Author's Note: Here's the backstory behind this fic - dyslexic-Carmie requested a oneshot starring Prussia and England, so I took on the request. Unfortunately, I had writer's block with it, that is, until I saw the commercials for Panda cheese on Youtube. If you want to see them, go to Youtube and type in "Panda Cheese Commercial".

Without further ado, enjoy the fanfic, which has three things Hetalia fans adore - England, Prussia, and a panda.

Disclaimer: I don't own Hetalia. Or Panda cheese.

It made a lot of sense that the World Conference would be held in London, since the Olympics in London were coming up and all of the nations wanted to see it. However, Prussia's pre-Olympics party made less sense.

"Bloody hell, Prussia, you don't need to go all out!" England cried as he put a punch bowl on the table that had snacks and drinks on it. Prussia just laughed at him.

"It's the Olympics! You're hosting the Olympics this year, so, therefore, you must throw an awesome party!" Prussia theorized.

"Well... You do have a point," England said as he rubbed the back of his neck. Prussia rubbed his hands together.

"Awesome," Prussia stated. "Now, what foods would you like to serve at the party?"

"Cheese and crackers would be nice," England stated.

"That's not an awesome snack! Serve something awesome, like Doritos!" Prussia yelled. Then, a panda approached them.

"Can we help you?" England asked after a brief moment of silence. The panda walked over to the table with the refreshments and flipped over the table.

"Hey! That's not cool!" Prussia yelled.

"Show some decency, even if you are a panda!" England yelled. The panda then threw the punch bowl across the room and stomped on the glass.

"Yo, Iggy, what brand of cheese were you going to serve?" Prussia cried.

"Panda brand cheese. Egypt gave it to me at the last World Meeting, and he said that the commercial got famous on the web," England explained. (1)

"Well, then, go to your fridge and get some Panda cheese! There's no telling what this panda will do!" Prussia cried as the panda got out a flamethrower. "Hey! Put that down! Iggy's getting the cheese!"

With a sad sound, the panda put down the flamethrower.

Several hours later, the panda was standing on a rooftop, facing a hooded man.

"Did you get them to use the cheese?" The hooded man asked the panda. The panda took off his head, revealing that he was actually China in a panda costume.

"England will serve the cheese at his party, aru," China told the hooded man. "Now, tell me, why was I involved in this plan?"

The man took off his hood, revealing Egypt.

"Because... You like pandas, and my cheese is called Panda cheese."

(1) - Panda cheese (the cheese brand used in this fic) is from Egypt. That's why Egypt shows up at the end.

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