Chapter Three

"The male mind never ceases to amaze me," Maura said, dropping her keys into the handmade porcelain bowl that sat on the table in her entryway. "I mean, did you see the way the two of them went at it? They acted like a couple of seasonal breeders protecting themselves from encroaching intraspecies rivals." She scoffed, shaking her head.

Although Jane didn't quite get the semantics of Maura's wisecrack, she had witnessed enough at the bar to get the general gist of it, and she grinned as she let her own keys drop in their place beside her girlfriend's. She had never been so ready to leave The Dirty Robber. Maura's colleagues had fluttered about like drunken fruit flies in one of her more obscure scientific experiments, rendering Jane's favorite drinking hole entirely suffocating. "I'm just glad I get to enjoy a beer, finally," she sighed, heading toward the refrigerator.

Maura followed her into the kitchen, still clearly energized by the display of male aggression they had witnessed, made all the more interesting by the fact it was propagated by the least likely of her cohorts. Jane had spent most of the drive home haphazardly listening to her ponder the subsistence of male testosterone during the lunar cycle, while her own thoughts had continuously drifted toward the leather covering her girlfriend's thighs. "And can you believe the audacity of Pike, declaring his love to me under the guise of one-too-many long island iced teas?" Maura rolled her eyes, reaching for a glass from the cabinet, the leather skirt glinting under the kitchen light.

Jane's eyes roved helplessly over the material, repeating a course that they had been traversing ever since she saw the blonde that morning at the precinct cafe. Maura procured clothes as easily as Jane collected sports paraphernalia, but she hadn't seen this particular item unveiled before, and she wondered if it had anything to do with the newer, more intimate scenes they had been staging in their bedroom. "Liquid courage, I guess," she said, taking a sip of her beer, but continued to let her eyes rove appreciatively over Maura's backside. "I knew that leather skirt would get you into trouble." Her words had an intentional edge to them, a slight electric buzz beneath that complemented the hum beneath her pelvis.

The words prickled something along Maura's spine, giving her a pleasurable tingle, but she kept her eyes averted as she took a slow sip of her water, feeling her girlfriend's eyes burn into her. The skirt certainly hadn't been intended to get her into trouble with Pike or to solicit some forlorn love confession; rather, she had been holding out for Jane's reaction to it all day, monitoring her eyes for some semblance of awareness. Jane had yet to utter a word about it, to the point where Maura was beginning to think she had wasted a day of refined, and quite expensive, couture on her less than stimulating colleagues.

Maura's senses heightened as Jane sidled up behind her, smoothing her hands over her leather-covered hips, the first acknowledgement she had given the skirt all day. "You must think you're very subtle, Dr. Isles," Jane said lowly, her words breathing against the side of the shorter woman's neck.

"Why is that?" Maura asked, but she already had an inkling as to what Jane meant, judging by the placement of her hands and the slow circles her thumbs were rubbing across her hip bones. She had craved such a touch all day, and couldn't help leaning slightly back against Jane's chest, hoping she would wrap her hands further around her. It had been a stressful week to say the least, and Maura simply wanted to melt against the taller woman, to abandon all the control that she had stored within her in order to get through the week.

Jane's voice continued to whisper huskily in her ear. "Last week you tell me about the sexual history of leather while we're working at a sex cove, this week you wear leather to work..." She pulled Maura's hips back against hers firmly, letting her hands continue to caress the soft material. "What exactly are you trying to do to me?"

Maura recognized the possessive tone, and her body arched into it. "That depends," she breathed, looking back slightly, asking a question to which she already knew the answer. "What is it doing to you?"

Jane waited a beat, letting her silence speak for her. "Is this another way of you trying to top from the bottom?" she asked lightly, letting her lips curl into a smile as they brushed the back of Maura's ear.

This time it was Maura's turn to keep quiet, as her true intentions were revealed: the reason she had bought the skirt in the first place, the reason she finally pulled it out of its sheath in her closet. "I just thought you would like it," she justified, knowing very well that she couldn't wait for Jane's hands to rip it from her hips.

Jane took Maura's hands, pressing them firmly on the counter in front of her. "Keep those there," she instructed before scooping up a handful of blonde hair, revealing the back of her girlfriend's neck. She let her lips graze across the back of it, nibbling her way towards the sensitive spot behind her ear, the spot that always made Maura's knees go slightly weak. She felt Maura push into her, grinding slightly, and she tugged gently on her hair before revealing the true effect the skirt had been having on her: "It's making me want to tease you... just as much as you've been teasing me all day." Her hands slipped around Maura's chest, popping open several buttons on her blouse and cupping the lace-encased flesh, both nipples hardening under her thumbs. "What do you say?" she asked, tacitly requesting permission to continue their new dance between power and submission.

Maura moaned slightly at her touch, now leaning forward into Jane's hands. "Yes," she exhaled, need already pumping through her.

This time Jane's grip became a little firmer along her right breast, twisting the excited nipple. "Yes, what?" she asked, nipping at her ear with her teeth. The quick sternness stirred something below Maura's hips, and her lips parted.

"Yes, please."

Jane quickly worked the rest of the buttons, pushing the blouse from Maura's shoulders and hastily tossing it on the counter; even when aroused, she knew her girlfriend wouldn't like high fashion being flung to the floor. As she let her lips blaze along Maura's soft shoulder, she placed her hands once again on the counter. Taking a step back, she admired the position: Maura's legs were just slightly parted, her torso bent at the waist, the black leather striking against the pale skin of her back.

Jane smiled, reaching toward her belt and plucking a pair of handcuffs from it, closing the small space between them. She felt Maura melt into her a bit more as she caught sight of the silver rings, but she kept her hands obediently on the counter. Jane snapped a cuff onto one wrist with a small click, then the other, pleasure moving through her at the complete control Maura was willing to give her. Taking her newly incapacitated hands, she placed a kiss on each wrist before pulling Maura toward the bedroom, smiling at her as she lead her down the hallway. "So tell me, Dr. Isles, how did leather become such a fetish symbol?"

Maura narrowed an eye at her, unsure of whether the request was genuine or not; that, however didn't keep her from launching into the start of a full explanation. "Well, leather subgroups originated from the biker culture after World War II," she began tentatively, gauging Jane's response.

"Mhmm," Jane said with a smile, staring amusedly down at her, still leading her down the back hallway. "Go on."

Maura suspected that Jane's interest in leather actually stopped with the skirt around her hips, but she enjoyed the platform nonetheless, and continued with a slightly academic lilt. "It most likely stemmed from motorcycle clubs, which demonstrated a discontent with mainstream society and its post-war values." Jane lead her into the bedroom, but bypassed the bed and instead headed for the closet. "Of course, leather has its place in certain fetish societies, but it was mainly used as an illustration of masculine dominance. That's changed over the years, of course, as it has once found its way into mainstream culture, ironically rendering its origin obsolete."

Jane smiled, fully aware that if she let Maura keep talking, she would more than likely continue until dawn, reciting facts that she had long ago filed in her photographic memory. Instead, she took Maura's cuffed hands and stretched them over her head, effectively silencing her by settling them above a hook near the top of the door. The hazel eyes glanced upward as her historical expose petered out, and she looked back at Jane curiously, biting her bottom lip.

Jane's fingers softly caressed Maura's hands, trailing down her arms toward her torso, which was covered only by the thin material of her bra. "Tell me where the leather fetish is most often found now, Dr. Isles."

Maura swallowed as Jane's touch continued further, delving just below the waist of her skirt. "Gay clubs, BDSM groups, but there are many people that just find it simply... erotic."

Jane leaned into her, quieting her briefly with a kiss, which Maura quickly reciprocated, whimpering slightly as she felt the brunette pull away. Her eyes followed the line of Jane's lips, oblivious to her hands, which had moved toward the belt looped through her black pants. "Now, didn't you mention belts as well?" Jane asked, sliding her own from her waist and doubling it over in her hand.

Maura's eyes dropped toward it, her lips parting with a silent challenge, but she nodded, following the line of leather. "Yes," she managed.

"So I bet leather belts are probably doubly erotic then," Jane whispered, trailing it along Maura's smooth stomach, her muscles rippling as her breath came harder, and a small flush crept across the tops of her breasts.

"I would imagine so," Maura replied with a slight inhale, shifting in her heels, the cuffs clinking against the metal of the hook.

Jane reached forward, freeing Maura's right breast from its lacy hold and pressing the cool leather against a firm nipple, teasing it. "Judging by your reaction," she said with a grin, tapping the belt lightly against the firm bud. "I would say they are."

Maura swallowed, her eyes angled carefully down, watching her own response to the light kiss of the strap. "I think it's more than just that..." she said, trailing off as she nibbled her lip, the leather moving to her opposite breast and giving it the same light tap. She wasn't certain how far Jane would go with her new instrument, but the playfulness in her brown eyes was as comforting as much as it was erotic. Maura had no intention of using her safe word anytime soon.

"What else is it, then?" Jane smiled, unable to keep her enjoyment from lighting up her face. Maura was always exceptional, but Jane particularly loved it when she had the opportunity to slowly savor the blonde's body; even more so when her small frame was wrapped in black leather and lace. She let an admiring hand knead one perfect breast as she attempted to coax an answer from Maura's lips. "What else could get you this excited?"

Maura's eyes closed fleetingly as she swallowed, knowing that Jane's question was in some regard serious. As confident as the detective appeared, there were times when Maura saw a brief twinge of uncertainty flex through her, as if she had no idea how incredibly beautiful she was. It was these moments when Maura was fully prepared to tell her exactly how sexy and needed she was. "You," she answered simply, her eyes locking onto the dark ones that peered down at her. It wasn't merely Jane's touch, or her lips, or her strength; it was all of it, wrapped up in a package that Maura was fortunate to be able to unwrap each night. Her brain, as overrun as it was by other synapses, couldn't quite make the effort to explain such a thing, so she opted for repeating her simple response. "You."

Jane smiled reflexively, her chest swelling with a certain pride, and she rewarded Maura with an intimate, sweet kiss, for a moment breaking their roles. "That's very sweet," she said, straightening, wrapping the belt around Maura's waist and pulling her hips away from the door. "But don't think that's going to speed things up." She pushed the skirt up over Maura's hips, her fingers grazing the wet material between her legs. "I'd say this is doing something to you," she murmured, pressing the fabric in between her folds and glancing down at Maura innocently. "Do these need to come off?"

"Yes," Maura mumbled, her head dropping back against the door. She felt a quick whoosh of air against her thigh, then a light slap of the leather against her most sensitive spot, and her eyes snapped open, staring down at the belt that dangled threateningly between her legs.

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, please," she breathed, almost afraid of the effect Jane's fingers would have that close to her center. Her desire was mounting entirely too quickly for the slow show that Jane had in mind. She needed release, but more than that, she just wanted to feel Jane against her.

With the belt still in one hand, Jane knelt down, pulling the black panties down with her. Maura stepped delicately out of them, hesitant to put her legs back together, but Jane made her decision easier for her, parting them with a firm hand. Her mouth dipped closer to her prize, and Maura let out a small whimper as she felt Jane airily graze over her center, just the tip of her tongue flicking out to taste her. She unconsciously bucked her hips, wanting more of that tongue, and those lips, on her.

"Jane, please, I need you," she mumbled, her ability to finely articulate her feelings suddenly fleeing her completely. She wasn't certain Jane was in any mood to placate her, but she caught the tell-tale flush of her girlfriend's neck, which let her know that she was having just a hard a time at reigning in her need. Her head once again thumped softly against the door as Jane rose slowly, her mouth leaving the very spot where Maura wanted it to stay.

"Show me," Jane whispered, leaning in and cupping the back of her neck, pulling her in for a kiss that quickly became more than either of them anticipated. Maura's tongue reciprocated immediately, attempting to prove exactly how much desire she had pent up inside, her frustration coming through in the tiny nibble she gave Jane's lower lip. She felt the belt dangerously graze the inside of one thigh, and she opened her mouth wide, allowing Jane to plunge inside her, only wishing that her fingers were doing the same.

Jane wanted to feel Maura against her, and she took a step back, breaking the kiss, her fingers fumbling at the buttons on her dress shirt. She ended up pulling it quickly over her head, annoyed with the time she was taking, but as the fabric cleared her line of vision, she caught Maura gazing at her with an aroused, but amused smile. "I prefer you in tank tops," she said appraisingly.

"Is that right?" Jane asked, taking a step towards her and fingering the thin material of her undershirt. "I was planning on ripping this off as well, just so I could feel your skin against me, but if you prefer I keep it on..."

Maura's eyes fluttered, narrowing as she realized her verbal misstep, and she shook her head, backtracking. "No, no, that's not what I meant," she clarified, her need once again getting the best of her. "I want to feel you. That's not fair, you didn't give me adequate context within which to explain my preferences."

Jane took a step forward, putting a finger against the blonde's quickly moving lips. "I love it when that mouth of yours gets you in trouble," she said, plunging her tongue back inside of it, feeling Maura melt into her through the thinness of her tank. This time, Maura was too reluctant to give up the kiss, and Jane gave her another light tap against her now bare center, the leather kissing over her most sensitive bud. "Ready to put that mouth to work?" she asked lightly.

Maura moaned, nodding, her cuffed wrists shifting slightly with anticipation. Jane raised the belt, still doubled over, up to the shorter woman's mouth, slipping it between her lips, as if giving her a leather rose to hold. Taking a quick step back, she slipped her top over her head, tossing it behind her, pleased that Maura's eyes locked immediately onto her bra, as if willing it to disappear. Instead, Jane leaned forward, capturing a nipple with her teeth before rolling it roughly with her tongue, causing Maura to writhe into her. As her oral assault continued, she let a finger circle lazily along the inside of a milky thigh, only occasionally flitting through Maura's slick folds, tracing the wetness along her skin.

Maura's teeth clenched the belt, and she hoped Jane didn't mind the marks she would surely leave along the leather, but she couldn't help it as a multitude of sensations coursed through her. The leather of her skirt cinched further up her thighs as Jane fished for more access to her core, and she whimpered as a teasing finger fleetingly entered her. Unable to voice her need thanks to the makeshift gag, she simply moaned, hoping that her girlfriend would alleviate a desire that was damming inside her.

Jane could feel Maura quivering, her body torn between arching into the myriad touches assaulting her body and panting heavily against the cool door. As much as she liked teasing the blonde, and as pleasing as the wanton picture in front of her was, Jane knew Maura deserved some release, if only to keep her weak knees from collapsing. She reached up and took the belt from between her still lipsticked lips, tossing it behind her and reclaiming them for herself, letting her tongue plunge inside her mouth. As if sensing what was to come, Maura pressed her hips forward, tacitly begging for Jane to delve inside her. She was finally rewarded as two fingers swept deftly inside her, and she wrapped a leg around Jane's waist as she let her head dip back with a deep moan. Always, the feel of Jane slipping fully inside her sent her spiraling, and she had to work to steady her equilibrium enough to keep her balance.

Jane wrapped a hand around Maura's back and pulled the other leg around her as well, pressing the small blonde against the door as she penetrated her. Maura's head rapped loudly against the door, and Jane glanced up at her, slowing her fingers for a moment. "Maur - ?"

"Green light, green light," Maura uttered, utilizing her safe word in the complete opposite way in which it was meant to be, but unable to articulate anything more elaborate. "Don't stop, please don't stop."

Maura's cuffed hands came off their perch on the handle and she wrapped them around Jane's neck, squeezing her eyes tightly shut as the fingers inside her continued their confident thrust. As Jane's thumb found her clit, putting just enough pressure on it, Maura's head dipped lower, her lips leeching onto the brunette's neck, suckling softly, then harder as her orgasm mounted.

They were warm against each other, both the desire and their effort illuminated with a sheer sheen of sweat on their skin. Jane moaned as Maura's lips found a sensitive spot along her shoulder, muffling her moans of pleasure.

Jane waited for a request that she wasn't sure would come, but she was certain her ability for true punishment had waned severely, and no matter what, she still curled her fingers against Maura's center. The blonde's head tilted back, her eyes flitting open as her lips parted. "May I come?" she panted, her muscles clenching around Jane's fingers.

Jane captured her lips in response as Maura moaned fully into her mouth, her hips rocking them both back against the door. As her shudders quaked through her, Jane kept a steadying hand around her, until Maura's head lolled limply against her shoulder. The stood for a moment, frozen, until Jane's fingers slipped reluctantly out of her.

"Take me to the bed," Maura whispered, her hands still clutched around Jane's neck.

Jane craned backwards, raising an eyebrow. "Say please."

Instead of following directions, Maura placed her lips next to her ear. "I want to fuck you," she purred.

"That works, too," Jane replied quickly, carrying her over to the bed and falling quickly on top of her. They shared another kiss before Maura rolled her over with her cuffed hands and stood. "Where's the key?" she asked, holding them out. Jane arched an eyebrow, realizing that she still wielded more control than she had originally thought, and deciding to use it further. "Gee, I don't know," she replied, putting a finger to her mouth, feigning deep thought.

Maura arched an eyebrow at her, fully aware of her game, but she smiled, giving Jane a light push back onto the bed with her hands. "I accept the challenge," she said, her fingers making quick work of the buttons on Jane's trousers and sliding them down her legs. The only thing preventing her from stopping and milking in the sight of the long, toned thighs as they met the thin fabric of her briefs was the promise of Jane's center underneath, and she pulled them down, letting them follow the arc of her pants. Maura's hands went to the zipper at the back of her skirt, but Jane wagged a finger at her, shaking her head. "Uh-uh," she said. "Keep it on."

Maura narrowed an eye, but obeyed, patting it down slightly, but still letting it bunch high enough to give Jane a taste of the pleasure she had experienced only moments before. She dropped onto the bed, climbing forward between Jane's thighs, her body parting them. Her cuffed hands gave her only enough leeway to balance herself on the sides of Jane's hips as she bent down, her backside poised high. Her lips moved airily against the side of one thigh, then the other, her attention pin-balling back and forth until her mouth was against Jane's folds. Tasting Jane was one of her favorite ways to exercise her libido, and as she inhaled her scent she felt her own center moistening once again. It was the first taste, however, that always sent a tickle up her spine. That first taste always made Jane arch into her, physically craving more, and that need told Maura everything she needed to know. This time was no different, and she felt a firm hand grip her hair. Maura had wanted to take her time, and tease Jane into her own submission, but she was clearly farther along than that; she needed release.

Intent on giving it to her, Maura let her mouth do the work, suckling on her most sensitive nerve as Jane writhed against her lips. Circling her target and pressing against it, she felt the hand in her hair tighten, pushing her further toward her goal. "Fuck, Maura," Jane whispered, trailing off into a needy whimper. Maura's eyes flitted upwards, intent on capturing the full sight of her girlfriend: hair splayed against the pillow, her back arched in pleasure. Jane was rarely vulnerable, but the curve of her back, the shivering of her thighs, and the way she gave herself to Maura during this particular moment always cemented their intimacy in a way that only psychical contact could. Maura slid her hands upward, rolling two nipples between her thumbs, the sight of her own handcuffed hands sending her spiraling back into their pleasurable fantasy. As Jane bucked against her mouth, her eyes glinted down at her, and that moment of connection sent another pleasurable ripple through Maura as she suckled harder.

Jane's hips rocked under her, her moans trailing into guttural nothingness as her orgasm coursed through her. As her shudders subsided, Maura was reluctant to pull away, having been denied her opportunity to savor the brunette's body. Jane, however, pulled her gently up by her cuffed wrists, pressing a latch along the side of them. Maura's mouth dropped open at the ease with which they came off as Jane dropped them on the pillow beside her.

"These are just for us, my dear," she said with a grin. "Far from industrial-grade. No key."

Maura eyed with a look that said she didn't quite appreciate being fooled, but she quickly grinned, pulling her bra back into place and coming to rest beside her. "You look quite pleased with your deviousness," she said.

"Oh, I'm pleased, but I think it has little to do with deviousness," Jane replied, her hand caressing Maura's hip as she pulled the smaller woman on top of her. "I think it has more to do with the skirt and the Maura-shaped woman wearing it."

Maura smiled, pecking a light kiss on her lips. "You know, this line also makes a pair of leather pants that are quite appealing."

Jane raised an eyebrow, letting her hands skim the backs of Maura's thighs. "I prefer the skirt. Easier access."

Maura nuzzled her neck. "I wasn't talking about for me..."

Jane craned her neck back against the pillow, almost puzzled. "Maura, I would look ridiculous in a pair of leather pants," she protested. "The only way you'd get me into them is if they came with a Harley, too." Even as she uttered her denial, she wondered at the masculine air they would give her, and how her girlfriend would react to it.

Maura giggled, tickling Jane's neck. "You still don't get how sexy you are, do you?" she asked, raising her head slightly.

"You really want to buy me a pair of leather pants?" Jane asked, almost chuckling. "Fine. Be my guest. Go ahead." Maura's eyes brightened, and she raised herself up slightly on Jane's chest, wearing a devious smile of her own. Jane raised an eyebrow, knowing the look all too well.

"They're already in the closet," Maura said with a devilish smile, raising herself onto her knees and straddling Jane's hips, bending lower to press a kiss just above one breast.

Jane rolled her eyes, dipping her head against her pillow, but grinned. "Leather night at Wonder of Isles continues," she said with an exaggerated pump of her fist.

Maura shook her head, leaning up and slipping her bra fully from her shoulders. The skirt followed, sliding down her hips, and she nestled in closer to Jane, bending down and taking her lips again. "I'm finished with leather for tonight," she said softly, enjoying the way their bodies seemed to seal together, illustrating a bond that she'd had with no one else. "I just want you."

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