Chapter 7

After the arm malfunction Tamaki excused himself to take Edward home. Ed needed to stop moving his arm as much as he could and Tamaki also didn't want Ed on his feet in case Ed's leg started to bleed like his arm.

Tamaki and Ed rode home and Tamaki asked the maids to help Edward get ready for bed.

Tamaki sat down at his desk and dug through his book bag for his homework. He pulled out his math and started on it. The math wasn't hard, he was actually pretty good at it, but he couldn't focus, his mind was on Edward.

Suddenly, he heard his bedroom door open. He turned to see little Edward in red pajamas.

Tamaki smiled. "Hey Ed."

Edward walked over and hugged Tamaki's waist.

"What's wrong buddy?" Tamaki asked and picked Edward up. He looked at the little boy and realized Ed was crying. "Ed?"

Edward buried his face into Tamaki's shoulder. "I want to see my family."


"Mommy, I want to see mommy." He whispered and continued to cry. "Al, why did Alphonse have to go too? And Daddy?"

Tamaki held Ed, he didn't know what to do, Edward was so young. In one day Edward had lost his family and became handicapped, he didn't know what it felt like to lose so much that Ed had. Tamaki wiped Ed's eyes. "Everything will be alright."

Ed sniffed and tried to stop flowing tears.

Tamaki laid Ed down on his bed. He tucked Edward in, "Relax. Everything will be okay." Tamaki cooed and kissed Ed's cheek. He turned out the lights and sat at his desk, trying to do his homework by lamplight, but distracted by his cute little cousin in his bed sleeping peacefully.