Chapter 1-The Rise of Shadow and Flame

The figure was sitting in Spring Country, in a little public cafe called "The Whirlpool" while sipping some tea he asked for, and waiting on another person who was expected to arrive. It had been roughly four long years since he had seen this person face to face and quite frankly it was taking all of this man's mental discipline to not give into the urge of slicing the expected guest's head off once he saw him.

Not surprising given the betrayal of that day four years ago. After years of being put down mentally and physically by his village...the warrior expected praise for proving them wrong. To finally be acknowledged by those that once scorned him and be given the recognition he so craved after years of being denied so much!

Unfortunately, all the hard work he put into being loyal to the village...had purchased him nothing! Nothing, but empty pockets paid for with his blood, sweat, tears, and the broken body that was his own after retrieving that ungrateful Uchiha all the way back to Konoha. It wasn't enough that he had followed his orders, given by the Hokage, to the letter, and handed the spoiled son of a bitch to the powers that be like a gift sans the pretty red bow wrapped around his head like a present sent by Kami. The orders were to bring back one Uchiha Sasuke back to Konoha. If the target resists for whatever reason...the use of force was authorized.

"You're a hard man to get a hold of gaki. You never call. You never write. How do you expect me to get in touch with you?" came the irritating voice of an elderly man sitting in front of the first figure.

"You don't. You were only able to find me because I allowed you to find me Jiraiya. I do not wish to be in your presence anymore then I have to be from here on out," replied the figure while sipping some more tea with the Sannin in front of him letting out a boastful laugh and acting like they were old friends to the people around them.

"That's funny gaki. Honestly, you know how to make me laugh!" exclaimed Jiraiya of the Sannin while looking at the tall well muscled figure in front of him wearing an eye patch over right eye with the second one narrowing coldly at him.

"Knock it off Jiraiya. If you are going to be in my presence for a short time, then stop the act of the lecherous fool, and talk to me like an actual man!" replied the figure coldly, as Jiraiya stop the fake smile, and the laughter while looking deadly serious.

"Fine. If that's what you want. I can be serious too...Naruto," countered Jiraiya with the figure now identified as Naruto kept his one whole eye on the Sannin.

"Word has it you wanted to talk to me about something? With the something pertaining to the importance of Konoha?" asked Naruto with Jiraiya keeping his face impassive.

"Somewhere else. Not here. Too many eyes and ears," replied Jiraiya moving to stand and was expecting Naruto to do the same.

"No," Naruto shot back with Jiraiya looking at him.

"Excuse me?" asked Jiraiya like he was surprised at being unexpectedly challenged.

"Is your ability to hear failing you? I said no! Sit down and tell me everything or this will be the last time the two of us have a civil conversation ever again!" answered Naruto, as he jabbed his finger onto the table, and gave the Sannin a look that old him he was very serious.

"And risk us being heard by potential enemy spies?" questioned Jiraiya with Naruto just smirking at him.

"That's your problem Jiraiya. Not mine. I'm not an agent of Konoha so I don't have to worry if anything spoken here reaches any enemies of that pathetic village," answered Naruto with Jiraiya narrowing his eyes at him.

"You have a lot of nerve calling Konoha pathetic Naruto," Jiraiya said with a scowl on his face while sitting back down.

"And you have a lot of nerve seeking my help in saving Konoha after everything they put me through. Or is your eye sight so bad you can't see my eye patch that hides the symbol of their betrayal? Of your betrayal? Of Tsunade's betrayal?" asked Naruto while the sun seemed to move away from the cloud slightly and the light in the sky seemed to beam itself onto his face to show the eye patch clearly for the Sannin to see.

"What do you want me to say about that? That I'm sorry? That Tsunade's sorry?" asked Jiraiya impassively with Naruto letting out another chuckle.

"No. I don't expect any kind of apology from you or the old bitch. You two are incapable of it and wouldn't mean what you say if you said it anyway. So what would be the point in wanting you to say what you can't and won't say to me unless their empty without any meaning?" countered Naruto with Jiraiya's eyes narrowing at him.

"Don't call Tsunade that again," said Jiraiya with Naruto smirking at him.

"Why? Because its true? Or because after all this time you still want what she won't give you in any shape or form?" asked Naruto with Jiraiya looking pissed off at him.

"I mean it Naruto. Call her that again and I'll rip out your heart in public for all to see," replied Jiraiya with Naruto letting out a chuckle.

"Go ahead and try. My heart has no value to me anyway. Its been abused so many times it has nothing to contribute to my life anymore or to anyone else for that matter," replied Naruto calmly while staring back uncaringly at the Sannin with neither talking for what seemed like several long minutes.

"We're getting off topic. Back to the business at hand," said Jiraiya at last with Naruto just shrugging since he didn't care.

"Might as well. So what is this business about Konoha needing me to save them?" asked Naruto with Jiraiya letting out a sigh before looking around quickly.

"Ever since Konoha did what they did to you...things have been going downhill for us in general. Allies have left us. Trading rights with other countries have been ruined. Hell, its only because of my Sannin traveling rights that I'm even allowed to be in Spring Country right now, and even that is for a limited time," explained Jiraiya with Naruto scoffing at him.

"What did you expect when I was beaten up for a job well done? What did you expect when I decided to leave the village to prevent my chakra from being sealed off and to be thrown away into some cold dark dungeon with no chance of ever seeing daylight ever again?" asked Naruto with Jiraiya's body going tense.

"So you heard about that huh?" asked Jiraiya with Naruto nodding.

"Shadow Clones make the best spies," answered Naruto with Jiraiya shaking his head.

"Only you would use them like that," replied Jiraiya with a hint of respect for him.

"So what happened after I left the village and everything went to shit?" asked Naruto with Jiraiya becoming serious again.

"Our enemies decided now was the time to strike. Within a year of your departure, the Leaf was attacked over two hundred times, and on all fronts. Iwa, Kumo, and Orochimaru all hit us in different places at different times either day or night. On the second year of your banishment, Sasuke made another attempt at going rogue again to chase after Itachi, and another team was sent after him," explained Jiraiya with Naruto nodding.

"I know. He made it to the border of Rice Country in the hopes of meeting up with your former teammate and harnessing the power of his Curse Seal in order to one day kill his big brother," replied Naruto with the Sannin looking shocked by this.

"How do you know that?" asked Jiraiya with Naruto smirking at him.

"Who do you think left him a mangled wreck for the retrieval team to pick up all gift wrapped in a bow? Again! There is a reason why the fool won't tell anyone who defeated him in combat that day," answered Naruto with Jiraiya looking shocked by this.

"You put the retrieval team in quite a situation for doing that Naruto after they came back to Konoha with Sasuke. The Councils wanted each Shinobi to be demoted or executed for the damage done to the Uchiha," replied Jiraiya with Naruto smirking.

"I know. I sent a Shadow Clone under a henge to observe things in Konoha when that happened. Word spread throughout the village like wildfire about their punishment. Half were demoted and the other half were executed publicly in front of everyone. It was quite the interesting experience to see someone being the target of hatred instead me being the actual target for once. To be among the crowd, watching them cheer for the death of loyal Shinobi, who were only doing their job, and the pleading look they sent to the Hokage to show mercy. It must have really broken their hearts, minds, and spirits in the end to know that they were going to die on her command despite completing the mission she gave them. They couldn't dare say they didn't hurt the Uchiha or someone else did their job for that would mean they failed. They were dead or demoted no matter what decision they made. In the end...they chose to you lied and Tsunade lied to me my oh so loving Godparents!" explained Naruto before he let out an amused chuckle while Jiraiya could only frowned at him.

"Bastard!" exclaimed Jiraiya with Naruto smirking at him.

"That's the pot calling the kettle black Jiraiya. Besides, you're lucky I even decided to let you have the Uchiha in one piece, let alone alive to see another sun rise, and still be even remotely capable of breeding with one of his ever shallow fan girls of his who are only interested in the Uchiha Clan name," countered Naruto with the Sannin showing restraint in wanting to lash out at him.

"As for the third year you were gone from Konoha, the Akatsuki made their move against the other villages, and were seeking to take other eight Jinchuriki. Some of the Jinchuriki have gone missing and some of them are still in their own village being protected from the Akatsuki," explained Jiraiya with Naruto nodding at hearing this information.

"And some of them are dead or even presumed dead," added Naruto with Jiraiya grunting at that since he was planning to leave such information on purpose.

"Then roughly six Month ago, I'm hearing word of a rising power lurking in the shadows of the Elemental Countries that has almost all the Daimyos nervous. They are practically scared out of their minds and ready to piss themselves silly at the mere mention of this single being who is said to be wielding incredible power on a level not seen since the Sage of Six Paths first walked the lands," continued Jiraiya with Naruto smirking further.

"You're referring to rumors about the Shogun of Shadows," replied Naruto with Jiraiya going tense and making a shushing motion.

"Quiet you idiot! Don't say his name so loud for everyone to hear! The man has spies just about everywhere throughout the Elemental Countries. Even my spy network is no match for this guy. He's already had several them removed before I could get any valuable Intel on the guy!" exclaimed Jiraiya with Naruto shaking his head while looking amused at the Sannin.

"Your spy network is getting old if they can't find anything on him. And to have some of your spies getting killed in the process? Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. For shame Jiraiya," replied Naruto with the Sannin grimacing since he was right.

"Its not outdated yet. I still have some Intel and it pertains to Konoha," countered Jiraiya with Naruto raising an eyebrow at him.

"Really? Do tell!" Naruto replied with interest in his voice.

"One of my spies came to me near death. He told me the Shogun of Shadows is planning to attack Konoha out of spite. When I asked for the Shogun's identity, my spy tried to tell me the Shogun's name, but the man's life gave out, and I was left with only that small yet key piece of information," Jiraiya said with Naruto nodding.

"And you want me to come back to Konoha to make the Shogun of Shadows think twice before doing anything to the Leaf. What is in it for me?" questioned Naruto with Jiraiya having a small hint of hope in his eyes.

"In return for your aid, Tsunade has promised that all crimes you are currently charged with will be pardoned, a sizeable sum of money will be given, and a seat among the other Clan Heads. All in all it is a sweet deal," said Jiraiya with a smile on his face that was partially fake and Naruto could see right through it.

"Crimes against Konoha? What supposed crimes would those be Jiraiya? Care to name a few of them?" asked Naruto with Jiraiya not liking the fact he was dissecting the offer.

"Aside from hurting the Uchiha four years ago during the retrieval mission? There are the charges of disserting the Leaf, conspiracy to betray the Leaf, attacking civilians, and the attempted murder of several Konoha Shinobi," answered Jiraiya with Naruto nodding, as he heard each charge being told to him, and was deep in thought.

"First off, those charges are a load of crap! I did what was required of me for that mission to bring the Uchiha back. Tsunade said it herself. The use of force was authorized for that mission. I left Konoha because it was either leave or suffer before being killed. I chose to live on MY terms! Not Konoha's, not yours, and not Tsunade's terms. MY terms! As for the charge of conspiring to betray the Leaf, I was loyal to the village when I had every right to jam a kunai into the back of everyone in it, and never once sold out any Leaf Shinobi to any enemy. Attacking civilians? I was defending myself from a mob of them trying to attack me after I brought Sasuke back to Konoha. Attempted murder? I would have thought the charge would have been murder of several Konoha Shinobi after I got through with them," replied Naruto, as he saw Jiraiya look away from him for a second, and was clearly leaving something out.

"There were charges regarding that incident, but we let them drop since at the time of the discussion you were considered to most likely die from your injuries, and decided to use the attempted murder charge in the event you survived the fall from that cliff side," said Jiraiya seeing his Godson for the first time with his two eyes since that day when Kakashi threw that exploding tag at the ground in front of Naruto to cause the boy to fall with the rubble way down below into the abyss that even full fledged adult Shinobi would have a low chance of surviving.

Then again...they weren't Naruto and always did pull off the impossible.

"So basically, you can pardon me for all those mentioned charges listed, then arrest me for the murder of those Leaf Shinobi, I don't get paid any money owed for my services rendered, and strip me of my oh so promised Clan Head position," answered Naruto with Jiraiya grimace at his response.

"We wouldn't do that. Tsunade would not...," Jiraiya said while stopping when Naruto gave him an icy glare.

"She can and would. Do not mistake me for some naive fool Jiraiya. Those days are long dead and over, remember? The removal of my name on the Toad Summoning Contract on your authority should is not something even you couldn't forget," Naruto shot back with Jiraiya sighing at hearing this.

"Well Konoha needs your help Naruto. Will you at least consider it? I can convince the Hokage to pardon you for all crimes the people will want to charge you with," offered Jiraiya with Naruto scoffing.

"You have some nerve trying to basically bribe me into helping you for the mess you and the other people in Konoha made for themselves. Why should I even give a damn about that shithole?" asked Naruto with Jiraiya's eyes narrowing.

"Because its your home," answered Jiraiya with Naruto growling at him.

"You mean it was my prison! One I escaped from in order to stop suffocating. The people in Konoha don't like it when they don't get their way and my escape was just that. Them not getting their way since the people in the village wanted me dead or wishing to Kami I had died. My defiance of their wishes was like a slap to the face and they don't like it! I know they want me back just so they can feel safe knowing their pet is back home to be leashed again," countered Naruto with a cold venomous tone in his voice that sent a very strong shiver up the Sannin's spine.

"If that's how you see it," replied Jiraiya with Naruto's eye narrowing at him.

"Go back to that bitch you call a Hokage. Tell her you failed in your mission to bring back the village's stray pet and know that any use of force on her part to bring me back will result in the heads of every Shinobi she sends being dropped off at her doorstep," said Naruto before Jiraiya moved to strike him and the Uzumaki moved even faster to counter the strike by grabbing the outstretched arm holding a kunai in the hand.

Naruto's left hand was current in Jiraiya's line of sight, as it adorned a metal gauntlet with three claws appearing from their hidden spot with the sharp ends less then an inch from the Sannin's face, and the intent to kill clear in the Uzumaki's one blue eye. Jiraiya for his part was surprised Naruto could move so fast, counter him so easily, and was now beginning to wonder what kind of training his Godson went through?

"Don't call Tsunade by that term again Naruto. I mean it!" exclaimed Jiraiya with Naruto just smirking at him.

"I'll call her whatever I want regardless if you are around to hear me say it or not. Also, I suggest you order the team of Konoha Shinobi you brought with you to stand down...or your bitch of a Hokage will have to explain to the Spring Daimyo why Konoha Shinobi are here when they know they are clearly unwelcome here," replied Naruto in dangerous tone and saw Jiraiya was shocked.

"You knew Konoha Shinobi were with me?" asked Jiraiya with Naruto smirking at him.

"I know a lot of things. How many came with you though? Ten? Fifteen? All of them are Jounin correct?" asked Naruto with Jiraiya frowning at him.

"Sixteen Konoha Shinobi if you include me," answered Jiraiya with Naruto smirking at him.

"Actually its fifteen now if I include you," replied Naruto with Jiraiya looking absolutely livid at hearing this.

"You killed one of them!" accused Jiraiya with Naruto smirking at him.

"Your point? Konoha Shinobi aren't allowed in this country by the order of the Spring Daimyo and are to be killed on sight. I simply had my Shadow Clone kill your now dead Jounin and henge into him while listening in to the others listening in on us. Even now they are no doubt scrambling to find out which one of their numbers has been killed all the while trying not to draw attention to themselves," answered Naruto while tightening his grip on Jiraiya's still outstretched hand to make the Sannin drop the kunai in his hand.

"Your window of opportunity at becoming a Konoha Shinobi again just closed Naruto" said Jiraiya with the Uzumaki grinning a feral grin at the Sannin.

"Good. I don't want your so called 'opportunity' Jiraiya. Its a joke. A cruel joke meant to be played on me. Go back to the Hokage like the good obedient and whipped pet you are Sannin. Tell your Master and those that rule over her...this is Konoha's chance to beg for mercy!" replied Naruto before throwing Jiraiya into a nearby wall with the people around them scattering.

"I tried to be civil with you gaki. I offered you a chance to come back and all would be forgiven for your actions. But you've decided to take the hard way in life and be a pain in Konoha's ass!" exclaimed Jiraiya while getting a real good look at Naruto and his attire since they first started to talk.

Gone was the naive, short, blonde haired, blue eyed, orange loving, and even wearing the color for a moron of an Uzumaki. Gone was the kid, who constantly bragged about being Hokage, and devouring ramen like a fat kid did free chocolate cake off an assembly line. Gone was the kid that had poor chakra control, knew so few Jutsus, and summoned the Toad Boss Gamabunta out of sheer stupid luck!

In his place stood a Shinobi warrior of the battlefield.

Naruto now wore black with orange around him in the form of flames around the black in Shinobi attire with several pieces of armor around the shoulder and legs resembling that of a samurai. He walked with heavy steps now, meaning the Uzumaki in front of him also wore weights, and they were very heavy ones to boot! His head wore a Shinobi helmet piece that strangely resembled that of an orange fox with red eyes, and another once over of Naruto's appearance realized the orange 'flames' in he design weren't flames at all.

They were tails!

On Naruto left hand was the clawed gauntlet that had been near his face earlier and was sporting three jagged edged blades for 'claws' that the Sannin knew from the look of them could do some serious damage. The right hand was also that of a gauntlet, but without the claws on that one, and it was then Jiraiya noticed the sword at the Uzumaki's waist. It was giving off a demonic aura now like the rest of Naruto and saw the eye patch had a light of red behind it. As if the only thing holding back the incredible power waiting to shoot out of the optic hole was the eye patch.

Before Jiraiya could contemplate this further, he saw Naruto disappear, and then reappear in front of him with that sword drawn. The sword itself had marking all along both sides and was crackling with a yellowish sometimes crimson electricity. Jiraiya had heard the stories of this sword and the one currently wielding it when the Akatsuki had come for him during the four years of being declared a Missing Nin of Konoha.

The "Zombie Brothers" of the Akatsuki, who were considered to be unbeatable by many given their own unique powers, were the first to fall at the hands of Naruto, and collected the bounty at the Exchange Station. It was a neutral organization that took no sides in the Shinobi world, but ironically were funded by all them with a purpose of paying whoever collected the bounty on any Missing Nin in the Bingo Book, and were expected to pay whoever came to collect the bounty (provided there was proof) of the marked target. It was well known that the two members of the Akatsuki that Naruto killed had very heavy price on each of their heads.

Naruto came out of the Exchange Station a wealthy man.

A fact that pissed off Konoha and the Akatsuki to no end for entirely different reasons.

"That sword. The Sword of the Juubi!" said Jiraiya at seeing the weapon rumored to be located in Whirlpool, but was never found despite man attempts, and was considered to be lost forever.

"Also called the Sword of the Archfiend. I'm glad you heard of it. This weapon was said to be forged from one of the fangs the Sage of Six Path took off the actual Juubi. That its power is so great...only someone of direct bloodline lineage to the Sage of Six Path can wield it to its fullest potential," replied Naruto with Jiraiya burning the memory of the sword into his brain to tell Tsunade about it.

Provided he lived past this moment with Naruto.

"Where did you find it?" asked Jiraiya with Naruto smirking at him.

"At a grave site at the base of the tallest mountain within Whirlpool. An ancient grave site older then Whirlpool and all of the Elemental Countries as we know them. It was there I saw the spirit of the one who wielded this sword before me and was waiting for his successor to wield it," explained Naruto with Jiraiya looking from the sword to his Godson.

"I see. It was said that the Uzumakis Clan was also descended from the Sage of Six Paths bloodline along with the Uchiha and Senju. That there was a third son, but while this man was of the Sage's blood, the Sage himself did not acknowledge him as one of his children for unknown reasons, and gave the rumored son for that bloodline absolutely nothing prior to his death. That the third son was considered an illegitimate one unlike that of his two other sons and thus would not inherit anything from him. In an act of defiance while the two legitimate sons fought, the third illegitimate son took off with the Sword of Juubi, and was even in possession of the fabled Rinnegan the Sage of Six Paths himself had achieved. That the two legitimate sons of the Sage of Six Paths tried to take such powers back from the third one...and they were nearly killed in the process. They united for one purpose, but were defeated badly in battle, yet spared on a mere whim, and were warned by their illegitimate brother to leave him alone. That they were to do what they wished, but to leave him out of their affairs, and never seek him out for the power that was his by right of blood from the Father that denounced him. They both reluctantly agreed to his terms and they never spoke to him ever again with the Sword of Juubi becoming lost in the end while the Uzumaki Clan slowly rose with the Senju Clan and the Uchiha Clan," explained Jiraiya with Naruto smirking at him before putting the massive sword away in the extra large sheath designed to hold it.

"My predecessor's name...was Uzumaki Genshin. Unfortunately, he felt none of his own children, or his Grandchildren were worthy of wielding the Sword of Juubi. He died with it in a secret burial spot at the base of the tallest mountain in Whirlpool. The man literally buried himself with the last of his strength to ensure no one would know where the sword lay as his grave marker. After what happened in Konoha, I barely survived the fall, and made my way to Wave Country to lick my wounds. I had to think of a plan to get away since it was only a matter of time before you were there to bring me back. So I took a boat and headed for Whirlpool after old man Tazuna told me about the place that Wave Country itself had been apart of many years ago," explained Naruto with Jiraiya's eyes widening in understanding.

'So that is where he went. And the spirit he mentioned! Uzumaki Genshin was it? Did that spirit teach him?' thought Jiraiya with Naruto turning around and walking away.

"It was there Jiraiya. It was there I felt my Uzumaki blood become lit aflame and could hear the cries of my kin calling out for justice. Among those cries, one stood out above all others, and followed the voice that led me to the base of the mountain where Genshin-sensei's grave was marked by this sword. His spirit stood before me and looked down to see the broken body that was the last of his bloodline. I could feel his spirit dig through my mind and see my memories from the life I lived in Konoha. I could feel his rage at how after all this time...the Senju and the Uchiha still tried to take what did not belong to them when it came to power. While the Senju had relented in taking, they still were not beyond the means to manipulate things so they wouldn't need to, and just let the Uchiha make all the attempts for them before swooping down to pick up the pieces. It was at that moment, the spirit of Uzumaki Genshin decreed he would train me in all of his skills, and power that he learned in his days of being a Shinobi," continued Naruto before stopping and turning back to see Jiraiya slowly stand up.

"So you are more enemy then friend to Konoha," concluded Jiraiya with Naruto letting out a hollow chuckle.

"Foolish Sannin. I was always Konoha's enemy after the village betrayed me for the last time. Do not expect our next encounter to be so civil. Next time...I'll kill you," replied Naruto with Jiraiya glaring at him.

"You cocky brat! Just because you have the power of Kyuubi sealed inside your body and the Sword of Juubi doesn't make you invincible! When the time comes for us to fight...I'll take your head off personally!" exclaimed Jiraiya while forming a Rasengan in his hand to further intimidate Naruto.

"Really? That's quite a threat Jiraiya. Quite a good threat actually. Still...the threat itself seems to lack something. I know!" exclaimed Naruto before he was gone and in front of Jiraiya again.

Only this time, Jiraiya cried out in pain, as solid steel cut through flesh, the blood from underneath the flesh sprayed everywhere, and the Sannin was clutching his face in pain. Naruto's left arm was up at an arched position, the claws from the gauntlet it wore were glowing with crimson chakra thanks to Kyuubi. Before Jiraiya could even contemplate what had happened in this moment pain, Naruto followed with a solid hit with his knee to the Sannin's torso that sent the man doubling over onto his knees.

"What was that for?" asked Jiraiya while gripping his face with blood leaking between his fingers onto the ground.

"I thought it was obvious at this point. I'm giving you incentive to kill me the next time we meet. I'm giving Konoha, its Shinobi, its civilians, the Councils, and the Clan Heads incentive to kill me. Even your bitch of a Hokage whom you can only look at but never touch an incentive to kill me the next time we all meet again," explained Naruto before he was gone in a swirl of Kyuubi's crimson chakra.

'Could this day get any worse?' thought Jiraiya before he found himself surrounded by the Spring Daimyo's samurai on patrol of the area.

"Jiraiya of the Sannin, you are under arrest," said the Samurai Captain of the group before the others picked him up and escorting him to the palace where their ruler would decide his fate.

'Yep! It just got worse,' thought Jiraiya while hoping the Leaf Shinobi with him were able to escape.

(Spring Daimyo's Throne Room)

"You have a lot of nerve to come here to my land Sannin! And with Konoha Shinobi no less when everyone knows they are banned from my country," said Kazahana Koyuki with utter contempt for Jiraiya and the Leaf Shinobi bound on their knees before her throne with chakra blocking devices on each of them so they would be shocked if they tried to use any of the energy.

The samurai around them were armed with their swords to further influence the Shinobi on the ground to be compliant while Jiraiya was in front of them since he was their leader after all. After what happened with Naruto being betrayed and nearly killed by Konoha, a massive anti-Konoha movement began throughout all of Spring Country when they heard their Daimyo's hero had suffered. Koyuki had personally written a detailed 10 page letter to the Fire Daimyo expressing her rage at the hypocritical actions of Konoha's Shinobi, the brave actions Naruto had done while in her country, and how she was cutting off all trade with Fire Country until justice was done. No mercy was to be shown to any Konoha Shinobi that dared enter her lands for any reason and would know of her displeasure of them being where they weren't welcome!

Of course, the Fire Daimyo wrote back to her, pleading for the woman to reconsider what she was doing, but Koyuki wouldn't hear of it, and expressed her utter distaste for Fire Country when they met for negotiations. To further add insult to injury, she actually tore up the contract she had with Jiraiya to perform in his Icha Icha Paradise Movie...right in front of the Sannin.

"I assure you Koyuki-sama, my intentions for being here in Spring Country were strictly professional," said Jiraiya with Koyuki narrowing her eyes at him with disgust.

"And the Konoha Shinobi behind you?" asked Koyuki with Jiraiya laughing sheepishly like the fool he played to get people to feel pity for him.

"They're my bodyguards! Konoha has a lot of enemies after all with many wanting to see me taken out to weaken the Leaf village and while I'm no never can be too careful," answered Jiraiya with Koyuki still not removing that look of disgust from her regal face.

"And for several good reasons. One of which is close to my heart and the hearts of nearly every other influential leader throughout the Elemental Countries," said Koyuki in an all knowing voice that made Jiraiya laugh sheepishly again.

"Yeah. I guess that's true," Jiraiya conceded with Koyuki looking even angrier.

"Drop the act Jiraiya. Naruto already warned me that you would play the fool in order to make yourself seem pathetic and pitiful in my eyes. That I might take pity on you and your 'Shinobi Bodyguards' here with you. Well I'm not going to take pity on you or your 'bodyguards' here in the slightest. You can return to Konoha alone Jiraiya with what is left of your scarred face and wounded pride. Your bodyguards on the other hand...they are to be put to death for trespassing on my lands," proclaimed Koyuki while making a hand motion to her samurai to escort all the Shinobi out of her sight.

"Wait! You can't kill them! The loss of so many Jounin level Shinobi will weaken the Leaf considerably!" exclaimed Jiraiya with Koyuki looking at him right in the eyes with a "I don't care" look.

"Then you shouldn't have brought so many Jounin level Shinobi to my shores. Take him away now!" commanded Koyuki with her samurai obeying with all the Konoha Shinobi.

"Commanding as ever I see Koyuki-chan," said Naruto after appearing from the shadows with a smile on his face though it was hidden by the black cloth that covered all except his one eye.

"I had a good teacher Naruto-kun," replied Koyuki, as she saw her country's champion walk up beside her, and he kissed her hand like a gentlemen.

"If I may... I would like to ask a request regarding those Leaf Shinobi?" asked Naruto with Koyuki looking at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh! What is the request?" asked Koyuki with Naruto smiling behind the black cloth.

"I would like to be the one that executes them," answered Naruto with Koyuki thinking it over.

"Why not? I don't see why you can't. Besides, I'm sure those Leaf Shinobi were among all those that hurt, and demeaned you while growing up. I think its fair you return the favor properly," replied Koyuki with Naruto once more kissing her hand.

"You are as kind as you are wise and beautiful," said Naruto with Koyuki giggling.

"Keep that up and you'll see just how kind I can be in bed tonight," said Koyuki with a seductive smile on her face while Naruto let out a chuckle.

"I'm looking forward to it," replied Naruto before leaving for the shadows once more and Koyuki sighed contently knowing how the man was when they were together.

"Now if only I didn't have to share him with several other women. Oh well. If I didn't share him, then I'd be too sore to get out of bed in the morning, or walk properly during the day," said Koyuki to herself with a smile on her face since the young warrior did have the stamina women would kill for to have their man possess such energy.

(Konoha-Sometime Later)

"What happened Jiraiya?" asked Tsunade to see the Sannin had returned to Konoha after the beating from the samurai, was bloodied from the hard hitters, and she saw the scarred face he was now sporting.

"The good news is I made contact with Naruto. Bad news...he basically told me that you should shove the offer I was to convey to him up your ass," answered Jiraiya while he was wincing slightly due to the injury that Tsunade had moved to heal, but found it was not healing at all, and seemed to glow crimson red when she tried.

"I trust those were his words and NOT yours?" questioned Tsunade with Jiraiya making a noise that told her that was his way of phrasing it in a nutshell.

"No, but that's what Naruto basically thought of it before he did this to my face moments before leaving," answered Jiraiya while seeing Tsunade frown at the failing attempt to heal him.

"So the brat was in Spring Country like we thought," replied Tsunade with a growl soon following.

"Oh yeah! He was there all right and trust me Tsunade...he's no longer a mere brat. Not anymore," answered Jiraiya before explaining what happened with Naruto's speed being beyond his own and the Sword of Juubi or Archfiend as it was sometimes called among the ancient sword legends.

"Damn him!" exclaimed Tsunade, as she blamed Naruto for many things in her life, and the greatness of Konoha being one of them.

Destruction of Konoha during Kyuubi's attack. Kushina's death during the pregnancy that caused the fox to get free. Forcing her sensei back out of retirement in the aftermath. She even blamed Naruto for the Uchiha Massacre since the Uchiha were planning a coup. to take control of Konoha because so many people distrusted them for their connection to Kyuubi via the Sharingan Eyes that were the clan bloodline. Even the Sandaime's own death she blamed on Naruto for being elsewhere when he was needed IN Konoha to defend it rather then fight another weakened Jinchuriki outside of its walls that several other Shinobi were chasing could handle.

"Hokage-sama?" asked Shizune walking into the office to see Tsunade trying to heal Jiraiya's face and apparently not succeeding.

"What?" asked Tsunade harshly while finding her skills in healing were being repelled from healing the scars that were meant to be a permanent mark on Jiraiya's face.

"There is a...large box here addressed to you...from the Spring Daimyo herself," answered Shizune uneasily with two Chuunin carrying the box into the room.

"Open it!" ordered Tsunade with the Chuunin opening the box and stepped back with Tsunade seeing the contents in it before letting out a cry of outrage.

The contents of the box? All the heads of every Jounin level Konoha Shinobi who went with Jiraiya to Spring Country.

And a note.

Hello you old bitch. Its been a long time since that day four years ago. I was hoping you would leave me alone, but that was too much to hope for when you sent the pervert to find me, and convey your so called offer in return for my help fending off this new enemy you've pissed off! Did you really expect me to say yes to your pathetic little offer upon my return? That I would return to Konoha like some blind, deaf, and dumb kid you thought I was when we first met? Its clear you're the dumb one between us if you believed I'd come back like some humble pet! You, Jiraiya, the Clan Heads, and just about everyone else in Konoha betrayed me that day. Now you're all alone and in danger of being wiped out by your enemies without any help from anyone around you. It must be hurting the village knowing they have to fight off so many enemies with no support from anyone in the four years since that day you backstabbed me.

Welcome to my old world I've lived in for 12 years of my life and your new Hell.

Signed to your dissatisfaction,

Uzumaki Naruto

P.S. In case you haven't figured it out by now...I was the one that killed them all. Every single Leaf Shinobi in that box died with shock and horror on their faces. They died like cowards begging me to show them mercy and saying other apologetic crap they didn't mean. I just thought you should know.

"DAMN YOU NARUTO!" yelled Tsunade, as she tore up his letter, and slammed her fist on the Hokage's death beside her.

'It's just one bad thing after another,' thought Jiraiya, as he looked at the faces of each Konoha Shinobi in the box, and indeed saw the horror that was on them.

(At a Secret Location)

"We are in agreement? You all believe the time for attacking Konoha is at hand?" asked the leader of the group sitting in front of him.

He was the Shogun of Shadows.

"We do Shogun-sama," answered a female voice clearly ready for war.

"Will this be a problem for you my red eyed weasel? I know how you feel when it comes certain things regarding Konoha," asked the Shogun of Shadows with the man to his right shaking his head.

"I have tried to do everything in my power to protect Konoha. To protect the salvation of my clan I destroyed with the fruits of my labor being poisoned beyond repair. There is only one true path that stands before me now and I will do what I must when walking it," answered the figure with the Shogun nodding.

"How soon before Akatsuki is completely destroyed from within?" asked the Shogun with Itachi looking over something in front of him.

"Soon. Our two key players in its liquidation aside from myself are in position, but Tobi's patience with the organization's fumbling in failure to capture all the Jinchuriki is running thin. We should step up our timetable a bit, and ensure nothing is left of the organization to rebuild from," answered the figure with the Shogun nodding.

"The statue?" asked the Shogun knowing it was the key to holding the Biju.

"A few dozen explosive tags in its key structural points should destroy it completely. The three-tailed Biju was sealed in there after the past Mizukage's death once it manifested a year ago. Once the statue is destroyed, the Biju shouldn't reappear again for another three years, and will once more manifest in the water," explained the now former agent of the Akatsuki.

"That's fine. Let the Biju live as it wants once it manifests. How goes things in Iwa and Kumo? How are they right now?" asked the Shogun with a the sound of papers being shuffled around him.

"Both itching for a fight with Konoha. However, Iwa isn't being as cooperative like we hoped, and are planning to attack without your consent Shogun-sama," answered a gruff man with his red beard shimmering in the candle light.

"No doubt they are doing it to me out of spite for taking you and Han away from Iwa on account I didn't tolerate them treating either of you like mindless weapons Roshi," replied the Shogun of Shadows with the figure that was Roshi from Iwa nodding.

"That and you beat the Sandaime Tsuchikage within an inch of his life when he tried to stop you from taking us away from Iwa," Roshi added with the Shogun nodding.

"Fortunately, his Granddaughter was able to take over for him temporarily, and agreed to let the two of you come with me. Now it seems the Sandaime Tsuchikage has decided to stop waiting for us to make our move. For someone notoriously called 'The Fence Sitter', he is not living up to his reputation, and I suspect its because old wounds opened up does that to people," replied the Shogun with many among his council nodding.

"Kumo is on board. All they want is at least one Hyuuga," replied the female voice from before when this meeting started and the Shogun saw her cat like eyes glow.

"And the Raikage will have one. I am a man of my word. All I ask in return is that the Hyuuga he gets is not be the one I want," replied the Shogun with the woman nodding since that was the deal made between them.

"I'll remind him of that fact Shogun-sama," said the woman simply.

"Thank you. Also, there is one final piece of business regarding Orochimaru," replied the Shogun with the others nodding.

"He's still up and about while surviving like the common parasite we all know him to be in life," said a red haired bespectacled woman.

"Has anyone attempted to make contact with him?" asked the Shogun with the red haired woman nodding.

"Konoha sent a message to him asking for his assistance against you. They are promising him full immunity for all past crimes and a chance to continue his experiments in Konoha provided they are all inmates at the prison," explained the woman while the Shogun let out a growl.

"Hypocrites. All of them. Let the Sannin head for Konoha. We'll gut every single one of his bases before he's halfway there," answered the Shogun with everyone nodding.

"And Iwa and their growing impatience?" asked Roshi with the Shogun being silent for a moment.

"We'll deal with Iwa soon once the Akatsuki is no more. Nagato and Konan will see to it that the Tsuchikage is humbled," answered the Shogun with the group nodding.

With the meeting over, the shadow forms of the Shogun's trusted members of his council left, and now only the Shogun himself remained. Basking in the darkness for a moment longer, he soon left it before walking to his private quarters of his base, and looked over the map that was his vision of the future. All the Daimyos with the exception of a few good ones were weak and fearful men who couldn't control their own countries like they were suppose to while ruling over their respectful territories.

For too long now, the world had been divided, scattered, and without a leader capable of uniting the people together. That was what the Shogun of Shadows saw when looking at the current map of the world when comparing it to his vision laying next to it. He ran a hand over his vision, his eyes closing, and imagined the dawn of his rule rising from the ashes of the old one. He had supporters in position on all key points when this happened and each one waiting for him to give the signal to make their moves that together would bring about a world wide change in the landscape of how it was ruled. The time of the Daimyos answering to no one but themselves for their actions was now coming to an end.

Now was the beginning of the Era...of the Shogun!

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