The Winchester family was in power for as long as anyone could remember. Heir to Heir, they were always blessed with strong sons, ones that grew up to be fine kings. The people seemed to love them, and never showed signs of rebellion even through the darker years. Through the wars, and the tragedies the Winchesters were strong leaders. Of course, though, they had a bit of help. A bit of, divine protection you could say.

It wasn't much of a secret. The other kingdoms knew, and the other kingdoms grew jealous. The Angels had served the house of Winchester. Yes, the Angels from heaven its self. For hundreds of years, the Angels had resided on earth and became the top soldiers for the kingdom. Most trained a human army, while others protected the palace from the constant threat of other kingdoms. Especially from that of the Kingdom of The Shadow Valley, which was in turn kept under protection by forces much darker but equally as powerful as the Angels.

The House of Winchester was rulers of the Kingdom of Kansas, which was one of the better of the few kingdoms that remained. No one was certain of the reason that the angels had come down when they did, or stayed for that matter, but nobody ever questioned it. Openly that is.

There were a few outstanding Angels, however. Those that had survived the centuries of 'guard duty' as well as accepting full responsibility over the house and other heavenly creatures. One went by the name of Gabriel, he was in charge of the militia. He kept the armies in order as well as trained them in battle. He was the king's right hand Angel, and was always called upon in times of need. He was rather short, but a force to fear. The wings on his back showed his power, with a twelve foot span and colored in a rich tan and gold they were quite a sight to behold.

Then there was Balthazar, he was in charge of more suitable tasks, he kept the castle in order and the servants in line. He was of a moderate height, with shaggy blonde hair. His wings were not as impressive, but held the same breath taking beauty. A smaller ten foot wingspan and a crisp white color. Anna was the tutor to the prince's as well as the event planner for the king. She was one of the more highly ranked women. With large dough eyes and long red hair. Her wings were as well ten foot in span, and were a beautiful pure gold in color.

Then there was Castiel. He was again, of a moderate height with wild midnight black hair and the purest of blue eyes. His wings were the smallest, a six foot wingspan painted jet black that had a light blue tint if they hit the sun on a good day. He was the most trusted by the king, very loyal and always did as he was ordered too. He never questioned, just went with what he was told to do. It was recently that he had been put in charge of one of the most dangerous, as well as tedious jobs. Castiel was told to guard the young prince. He was put in charge of his protection; he was too accompany him at all times, and keep him safe from anything and everything.

Of course, Castiel did not question this. It was not like he had once been moving out charges of Angels to infiltrate enemy lines and bring them down in a single movement. Or going on recon spy missions to get inside information on enemy kingdoms. No, he stood like the soldier he was and accepted the 'honor'. It didn't faze him that he was now to play baby sitter until the prince was old enough to take care of himself. At least, it didn't look that way on the outside.

"So, you've got baby sitter duties, huh?" Gabriel came around Castiel's side as he stood in the court yard. Castiel had on his ever there serious face, arms folded across his armored chest. He looked back at his brother who gave him that sly smirk of his.

"Well, somebody has to." Castiel sighed, turning his eyes back out to the small river that ran along the center of the yard.

"Yeah, somebody like Inias, or Rachel." Gabriel started, throwing his hands up. "Not you."

Castiel looked at him once more, eyes scanning over his features. He gave a humorless smirk before responding. "Gabriel, it is an honor to protect the boys."

"Oh bull shit, Castiel!" Gabriel cut him off. "You know it is. Why, I will never understand, do you allow the King to walk all over you as he does?"

"Because, is that not what we were sent down here to do, brother?" Castiel paused for a second. "To protect the Winchesters? That is what I am doing. Just, at an earlier start."

Gabriel looked at him for a few seconds, before rolling his eyes and giving up. "You have some patience, Castiel." Was all he said. Castiel only smirked and chuckled. "When is the brat due?"

"Tonight." Tonight the prince was to return from his 'uncles' house in the kingdom over. He had been sent out when he had turned four 'see the world' and learn as much about it abroad as he could before it was time to start preparations. Tonight he was to be coming home, and a big banquet was being held in honor of his return. Again, something the angels had found a little odd, considering he was still such a young boy.

It couldn't be helped though. Anna was ecstatic to have such a large party to plan, and the others were just happy to have something to do. "Come on; let's go see if Anna needs a hand." Castiel put a hand on Gabriel's back just below his right wing joint, leading him back towards the castle. Gabriel groaned in protest, but followed anyway.

It was night fall already, and the boy was due at any moment. All the guests were in the banquet hall, and Anna had Castiel and Gabriel setting up last minute center pieces for the diner tables.

"I still think this is a matter for someone lower ranked than you." Gabriel started again, as he re-arranged the flowers in the manner Anna had showed them. Castiel looked at him over the flowers with a disapproving gaze.

"I do not think it's wise to discuss this here."

"Then were else, Castiel? You know how-" Gabriel was cut off as the doors flung open. They both looked up quickly expecting to see the familiar red head, bounding in with that stressed annoyed look to her face. Needless to say they were both surprised to see the jubilant king, smiling up at them from where they were standing on the table. Beside him was Uriel, one of the lesser generals of Angelic stature. On the other side was the youngest prince. He looked up at the angels with wide innocent eyes in amazement as he always did.

"Your Majesty." Castiel and Gabriel said together, sharing a quick side glance.

"Hello, Castiel, Gabriel." He greets the two, placing his hands on his hips. "How are things coming along?"

"Splendidly, if you ask me. Those stiffs out there will be blown away." Uriel and Castiel shared the same look, before looking back at their brother with disapproving eyes. The king only laughed though.

"Perfect." His eyes then shifted to Castiel, before clearing his throat, gaining the Angels attention again. "Well, Castiel, it is almost time. Uriel here can help Gabriel." He beckoned for the Angel to follow him. Uriel gave Castiel a knowing look as he hopped down from the table. The other angels seemed to pity him for getting such a tedious task. He didn't care though. He held his head high, and would carry out his task to the best of his ability.

Castiel, the young prince, and King John made their way to the entrance quickly. John turned to him with a smile. "I am trusting you with this task, Castiel. With the recent threats and information Rachel was able to retrieve it's most wise to have one of the best watching over my boy. I will not live much longer, but he has his whole life. The last thing we need is to lose our next heir." He rambled for a bit, but Castiel didn't mind. He took a second before answering.

"It is an honor your majesty. I am grateful you chose me for such an important task." He wasn't lying, really. Unlike Castiel's brothers, he found any sort of orders given to him directly by the King to be an honor. That was just how he was though. His siblings just didn't understand that.

"Castiel, do you remember big brother?" The young prince spoke up, looking up at Castiel with those eyes again. Sam, the youngest prince, was probably only about six months old when his brother had to be sent away. Castiel remembers the young heir well. He was one of the first called upon when he was born. He stood in the small battle that erupted out in the court yard when enemy soldiers tried an assassination attempt upon the king and heir. Four years was nothing compared to the centuries he can remember.

"I do." Castiel answered with a small smirk down at Sam.

"You'll keep him safe, right? Promise?"

Castiel paused for a second. "Of course."

"Your majesty, Prince Sam." Zachariah was at the front doors, as well as a few human guards behind him. "Castiel, it's good to see you." He clapped a hand over the other Angel's shoulder. Castiel gave him a nod and a small smile in greeting.

"Zachariah." The King greeted. "Any sign of my boy?" He asked, looking out over the darkened scene. Zachariah nodded once.

"We've gotten visual on the carriage just over the far hills. It should be only a few minutes now."


A few moments of silence passed, as the King looked over towards the gates with stern nervous eyes.

"So, brother, this is a grand responsibility." Zachariah stood beside Castiel, arms behind his back. "Do well to not mess it up." Castiel looked at him for a few seconds quietly. He turned his eyes forward, arms at his sides.

"I will do my best."

"Here they come, your highness." One of the human soldiers pointed out the carriage as it came around the bend. The King's smile broadened. Castiel straightened up; this is the moment his true 'mission' began.

The carriage pulled up to the stairs before stopping abruptly. The King made his way down the stairs and towards the carriage doors. The doors bore the familiar Winchester crest, which was shown on the metal chest plates of all the soldiers. Two lions on their hind legs between them a pair of angel wings laced with veins of thorns. It was symbol, basically showing that they fought with angels. Castiel found it rather cheesy. He rolled his eyes at the sight of it.

The King barely got to the second to last step before the door flung open and a young boy jumped out. He spotted his father and straightened up. "Hello, sir." He said, fighting back a smile.

"Dean." The King looked him over for a few seconds before smiling with a low chuckle. He kneeled down pulling the boy into a tight embrace. "How did you like your travels, son?" The two pulled apart.

Dean rolled his eyes. "I think my heads going to explode from all the books I had to read." The King laughed.

Castiel looked on in silence. He recognized the boy from when he was younger. At that time, they had Esther watching over the prince's. Castiel was busy off helping to prepare the troops. That was four years ago though. He had spoken with the angel earlier, just after he learned the job would be passed on to him, just for advice. Castiel had never watched over children before, and he had no idea what he was in for.

"Just don't treat them like one of your charges. He is still a child, Castiel." She said with a smile. "Do what you are told, keep them safe from harm, and help him in times of need. All you really need to do is watch him grow up."

In all honesty, Castiel had no idea what she was even getting at, but nodded his head anyway. He was flying in blind on this one. His eyes looked down to Sam though. He seemed to be looking at his older brother in bewilderment. He wasn't old enough to remember him before he left. Castiel nudged him lightly. The prince looked up at him puzzled before walking over to his brother.

"Sammy! Look how big you got!" Dean's smile broadened as he laid eyes on his younger brother. Quickly he ran over, wrapping his arms around him tightly. Four years and he hadn't seen his baby brother. He had a very quick six months with him, but that was all. All throughout his lessons, all he ever thought about was how well his baby brother was growing, and how he would look when they met again.

"Dean!" Sam said his brother's name in his presence for the first time. The scene was enough to bring a tear to the eye, if Angels weren't so stone cold.

The King gave them a few more seconds before addressing Dean again. "Dean, come with me for a second, will you?" The boy looked up at his father with a nod, following him over towards the guards. Sam stayed close behind. "This is Castiel. He will be your guard for the time. Alright?" Dean looked up at the Angel, eyes scanning over his wings that lay folded against his back.

"An Angel as my guard?" He questioned slightly. Dean might have still been young at eight, but he understood things others his age would never pick up on. "Why such high artillery?" Castiel and Zachariah shared a sidelong glance and humorless chuckle. John smiled down at his son before speaking.

"It's nothing to worry about, Dean, just precaution. Castiel is one of our top soldiers. He knows what to do if anything were to happen." He paused. "That's all." Sam looked worried, as he grabbed onto the back of Dean's shirt.

"Alright." Dean didn't really believe that, but he could always ask Castiel later, he guessed.

"Castiel, will you please show them to Anna? She should be in the main hall waiting." The King addressed the Angel once more, dismissing him and the boys before turning back to Zachariah to discuss the security for the evening. Castiel nodded before motioning for the two to follow him. Sam grabbed on to Dean's hand as they followed after the Angel.

"So, Castiel," Dean hurried his pace walking right beside the towering Angel, "you're going to be watching over me, right? For how long?"

Castiel glanced down at the heir for a second. "Until you are old enough to take care of yourself." Dean pouted at this.

"Please! I can totally take care of Sammy and myself!"

"No you can't Dean, I've seen what Castiel can do and there's no way you can beat him!"

"Is that so, Sam? Such little faith!"

Castiel kept his eyes forward listening to the two argue. "Dean, you have much to learn before you can protect yourself and your brother." Dean looked up at him with the clearest green eyes Castiel had ever seen in his centuries on earth. He held back a sigh as they neared the main hall. He could see Anna, a finger pressed to her bottom lip in thought.

"Anna." He greeted her, snapping her back to reality.

"Castiel." She smiled widely at him, before her eyes shot down to the two young humans. "You must be Dean. It's a pleasure to meet you." Dean smiled at her.

"Dean, this is Anna. She will be your tutor." He introduced the young heir to the red head. Sam smiled up at the female's familiar face.

Castiel had allowed Anna to drag the boys down the hall to get them ready for the banquet. She picked out the new attire and even made Dean brush his hair. It was entertaining to say the least watching the boy argue with the red head for about ten minutes before Castiel stepped in. Dean had looked at the Angel for a few seconds before rolling his eyes and giving in. Sam had sat on the bed laughing the whole time at his brother's otherwise insufferable behavior.

The time had come to begin the ceremony though. Castiel brought Sam and Dean down to the banquet hall entrance. There the princes were to enter with their parents, then take their place at the head table.

"I hate social situations." Dean moaned when his family seemed to be preoccupied in something Anna was telling them.

"You are young, Dean. You are going to have to go through many more banquets as this one." Castiel spoke, eyes forward.

"That is so not what I wanted to hear, man." Dean groaned again with a roll of his eyes.

"Would you rather I lie?"

"Yes!" Castiel looked down at him curiously.

"Alright, time to get going! Castiel!" Anna clapped her hands, snapping the other Angels attention. They shared a quick nod, before stepping up and opening the doors wide. They moved aside, as the royal family made their way through. The crowd stood from their tables and bowed their heads before clapping. Castiel caught Gabriel's eye from across the room. They exchanged knowing looks, before carrying on with their duties.

The banquet was going on well. Everyone was talking and laughing, dancing about and humming along to whatever tune the orchestra struck up. Dean was dragged around by his mother for the most part, meeting new faces and talking to some of the children his own age. Sam trailed close behind his brother.

Gabriel and Castiel ended up meeting on the outskirts of the party, chatting lightly. They kept their eyes open, Castiel following the young heirs every movement with striking intensity. Every once in a while he could see Dean looking back at him, almost making sure he was close by.

"So, how is he? A brat?" Gabriel asked with a smirk. Castiel allowed a small smile to play across his face.

"Not entirely. He has a lot to learn though about etiquette."

"Well, that's what you're there for, right teach?" Gabriel slapped him on the back with a laugh.

"I guess so." Castiel huffed out a laugh. It was then that something picked up. The Angels in the room suddenly grew tense. Wings twitching, eyes scanning. Something was off.

"You feel that?"

"Yeah." A moment of silence passed between the two. Things were too quiet. Angels had a sort of telepathy between them, and things had gone too quiet on the mental level.

The windows then cracked and shattered inwards sending shards of glass through the room. "Dean!" His wings spread quickly as he dived over the crowd, catching the young boy, and encircling him in his arms and wings, shielding him from the glass. Gabriel grabbed Sam pulling him off towards the side wall, shielding him with his expansive wing span.

People began to scream and panic. "What in the bloody hell was that!" Balthazar was beside Castiel in a second eyes scanning the crowd. The angels did their best to protect the mortals. Expanding their wings and drawing their swords eagerly.

"I don't know." He said before standing up from his kneeling position, keeping one arm around Dean as well as his left wing. "Are you alright, Dean?" He asked looking the boy over. Dean only nodded, looking around with wide eyes.

"Castiel! Get them out of here!" Castiel heard the king, from where Anna had shielded him yelling. Castiel nodded before bending down and scooping up Dean in his arms and hurrying over to Sam and Gabriel.

"Do you want me to come with you?" Gabriel asked, handing over the youngest, he was sobbing lightly pressing his palms to his eyes.

"No, you stay here with Balthazar and protect the others." Gabriel nodded, rushing over to stand beside his blonde brother as Castiel left through one of the back corridors.

"What is going on?" Dean asked from where he was now perched, on Castiel's back, arms around his neck.

"I'm not sure, but I have to get you and your brother to safety." Castiel answered, turning one of the tighter corners quickly.

"Tell that to them." Dean said, voice shaking. They hadn't gotten far before a duo happened in front of them.

Castiel stopped a few feet away. He felt Sam clutch onto him tightly.

"Look at what we've got here, an Angelic soldier and a few brats." One of them spoke up with a dark chuckle.

"Just what we were looking for in fact." The other smirked. One was female, the other male. They stared at Castiel, their eyes quickly shading black. Castiel cautiously lowered the two boys, pushing them behind him.

"I'm warning you to leave now; these boys don't need to see bloodshed." Castiel held his hand up to the enemy, eyes cold and hard.

"Aw, did you hear that, Ruby?" The male cooed. "He's worried about the boys." The girl laughed.

"When he really should be worrying about himself." She said, drawing her sword, as the male did the same. Castiel narrowed his eyes. As the girl charged he withdrew his sword holding it up quickly to block her blow. Bringing the sword back down, Ruby went to jab at his abdomen; again Castiel had blocked the blow.

"Stop, playing offense, Angel!" The female growled, as their swords continued to clash and clang against each other. At one point, Castiel flared out his right wing, smacking the male back.

Dean held Sam tightly, as they backed themselves against the wall. He watched with wide eyes as Castiel fought off the assailants as if it was nothing.

"Grab the brats!" She yelled as she held Castiel in an awkward maneuver of swords that could kill him in an instant if he moved the wrong way. The male quickly forgot about his sword that was smacked away and ran at the princes.

"Castiel!" Dean shouted, before he kicked the black eyed male in the jaw. Castiel looked over his shoulder. He narrowed his eyes, and gritted his teeth.

"Come now, Castiel. You can't win two on one. We won." Ruby grinned with mischievous laughter.

"Not exactly." In a second, another sword crashed upon the girl, going right through her stomach. Castiel was gone then, standing behind the male. He grasped the back of his armor throwing him against the opposite wall.

Dean looked up at the Angel as their eyes met. Castiel's breathing was rigid. He didn't say a word, but it was as if Dean knew what he was to say. He nodded his head once, then Castiel went right back into action. Dean looked over momentarily to see it was Gabriel that had stabbed the girl.

"Now, now that's a tricky move." The man said holding his hands up, that damn smirk still on his face. Castiel didn't say anything. He ripped the male up before landing a hard blow to his jaw, breaking it. He then quickly removed his armored glove and gripped the male's forehead. Bright lights poured from his eyes and open mouth as he shouted in agony. Castiel's eyes stayed on the males face, full of malice.

His body then went limp and fell against the ground as Castiel released him. The Angel's breathing was hard. The enemy had put up a good fight, thankfully Gabriel had jumped in just in time. Gabriel pulled his sword form the still withering female's body.

"Don't give me that look. I was waiting for the right moment!" He said re-sheathing his sword. Castiel shook his head.

"Take her to the dungeon. We can let the King decide what to do with her." He said, before turning back to the young brothers.

"Aye aye, captain." Gabriel gave a mock salute before bending down to pick up the women.

Castiel's wings twitched before he pulled them back in, pressing them against his back. He walked over to them, steadying his breath and kneeled down. "Are you two okay?" He asked, looking between them. Sam had stopped crying by now, but still held onto Dean's arm tightly.

"Yeah." Dean answered, looking briefly at the male on the wall. "Who were those guys?" Looking back to Castiel his face contorted in confusion. Castiel looked at him for a few seconds, contemplating his answer. He had to pick and choose his words carefully.

"They were soldiers, from The Valley of Shadows. They are taken care of though." He paused. "You don't have to worry, either of you."

Dean knew he wasn't telling the whole truth. The eyes, they were black, completely. What was that? Not even the angels had black eyes. He didn't want to question it though. Sammy was so shaken up, he knew better than to ask. He didn't want anything scaring his little brother even more.

Castiel led the boys away from the scene, down the hall, and into the west wing of the castle. He took them both to Dean's chamber, knowing the two wouldn't want to separate. He could tell by the look on Sam's innocent face he had no intention of leaving Dean's side anytime soon. He stood on watch, locking the door, even going as far too carelessly push the wardrobe in front of it.

"I thought you said we had nothing to worry about." Dean said from the bed.

"You don't. Not while I'm here." He said, looking over at the young male. He sat up in the bed, while Sam laid his head on the pillow. His eyes shut tight as he pulled the blanket tightly around him. Castiel stood by the large windows, arms folded over his chest. "You should get some rest." That was the last that was said for a while.

Dean had laid his head back down, staring up at the ceiling. A good ten minutes had passed, and Castiel was certain the two had fallen asleep, until he heard Dean speak again. "Castiel?" He paused.

"Yes, Dean?"

"Thank you."