Chapter 9-Truth Revealed in Shadows

Konoha was surrounded. That was the only way to describe it. The Leaf was surrounded on all side by Iwa Shinobi, Kumo Shinobi, Suna Shinobi, and Mist Shinobi. All four of the five major Shinobi villages was there. Each of them showing off their flags mixed with that of the Shogun of Shadows own symbol above their own to indicate they were he under the Shogun's command. Along with them were Spring Country's samurai with their own banner similar to the others. It was truly frightening to see from what Tsunade could see from atop of the Hokage Tower.

'How could this have happened? How could we have amassed so many enemies? Naruto doesn't have that much influence, does he? No! Its the Shogun of Shadows. He's the real source of this! Kill him and the others will run and flee behind their walls before sending peace envoys,' thought Tsunade while seeing her Shinobi move to defend the village and repel the enemy.

"Suna is being led by the Kazekage at the Western Gate with his siblings. Mist is at the Eastern Gate with the Mizukage and Utakata. Naruto is with the Shogun of Shadows at the Northern Gate. Iwa's forces are at the Southern Gate being led by the Tsuchikage and his Granddaughter. Kumo is being led by the Raikage, but they are right behind Naruto, and the Shogun with the three having an important conversation. The army of samurai from Spring Country are in position to move in from a Northeastern position and ready to attack should the order be given," said Jiraiya with his telescope out and looking at each section from the very top of the tower.

"Damn it! Prepare a proper defense along the walls and prepare barricades on the streets to make movement on the ground difficult!" commanded Tsunade before and Jiraiya felt a sudden blast of chakra from Naruto's position.

Apparently Naruto wasn't going to give her time to setup a proper defense.

The blonde Uzumaki shot out a Wind Jutsu at the Northern Gate, which obliterated the large doors the Leaf Shinobi had shut upon seeing signs of the invasion force, and injured quite a few of Konoha's defenders in the process. With the action being done, Naruto, the Shogun, Killer Bee, the Raikage Fu, Nii Yugito, and Kumo Shinobi entered the Konoha. The civilians screamed, fleeing to hide in shelters, and Leaf Shinobi were moving against the invading forces.

Naruto smirked at the sight of these Konoha Shinobi moving to repel them and moved quickly with the others to combat them all. There was a reason why people feared the power of Jinchuriki, as they were extremely powerful, hard to kill, and could easily kill a large number of enemies if they unleashed the Biju's power in a fight. Going against one Jinchuriki was one thing, but to face several, who had complete control over their Biju's chakra, and weapons made by an Uzumaki Master Level weapons smith was just crazy.

It didn't take long for the Leaf Shinobi that tried to defend their village to be turned into a pile of bloody chunks of flesh. As they made their way through Konoha, the other sides were attacking as well, as massive holes in the walls were made by the awesome power of the Jinchuriki on those sides, or the large summons in possession of the Shogun of Shadow's forces.

Konoha Shinobi tried to repel the enemy as best they could, but there were too many enemy Shinobi fighting them, and even Danzo's Root Shinobi bolstering its ranks were not capable of holding off the invaders. Not that Danzo wanted to use them, but the old war hawk found his underground base had been wired with booby traps, which went off, and killed well over a third of his forces. This little event occurred yesterday when Danzo was heading to his secret office to plan how to take control of Konoha from Tsunade and barely got away from the explosive traps meant to kill everyone within the blast radius. Seeing his base of operations was now compromised, Danzo had to reveal to Tsunade that Root was very much active, and not disbanded like the Sandaime "officially" decreed when returning from retirement.

Unofficially, Root had never removed itself from active duty. It was just dressed up as something else to get around the decree and did a damn good job of preventing any proof arising to contradict it. Whether the Sandaime admitted it or not, he needed Danzo's Root to still be active even if the times dictated otherwise. So the two worked out a deal that everyone could agree to for the time being. Danzo would keep his Root (just not calling it that in public), but they would go on missions the Hokage gave his old rival, and ensure that what they did was for Konoha! NOT for Danzo's personal gain and interests that the Third knew the war hawk had running around his ambitious head. In return, Danzo would get some of the occasional orphans from the orphanage or even some prisoners that the war hawks own Yamanaka could manipulate to becoming a Leaf Shinobi every so often with the exception being Naruto, and have them become part of Root.

Now they were being decimated within a single day. Hundreds of Root Shinobi forged to be the perfect drones and tools being destroyed. Years of thankless training, conditioning, and experience in the field counted for nothing against the enemy they were sent to repel from Konoha. If it wasn't Gaara's wave of sand, it was the Mizukage using her bloodlines to melt her enemies down to nothing, or the Raikage frying his enemies with lightning.

While this was happening, Naruto along with the Shogun made their way deeper into the Leaf village until they reached the base of the Hokage Tower, and stopped when they saw the three student of the Sandaime Hokage appeared. Behind them was Danzo, Koharu, Homura with a combination of Root and usual Leaf ANBU Shinobi. Each one confident they could repel both Naruto and the Shogun of Shadows with their combined teamwork.

They all expected Naruto to be weak and they weren't expecting much from the Shogun since he partnered up with the Kyuubi Jinchuriki. In their minds the enemy before them was weak and only winning due to the sheer number of their allied forces. It had nothing to do with the simple painful fact that Naruto trained himself to the point of near death every chance he had or that some of his key allies were at least Kage level.

To be arrogant, senile, and stupid all in one.

At the moment, Tsunade was glaring at Naruto with all the hatred she could must, her eyes never leaving him while Jiraiya focused on the Shogun of Shadows, and Orochimaru was looking warily at them both with a calculating gaze. While Jiraiya and Tsunade were confident in their own skills, the snake Sannin had no delusions he would win this battle, or convince the Shogun much less the Kyuubi brat to let him join the clearly winning side of this one sided battle against Konoha. Enemies all around them, no hope for anyone in Konoha of surviving unless the Shogun wished them spared, and it was clear the man was not in a merciful mood right now.

Orochimaru also knew that he crossed Naruto in some manner to earn him the wrath of the Shogun and no doubt be seen as a threat to the man's reign if left alone long enough to slither away to plot evil things in the future. So how could he get away from this? Bribing them both with the idea of being Immortal? Maybe the cruel temptation of bringing back a very special someone they both hold dear to their heart being brought back from the grave? Sadly the options for him were there were none and he had practically nothing to give to even be considered a minor loose end.

This was a fight to the death. A true fight for survival.

"So here we are old hag. You've brought just about everyone I wanted to see right now," stated Naruto with a smile on his face.

"You have a lot of nerve coming here brat! Give me one good reason why I shouldn't just rip your guts out with a rusty scalpel and hang you in the village square?" demanded an angry Tsunade with Naruto letting out a chuckle of hollow amusement.

"Because your afraid. Not only that, BUT I think you of all people would want to hear just what I have to say regarding this precious Leaf village you love so much, and what they did to your Grandmother's homeland in the Second Shinobi War," replied Naruto and saw Tsunade's eyes widen while several people around her went stiff.

"Naruto I swear if you're playing games with me I will...!" threatened Tsunade with fury in her voice while Naruto just scoffed at her.

"After all this time you would still think I'm some idiot lying through my ass. Tell her Jiraiya? Tell her how you helped orchestrate the fall of her Grandmother's homeland by having Leaf Shinobi attack from within after they took key positions that acted as choke points to prevent escape for almost the whole clan? Tell her how you along with the rest of Konoha destroyed Whirlpool just to have control over Kyuubi's power one day as a weapon against the other villages? Tell her how you sold out her little brother Nawaki and her lover Dan out to the enemy so she would be a loyal Konoha Shinobi that focused only on the missions in front her," stated Naruto and Jiraiya grit his teeth in anger.

"Jiraiya?" questioned Tsunade with Jiraiya being silent and found Orochimaru was too surprisingly since she expected the snake to say something by now.

"He won't admit it to you Tsunade. Neither of them would. Why would they? Both of your teammates had a hand in their deaths and for selfish reasons too. Jiraiya wanted to be the shoulder you cry on and eventually get into your pants. Orochimaru wanted your brother dead to get all the fresh Senju DNA he could get for his experiments in passing down such a rare bloodline to others. Even though he had your Grandfather's blood on hand thanks to the Sandaime Hokage giving it to him, the cells weren't nearly as...strong as Orochimaru hoped, and mixed them in with your brothers before stimulating a reaction that would make Nawaki's blood awaken the bloodline Harashima was known for when implanted into test subjects," explained Naruto while Tsunade's eyes narrowed in anger at his words.

"YOU LIE!" yelled Tsunade with Naruto shaking his head.

"Didn't you ever find it strange that Jiraiya and Orochimaru were there before you? That Jiraiya was there waiting for your return and Orochimaru was coming out where all the doctors were trying to save your little brother? Jiraiya was the lookout in case you came back sooner then expected and stalled you while Orochimaru got all the genetic material he could out of Nawaki. As for your lover Dan...Jiraiya used his spies to leak information to the enemy that allowed them to ambush him," answered Naruto while Jiraiya was now seething at having that information brought out since no one was suppose to know that except those involved!

So how did Naruto know?

"Jiraiya would never do that! He knew Dan loved me!" exclaimed Tsunade while Naruto and the Shogun chuckled.

"That's why Jiraiya did it? He couldn't stand the fact Dan had your heart. That in a mere few Months, the man was going to have what Jiraiya had been trying to get for most of his life. You! If Jiraiya could only look, but not touch you, then he was going to make sure everyone else did the same, and ensure you would never have anyone to heal that scar over your heart,"said the Shogun this time before pulling out a book that made everyone freeze up.

"Where did you get that?" demanded Danzo while the Shogun chuckled at him.

"Wouldn't you like to know Danzo. The point being this book has all the proof of what happened those times to make Tsunade into who she is now. A pathetic woman, who even now from the look in her eyes would sooner hate Uzumaki Naruto, then admit her anger should be redirected at all of you," replied the Shogun and saw them all tense up.

"I don't believe you! I won't!" exclaimed Tsunade, as her eyes were now filled with hate, and madness with things too far gone to bring the woman back from insanity.

"To think you were of Uzumaki blood," countered the Shogun in a disappointed tone.

"I AM an Uzumaki! I am an Uzumaki AND a Senju! Don't you dare forget it!" called out Tsunade with the Shogun and Naruto shaking their heads in disagreement.

"Your loyalty to Konoha says otherwise," countered the Shogun and knew the woman was too far gone.

"What I want to know is how you got into all my bases in Rice Country before I even came here?" demanded Orochimaru while Naruto chuckled this time.

"I thought a prodigal genius like yourself would have figured that out Orochimaru. The only way to outfox a to employ another snake," answered Naruto before he looked to his right slightly behind the Shogun and saw Kabuto appear with a smile on his face.

"Kabuto! You dare betray me?" exclaimed and demanded Orochimaru while Kabuto just smiled at his former Master.

"You taught me well Orochimaru-sama. Too well actually. What was it you said to me once? Oh yes! 'When you come across someone more powerful then yourself Kabuto, you should always side with them until someone more powerful then them comes along. Do this and you will always come out on top,'" stated Kabuto while Orochimaru seethed at having his own words and teachings used against himself.

"The problem with certain snakes they tend to betray those around them like I know Kabuto is planning to do soon enough with us," said Naruto with Kabuto looking at him in shock like everyone else.

"I don't know what you mean Naruto-sama. I would never betray you or Shogun-sama!" exclaimed Kabuto while the Shogun just turned his head slightly to look at him.

"Is that why you have a kunai in your hand meant to stab me?" asked the Shogun while Kabuto smiled at him.

"I don't have a kunai in my right hand Shogun-sama. See!" replied Kabuto though it was clear the masked man and Naruto weren't amused.

"I never said the kunai was in your right hand Kabuto. Its in your left hand," replied the Shogun before he moved faster then the eye could see and obliterated Kabuto's body with a single swing of his sword.

The Sword of Juubi.

"That sword! That means the Shogun of Shadows is really...really...," stated Jiraiya while the Naruto in front of him went "poof" to reveal he was a Shadow Clone of the Uzumaki while the Shogun removed his mask along with the robes.

To reveal Uzumaki Naruto behind it.

"Surprise!" exclaimed Naruto before letting out a villainous laugh that shocked everyone in front of him.

"YOU were the Shogun of Shadows? This whole time?" demanded Tsunade while the blonde just looked at her with that one mocking blue eye.

"Yes. This whole time. When you were having Jiraiya divert time and resources to find out the identity of the Shogun...I was making my moves. You were so busy trying to stop the Shogun of Shadows that I was able to do what couldn't be done if Jiraiya's spies were focused on me the entire time. So while your agents were gathering information on a man living in the shadows on the left, I made moves on the right, and eventually my plans led me the middle ground," explained Naruto with his grin never leaving him.

"You brat! I should have killed you the moment I first laid eyes on that blonde hair of yours!" Tsunade nearly yelled while Naruto laughed at her.

"And yet you didn't. Thank you for that. In fact, I'm so thankful I'm going to let you meet another member of my Mother's clan. You might know him Jiraiya. You met him many years Ame," stated Naruto with Jiraiya's face going pale and surprisingly so did Danzo before one Uzumaki Nagato's Six Path's to Pein appeared.

"Hello Jiraiya-sensei. Shimura Danzo. Its been some time," said Nagato through one of his Paths.

"Nagato? H-How? Does this mean both Konan and Yahiko are...wait! How do you even know Danzo?" asked Jiraiya while seeing the man gripping his cane tightly with his one eye narrowing.

"He conspired with the Warlord Hanzo to eliminate the three of us in exchange for forces to support his cause in overthrowing the Sandaime Hokage. After Yahiko was killed, I used the power of the Rinnegan to severely damage the allied forces against us, and get away with Konan to plot our revenge. I later killed Hanzo and took control of Ame for myself," explained Nagato with Tsunade, Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and the others behind them going pale in fear.

"You still won't win against all of us. Our 'Will of Fire' will not be snuffed out by some two-bit abominations!" exclaimed Danzo defiantly.

"Funny you say word Danzo. Tsunade. If you want to know one of the test subjects that Orochimaru used for your Grandfather's bloodline...just look behind you," stated Naruto all the while pointing at Danzo and saw Tsunade look at the older man with narrowed eyes.

"He lies! He's trying to pit us against one another!" Danzo spat while Naruto let out a small chuckle.

"Show her your arm," Naruto countered with Danzo showing the one holding onto his cane.

"See? Nothing!" replied Danzo while Naruto shook his head.

"Not that arm Danzo. Your OTHER arm. The one you keep concealed from everyone at all times," countered Naruto with Danzo's one eye narrowing.

"I don't know what you are talking about demon brat I lost my right arm years ago when fighting bravely for Konoha on a mission!" exclaimed Danzo while Naruto smirked at him.

"Then you won't mind showing us all the supposed stump! Prove me wrong right now and show everyone your 'badge of honor' Danzo. Unless of course...I'm actually right!" challenged Naruto and saw Danzo gritting his teeth.

"Its true isn't it? He does have my Grandfather's blood spiced into him," said Tsunade towards Orochimaru.

"Yes. He came to me after the DNA sample was retrieved from your brother and wanted to possesses the Senju bloodline. Of course...that's not all Danzo has on him," answered Orochimaru with a smirk on his face.

"What? What else does he have?" asked Jiraiya while seeing Danzo glaring hatefully at him and then Orochimaru.

"Multiple Sharingan Eyes courtesy of the Uchiha Clan. I grafted them onto his arm with the Senju bloodline. I also did the surgery for the one being hidden under the bandages covering his right eye," answered Orochimaru while Danzo turned his hate filled eye towards the snake Sannin.

"See Tsunade. All this time you were hating me...the ones you should have been hating were beside you this whole. The Shinobi Council in on it too. They're loyalty is to Danzo because he promised to steal Orochimaru's means of possessing bodies so they would live in younger ones and ultimately cheat death out of their corrupt souls," said Naruto with a smirk on his face and saw the shocked look on the Shinobi Council members for knowing that.

"How do you know about that?" demanded Homura with Naruto smirking even further at them all.

"You think you're the first to request that of Orochimaru? Please! The Sandaime was the one to secretly order it shortly before his retirement from being Hokage. Sadly for the old bastard, Orochimaru couldn't duplicate the process on anyone else, and told the Sandaime of that simple cold hard fact. After the bastard came out of retirement, Orochimaru knew it was only a matter of time before the Sandaime died, and the old Hokage wanted to go out in a blaze of glory that would unite the village. In order to do this flawlessly, he asked Orochimaru to make up a plan where everyone got what they wanted out of the deal with the failed invasion of Konoha occurring after years of planning it out down to the last detail. It was very ingenious actually when you think about it. Using Suna in its already weakened condition to betray Konoha, to dishonor an ally so clients would still be very hesitant to employ them, and rely on the Leaf for help every so often with a new alliance. Konoha becomes a shining symbol within Fire Country that shows the Leaf's so called 'perseverance', 'fortitude', and 'strength' that you all portray as the 'Will of Fire' so clients will flock to the village. The sudden rush of income will quickly help pay to repair any damages done to Konoha so there is no need to dip into the treasury flush with cash," Naruto casually explained while Tsunade looked like a rabid animal while glaring at everyone around her.

Not surprising that Naruto was included in that.

"That doesn't mean anything. What is in the past is in the past Naruto. You won't divide us in our common goal to end your life," spoke Jiraiya, who saw Naruto let out another chuckle, and seemed amused for a second before becoming deadly serious.

"You really are that fucking blind? Your minds are filled with so much arrogance you can't see the truth anymore, can you Ero-baka? No matter. I think its high time I gave all of YOU a much needed humility!" Naruto declared with the attention of his enemies now focusing on him.

"Dream on demon brat! We have the power to suppress the Kyuubi's chakra and without the fox you are nothing! You always were a nothing and are just a waste of space your parents made by accident," declared Danzo before they were all blasted by killer intent so massive, so powerful, and so intense...even Tsunade was brought out of her anger filled madness to focus on Uzumaki Naruto's cold blue eye turning crimson.

"Fool! Allow me to introduce the one being aside from the Shinigami that even Kyuubi himself respectfully fears. 'Summoning Jutsu!'" exclaimed Naruto, as he brought his hand down onto the ground, and within moments a massive amount of smoke erupted before a roar not heard by others in the world since the time when Uzumaki Mito herself had yet to be born.

It was Bahamut. The Boss Summons...of the Dragons!

This mighty being, who had the strength, and the power to fight on even terms with one of the Biju now flew through the air. Bahamut roaring and flying soon got the attention of Konoha's remaining forces currently looking up in fright at the impressive summons. The Dragon Boss flew around the Hokage Tower several times before landing behind Naruto, his back to the village, wings spread, and showing himself to be everything the legends told of him being intimidating were true. Bahamut looked at the now scared enemies of his summoner, having awaited this day after being told of it by one of his children, and snarled at the sight of Senju Tsunade.

"Senju Tsunade herself. So I meet the traitorous wench face to face. I half expected you to take her head off Naruto-sama," said Bahamut and saw Tsunade look at him in fear.

Rightfully so since she was without her precious Slug Summons to bail her out.

"And deny you this opportunity? I think not!" replied Naruto with Bahamut grinning an evil grin at the scared group in front of him.

"Truly you are an Uzumaki with honor!" exclaimed Bahamut while letting out a laugh that echoed throughout the village.

"I don't mean to interrupt this little conversation between your summons Naruto, but...," said Nagato while not finishing his sentence.

"I know Nagato. I know. The time for talking to these morons is officially over. The time for vengeance for the Uzumaki NOW!" stated Naruto while his enemies got into fighting stance and drawing out their weapons.

It was time for a fight!

(Uchiha Clan District)

'Funny how things come full circle,' thought Itachi while walking through the deserted area he once called home and butchered his family.

He had been here the night the death of his clan happened almost a full decade ago. So many died. Itachi didn't want to do it, but the Sandaime, Danzo, and the Shinobi Council had been adamant about doing what must be done. "For the good of Konoha" they said when the decision was made right in front of the Uchiha kneeling before them. Tobi had soon come into the picture, portraying himself to be Madara, and providing his support in doing what Itachi himself was so hesitant to do. To help with the deed in killing so many Uchiha like it was an everyday job where one goes to work, does what he's assigned, and then comes home with a smile on his face knowing the job done was perfect without any fear of screwing up.

It disturbed Itachi greatly that someone so cruel could be so strong and claim to be THE Uchiha Madara.

"Itachi," replied Sasuke coldly with hate in his voice while glaring at his brother after he appeared from the shadows.

"Hello Sasuke," Itachi simply replied.

"What? No 'foolish little brother' like you usually call me? Does that finally mean you've acknowledge my strength?" questioned Sasuke with a hint of smugness in his voice.

"On the contrary Sasuke. I say your name not out of respect, but out of disgust for what you've become, and the shame I feel for turning you into this thing that stands before me right now," answered Itachi with Sasuke scowling at him.

"How can you say that? I'm stronger then anyone else in Konoha. I've been trained by all the best Jounin in the village, I'll one day become Hokage, and rule over the Leaf with an iron fist! I'm an Uchiha Elite just like our Father always want you to be in my place! I am what you failed to become!" exclaimed Sasuke with a hint of pride in his voice at the end.

"If you are as strong as you claim...then how come you have yet to kill me like you have always wanted?" asked Itachi with a smirk on his face knowing Naruto knew how to push Sasuke buttons and in turn wanted the Uchiha to do it to his little brother.

"Shut up! I'm the best in Konoha and I'll prove it by ripping your head off with the very hatred you implanted in me!" exclaimed Sasuke, as he charged at Itachi, his intention to attack head on was clear long before that happened, and it didn't impress Itachi in the slightest.

"How foolish you've become. To think I had a hand in letting this all happen by letting you live. If I had known you would turn out this way...I would have just killed you that night Sasuke," replied Itachi, as he easily dodged Sasuke's attacks, and caught a fist that aimed for his face.

Before bending it at an odd angle and breaking the limb to the point where piece of bone were showing. Sasuke screamed out in pain before silenced by a knee to the gut, a kick to the leg (breaking it), and a hit to face via Itachi's elbow followed while the latter of three silenced him. Sasuke struggled to gain to distance from Itachi, his Sharingan Eyes active, and glaring hatefully at his seemingly uncaring older brother. The younger Uchiha cursed Naruto for crippling him to the point where his strength was not how it should be after their last encounter at the Valley of the End. Sasuke had never told anyone about how the loser had returned and defeated him for a second time at that very same place. When he was called in by Tsunade, who was told by Jiraiya what happened in Spring Country about the meeting with Naruto, the Uchiha reluctantly admitted that Naruto was the one who defeated him there, and NOT the retrieval team she sent. It had angered the Hokage something fierce, and she nearly punched him out the window if not to risk his ability to be a Shinobi could be decreased from the hit.

Sasuke painfully admitted to himself that he couldn't take the hits Naruto could.

Now here he was, beaten, bloodied, and easily defeated once more by Itachi even though the older Uchiha had yet to use his Sharingan Eyes. It was insulting! Why didn't Itachi use his eyes? By using them, it was acknowledging he was the man's equal, and yet Itachi didn't use them at all. To Sasuke, this meant Itachi didn't see him as an equal, and was to be considered less then equal to his older brother.

And Sasuke hated that!

"How can you be so strong? What is your secret? How can you have such power while I have none no matter how hard I try? Why is my hatred not strong enough to defeat you right here and now?" demanded Sasuke, as he slowly got up, but was quickly knocked down again by Itachi.

"Your hatred for me is greatly misplaced Sasuke. A mistake on my part considering the plan I set in motion that night to ensure my future death. I made you hate my very being because I originally wanted you to kill me in order to atone for my slaying of our family and one day revive it free of the darkness. My plan backfired however, as you became the very dark thing our clan had become, and I was ashamed of being apart of after Uzumaki Kushina first began to teach me," explained Itachi while Sasuke looked at him in shock and horror.

"You were actually a student of an Uzumaki? The loser's bitch of a Mom?" demanded Sasuke before he was violently kicked in the head and grabbed by the collar of his shirt.

"That woman set me on the path of knowledge and understanding. It was through her guidance that I was able to unlock my potential so soon in my Shinobi career. All of my early years of success as a Shinobi I owe to her and had our stupid Father not forbid her from training me...I would have gotten even stronger," explained Itachi and saw Sasuke was irate.

"Father was right to forbid her from teach you! Look what you became after hearing all the nonsense she filled your head with! You abandoned the Uchiha Clan's own way of thinking for some red haired slut from a nearly extinct clan and used it to wipe out your clan!" challenged Sasuke before a punch from Itachi made him gasp for air before he coughed up blood.

"You're an idiot Sasuke. The Uchiha Clan's way of thinking involved taking everything from everyone and leaving nothing in the end. That we become bottomless pits that take and take and take until there is nothing to take while being angry that we cannot take in the process. We hate everyone and love no one," Itachi shot back before backhanding Sasuke into a nearby building.

"That's the Uchiha way of things! We should be allowed to take what we want. Power is what we crave and we should have ALL of it. Why should everyone else have what is not theirs to have in the first place?" asked Sasuke while Itachi shook his head.

"And you wonder why I killed so many of our clan. That way of thinking is what caused Father and the others to plan a Coup. against Konoha. The Uchiha Massacre was never a massacre like you were made to believe. It was a rebellion. A failed rebellion," replied Itachi and Sasuke was livid at hearing this.

"You lie!" shot back Sasuke while struggling to form a Chidori with his one good arm.

"Not about this. The Hokage gave the order and Shimura Danzo helped using his forces to make sure I did it without anyone being alerted to this before it was too late," Itachi replied while leaving Tobi out since the man was dead and irrelevant to the conversation.

"So it was a mission from Konoha?" asked a confused yet still angry Sasuke.

"Yes. They felt if the village's enemies heard the Uchiha were rebelling, it would only encourage them to attack, and crush Konoha in its weakened condition. However, if they learned of it being a massacre at the hand of a single Shinobi, the idea of Konoha was able to make such deadly prodigies would make them hesitate long enough for the village to recover. They decided to make you into a copy of myself, but a difference between us would be that you were controllable while I was not, and ensure your utmost obedience. Think about it Sasuke? All the training. All the hero worship even though you didn't do anything to deserve it. Discounts or free things from store owners while others paid full price. Academy instructors were told to give you an edge over the students to increase your confidence in yourself and make you strive to do better. They gave you extra credit, they gave you hints on tests, and even took dives in Taijutsu training sessions so further boot your ego into think you were a more refined version of myself. Another Uchiha Itachi without the fear of betraying Konoha for power like I have been portrayed to have done just like Orochimaru did years ago," explained Itachi and Sasuke was infuriated beyond belief.

His whole life was a lie!

"After I kill you...I'm going to kill them. I'm going to kill you, Naruto, his forces, and this very village soon after that!" exclaimed Sasuke while Itachi just sighed at how his brother was acting.

Typical Uchiha mindset.

"You're too late for that Sasuke. Most of Konoha has already fallen to the allied force that is attacking. You cannot win against Naruto on your best day and while he is having his worst. This village will fall by his hands. Its people will taste his vengeance. Not yours." stated Itachi and heard Sasuke's war cry before running at him at such a close distance to unleash his Chidori despite the damaged legs.

Being close and near striking distance helped prevent it from being a problem.

"I WON'T ACCEPT IT! 'CHIDORI!'" yelled Sasuke while Itachi took the Chidori to the chest without a single flinch or look of pain on his face.

Only to grab the offending arm at the wrist.

"Congratulations Sasuke. You finally hit me, but only because I allowed you too, and for a reason I will now explain. Our clan is going to die. Its going to die with the two of us in this very area where everything started. Your Chidori while impressive and accurate was not able to kill me because of the insulation I have under my clothes. While I am slowly dying from this attack, it won't stop me from doing what needs to be done, and kill us both. You see Sasuke, I wanted you to make contact with my body so I could grab onto your arm, and keep us together while I prepare for our shared demise," said Itachi before going through one handed hand signs and Sasuke was shocked to see him still standing.

"What are you doing? Stop it! STOP IT!" exclaimed Sasuke, as he struggled to pull away from Itachi, but without success, and saw Itachi's stop on a hand sign

"A Jutsu that Naruto taught me with Kyuubi's help. A suicidal based Jutsu that takes the life of the one using it and the one making contact with him. It was used in the very first Shinobi War when sickly dying Shinobi had nothing left to lose and wanted to take the enemy down with them. They would secretly perform this Jutsu when the enemy moved to take them back to the village as a prisoner to interrogate for information and blow up everyone that touched the dying Shinobi within seconds of contact using the chakra from all the bodies that made contact," explained Itachi before he flared his chakra and began to glow along with Sasuke.

"NO! STOP IT! PLEASE STOP!" yelled Sasuke with his pleas and tear being ignored by a now scowling Itachi.

"Foolish little brother. Even now you beg for your life like before all those years ago after running away like a coward. That is all an Uchiha ever does in life. Stealing and running like a little thief in the night. Taking what doesn't belong to you and running away when the odds are not in your favor like a pathetic coward! But there is one being you cannot outrun or steal from Sasuke...and that's the Shinigami!" stated Itachi firmly and saw the fear in Sasuke's eyes while trying even harder to break free.

"NO! NO I'M SORRY! I'M SOOORRRY!" yelled Sasuke while Itachi just stared at him unflinching and without remorse.

"Forbidden Ninja Art: Interwoven Death Jutsu!" was the last thing Itachi said and the two Uchiha exploded violently with incredible force that left a massive crater where the two once stood.

The Uchiha Clan was now no more.

(Back with Naruto, Bahamut, and Nagato)

The two Uzumaki and the Dragon Boss Summons stood over the defeated Konoha forces that had crossed them. Jiraiya was on his knees. He was missing his right arm, the left one was broken in multiple places, his clothes torn all over, and the Sannin was bleeding heavily all over. Next to him was the corpse of Orochimaru, who had been stupid enough (ironic considering he was a supposed genius) to cross Bahamut in an attempt to possess the Dragon Boss Summon's body, and become something truly powerful. A desperate act to be sure considering his choices in possessing bodies were next to nothing and didn't want to die anytime soon. The snake Sannin had turned himself into his "true form" and tried to bite Bahamut's neck to implant the Curse Seal, but the Dragon Boss's scales were harder then diamonds, and Orochimaru's teeth broke almost laughably manner. The now defanged Sannin tried to use Kusanagi to in a last ditch attempt to kill the legendary beast to at least spite the Uzumaki Clan name. However, the Kusanagi doesn't even scratch the Dragon Boss, much less poison him with the contents hidden within the blade, and soon knew what it was like to burn under the intense heat from the fire unleashed by a dragon.

All of the ANBU had teamed up with Danzo to fight Uzumaki Nagato's Six Paths, only to be obliterated, and Danzo's edge with his stolen bloodlines being destroyed by the powers of the Rinnegan. Danzo had tried to use his Sharingan hidden behind his bandaged face on Naruto in the belief that he could turn the Uzumaki against his own kin, but the blonde Jinchuriki was not influenced in the slightest, and the grin told the war hawk as much. Nagato would taunt Danzo during their fight, stating how the war hawk couldn't do anything himself, and had to get everyone to do it for him. That he was a weak pathetic little man relying on others because the war hawk couldn't do anything right himself. Even the two stolen bloodlines of the Uchiha and Senju Clan were proof Danzo was relying on powers not his own. Danzo had countered his words by saying he was a leader, a naturally born one at that, and should rule over others regardless. That he was the chosen one to lead the world to a time of peace under his rule and didn't care if it was oppressive since he was the one on top of it all. When Danzo was at the point where the likelihood of defeat was clear as the sky was blue, the man played one final card, and activated the seals on his body while stating he would take down everyone with him to Hell so no one would win with the exception of himself.

The man was a sore loser.

Nagato used his power to manipulate gravity and sent Danzo flying into the air and watch the war crazy old man responsible for so many crimes against the world die a very violent death worthy of such a man worthy of his own special place within the deepest part of the Ninth Circle of Hell. After that, it was quite easy to remove Koharu, and Homura with his other Paths obliterating their old bodies. The two hadn't been in battle for over a decade and unlike the Sandaime when he came out of retirement they weren't strong enough to hurt even the weakest of the Nagato's Paths. One Shinra Tensei from him later and the two old geezers were mangled corpses ready to be buried in the ground.

As for Tsunade herself, she was staggering on her feet, the once strong eyes filled with fierce determination were now filled with blind rage, and insanity mixed into them. Her clothing was ripped, shredded, torn, and stained with the woman's own blood from the various wounds she received at the hands of Uzumaki Naruto. While Tsunade had the strength to level mountains, cause earthquakes, and level town with just a few hits the woman had the finesse of a drunken brawler when it came to fighting. The woman didn't spend much time on Taijutsu. She relied on her medical skills and the fear others had of being hit by her super strength the Shinobi world knew was in her possession.

"How does it feel Tsunade? How does it feel to know that just about everyone around you is and was a traitor? How does it feel knowing you were wrong? That the only one who wasn't a traitor is the one you hate more then anyone else here? Jiraiya helped in the destruction of Whirlpool with the Leaf killing all of your Grandmother's kin for control of Kyuubi. Your own teammates helped cause the death of your little brother and your lover with the Sandaime signing off on it to keep you under his thumb while focusing on being more of a Shinobi to end the Second Shinobi War. How does it feel to hate the one person you shouldn't have hated from the start?" questioned Naruto while Tsunade was seething at him and looking at him with near empty eyes that held only insanity.

"I don't care anymore. I don't care about anyone. All my life I've had to give and give and give some more. I'm through giving! I'm through caring! I'm through loving! What I want is for you to die like everyone else around me has been doing and let Kushina's soul rest in peace!" exclaimed Tsunade while trying to land a hit on him.

"Even now your hatred for me is stronger then the hatred you should be showing them for their acts of betrayal. You are unfortunately...a lost cause and I can only pity you out of some form of respect since there is some Uzumaki blood in you from Mito-san," stated Naruto, as he was moving faster then Tsunade could hit before catching her right hand, and kneeing Tsunade in the gut with a chop to the back of the head knocking the Fifth Hokage out.

"You won't win in the long run Naruto. The death of an entire village? The destruction of whole clans? People will call this genocide! You will be seen as a tyrant. A monster! A fiend!" exclaimed Jiraiya while Naruto looked at him with a cruel smile.

"Only to my enemies, which I assure you have dwindled down to a trickle, and will soon be no more," replied Naruto before nodding to Nagato, who snapped Jiraiya's neck, and kicked him off the top of the Hokage Monument.

Ironically enough, the now dead Sannin was sliding down the Yondaime's Head, his body paused for a brief moment in a position where Jiraiya looked like he was holding onto it before gravity did its job, and the man's body fell downward below. It would be seen by the Leaf Shinobi fighting and cripple their already dying moral to fight on against their invaders.

"We have captured all the Clan Heads, their Heirs, and the various Jounin senseis of the 'Rookie Nine'. Some of them are injured from the fighting, but very much alive, and awaiting your judgment Naruto-sama," said Han after he appeared before Naruto stained in blood.

"Good. I'll deal with them all myself. Put the Clan Heads and this bitch here they call their Hokage up in the Hokage Tower in the room where they hold meetings. As for the Clan Heirs...detain them along with the remaining clan members from each family still alive in Konoha's stadium until later along with their Jounin senseis. I'll decide what to do with them when the time is right," ordered Naruto with the Rookie Nine being basically reduced to less then six right now with Sasuke dead, himself no longer being apart of Konoha, and Hinata was safely away from harm.

Gai's team was obliterated with only Neji and Gai himself being the last members of the once great Genin team.

"Yes Naruto-sama," replied Han before he left to carry out his orders.

'Now the only question I have left to ask is...where is the Haruno bitch I had for a former teammate?' thought Naruto before shrugging since she was either dead or dying.


Sakura was running for her life. She didn't want to fight such overwhelming enemies. Her Mother had always stressed that she let others do the fighting. "Why waste time doing the barbaric labor when someone else more qualified can do it for you?" "We Haruno women never get our beautiful hands dirty" she would always say to Sakura. "Let the men or the brutish women that act like men do all the work needed to be done while we of the more refined and articulated female gender reap the rewards given from their efforts when its over!" was Sakura's Mother's way of thinking. "The only thing you should be focusing on Sakura is to bag a rich, influential man preferably from a noble clan, who can provide for you, and give you anything your heart's desires in life. Once you've had his children, you are pretty much set for life, and can take him to the cleaners if things don't work out."

Those words had been instilled into Sakura since she was a little girl. Hence why Sakura went after Sasuke at her Mother's insistence. The Uchiha Clan was valuable and heavily demanded thing and was wanted by just about all the women in Konoha. They all wanted what Sakura's Mother wanted and that was influence on the Council along with the vast wealth of the clan itself. Years of Uchiha Clan assets building over the years barely being touched by Sasuke unless needed had racked up quite a bit and the woman who got to the Uchiha first with his child was essentially set for life!

Those last three words were enforced on Sakura by her Mother.

Only now did Sakura find her dream of being Sasuke wife was not as great as she made it sound to the rest of the public. The sex was bland, bad, and extremely rare for the woman after all this time. She wasn't even pregnant yet despite taking fertility pills so she should at least be pregnant with one child of Sasuke's by now.

Statistically speaking of course.

The Uchiha District was now up in flames thanks to the invading forces. Her wealth and fortune that was rightfully hers after Sasuke himself was going to be stripped to pay all parties for this attack. Meaning Sakura would have nothing in the end if she survived this whole thing and would actually have to work for a living. Even though she was Tsunade's apprentice, Sakura had long since abandoned training soon after being married to focus on being the housewife of the Uchiha Clan, and of course being the eventual Mother to Sasuke's future offspring.

'This isn't happening! This can't be happening!' thought Sakura before she ran into the one person in Konoha the woman didn't want to see ever again.

Sabaku no Gaara.

"Hello Haruno-san. We meet again," replied Gaara while glaring dagger into her skull.

"Its Uchiha-sama to you monster! I'm Sasuke-kun's wife and I demand you submit to me for your blatant disrespect!" Sakura shot back while Gaara's eyes narrowed.

"I would sooner bow to a Suna viper snake then to you for all the pain you helped cause my dearest friend. As to your own relationship with Uchiha are officially a widow now," replied Gaara having sense Sasuke's demise long before finding the woman.

"You lie! Sasuke-kun is the greatest! He's going to be Hokage someday and even rule over all of Fire Country with enough support from the people!" countered Sakura before she heard the cold cruel laugh coming from Gaara's mouth and it frightened her to hear such a sound come from him.

"You truly are a clueless fool. The Uchiha is weak. Pathetic to the point where they're so called greatness is laughable. Its no wonder the clan itself was destroyed so easily," said Gaara before shooting sand out of his gourd and wrapped it around Sakura.

"You won't get away with this. Konoha's forces will stop you! Sasuke-kun will stop you!" Sakura cried out before her mouth was covered with sand and she was consumed by it.

Before Gaara snuffed out Sakura's life by crushing her body.

"Konoha's forces have already been crushed just like your precious Uchiha," was Gaara's only reply and called back his sand and walked away to hunt down anymore stragglers.

(Hokage Tower-Meeting Room-Hours Later)

They were sitting in their once respected seats at the table signifying them as Clan Heads of Konoha. However, unlike their usual well kept appearance, they were beaten, ragged, torn asunder by the enemy, and ultimately...had been defeated by the invaders. Each Clan Head from Inuzuka to Aburame to Hyuuga and so on were sitting in their seats with the bloodied Hokage now awake being tied down like the rest of them. Chakra suppression cuffs were on them and behind each Clan Head was a Jinchuriki standing straight at the ready should any of the defeated Konoha Shinobi before them try anything. The sound of footsteps were soon heard, as they turned their heads to see Uzumaki Naruto walk into the room, and gazing at them with an unreadable granite face. Tsunade was glaring at him with all the hate she could muster and some of the Clan Heads did too in the hope that alone would smite him.

"In case some of you are wondering, the Civilian, and the Shinobi Council members were all killed earlier in the battle. You are all that's left of Konoha's government within these walls," stated Naruto while walking further into the room and saw many of them wished to be free in order to attack.

"And is that suppose to frighten us?" asked Tsume while growling at him.

"No. Just telling you the facts. As to why you are all here...I thought we would use this moment in time to discuss the past, present, and of course...the future of your clans," was Naruto's reply making them all stare at him now.

"What are you talking about?" Inoichi while Naruto shrugged.

"Are you deaf? I said we are going to discuss the past, present, and future of your clans. So with that being said, where do we start regarding the past with your clans, or rather more specially...all of you? You all made promises to my parents over the years, raking up a lot of 'debt' to them, and yet the moment they considered the debts owed to be cleared from your conscious," explained Naruto to them.

"How do you know that?" asked Hiashi with Naruto pointing to his head.

"Funny thing about my parents, is that they never really died. At least...not fully until a few years ago. You see they each left a small piece of their souls in me to be a last line of defense against Kyuubi. After meeting them, they were told of the past, and how all of you along with everyone in Konoha screwed me over for your own selfish gain! I don't think I need to tell you how upset they were at hearing that since all the oaths and various promises were made to them by each Clan Head here," replied Naruto while leaving out how he killed his own Father sealed inside of him.

It would kind of defeat the purpose of this moment.

"You lie!" exclaimed Tsunade while trying to break free, but a firm, yet female hand that came out from the shadows held her down, and the Hokage tensed since she knew that grip all too well.

"That's enough Tsunade," replied Shizune firmly with Tsunade looking back at her with surprise written all over her face.

"Shizune? Why? Why have you betrayed me?" asked Tsunade with Shizune looking at her with eyes that told the Hokage this woman no longer cared for her former teacher's well being.

"Because you betrayed yourself. At one point, you were a great Medic Nin, and person that Dan loved with all his heart. Yet we both know he along with Nawaki would never have agreed with you hating Naruto no matter what the reason. You are the betrayer here Tsunade. You betrayed Dan, Nawaki, your Grandparents, Naruto, his parents, and myself with your actions. When Naruto approached me under the guise as the Shogun several days ago in secret, I took his offer to join him, and take Konoha off the map with those that lived in it. The only condition I asked for was that he spare the infants at the hospital and he agreed that they were absolved of their parents sins," explained Shizune, as she saw Naruto nod since that was the deal, and would stick to it.

"Well said Shizune. Now where were we? Oh yes, we were talking about the Clan Heads here, AND how they betrayed my parents despite everything those two Shinobi did for each of you in the past," stated Naruto seeing the Clan Heads glaring at him.

"We don't owe you or your damn parents anything you demon brat!" Inoichi exclaimed defiantly before Roshi smacked him in the back of the head.

"Oh really? Let me remind you of your past "debts" that you owed my parents and upon their deaths I inherited for you to pay me. You Inoichi, owe my Father your life, or at the very least your legs when he used his Flying Thunder God technique to save your ass from an explosive tag thrown on the ground in front of you by an Iwa Nin. If it weren't for my Father, your life would be that of a handicapped man, or you would be dead," replied Naruto with Inoichi frowning and looking down with a bit of shame on his face while Naruto walked over to him.

'He's right. I owed his Father for that save. It was after that I went to marry my girlfriend,' thought Inoichi while fighting back tears while Naruto put a hand on his shoulder and gave it a hard squeeze.

"Don't worry Inoichi-san. You're in good company. Your friend here Nara Shikaku is just as guilty though the only difference is he owed my Mother a debt," explained Naruto, as he moved over to Shikaku, and put a firm hand on his shoulder.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Shikaku said while Naruto let out a chuckle.

"Oh really? Do you know why your wife even considered going out on one single date with you? Remember that double date my parents went on with you and your future wife Nara Yoshino? Who do you think convinced that woman to go on a date with you in the first place?" asked Naruto with Shikaku going stiff and with wide eyes.

"Troublesome. I could tell my wife wasn't interested in being on the double date the very moment she saw me at the restaurant. Your parents skipped out on the check so one of us could pay for it and I paid knowing it was the gentlemanly thing to do. She was actually impressed and wondered how I could easily calculate the tip within seconds of seeing the check. Apparently, my wife has thing for smart men, and since I was the smartest guy in the village...," Shikaku said while not finishing the sentence.

"She wanted to marry you right then and there with her loins practically frothing with desire!" finished Naruto with a laugh and Shikaku brought his head down in defeat.

'Damn it! He got me in checkmate,' thought Shikaku knowing Naruto had him beat.

"You have nothing on me. I didn't owe your parents anything!" proclaimed Choza while Naruto raised an eyebrow at him when he reached the Akimichi and put a hand on his bleeding shoulder to make the large man cry out in pain.

"Really? So my Father procuring the land needed to build your restaurant and promoting it even before he was Hokage to draw in customers is not a debt?" asked Naruto and saw the man look away.

"No," answered Choza with Naruto smirking.

"That's where you're wrong. In fact, my Mother helped your business by suggesting that some dietary meals be added to the menus and that helped triple your income. With your sudden income, you were allowed to have more restaurants put in place, and more fame for your clans recipes being famous for its food," said Naruto before he moved over to the Aburame of the group.

"I have only followed logic and believe that what we as whole have done was more then logical," came Aburame Shibi's response before Naruto put his hand on shoulder.

"How logical was it for both my Father and Mother to find you insects during their own time on missions to bring back to you? When they were knee deep in war, they thought of you and your clan when on missions. They found quite a few insects to add to your home and collection for study to breed into the Aburame Clan. It was because of them that your hive is as strong as it is today. Without'd have gone the way of insect clan that was in Iwa almost went if I hadn't talked to the Tsuchikage last year about them. Your clan would weak. A disgrace. And eventually Konoha would have your entire clan of bug users...exiled!" countered Naruto and heard the sound of buzzing insects from within the man though the insects themselves didn't leave the man's body.

Naruto knew he had him beat. Regardless of logic

"You have nothing on me brat. Nothing!" exclaimed Hiashi angrily while Naruto laughed at him.

"Oh really? Are you sure?" asked Naruto with Hiashi glaring at him.

"Absolutely!" Hiashi shot back.

"So the fact my parents helped you marry the woman of your dreams despite the Hyuuga Clan Elders protesting the union is not a whopper of debt? Remember how my parents helped fight tooth and nail for you to marry your future wife? Remember how you came to them, getting on your knees, and begging for their help to marry the only woman you could ever love with all your soul? How you went on and on about how the woman was your soul mate? How the Hyuuga Elders wouldn't allow you to be with this woman? To marry her? To live happily together with your future children? How you swore on your bloodline to repay the debt owed to them? Do you remember that?" asked Naruto with Hiashi shaking in rage knowing it was true and he had done all those things.

"I remember. I remember everything," said Hiashi in defeat before bowing his head and he actually began to weep.

Whether over guilt or remembering the death of his wife was unknown.

"Don't bother trying to get me to break down demon brat! I'm not like them. I have my Inuzuka pride!" exclaimed Tsume while Naruto's smile went feral and she knew that he knew something.

"Funny you should say that Inuzuka Tsume. I seem to remember from my Mother's own memories of you swearing a certain blood oath to her. Do you recall that event leading to it?" replied Naruto with Tsume snarling and looking away from him.

"I have nothing to say to you!" Tsume declared violently before Naruto unexpectedly grabbed her face and made the woman look him dead in the eyes.

"Listen here you backstabbing bitch, I know my Mother's memories both backwards, and forwards when it comes to you. I know all about how the Inuzuka don't hand out blood oaths like candy and how you are the worst offender of all the Clan Heads in this room. Now you will tell everyone here what warranted my Mother being given a blood oath of protection from your clan...or I'll tell them myself," countered Naruto while his one blue eye turned demonic for a second.

"Fine! It was back during the last Shinobi War and I was a Chuunin back then. I was on a mission that went bad for my team and I was the only one to survive. Iwa Shinobi leading the ambush had me tied up, some were leering at my body, and whispering about all the things they wanted to do to it. They would have within at least a few hours of my capture, but Kushina came in out of nowhere, and caught them by surprise. She had killed them all before freeing me. I made the blood oath to her when we got back to Konoha to show my appreciation for saving my ass before it was made into Iwa's personal property if I had stayed their prisoner," explained Tsume with gritted teeth and Naruto looked at her with his one now crimson eye.

"Had she known you would betray me, I'm sure my Mother wouldn't have saved your ungrateful life!" replied Naruto and squeezed the woman's shoulder tightly until Tsume cried out in pain.

"This doesn't change anything Naruto. You're still a monster!" Tsunade exclaimed in anger while Naruto just looked at her with mild interest.

"Perhaps in some...twisted way I am a monster. But I wasn't born one like you think I am. Oh no! I was made one. By the Sandaime, by its Councils, Clan Heads, even my two very own Godparents, and one of them sitting before me in this very room. However, I am also finding the term 'monster' to be such a very broad term for me, and would prefer to have myself being called something else befitting my actions against my enemies," Naruto shot back and saw Tsunade glare at him while walking up behind her.

"And what word do you wish to be labeled with exactly?" Tsunade asked with a snarl on her face.

"I prefer the term...fiend. So when you die shortly here, in this very room for your crimes, please don't think of me as a monster, but a fiend, and one that will ensure your families are well...taken care of in your...absence!" replied Naruto before he snapped his fingers and Tsunade watched in horror as the Jinchuriki behind the protesting Clan Heads killed them all.

"YOU BASTARD!" yelled Tsunade while struggling and failing to get free while rising out of her chair.

Naruto's hand on her shoulder to prevent it.

"Leave us," commanded Naruto with the other Jinchuriki and Shizune leaving the room so it was only those two.

"I hate you. I hate you so damn much!" exclaimed Tsunade while tears fell down her still blood stained face.

"I know you do Tsunade. To be honest, the revenge I was seeking is not as satisfying as I thought it would be when I carried out my intentions," replied Naruto with Tsunade still glaring at him.

"Maybe that's your conscious telling you that the actions taken against Konoha is wrong," Tsunade shot back while Naruto chuckled.

"Possibly. Maybe! But I honestly doubt THAT is the case when looking back on all the crap I went through growing up while you and Jiraiya were out embracing your vices. You were entrusted by my parents to watch over me all those years ago and you spat on their wishes. You were entrusted with their legacy, their joy, and what they hoped would be the Leaf's future. While I may not be the Leaf's future like they hoped...being two out of three isn't half bad," Naruto said while smirking at the enraged Senju.

"You will pay for this one day. I just wish I could be alive to see it," Tsunade shot back and Naruto smirked at her...before running the Sword of Juubi through the woman's back and through the chest.

"Now who is the naive dear Godmother?" asked Naruto before pulling out the sword, wiped off the blood with mere a flick of the wrist, and let the woman's head slump against the desk in front of her.

Walking out of the room, Naruto casually threw an explosive tag behind him that landed on the desk, and made a hand sign to trigger the slow countdown to the tower's complete destruction. Using the body flicker, Naruto left the Hokage Tower, and reappeared within Konoha's hospital. Memories of the past assaulted his mind from the aftermath of past abuse resulting in him being here, at the mercy of doctors, and the nurses doing very little to get him treated. Blocking them out for now, the Uzumaki focused on the room Shizune told him would house the man responsible for the loss of his one eye after the Shodaime's jewel's destroyed pieces went into it after being sliced into by his target's sword.

"You're here. Shizune said you would come," said Iruka, as he watched Naruto walk into the room, neither having seen the other for four long years!

Iruka could see Naruto had definitely grown up. Had lost the orange jumpsuit, the brash, loud attitude, and acting like an idiot. Now was the calm, collected warrior he had heard so much about with darker colors with orange being the minority in the color spectrum, and noticed the sword in hand letting out crimson yellow electricity with weird marking on the side of the blade.

As for Naruto, he could see that time had not been kind to Iruka since they last seen, and fought each other four years ago. The man's body seemed to shrivel up on him. His body had lost a lot of weight if the skinny limbs revealed by the hospital gown were anything to go by. Iruka's face was wrinkled too and was making the former Chuunin Academy Teacher look twice his age. Even the scar on the man's face looked worse and almost appeared to have increased in length since Naruto had last seen him. The man clearly hadn't gotten much sleep either and his eyes showed signs of borderline insomnia.

"The past few years haven't been kind to you Iruka," replied Naruto with Iruka wincing slightly when shifting in his bed.

"Your injury did more then leave a scar Naruto," Iruka shot back and Naruto looked him over one more time.

"Clearly. While not my intention when I injured you, I'm not exactly displeased with the results. I'd also assume you've been suffering in silence from the lack of 'Get Well' cards I see," said Naruto while looking around the room to find it bare of anything that showed people visited the man outside of the medical staff.

"I've had visitors. The Konohamaru Corps. for one," countered Iruka while Naruto just shrugged.

"And how long ago was that Iruka? A few days? A week? Two weeks? Nearly a Month?" asked Naruto casually knowing the man wouldn't give him a real answer out of pride.

"Shut up," Iruka answered, but in a whispered tone that proved Naruto right.

"I thought so. In end you were forgotten. You've been in here alone for awhile now. How does it feel? How does it feel to be weak? To be alone? And in pain?" asked Naruto and Iruka shifted more in the bed.

"I don't regret what I've done. I did what was right!" replied Iruka and saw the sword in Naruto's hand being raised slightly.

"Considering I'm the one you wronged four years ago with your betrayal...I strongly disagree with that statement," was all Naruto said before slicing through Iruka's throat with his sword and watching the man struggle now that he was chocking on his own blood.

Without so much as a goodbye, Naruto left the room, and didn't look back to see the now pleading look in Iruka's eyes while the dying man reached out to him in vain.

(Konoha Stadium)

The sound of the Hokage Tower exploding was heard, drawing the surviving Konoha Shinobi, and its civilians to see the symbol of the village's government being destroyed before their very eyes. They had lost a piece of their history, of their past, their greatness, and where five of the strongest people in the village called themselves the Hokage of the Leaf.

It was a major blow to their moral.

Around them, the samurai from Spring Country kept a watchful eye on their prisoners, they were supported by their Shinobi allies from Iwa, Kumo, Mist, and Suna to ensure no acts of "heroism" would arise. To further reinforce this, Nagato's Six Paths were there, the Rinnegan watching them from all angles, and watching for any signs of defiance. The Dragon Boss Summons Bahamut was perched on one of the walls, glowering down at the people, and his eyes looking at each of them with distaste.

"I was wondering what was keeping you Naruto," stated Nagato through his Human Path while Naruto smirked at his fellow Uzumaki when the blonde appeared.

"Sorry. I was talking to someone I haven't seen in four years," replied Naruto before he focused on the people in front of him now glaring at him.

"You! I'll kill you!" exclaimed Konohamaru, as he rushed Naruto while the allied forces went to stop the young Shinobi, but the blonde Uzumaki raised a hand to command them to stop, and wait until the younger man was close enough.

Before moving and kneeing the Sarutobi in the stomach.

"All the training in being a Shinobi and you've still learned nothing!" stated Naruto and just shook his head with disappointment.

"Leave Konohamaru-kun alone!" exclaimed Moegi with her and Udon moving to help Konohamaru.

Only to be stopped when Naruto unsheathed the Sword of Juubi sent debris their way when unleashing its power onto the ground in front of them. Glaring at the two at first, Naruto refocused his attention to the downed boy at his feet glaring up at him. It was clear whatever lies the boy was told, he had believed without question, and the seeds of hatred planted in Konohamaru's mind had grown well these past four years.

"Just out of curiosity, what exactly caused you three to suddenly hate me?" asked Naruto before kicking Konohamaru in the face and sent the boy back towards his team.

"You killed Grandma! Uncle Asuma told me you did the night of your birth! Grandpas is also dead because you didn't stay in the village to protect it when Orochimaru invaded!" exclaimed Konohamaru with Naruto frowning in thought before looking at Asuma, then at Konohamaru before laughing, and shocking everyone at his response to the young man's words.

"I killed your Grandmother? Is THAT what this fool told you? Oh Konohamaru, you are so naive to believe such a thing, and even more about your Grandfather too. Ha! I didn't kill your Grandmother the night of my birth. Not even Kyuubi can claim responsibility for that," said Naruto and saw Konohamaru looking surprised to hear this.

"You're lying! Asuma said she was watching over your Mother the night you were born!" countered Konohamaru while Naruto let out a small chuckle.

"So? That means nothing! Nothing! You want to know what happened the night of my birth that caused Kyuubi to come out and attack Konoha? You want to know who was really responsible for your Grandmother's death? Let me show you!" replied Naruto before going through hand signs and making everyone in the stadium nervous.

"What are you doing?" asked Konohamaru fearfully.

"I told you already Konohamaru, I'm showing you, and everyone else here in this stadium the undisputed truth of what happened that night. And for the record when its all over...I told you so. 'Uzumaki Clan Style: Mental Transference Jutsu!'" replied Naruto before he transferred the memories of that night from his parents own point of view and how things happened.

It was quite a shock to everyone in seeing it.

"I don't believe. I won't believe it!" cried Asuma, as he refused to believe the man before him was in fact innocent, and everyone in Konoha had been wrong to take their anger out on him.

"Its true. You didn't kill Grandma," stated Konohamaru while tears fell from his eyes and saw Naruto nod while looking at everyone shaking at the revelation of the truth.

"Now you see the truth. You were all wrong to hate me. To abuse me. T o betray me! I did just about everything humanly possible to prove I wasn't a monster. Even when the truth was upon those like the Clan Heads, the Councils, the Sannin, and even the Hokage herself...they still denounced me. Now I look at you with this new revelation. Some of you still hate me, others do not, and to be honest...I'm not the least bit surprised by the results," replied Naruto with Kakashi still glaring at him, Kurenai doing the same, and Asuma getting ready for a fight.

Maito Gai, who had lost so much already by Naruto's own hands, had bowed his head in shame, and knew the Uzumaki was right. The Konohamaru Corps. also bowed their head in shame, tears running down their faces, their conviction in the belief Naruto was their mortal enemy had been destroyed, and they all looked lost in what to do next. Shikamaru was sighing knowing Naruto was right and couldn't dispute it no matter what strategy he came up with to argue against it. Ino, who had her memory of her tantrum at home when she questioned them about what would happen if SHE was the Kyuubi Jinchuriki erased was now looking ready to fall over, and realized all the years hating Naruto had been a complete waste of time! Choji was feeling the same way, as he felt like throwing up, and was on the verge of crying knowing he had betrayed his own principles.

Kiba was snarling at Naruto like an angry dog. He had always hated Naruto just not for the Kyuubi, but rather the fact Hinata loved the Uzumaki, and not him in return. Kiba had tried to impress Hinata in the past time after time, but she didn't have a single thought of being more then just friends, and that upset the Inuzuka the most! Kiba's own sister Hana merely bowed in submission to the Uzumaki to show she was sorry along with the rest of the Inuzuka Clan since they knew all about the blood oath Tsume made to Kushina, and how it had been past down from Mother to son. Because Naruto was a Jinchuriki and a monster in Tsume's eyes, she had declared the blood oath didn't apply to a demon vessel. Not only that, but since her own son didn't know anything about the blood oath growing up, he had no real way of enforcing it, and no one among the Inuzuka Clan was going to tell the Uzumaki.

"I...I...I'm sorry Boss. I'm so sorry!" cried out Konohamaru, as he began crying with his teammates doing the same, and they were looking up at Naruto's cold eyes.

"I'm no longer your Boss. You're nothing to me in my eyes Konohamaru. You betrayed me on a very deep level. You listened to their words and believed them without question. As far as I'm concerned, you're not my little brother I wanted to teach one day, and I'm certainly not your so called 'rival' either. "You're not a brother, a student, or a friend to me. You're nobody. A nothing. You can beg and plead for forgiveness all you want...I'm not giving it to you. The days when Uzumaki Naruto forgave people for their betrayals are over. That time has long since ended. You want my must earn my forgiveness. By earning, I mean you must work, and bleed for it. No whining. No crying. No bitching when I give you three an order. My forgiveness must be earned by that of intense, cruel, and backbreaking hard work. Period!" replied Naruto with his tone telling the Konohamaru Corps. they were going to have a long road ahead of them to earn their former Boss's forgiveness for their stupidity.

"We'll do it. Whatever you want. We swear it Boss!" proclaimed Konohamaru with his two teammates nodding furiously in agreement.

"Good to know. Very good to know. And from now call me Shogun-sama or don't speak to me at all," answered Naruto in a semi-whispery voice before walking past the trio and heading towards to Jounin senseis of the Rookie Nine.

"I won't stand for this. My Father died because of you!" exclaimed Asuma with his trench knives out.

"Your Father died fighting Orochimaru in a scheme he created with the man to unite the village under an invasion he helped plan," Naruto shot back.

"Because you weren't there!" countered Asuma angrily with Naruto scoffing.

"Me being there wouldn't have changed a thing. Orochimaru would have still killed the old man or the old man would have been so badly injured that retirement was his only option. Even then, his retirement would be spent in the hospital, and wasting away like a rotting corpse," stated Naruto with Asuma's eyes widening in shock.

"There was still a chance he could have lived!" exclaimed Asuma while Naruto shook his head.

"Had I known the truth sooner...I would have found a way to kill him myself for the Hell he helped orchestrate against my family. Don't think I don't know or that you know what I'm talking about Asuma. He told you about what happened regarding his decision when it came to betraying the Uzumaki Clan. He was proud of it, wasn't he? You were proud of him too. Your big brave Father taking down a country and clan for the good of the Leaf even though it cost the village a powerful ally. What did it matter if the Kyuubi Jinchuriki was in the Leaf's possession? What did it matter if the bloodline of the Uzumaki Clan was now part of Konoha? With Kyuubi safely tucked away within my Mother right before Uzumaki Mito died, what did it matter if the clan was betrayed by Konoha?" said Naruto with Asuma looking ready to blast fire from his eyes.

"Absolute power is the only thing that matters! Konoha had the chance to be uncontested with Kyuubi sealed into a Jinchuriki and we weren't about to let some foreign power hold when it rightfully belonged to us! Kyuubi was first summoned by Uchiha Madara when he fought for the right to be Hokage. We were simply returning things back to what they should have been all along!" countered Asuma with Naruto narrowing his eye at him.

"And some people wonder why Konoha has fallen so far in the last four years since I've left," remarked Naruto with Asuma scowling.

"I'm going to do what my Father didn't have the courage to do before the Chuunin Exams and kill you by ripping out your heart!" exclaimed Asuma before charging Naruto with the Uzumaki looking bored.

"Pathetic," replied Naruto before he was gone in that single moment before appearing behind Asuma and the Leaf Jounin was cut to pieces instantly with the Sword of Juubi.

"Asuma!" Kurenai cried out before she went through hand signs to form a Genjutsu that would disable Naruto long enough to kill him.

Before she was stopped by chakra chains that came from Naruto and shocked everyone that he could even do that. Crying out in pain, Kurenai felt the chains get tighter, and tighter while wrapping around her body until she was completely consumed in them. It was then that Naruto manipulated the chains to squeeze and compress the form of the Konoha kunoichi even tighter with the end result being the muffled screams of Kurenai crying out in further pain before a loud squelching sound was heard. Retracting his chains in an almost wild fashion, Naruto sprayed the blood, guts, flesh, bone, and brains of Yuhi Kurenai all over the surviving remains of Konoha's remaining horrified populace.

"And now there is one," stated Naruto while looking at Kakashi, who was shocked, and filled with anger at seeing his comrades die so violently.

"You are not worthy of being sensei's son!" exclaimed Kakashi before charging at Naruto with his Rakiri.

"And you aren't worthy of being his student Kakashi-sensei!" countered Naruto while he waited for Kakashi to get close.

"DIE!" yelled Kakashi, as he thrust his right arm forward, but Naruto moved out of the way at the last moment, and sliced his arm off at the elbow.

Kakashi cried out in pain, falling to the ground while holding the stump of an arm, and turning his face around to glare at the Uzumaki. However, Naruto wasn't done, as he was upon Kakashi within moments, his hand grabbing the Jounin's masked face, a thumb on the exposed Sharingan Eye the man so openly cherished, and without any hesitation on the Uzumaki's part...he crushed the eye that had been Uchiha Obito's gift. Kakashi could only scream out in pain, his one remaining arm grabbing the arm with the hand crushing the Sharingan Eye that Obito had given him years ago, and now begging for the Uzumaki to stop.

"Stop! STOP! Please Naruto! Don't take away the Sharingan eye from me. Its all I have left of Obito!" begged Kakashi while Naruto just looked at him with cold fury in his one blue eye.

"How many times have I begged people to stop hurting me? To stop trying to kill me? To stop making my life a living Hell only to be ignored? As my pleas fell on deaf ears all those years will your own," replied Naruto before one quick thrust of his thumb had permanently destroyed the Sharingan Eye with Kakashi's cries of pain getting louder before the blonde Uzumaki had enough of his bitching by running the Sword of Juubi right through the severely injured man's chest.

'Sensei. Obito. Rin. I'm...I'm sorry,' thought Kakashi images of those people appeared in his mind, scowling at him for his actions, and even his Father did too while spitting on the ground in front of him.

You are no son of mine Kakashi. You betrayed your sensei, his wife, and son. Do you know why I chose to defend my friends rather then complete the assigned mission? Its because missions come and go everyday, but the friends we make with others, and the memories we have with them can last forever! You betrayed their memories. You have betrayed all that they stood for and that makes you lessthen trash. Goodbye Kakashi. This is the last time we will ever see each other again in the fallen son.

'Dad? No! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!' thought Kakashi, as he whimpered those words, tears falling down his face, and the man fell to the ground dead after Naruto pulled out his sword before flicking the blood off.

"Anyone else?" asked Naruto with everyone shaking their heads no.

"What's going to happen to us now?" asked Hana why Kiba just kept growling at him.

"That's for me to know and you to find out later. Konan...perform the Genjutsu," replied Naruto before feathers fell from the sky and knocked out his prisoners.

"Our agreement still stands," said the Raikage while appearing now beside Naruto.

"Yes. Roughly half the Hyuuga Clan is yours once I've sorted out those I've killed from those that are worth sparing. My half will stay in Fire Country and you will get the other half. Cage Bird Seals will be banned and those that have them will be removed by me," explained Naruto with the Raikage smirking at him.

"And you marry Yugito," added the Raikage while the woman in question blushed.

"Deal," replied Naruto and saw the Raikage leave while the Tsuchikage step towards him.

Or rather...the new Tsuchikage.

Apparently, the Sandaime Tsuchikage had died of heart, and back complications a few hours ago. It was very...convenient for Naruto in more ways then one. Coincidentally Konan was not around, but many assumed she was guarding Nagato's real body like she usually did, and didn't consider that perhaps she had a hand in it before getting into position to use the very same Genjutsu that Kabuto used during the Chuunin Exams four years ago to start the invasion.

The very same one Naruto ordered Kabuto to teach Konan before the Uzumaki's own had even started.

"If its not too much trouble, Iwa would like to claim the Aburame Clan for our village, and possibly interlace them with our own bug affiliated clan," requested Kurotsuchi, as the new Yondaime Tsuchikage of Iwa, and knew the Kamizuru Clan would benefit from this action.

Her dear friend Suzumbachi was the current Clan Head of the Kamizuru Clan and the Granddaughter of the First Tsuchikage himself. They had been struggling for years to rise up as the greatest of bug using clans and bringing in the Aburame Clan would help do just that!

"Half of them will go with Iwa. The other half stays here. Copies of everything related to the Aburame Clan will be sent to you just as the Raikage will get copies of the Hyuuga Clan's notes on the Byakugan," replied Naruto with Kurotsuchi smiling before she looked away shyly at first.

"Um...listen...about what happened when we first met...," said Kurotsuchi, as she had a very long talk with her Grandfather about Naruto, and owed him a major apology for just about everything that had happened since that time.

"Its all right. I understand," said Naruto with a smile that made the female Tsuchikage blush slightly before nodding and leaving his presence.

"Naruto," came Gaara's voice with Naruto smirking at his friend.

"I haven't forgotten Gaara. Half of the Nara Clan is yours with a copy of the clan's notes and yes I am going to marry Temari. Not because its for the benefit of Suna, but because I do deeply care about your sister, and her happiness," said Naruto with Gaara nodding and he was gone in a swirl of wind.

"Naruto-kun!" came the loving sweet voice of Terumi Mei, as the Mizukage was walking over to him with a sway in her hips, and made sure to press her lovely rack against him.

"Yes Mei?" asked Naruto with the woman purring into his ear.

"Aside from what you promised me earlier Naruto-kun, I would really love it if Mist village could have those Yamanaka Clan members in our village. Could you be the most loveable Shogun ever and give me what Mist needs?" answered Mei right into his ear in a sultry way.

"I wouldn't dare exclude the spoils of war from you Mei-chan. It would be cruel to deny a beautiful woman like yourself of such important needs," Naruto said while Mei hummed and wrapped her arms more tightly around his waist.

"Speak needs Naruto-kun, perhaps you could help in...," said Mei while letting the insinuation hang in the air while Naruto smirked at her.

"Did you have somewhere in mind? I would say the Hokage Tower, but that place is currently...well its no more," answered Naruto and saw the woman's smile grow.

"Oh I was thinking of someplace more...regal. Like say...the former Fire Daimyo's castle and the Master Bedroom?" said Mei with Naruto smirking at her.

"You do realize that several other women in this family are going to want the same thing, right?" asked Naruto with Mei's smile growing.

"I'm an opened minded woman Naruto-kun. Besides, we both know another woman helps spice things up the bedroom. Not to mention we get to put that Uzumaki stamina of yours to the test each time," answered Mei and Naruto let out a chuckle.

"I don't know who is more spoiled. You? My future wives aside from yourself? Or me?" questioned Naruto with Mei letting out a chuckle of her own.

"I think we all balance each other out," answered Mei while the two walked away from the surviving members of the different clans, Konoha Shinobi, and civilians within the stadium.

(Epilogue-7 Years Later)

Ao whimpered as he walked to the room of the eldest child of Uzumaki Terumi Mei, who was a head strong red haired girl named Kushina after her Grandmother on the Father's side of the family. Why was he whimpering? Because the 7 year old was going to class and becoming a Shinobi and strong warrior just like her parents. The problem was that Kushina demanded he give her a piggyback ride there or else she would tell her mommy which would result in Mei most likely killing him. The Father was no better in spoiling Kushina and all his other children silly while making sure they were well trained to be strong just like their parents.

"AO!" yelled Kushina while Ao winced slightly.

"Yes Kushina-sama?" asked Ao when he came into the room to see the red haired girl glaring at him.

"Take me to school. Or I'll tell Mommy you are being mean!" commanded Kushina while Ao nodded and kneeled while the girl leaped onto his back with a surprisingly strong arm around his neck.

"Too tight Kushina-sama. We need to wait for your brothers and sisters too," came Ao's barely spoken voice.

"Horses do not talk. Now take me to school. NOW!" commanded Kushina before hitting him in the ribs with her heel.

While Ao did what he was told, Mei watched from above with Naruto, and the other wives seeing their children being escorted to school by the Shogun's forces. Mei was gushing over her daughter's ability to command Ao like she had been doing it for years. Hinata's twins going by the names Genshin and were spitting images of their parents in many aspects. Genshin inherited his Father's without fear attitude to get stronger and Ryu inherited his Mother's agile grace with both children inheriting their parents drive to do something when push came to shove. Ryu's eyes were surprisingly green while Genshin's was an intense lavender mixed blue with the Byakugan being possible for both boys if they called upon it. Koyuki's daughter Mito was a lot like her though she clearly had a pranking side and was very calculating when carrying out plans. Yugito's son Marai was the silent calculative type of person, who could plan things out several steps ahead, and was showing a great deal of promise in the Shinobi Arts.

"Aren't they adorable. Kushina really knows how to take command," gushed Mei while the other sweat dropped.

"What did you expect when her Mother threatens to kill the help if they don't obey her every whim?" mumbled Fu with a few snickering.

"Oh like you are any better Mrs. 'I like to stab things,'" Mei shot back since Fu had been known to stab a lot of her enemies with lethal quick succession.

"Ladies! Be nice," said Naruto with a hint of command in his voice and the two women glared at each other before relenting.

"And here I thought the woman was to keep the man under thumb," replied Anko with Naruto letting out a chuckle.

"You haven't been reading Nara Yoshino's Manifesto now, are you?" asked Naruto, as he saw Anko stick her tongue out at him, and give a cheeky grin.

"Hardly! It might be a holy book for feminist, but I'm not like that, and I owe you too much to be like them," answered Anko, who had become Naruto's wife 2 years after Konoha's fall, and the Shogun's supremacy over the Elemental Countries was secured.

"I'll remember that for the future," said Naruto and he sighed while thinking how things had shifted to this point.

Konoha was no more. Akatsuki was no more. Nagato was healed, married Konan, and those two now had a couple of kids running around, The two retired from Shinobi life, but Naruto knew they still trained, to stay strong, and to protect their children until they were strong enough to defend themselves. His former friends were either dead by his own hands, now repenting while being in his service doing missions, and for some (namely Kiba) were rotting away in jail. The Inuzuka had refused to admit he was wrong about Naruto, if only out of anger over Hinata finally being with the blonde Uzumaki, and then when Hana had pledged herself to the blonde's service right in front of her little brother. Kiba had thrown a fit at that time, spewing every hate filled word he could think of at Naruto, who ignored the Inuzuka male, and focused on the female of the clan kneeling before the Uzumaki to show mercy to the clan that wronged him the most. Kiba would have kept shouting had Hinata not struck his throat with a Gentle Fist strike and then knocked the moron out with another to the head. While being dragged away, Hana pledged to fulfill the blood oath to the Uzumaki like it should have been done all those years ago, and even offered her very body to him to do what he saw fit with to further enforce that belief. That she would be his loving, submissive concubine to anything he commanded of her, and all Hana would ask of Naruto was to spare Kiba from death.

Naruto had been against the idea of having Hana as a concubine given how it would lead to the woman having a reputation around others saying she was just a slut living the high life by spreading her legs for him, BUT Anko had whispered into his ear saying that she could be a concubine NOW, and be his future wife later over time. Naruto was surprised by Anko's suggestion, but chalked it up to the woman wanting to have a little fun time of her own with Hana, and after discussing it with the others...he accepted.

Hana became his wife 2 years ago.

Kiba was still imprisoned, the guards keeping an eye on him kept reporting the Inuzuka was still mumbling in his weakened state about his hatred for Naruto, but there was little else the man could do. Still, to be on the safe side, the blonde intended for Kiba to meet his end in a few days when his food was spiked with enough tasteless sedatives to kill the fool, and be done with him. Hana had tried in the past 7 years to reach her brother, but in the end Kiba had called her "The Shogun's Whore", and basically made his poor sister cry tears while running out of the room.

Naruto beat Kiba within an inch of his life for that.

Now peace had returned. Kumo had half the Hyuuga Clan in its village, thriving nicely from what he had seen himself when visiting the Raikage, and heard how Neji became a Father before his death from the burns he suffered going on without being treated for so long. Of course Neji didn't become a Father via procreation by usual natural means with a woman, but rather had the doctors extract the DNA while the man was sedated, and soon had several Kumo kunoichi become Mother's to the man's offspring.

If Neji was told or knew about Naruto being the Shogun of Shadows, the Hyuuga didn't do anything that showed signs he cared. The last of his days were spent flipping a coin with his one good hand, looking at the side that ended up showing itself, and didn't even say a single word to anyone.

Though one doctor walking down the hallway after passing Neji's room swore he heard the Hyuuga let out a loud laugh. Though why Neji did or not was still iffy since no one could believe someone like him and in his condition, could laugh at anything after all the stuff he went through.

Naruto believed that if Neji wanted to do one thing in his life that was out of the ordinary and still be within his power do would be to laugh. All those years being serious, never really smiling, laughing, or having any kind of fun. It was a wonder he didn't snap or have a meltdown sooner!

"Its almost hard to believe that 7 years ago, the world knew of peace, and stability under your rule Naruto-kun," replied Hinata with Naruto smirking at her.

"I brought about order through chaos. The way of doing things before now was corrupt and hurtful to everyone. With my way of doing things, the people are happy, healthy, and enjoying life while not taking it for granted," said Naruto while giving her a kiss on the cheek and made the Hyuuga blush from the contact.

"You truly are an amazing person Naruto-kun," said Fu while glomping onto him and nuzzling against his face.

"Took the words right out of my mouth," came Yugito's own reply to Fu's statement and the other women in Naruto's life nodded in agreement.

"Thanks girls. Come on. Let's go see Koyuki's latest movie. I hear she play a very perky Master Thief, who falls in love with the very person she is trying to steal from, and the man himself is really a mysterious warrior of the shadows," Naruto said excitedly.

"That's because you play the character she falls for in the movie you baka!" exclaimed Anko with Naruto laughing at her while she chased him around the room.

Though with Naruto's skills she had no chance of catching him...unless he wanted her to and only then for the angry makeup sex that would occur.

Up or down, being chased by angry or happy women, life for Uzumaki Naruto was grand now, and wouldn't change it for anything.

Not even for all the ramen in the world.



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