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Lying in bed and looking at the necklace, I was wondering about Bryce. Why didn't he just say sorry to me in person? Why did he buy this for me? As a sorry gift? Is that it? Is that even a word. 'sorry gift'?

I was so mad at him yesterday. And now, it just feels different. I'm also disappointed with Mom. Why didn't she just call me when Bryce was here? It was so ridiculous! I couldn't even look at her. I'm being over-reacted. Who cares? Not me.

Just looking at the necklace makes me feel mad again. I hate this feeling. Getting mad over and over again with the same person.

I just put the necklace inside its box and placed it inside my bag. I'm ready to give this back to him later when I see him. I'm ready to yell at him.

While I was placing the box inside my bag, I noticed the sycamore tree. I glanced at it and stared for awhile. All of a sudden, my mood changed. It's like nothing ever happened. Nothing.

But then Mom knocked on the door telling me that the bus is here. I was frowning again before I even saw her. When I opened the door, there she was looking apologetically at me. I don't know what to do. I was so mad and disappointed.

"I'm going to school," I just said, not looking at her.

"Can we talk later? Please Julianna." Her voice sounded shaky. I didn't give her eye contact or anything. I just nodded and went outside.

I got inside the school bus and didn't see Darla. Where is she? I just shrug and walk to the nearest seat that's available.

I was quiet while everyone's being noisy. Not until Shelly Stalls shouted on top of her lungs for everyone to hear.

"Attention everyone! Attention! I have an update for my party!"

What else? I just rolled my eyes away from her.

"My party will be held on Sunday Afternoon! And my theme will be..."

There's a theme? What kind of birthday party is this? Shelly Stalls isn't like that before. At her parties, she only tells us to wear casual clothing. I couldn't keep myself from not paying attention so I just looked straight ahead, listening.

"Swimsuits! Bring swimsuits everyone!" she beams.

I am not going to bring a swimsuit over to a party! I couldn't stop myself from asking so I automatically raised my hand.

"Yes Juli? Questions?"

"I do have a question for you, Shelly. Why do we need to bring swimsuits?"

Shelly Stalls and her friend Miranda giggled and think that my question was stupid enough to answer. Well who couldn't ask her?

"Julianna," she says with a half-smile "Julianna. Julianna. Julianna..." then she continues with "Julianna Baker! Silly you! It's a swimming party, duh!" Then she looks at Miranda and laughs.

"A swimming party? I thought it was your birthday party." I exclaim.

She rolls her eyes and said, "A swimming and a birthday party. Anyone can have a party like mine! Just not... you know. Fun." Her smile was like an evil smile!

"No way am I going to bring a swimsuit."

"Have it your way, Juli." She sits down.

We arrive at school and all of us went down. I forgot about Bryce and the necklace when I heard someone say his name.

I quickly find Bryce and ready to yell at him.


The thing is, I can't find him. I'm tired just looking for him and I only have 20 minutes to get to my next class. I still tried to look for him. Then I did see him. With his friend Garrett.

I started running when I saw him. And when I got there, I wasn't even starting to yell at him yet, he looks terrified of me. I don't know why but I don't think I can yell at him now. So I started.


He didn't answer me. I don't even know if he heard me.



Bryce was sweating like he's been running for half an hour. I don't know how to start so I just said what came into my mind.

I showed him the box and said, "What is this?"

"Uh.. It's for you... Juli."

"For what?"

"A sorry gift..."

"A sorry gift? Why?"

"Look Juli... It's a sorry gift. For you. And how did you... why aren't you wearing it?"

"Here's why I'm not wearing it." I paused for awhile catching my breath. I couldn't shout at him and I don't know why. "You should've told me you were at my house when you sneaked this into my room! Why do you have to buy me this, Bryce? You could just say sorry in person."

"I was supposed to do that..."

"Why didn't you do it? I was supposed to say sorry not until Shelly Stalls blocked my way! You were there standing and looking at us! Why didn't you do anything?"

"Why should I do something?"

"Well I was expecting you too!"

"Juli... I'm sorry. It's just a sorry gift and I..."

"What? You sneaked in my room to place this on top of the shelf? Or you told my Mom not to tell me that you were the one who gave it to me? What? What word fits perfectly along with yours, Bryce? What word?" I looked at him. I hated this. I should've just let this all go.

I told him that I loved the necklace but I was so angry at him for not having the courage to face me. I had courage. Only someone blocked my way. I also asked him why he bought the necklace. And I wanted him to repeat why he didn't say sorry to me in person.

He answered, "It was supposed to be a surprise,"

With this, my face was getting hot. I held the necklace in front of him and told him, "I wanted to keep this. Unfortunately, I can't," and another thought occurred to me, "since we're facing each other... I wanted to say I'm sorry. I really am. About everything... I did my part, Bryce." I gave him the necklace back and made my way through the crowd. I can feel my eyes tearing up.

Why should I cry?

Should I even cry or not?

Questions like these were spinning inside my head. I found a tree and sat there all alone hoping my tears would come out. I don't want to cry, trust me. But... I actually did. I cried for minutes by the tree. Crying about everything. Why I got mad at my Mom when she just followed Bryce... Why I humiliated Bryce... Maybe I deserve to get mad at Mom for not telling me... Or maybe not.

I was so confused right now. I don't know what to do. I don't know where to go. I don't know someone who I can talk to with... Nothing. I guess there are some people who I'd like to talk to... Chet and Dad. They were the only ones who can help me.


When I got home, I smelled coffee in the kitchen. It did smell good so I walked to the kitchen. When I entered there, I saw Mom holding a mug. I guess Dad's out painting. And Matt and Mike are hanging out with their girlfriends. I don't know.

When I peeked in, my Mom saw me. I'm not in the mood to talk right now. Especially when my eyes were all red and puffy from crying.

Before I even had the chance to take a step, Mom called, "Julianna. Why are your eyes red?" in a concerned-curious tone of voice.

I closed my eyes and took deep breaths before I said, "Nothing."

"Don't nothing me, Juli. I know there's something."

"I'm not in the mood to talk right now."

I heard her sigh and put down the mug on the table. "About the gift..."

The last topic I wanted to be discussed.

"What about it?"

"Could you—could you just enter the kitchen so I can see you?" she begged.

I did. I sat down on the chair and looked at anything. Just away from her.

"About the gift... I'm sorry for not telling you, Juli. Bryce told me not to tell although I wanted to tell you. I told him it was a bad idea and he should've just talked to you. He begged me to put the box in your room... I know you're still mad. But I know why he did that."

"I know too."

"I'll repeat it again. The reason he did that is because he wanted to surprise you. He thought you'd be happy when you see the necklace and wear it to school and everything. Then he would tell you the truth about it."

"Well it didn't work, did it? His plans didn't work. I gave the necklace back. I don't want it."

"Please listen..." I stopped talking and listened.

"He never had the strength to face you, Juli. He's shy..."

Before Mom could even finish her sentence, I cut her off. "Shy? Since when? And I knew he doesn't have the strength to face me! He is such a coward!" I said through gritted teeth.

"Julianna Baker! Once you've had a huge crush on this boy! Next, you still do and I know it! You're just afraid to show it!" Mom was angry. I don't know if she was right. It didn't seem right... at some part. True, I've had a huge crush on him. But...

"That was before! Before I knew the real him!" I shouted back.

Mom was about to argue when Dad came in. "Hold it. Why are you two fighting?"

"Your daughter denies having a crush on Bryce Loski." Mom stated.

WHAT? I'm not denying that! I don't have a crush on him!

"I don't have a crush on him! Stop saying I'm denying it because I'm not!" I was trembling. My body was shaking... my voice was shaking... I ignored my Dad's face and marched out of the kitchen.

If only they knew the truth about the things Bryce Loski did to me back then.