Chapter 9

Three months later…

Edward perked up when he heard the front main doors open. He jumped off the couch and ran past Shima, running out of the room. He ran downstairs. "Tama…ki?" He slowed to a stop when he saw that it was not his cousin who had come home, but an elderly woman in a kimono.

While Tamaki was at Ouran, Edward stayed home and was homeschooled by Shima. The Suoh manor staff quickly found out that Edward was rather rambunctious when Tamaki was not around. Edward didn't like to sit still.

Edward looked at the lady, she glared down at Edward.

The door opened again and Edward smiled.

Tamaki was here!

Edward ran over and hugged Tamaki around the waist.

Tamaki was shocked to see his grandmother in the manor. "Grandmother? What is the occasion that bring you here?"

"I came because I needed to speak with you and your father."

"What about?"

"Having a non-Suoh child in the house."

Edward looked up.

"I want him out of here."

"Grandmother, you can't do that. He has nowhere else to go."


"He's my cousin." Tamaki said, holding Edward.

"No, he is a relative of your filthy mother, he down not belong here."


"You will either find somewhere else for him to live by tomorrow or I will have an adoption agency come pick him up. It's your choice." She turned and left, never letting Tamaki finish what he was going to say.

Edward did not like that lady. "Do I have to leave?"

"No. We are going to work this out." Tamaki assured him.

"But I don't want to leave you." Edward teared up.

Tamaki held Edward. "Everything will be okay. As the president of the host club, it is my job to make sure that my family is taken care of." He pulled out his cell. "Now , let's make a few calls."