear no helmet to show his face off, as well as looking into the eyes of Ukitake, the 'Base villain'

Ichigo walked out, the cries and screams echoing around him. He finally reached Ukitake and the man smiled "You survived your execution. Perhaps Good Ukitake will fair as well"

"I would not expect it" Ichigo replied. Ukitake frowned and raised his shield. With a swift 'Begin' Ukitake swung, Ichigo blocked the attacks easily. Ukitake couldn't get passed his guard, amazed at his skill. Ichigo didn't strike back in return, to extend the moment in favour of the crowd.

Ichigo blocked each attack, but as the minutes passed and the crowd grew restless, it was time to strike. Ichigo shot his blade out, scratching Ukitake's cheek before ducking with a spin and slicing the 'villains' thigh. Ichigo had managed to go behind Ukitake and slashed at his back before twirling across in front of his frontal torso, slicing the upper chest and lower, blood coming from the wounds. Ukitake fell onto his knees and chuckled at the screams.

"The roar of the crowd...is there a sound more glorious" He chuckled. Ichigo pressed the gladius to his neck and spoke.

"The last you shall hear" Ichigo muttered to the man, who nodded and gave a sigh. He looked up into Ichigo's eyes, somewhere deep down Ichigo knew this man was innocent, that something must have put him up to it. Ukitake sighed and said.

"You take the wrong life Karakuran. Your master is the villain, not I"

Ichigo chuckled. Ukitake and Shunsui were the good guys all along, Urahara the 'Man of honour' was always the evil, murderous one. In fact, Shunsui and Ukitake were doing the world justice with their acts. "He shall join you shortly" Ichigo promised. Ukitake smiled in a rather odd-way, not a good-will smile but more of a 'Thank-fuck-for-that' smile. The crowd chanted the word and Ichigo pulled his blade back as Ukitake accepted his death willingly, the blade collided with the former Lanista's neck and the head shot right off. The arena rattled with the crowds roars and cheers, stomping their feet rhythmically. Ichigo merely lifted Ukitakes head with his blade, lifting it to the pulvanis.

Ichigo looked directly at Urahara, the stare confused the Lanista. The stare almost seemed like Ichigo was telling the Lanista. This is what will happen to you. The people in the pulvanis laughed, clapping their hands and Yamamoto turned to Urahara and spoke.

"Thank you for all your help. I will support you in your goal towards the position of Aedile" The Senator spoke. The Magistrate nodded in agreement and Urahara grinned, it was all coming together!

The crowd roared and the Pulvanis clapped, but Ichigo merely stared. The House of Urahara would fall, as would any citizen of the republic who was unlucky enough to be there...


As they returned to the Ludus, Ichigo met his fellow gladiators there, ready to plan the escape. He stood with Renji, Kugo and Grimmjow who were currently the strongest here besides him. The stood at the wooden post, hitting it while speaking in the most furthest part of the training square, away from the villa and Ludus' guards, talking quietly.

"Urahara holds a celebration for his gaining of Patronage of Legatus- no actually since now Urahara and Y amamoto has supported his promotion I should say Praetor Aizen. During this celebration, all of Rukongai's nobles will be there, viewing from the balcony" Ichigo explained as he attacked the wooden post.

"Slaughter them all and it will shock the city so much that they will be too busy grieving to send forces after us, at least for a few weeks" Grimmjow nodded. Ichigo nodded back and spoke.

"Just enough time to find Rukia and free her"

Renji sighed "It is most likely that she has been moved to Villa to villa, you best hope there was a far rarer beauty on board that cart, lest the Dominus find her and..." Renji began, but Kugo interrupted him.

"Rukia's too strong a girl to let a man touch her." The man spoke, giving a smirk to Ichigo who chuckled. Getting back to seriousness, Ichigo ordered the teal-haired man to do just this;

"You will be the one battling me, to the death" Ichigo explained "Go to Dominus and ask to replace our styles, I shall be the Dimachaerus and you will return to your Thraex style."

As the secretly planned the escape, they looked up to see Ganryu, the man who was forced to kill Senna, groping Nanao who reluctantly accepted it as she walked passed, rather than being beaten. Renji scoffed "Look at the way she is being pawed at. The fault lies with Urahara in killing Hisagi I suppose"

"Nanao" Ichigo called "Water, now" Ichigo ordered. The girl nodded and quickly left Ganryu's arms with the alibi of Ichgio's water. The champion spat on the ground. "One of you kill him when we do this"

Kugo frowned "How will we get into the villa?"

Ichigo shrugged "I have a plan"


Ichigo kissed Tatsuki, who's eyes were looking at the door "He's gone" She spoke. Ichigo pulled away quickly before wiping his mouth as if Tatsuki's mouth a disease. "Don't make me feel like a rotten whore or nothing" She scoffed.

"Sorry, this was the only way we could communicate, Aizen's guards won't let us move freely" He sighed "So you will do it?" Ichigo asked. Tatsuki nodded furiously.

"Of course I will do it! Rukia is my friend and my other friends...Orihime, Nanao and Senna...they have been devastated by these atrocities. I will open the gate of the villa when I can, but how?" She asked

"There is a gate in the Ludus, guarded by one of Aizen's mercanries. Kill him, use a broken piece of ceramic or something like that. Once you do that, take his key and unlock the gate, then unlock the two gates leading to the villa. Then hide and we'll do the rest" Ichigo explained. Tatsuki nodded as she sat and asked.

"Although I have a condition" She spoke "Let me help you after this is done. I'm a good fighter, I can help you through this! I know tactics and I know things...please"

Ichigo nodded reluctantly "Fine"

"The gate will be opened"

Flashback end.

"Tatsuki will do it?" Kugo asked

"On condition that she is allowed to aid us after this is done" Ichigo spoke "She was never the type to sit down and play defenceless girl, I agreed." The champion explained. The three men nodded and slammed their swords against the wooden post all at the same time.

"If this fails..." Renji asked. "What will you do, how will you save Rukia?" He asked. Ichigo shrugged and wondered...

Ichigo's mindset.

Ichigo ducked under a guards sword before shoving his blade into the mercenaries chin, up and out the other side of his head. The next guard approached and Ichigo threw his blade at him, the blade gliding across the air and impaling the guard as it reached him. He looked around him to see all of his allies dead with Urahara doing an unrealistic evil grin with red eyes and horns. The guards had fire around them and were cackling evilly.

Ichigo looked around him, before running to the side of the training square, grabbing his sword and bending over the cliff, stabbing his sword deeply into the side of the wall before jumping. The blade dragged down the wall at a slow, yet fast pace with Ichigo hanging onto it. Urahara cursed and fell to his knees as the hero finally reached the bottom of the wall, a horse awaiting by his side. He rode off into the sunset in pursuit of Rukia, Urahara cries being heard all over the Republic.

"That's your plan?!" Grimmjow scoffed incredulously. Ichigo looked offended and Renji laughed out, his hands resting behind the back of his head. Kugo rolled his eyes and spoke;

"Whilst a good plan, I fear it a touch malformed" The secutor joked.

"Ikkaku, Chad and Yumichika are set to purpose?" The teal-haired man asked.

"They are recruiting the rest of the Gladiators to our cause. Tatsuki is probably giving a speech right now to persuade the girls to aid us." The leader spoke. Ichigo heard a guard approaching and the guard snapped.

"Ichigo. Dominus summons you"

Ichigo nodded and followed the guard. As he wandered up to the villa, he noticed Nanao passing. He stopped her, cupping her chin with his thumb and finger. She had a black eye, no doubt from that bastard Ganryu. "Wait a little longer" He whispered "We will soon be free of this"

Nanao muttered something in response. Ichigo frowned when he heard the words "Free? I hate that word. Ever since Hisagi tricked and abandoned me...leaving me with these...pigs!"

The champion was brought to his master office, now in shackles. The lanista looked to the guard and spoke "That'll be all" He told the bald-headed mercenary. He left and Urahara soghed "Patronage comes with unfortunate attachments" Urahara sighed. Ichigo tried to pull his hands apart but the shackles stopped it, rattling.

"A fact I'm well aware of" The champion joked. "Dominus, for the celebration. Since I am your champion and have been dishonourable towards you as of late...I would like to make it up to you. I would return to my previous style, Dimachaerus so that your crowd will be pleasantly surprised with my showing" Ichigo smiled. Urahara laughed and grinned.

"You have a mind for this!" Urahara grinned "This is odd, Grimmjow has requested change of style as well. He sent word through guard just moments ago. Do you know anything about this?" He asked. Ichigo shook his head declining and Urahara shrugged "A thing of no concern. Go, you require training"

Ichigo nodded obediently, following the guard back out. He walked passed Nanao's cell and peeked in, the grey walls were surrounding a horrid sight, just near the girls bed, Ichigo gasped at what he saw. It wasn't Ganryu with Nanao, nor was it anyone with her. It was her alone, with a rope around her neck hanging from the ceiling. "Fuck the Gods" The guard spoke. Ichigo roared, running passed the guard and out into the Ludus, near Ganryu. Luckily for Ichigo, the bastard was near the edge of the cliff, just on the eastside of the square . Ganryu turned, feeling a palm smash against his face before being tossed off the edge, his body soaring through the air and smashing against the rocks below.

Everyone's eyes widened at what they saw, Ganryu died just like that to the Champions rage. Ichigo was always known to believe in the code of the gladiatorial brotherhood. A brother must always die at the hands of a gladiator in the Arena, Ichigo believed this thoroughly, yet what he did was not in the arena. They frowned as they saw the guards grabbing Ichigo by the scruff and beginning to beat him with their club maces, Ichigo letting them without resistance before tossing him into the punishment cell.


Ichigo lay there, the four surrounding walls were grey and crumbling. His chains were rusty and dusty, nailed deep into the wall. He growled, he had spent the night here, now was the day of the event which would partake tonight. Ichigo sat there staring into space, thinking of ways that

In the villa, Urahara was livid. "That bastard claims to wish to honour our home yet kills one of my fucking gladiators in attempt!" He roared "What a fucking pest!" He growled. Gin noticed a chance and gave attempt.

"Perhaps we should restore Grimmjow's former glories" Gin spoke innocently.

"Tell me the meaning behind your words!" Urahara demanded. Yoruichi was about to say the same thing, Gin shrugged and spoke.

"Perhaps we should...ensure Grimmjow's victory." Gin suggested

"I would love to see that fucking man from the world" Urahara spoke.

"I would also see him from this world" Yoruichi spoke "The treachery he has committed against this house is overflowing!" She growled 'His treachery against me!'

"I am starting to believe he knows I had a hand in his mothers death. The looks he's been giving me lately, suspiciously after Tousens death! A loose end, fitting for the kill. Go" He ordered Gin, who went to fetch whatever was needed to ensure Grimmjow victory.

Calming himself, he smiled and wrapped an arm around his wifes stomach. "I believe it a boy" Urahara grinned and Yoruichi gave a chuckle. The woman traced her hand across her husbands gently and with care before smirking and asking.

"What makes you believe it so?"

"Because the God's fucking favour us!" He grinned. Yoruichi chuckled and kissed her husband, her mind morphing the man's face and body into Ichigo's, she moaned out rather too loudly and Urahara got exicted, pushing her onto the bed...


As Gin returned, he saw Orihime and smirked. The orange-haired girl caught his gaze and quickly moved away, forcing him to only smile more. The silver-haired man entered his Dominus' room and spoke "This in his cup and he'll be weakened enough to die by the scourges hands" He grinned. Urahara took the vial and sighed.

"A thing of wonder...how something so small can topple a legend...see it done" Urahara ordered. Gin nodded and went to the table, preparing Ichigo's meal. Coincidently, he picked the same table which Orihime was attending too.

"You'll do well here" Gin smiled as he prepared Ichigo's meal. He quickly poured the vials contents into Ichigo's cup of water and grinned to Orihime, who frowned and asked.

"You are allowed to eat at your master's table?" She asked and Gin laughed, shaking his head.

"No, no" He smiled "I am preparing the Mighty Ichigo's food for today before he faces Grimmjow...the scourge!" He bellowed mockingly. Orihime frowned and spoke angrily.

"God's grant him the strength to kill Ichigo"

Gin smirked "Well then...you'll have an excellent day today now won't you?" He smiled. Cupping her cheek, she shrugged him off before asking questionably, forcing him to chuckle.

"What makes you so certain that Ichigo will lose?"

"I am certain of many things, your beauty among them" Gin smiled. Orihime looked at him oddly before hearing Tatsuki's voice echo in her ear, they turned to see the girl standing there with a frown.

"You are needed in the square"


Grimmjow noticed Orihime working near the water barrel and quickly asked Doctore "Water" He asked. Kenpachi looked to the guards, who nodded in acceptance. Grimmjow smirked and slowly walked over to the brown barrel, filling his cup before speaking "These events take habit of falling out of hand. If they do, hide" Grimmjow warned. Orihime's blank face did not waver and she looked to him, her eyes sullen and depressed.

"There is no safe place. Not after your Champion tore it from this world" She spoke. Grimmjow was asmued, her safe place was Uryu? How lame can you get. He turned to her, leaning against the wall.

"The Magistrate ordered his death, Ichigo had no part in it"

Orihime smirked oddly "And I should believe a man who would do anything to win" She spoke. "Do not take me a fool. Gin speaks of your certain victory while tending Ichigo's food, how suspicious. You are all the same, your champions are fixed and murdered as if common sheep"

"They corrupt his food?!" Grimmjow glared "Shit"

As the guard gave Ichigo his food, the porridge, meat and corrupted water all on the same tray. Ichigo looked down, biting on the dried meat, chewing on it slowly before he heard a voice speak "You betrayed me"


"I am here to find out the truth. You cannot be blamed for being weak, most men are with wet opportunity, I am willing to put it behind us" Yoruichi smiled "Just tell me. Rukia meant nothing to you"

"You would ask me to lie. To tell the largest, most falsest of lies" Ichigo chuckled "It's quite the opposite in fact, she's everything" Ichigo smirked "You're nothing to me"

Yoruichi gritted her teeth "What would that conjure for our child?"

"Our child?"

"Seed has finally taken hold. You are to be a father" She smiled. Ichigo looked down and scowled. "You would divine me as father, not Dominus?" He asked the woman. She shook her head and replied "I feel the blood of a champion inside me, I feel you"

"I have often thought in quiet moments of having children" Ichigo smiled. Yoruichi looked into his eyes, smiling back, but smile was shattered after this "With Rukia" He finished. She quickly stood and spoke.

"There is nothing left between us?"

"Nothing left would imply that there was anything"

Yoruichi felt her eyes watering. She had truly loved Ichigo, she loved his hair, his cock, his smile. But he... he didn't care about her, he never did. Feeling a lump in her throat, she cried out just before Ichigo drank the corrupted water. "Ichigo!" She snapped. Ichigo paused, the cup just at his lips. She could save him now, tell him what her husbands plans were! B-But..."I never intended it to end this way" She sighed, before leaving.

Ichigo drank the water.

The night came and all the gladiators were lined up. Each one of them wore a brown loincloth, with a slitted piece of cloth around their hips, going down to their upper-thigh. They had large, brown leather belts around their waists holding their loincloths intact. Each of them were bare-chest revealing their toned muscles and scars, if they had any. They also wore tight-leather bracers and leather greaves, apart from the more famous gladiators. Ichigo had steel greaves, with two golden serpents on each one.

"My dearest of friends" Urahara bellowed up on the balcony. There were around fifty or sixty nobles with him, alongside he, his wife and Gin. "The house of Urahara stands humbled with the blessings the God's have granted us. In honour of the new Praetor Sosuke Aizen who is attending more important matters, namely another Praetor's wedding day" He chuckled "However his wife has words that she would like to say on his behalf" Urahara grinned. Momo stood and opened a scroll, speaking.

"Dearest of citizens of Seireitei's favored sister. I, Praetor Sosuke Aizen grant Lanista Kisuke Urahara my patronage and all upcoming privileges. There is no man more worthy for these gifts and I do bestow my support on his running for the position of Aedile" Momo smiled. Koga Kuchiki frowned and asked.

"Aedile? I had no idea you were running for Political office"

Urahara shrugged "I had not until the Praetor broached the subject" The Lanista grinned. Koga nodded and the Magistrate intervened, touching his shoulder and saying to the Lanista.

"Aedile is but a breath below Magistrate, I will be honoured to bestow my support" He smiled "We should dine and speak of the matter" Genshiro spoke. Urahara nodded and began his introduction.

"I honor the city with a gift of blood. Grimmjow, scourge of Hueco Mundo, step forward." Urahara demanded. The teal-haired man nodded and took a step forward, being unshackled and given sica and shield. It was sunset, currently. Urahara chuckled and spoke "Ichigo, savage Karakuran. Step forward"

Ichigo done so and was given two gladius'. The crowd muttered with surprise and enjoyment. Urahara nodded while laughing, everything was going to get better and better! The two looked at each other, Ichigo prepared his two swords and Grimmjow raised his shield. "Begin!"

Ichigo and Grimmjow charged, Ichigo's sword slamming against Grimmjow's shield before twirling and crashing them both against the teal-haired Thraex' shield, forcing him to fall onto his back. Grimmjow choked out "Not so rough!" He snapped quietly.

The two sparred for a moment. Tatsuki looked to Yoruichi and spoke "I will get more wine Domina?" She asked. Yoruichi looked to her and shook her head, declining the offer.

"No, I would have you by my side"

Tatsuki looked to Ichigo and shook her head. Ichigo frowned, he needed Tatsuki if they were to do this right, she was essential. He grunted, lifting his feet to avoid Grimmjow's blade. The Thraex snapped. "They have poisoned you!"

"What?!" Ichigo gasped, although quietly so no-one could hear. Luckily the people were talking loudly while watching. "What do you mean? I can't die! Not before I save-"

"Still yourself! You're only weakened"

Ichigo sighed in relief, before smirking once he noticed Tatsuki slipping away...only a few more minutes. Ichigo leapt and rolled across the sand, his swords following in pursuit. "Knock the sword from my hand, over there towards Renji" Ichigo ordered. Grimmjow did so and now Renji had a sword to use. Kenpachi had left the weapon chest unlocked for when they get passed the guards, the only problem was that they needed to unshackle themselves. But each guard surrounding the square had a key, they could be beaten. Trained gladiators were far superior to these false soldiers, they were only paid mercenaries, not the truly elite soldiers that trained every day, even then veteran gladiators were their equals, champions higher.

He felt himself weaken, sweat covering his forehead. He was promptly thrown to the floor by Grimmjow, blocking two strikes that the man sent. Ichigo stood and blocked Grimmjow's sword, disarming him of his shield and tossing it aside, near the balcony. Ichigo receiving two punches to the jaw, Grimmjow received two to the stomach and a headbutt. The two turned to see Tatsuki, blood covering her hands and the gate slightly opened. It was time.

Ichigo grabbed Grimmjow and threw him over to his shield, Grimmjow grunted and Urahara growled. "The Karakuran still surprises"

"Till the very end" Yoruichi spoke.

Grimmjow nodded, picking up and raising the shield. Ichigo charged towards Grimmjow and the gladiators saw this twitching with excitement. Ichigo roared as he charged, his foot landing onto the steel panther head on Grimmjow's blue shield and the latter lifted the shield just as Ichigo leapt from it. The guards eyes widened as Ichigo soared through the air, blade in hand. The blade was pointed towards Urahara's head, who's eyes widened and quickly grabbed Koga Kuchiki and turned, the blade penetrated the Kuchiki's head, the blade merely poking Urahara's, blood on the latters face. The nobles screamed out in fear and shock and the gladiators charged at the guards.

The gladiators and guards collided, some gladiators wrestling them to the floor, stealing their weapons while the others having to block some attacks before doing such. Considering he, alongside Kenpachi and Kensei were unshackled, Grimmjow and the said two were cutting down guards in order to aid their brethren.

In the balcony, Ichigo dodged a sword by hopping to the left before slicing his throat, then counter attacking a guard by allowing the mercenaries blade to slide of his own as hie brought it behind him, then slashing at his rear-neck. Another guard approached, wielding a spear. The man thrusted the poled weapon forward and Ichigo dodged by using his fancy footwork and moved to the right at the right time. Ichigo sliced the man's chest, before grabbed the spear with his left hand and impaling him with it. Another guard charged and received three stabs and a thrown overboard as reward. Ichigo entered the villa, shoving the spear into a man's chest and leaving him on Urahara's desk. He shoved his blade into a guards chest before retaking the spear, slapping it against a guards back as he passed him in a failed attack before shoving the first half of the spear under and a guards legs and lifting, throwing the guard over the balcony. Ichigo lifted each weapon and tossed it below, the spear into Ikkaku's hands.

The gladiators took the weapons, some finally unshackled. Tsukishima was on a role now, the Samnite dodged each blade before slashing with his own. Blocking a strike, the Samnite pulled his head and chest back as a sword leapt across the air, hitting a guard behind him, his death courtesy of Zaraki, Doctore no more.

Tsukishima chuckled and leapt into action, cutting down three more before something catching his eye...he remembered what he told Riruka at one stage. I would die for Kugo

And that he did.

Tsukishima ripped Kugo out of the guards reach, pushing the long-haired man out of the way as a blade was about to pierce the 'Executioner' Tsukishima coughed out blood as the cold-hard steel impaled his gut and Kugo roared, swinging his greatsword he had picked up from the chest as he hacked off the competely fear-stricken guard's head with the fury of a God before catching Tsukishima in his arms, slowly taking the blade out of his belly. Tsukishima coughed out blood before muttering "Sorry about this...take care of Riruka will you?" He said in his final moments, before his life faded. Kugo felt tears rising. The Secutor lightly traced his hand down Tsukishima's face, closing his eyes before letting out a grief-stricken roar.

In the villa, Urahara put on a grin and cried out "People please! We are perfectly safe inside the villa, still your hearts everything is under control!" Urahara bellowed, trying to calm the guests. He turned to his wife "Get Momo's guards...now!"

"I can't find her!"

"Did that bitch run off already?!"

They heard a gate opening and everyones eyes turned to see Ichigo, leading at least fifty gladiators into the Villa. Smashing a hanging lantern from his path, the gladiator rebels roared as the caught and killed whoever they could. Ichigo sliced down two guards and four nobles with a roar, their blood splattering over his chest. He turned to see Yoruichi, their eyes met and the dark-skinned woman filled with fear. She muttered under her breath.

"Where the fuck is Momo?"

The said woman was walking out of the villa "Seal the doors" Momo ordered. Her guard was about to protest but she quickly responded dangerously. "I am the wife of a Praetor...seal the fucking doors"

The guards nodded reluctantly. Momo exited and saw a noble crying her name, Momo smirked as the door slammed closed. The guard placed a large pole torch through the two handles, pressing the two ends against the door frame, the door was locked and the only way out was jumping off the wall.

The nobles did not know this and charged for the door, they quickly realized this and turned only to be surrounded by blood lusted gladiators. The nobles were slaughtered, their blood seeping under the sealed doors that Momo was already far away from. Blood covered the walls, the floor, the gladiators and their weapons. It was a blood bath almost literally.

Yoruichi stood, trying to hide in a secluded room but she heard someone approach. She heard the all so familiar voice. "You were right" Ichigo muttered as he wandered closer to her "There is still something between us...where is Rukia?" He demanded.


"WHERE?!" He demanded with a thundering roar. Yoruichi flinched at the noise and muttered, now ironically obedient to Ichigo, something she nor her husband ever were.

"Let me and my husband live and I will tell you" Yoruichi bargained.

Ichigo was having none of it "I do not believe you"

"Ichigo...please" She spoke with a soft, kind tone. She smiled weakly "Our child-" Ichigo placed a hand over her mouth, her eyes widened at the words he had just splen to her.

"I would rather see it dead...than to live in a world under your care" Ichigo spoke. Yoruichi's eyes widened as the gladius he wielded impaled her belly, her womb. Ichigo quickly pulled it out and gave a mocking smirk "You always loved being penetrated by me, here's my last. I hope you remember it" He joked bitterly, before turning and leaving. Yoruichi put a hand over her wound and looked up in shock, eyes widened.

In another hallway, Orihime stood with the Magistrate, she was the only loyal slave and had not joined with the rebellion. She knew who she was with though, she had planned this. If this worked the way it should...she would join up with them. "Was it yours? That eldery...weak voice that ripped Uryu from life?" She asked, her hands behind her.

Genshiro frowned "Uryu? That flase champion...he deserved to die, he was a disgrace"

Orihime concealed her glare before walking over, cupping the man's face tearfully. "What did you know of the man? How he would sing to me, how he would kiss the tears off my cheek when I was of a mood...how he would smile at me when others would laugh, glare or roll their eyes. He was not a perfect man...but he was mine...He was Mine!" She screamed, her hands revealing a fruit-cutting knife and slamming it into his chest, the Magistrate choked out as Orihime repeatedly stabbed him and screamed "He was mine! He was mine!"

Ichigo had wandered passed, before catching sight of this. The leader quickly ripped her off of the old, dead man. His blade being the wall as he held her close to him. "Be still! It is done...it is done..." He reassured. Orihime was crying, blood on her chest and some on her cheek. Zaraki arrived, eyes wide and his body covered with blood stains, wet and dry.

"Where is Gin?" Ichigo asked.

"Escaped" The former Doctore snarled. Ichigo nodded, Gin couldn't do much anyways. "Look after her" Ichigo ordered

"Is this not enough?" Zaraki eyes "How many more must die?!"

Ichigo frowned "Just one more"

In another room, the room with the pool. Urahara blocked a sword, he stood on the pool's edge and screamed "I am your Dominus! I'll have your fucking hearts!" The Lanista roared, he heard someone mutter his name from behind him and saw his wife, falling to the floor, or rather the middle of the small six-inches shallow pool "Yoruichi..."

As he was about to go to her, Ichigo appeared out of no-where, blocking his path. "What would you do to hold your wife again?" He asked "To feel the warmth of her skin, the taste of her lips?" He asked. He then recited something the Lanista had said to him many years ago. "How many men would you kill? A hundred? A thousnad? There stands but one, between you and her!"

Urahara's eyes widened in shock and fear, he growled before attacking, Ichigo blocked the atatck, before counter attacking and elbowing the man across the jaw, before headbutting him and kneeing him in the stomach, he fell to his knees. "Now go to her, tell her the God's themselves can never tear you apart" Ichigo growled, before smashing his fist across the kneeling Lanista's jaw, sending him onto his back. "As you lied to me of my Mother!"

Urahara stood and sighed "Zaraki!" He cried out, the Doctore had been a faithful slave since his childhood. But he could not help him now. Urahara sighed, dropping his blade before glaring. "You were nothing before me...I gave you means to accept your fate!" Urahara snarled, Ichigo's blade at his throat.

"Now you are destroyed by it"

Ichigo twirled and slashed Urahara's throat so hard that the man's body twirled itself in recoil. Large chunks of blood fell from his throat as he choked out, blood falling from his mouth as the Lanista fell to his knees and beside the twitching, bleeding Yoruichi.

Ichigo looked around him, theres stood Grimmjow, his hair now messy and matted. Renji, his white headband torn off and his hair now flowing freely, he hated that. Kugo, two strands of hair framing his face. Ikkaku, blood covering his chest and some on his cheek. Yumichika, his hair still as beautiful as ever. Chad was the same as ever. Kensei and Kenpachi stood as well, hell even little Hanatarou was there. A crying, blood covered Riruka. Jackie with blood on her sandals. Melancholic Unohana, alongside the panting, frightenedIsane, Kiyone. The headstrong Tatsuki stood defiantly, looking at Ichigo approvingly. Orihime was still in shock, her tears still flowing but otherwise with us. Everyone was covered in blood, killing a person at one point. It might have been gruesome, but these people killed their slaves as if throwing away an unwanted toy, they were here readily cheering for peoples deaths, laughing and chatting as if he fun little game. If they can laugh and bet on peoples lives, then they can have theirs taken in response.

Ichigo walked into the middle of the room and spoke.

"I have done this thing because it is just! Blood demands blood. We have lived and lost, at the whims of our masters for too long! I would not have it so, I would not have the loss of a brother...for the purpose of sport. I would not see another heart ripped from chest or breath forfeit for no cause. I know not all of you wished this, but it is done..it's done. Your lives are your own, forge your own paths. Or come with me...and we shall see Seireitei tremble!"

Everyone in the room roared, cheering and pretty much agreeing. Ichigo took the front gates keys and unlocked the Villa's gate, taking each weapon with them for the future. Ichigo left his favourite sword and shield there.

"That sword was the sword that cut down the lives of slaves. That shield was the shield to defend against slaves attacks intending for the kill, I will do neither of those things from this day" He shoved the Gladius into the Statue of Urahara and snapped the shield with his own foot. Lifting a newly forged and unused blade from the armoury.

The time for rebellion was nigh, from this day and this day on, the world will know that humans cannot be treated as slaves. Ichigo swore, that he would abolish slavery, even if he had to conquer the whole Republican empire to do so...

Fut first things first, he had to find Rukia.


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