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Edward Elric was only six years old when his life was torn to pieces…

Edward was the son of Trisha Elric and Van Hohenheim, he also had a five year old younger brother named Alphonse; together they all lived as a happy family peacefully in a nice country home in the city of Risembool, located on the outskirts of Germany.

Edward never sat still; he was either playing with Al or helping his mother with their backyard garden.

But today, Edward was still. He sat in his hospital bed, not knowing what was happening as a woman in a blue uniform talked with Edward's doctor.

Edward had been in this hospital for 6 months now, ever since the accident… The accident that took the rest of his family away and also left him in his crippled state.

It had been a nice summer morning, the day it happened. Van Hohenheim was driving his family home from the market when the brakes of their car gave out. Hohenheim lost control and ended up flipping the car and crashing into a tree. Hohenheim and Trisha died on impact. Gas leaked threw the car and soon a fire broke out. Edward and Al tried to get out of the flipped car; Al couldn't remove his seat belt since it was jammed. Edward frantically pounded on the window to try to break it, but not even a crack formed. The fire spread consuming the front seat and its passengers Trisha and Van. Al fought against the seat belt trying to escape the encroaching fire. Edward used the metal part of the seat belt to beat against the window, managing to crack it. Edward heard a blood curdling scream rip through his ears, he turned around to see his younger brother being consumed by the fire's roaring flames. Completely terrified, Edward continued to beat the window. He felt the heat of the fire as it devoured the rest of the car along with his family, as it now seeked out to devour Edward. The flames jumped onto Ed's left leg and a few lashed out at his right arm. Edward broke a small hole in the glass and was able to tear the glass away to make a hole big enough so he could crawl through. The fire's flames lapped at Edward's arm and leg, but he managed to crawl out of the car and onto the scorched grass. Civilians who were driving by had stopped to watch what was happening; some had even called the fire department and an ambulance. Once someone saw Edward crawl out of the car, a group rushed over to help. They helped Ed get away from the car and tried to stop the fire, which had consumed his right arm and leg, from spreading to the rest of his body by beating the fire away with their hands or clothing. The ambulance came and took Ed, hooking him up to an IV, an oxygen mask, and a heart rate monitor. The fire department followed and extinguished the car's roaring blaze. Edward was driven to the nearest hospital where he was treated for multiple burns, mostly on his arm and leg, and deep gashes on his hands and miscellaneous body parts from climbing out of the car window. The Doctors in the hospital examined Edward's severely burned arm and leg, and decided that an amputation would need to be done. Thus, Edward was heavily sedated and sent into surgery. Edward had woke two days later under immense pain. The Doctors had to explain to the six year old that his parents and younger brother had been killed and that in the accident he himself had sustained terrible injury. The Doctors told Edward that he was now handicapped, missing an arm and leg, but that they now had technology to replace the missing limbs that he once had. The machines were called automail and they could be attached as soon as Edward's stumps healed. Edward told the Doctors that he wanted the prosthetic limbs, and that he would want the surgery to get them if that meant he could walk again. The Doctors agreed with his request. Six months later, Edward under gone the automail surgery.

Now he sat in bed, with his new automail docking ports as he watched the a woman in a blue uniform argue with his Doctor.

"He is not ready to leave this hospital!" The Doctor stated, anger welling up inside of him at the woman standing before him.

"Sir, I'm not here to take Edward away today. But in the next two weeks he will be coming with me to his new home in Japan."

"Two weeks in nowhere near enough time so the automail ports can heal. He would need another two months."

"It can't be helped Sir."

The woman in blue walked over to Edward. She ruffled his hair and smiled. "Hello kiddo. How are you today?"

"Who are you?" Ed asked confused.

"I'm a representative of the CPA (child protection agency). My name is Riza Hawkeye." She handed Edward one of her business cards.

Edward looked it over.

"If you need something just call. Got it?"

Edward slowly nodded.

"Good." Riza ruffled Ed's hair again and left his hospital room.

Edward's Doctor sighed. "The CPA… What a pain in the butt… Now," The man turned to Edward. "How would you like to take a nice walk outside?"

Edward grinned widely and threw back his covers and grabbed the crutch beside his bed. The Doctor helped Edward up onto his foot and helped Edward go down the hall and out to the small courtyard. Edward loved his afternoon walks, it was his only time were he didn't have to sit in that small, white hospital room. He loved to be outside walking in the fresh air… defiantly since he never liked to be still.