Full Summary: My names Samantha. Samantha Manson. I'm part of a special sector in Amity Parks Police Department, sponsored and owned, by the Guys In White, that deals with crimes of the more, ghostly nature. I used to think life was black and white, you were either good or bad, dead or alive, human or ghost. That was until I fell into the world of Danny Fenton, who's life was painted in so many various shades of grey and nothing was as it seemed.

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I present to you...

His Beautiful, Haunting Eyes

By: Sarah Serena Rose

Chapter One: Suspicion

AP Police Department

8:13 pm

The violet eyed girl sighed at the consistent, shrill ring of her cellphone as it rested on the wooden oak desk. Pinching the bridge of her nose, she reluctantly reached a hand over and snatched the phone up, flipping it open and answering formally.

"It's Manson."

"Good evening Samantha, how are you?"

She raised an eyebrow, shuffling the cellphone into a more comfortable position beside her ear. Her boss hardly ever started off with small talk, saying it was a waste of time when more important things could be discussed. He must want something...

Not that she was a fan of small talk either, it just never came to her and she could barely keep a conversation going. Of course, most cops in her division didn't have the best conversation skills in the world, it was a familiar trait through all the people she had met. Most times when people tried to get close, she pushed them away. She just didn't want to deal with bringing up her past. Plus her social skills were terrible.

"Okay, I guess. Keeping busy with paper work. You know, the usual."

Liar. I don't think contemplating how lonely you are exactly equals to 'keeping busy with paperwork'.

"Really Samantha?" He asked, highly sceptical.

"Well, I could have said I was feeling particularly lonely without parents, as they died in a car crash two years ago. Plus my social life in basically in the toilet, so friends aren't an option. But I thought saying that might have been a little blunt." Samantha said rather sarcastically, wanting to take back the statement after she spoke.

She heard Agent K sigh on the other end before his voice became serious. Almost bordering on cold.

"You have a case Manson, Kidnapping. 129 Aberdeen street."

Samantha was about to answer, but he cut her off. Her eyebrows knitted together in confusion, whenever she brought up what had happened to her parents, he always got cold. It was rather strange. Of course, Agent K might have been trying to be protective, considering the state they had found her in after the crash.

Almost two years ago, her parents, Jeremy and Pamela had died in a car crash. They had all been driving home from one of her parents snooty friends social fundraiser, when her father cried out and swerved into the ditch, trying to avoid a man stumbling on the street. The rest was kind of fuzzy, she couldn't really remember most of her past before the accident.

The doctors told her she had a case of retrograde amnesia, caused from the car crash. Sam couldn't remember anyone from her past, just the basics. Being told that her grandmother had died a year ago, she had complete control over her parents accounts and had inherited everything.

But she decided to move across town into her own little apartment and eventually found a job, offered by Agent K. He had said she had the right kind of spirit and mind to become a cop, and not knowing what else to do, she accepted.

Bring her thoughts back to reality, Sam clicked the 'end call' button on her phone and pocketed it.

Kidnappings were always the worst, especially when ghosts were included.

That was when she came into the picture. The APGV, or Amity Park Ghost Division, was a special part of the Amity Park Police Force, dealing with cases involving ghosts. Sponsored by the infamous Guys in White, which included her 'straight-to-the-point' boss, Agent K.

Quickly jotting down the address he had muttered moments earlier on a sticky note, Sam jumped up and grabbed her coat, double checking to make sure her gun was in its holster and badge was tucked into her belt.

Exiting her office, she sighed once more.

This is going to be a long night.

129 Aberdeen St.

8:51 pm

Parking by the curb, Sam's eyes widened as she saw the house her boss directed her to. A giant neon sign was atop it, glowing through the blackness of night, boldly proclaiming 'Fenton Works'.

Taking a deep breath, the detective slid out of her car and walked across the damp pavement to the peculiar house. A pang of something, filled her for a moment, but it was gone before she could even ponder it.

Hands in her pockets and black heels clicking, Sam sauntered over to the house, nodding at the other cops who were already on the scene, their patrol cars lights flashing red and blue beacons down the street. Neighbours nosily looked out their windows to see what all the commotion was, ignoring their frowning faces, Sam continued to the large, somber building and calmly walked up the cement steps.

Taking a deep breath, she pulled a hand out of her coal coloured coat and slowly knocked on the door, the sound echoing throughout the night.

Sam absentmindedly peered upwards, gazing at the steel, balloon-like structure that was on top of the house, blowing a strand of hair out of her face as the door was quickly launched open.

Pulling her gaze down from the peculiar rooftop, she gazed at the blue suited officer, his eyes holding an unimaginable sadness, standing in the doorway. Sam cleared her throat, half trying to get his attention, the other half trying to ward off a sinking feeling in her gut.

"I'll take it from here, you're cleared to leave."

The young man nodded and shuffled past her, briefly stopping in the doorway and looking back, as if warning her not to go in. But he promptly left the building, shoulders held high.

Sam stared into the Fenton's living room, observing her surroundings. It wasn't too fancy, the room held an inviting and comfortable aura. A simple futon and wooden coffee table placed opposite to an old fashioned TV. She noted the spilt coffee and broken mug laying on the grey carpet and winced.

They must have been frightened to death, learning of their son's kidnapping.

A feminine, yet frail voice brought her attention the the kitchen.

"Are you here to find my son?"

Sam took a look at the middle-aged woman leaning against the doorway, it looked as if she would fall to pieces if not for the tight grip she had on the door trim. She was dressed in a conventional blue jumpsuit, but it was wrinkled and shabby, her large violet eyes dull, containing a feeling of complete and utter devastation.

She was surprised the woman was still standing.

A tall bulky man joined her, wearing a similar jumpsuit, instead in a bright jack-o-lantern orange. He looked better for the wear, but there were large creases on the corners of his mouth and dark, crescent circles underneath his eyes. He placed a hand comfortingly on the woman's shoulder and viewed her with a forlorn glance.

Sam took a few steps, the sound of her footfalls breaking the silence. She walked over to the couple and held out a hand.

"My name is detective Manson, I come from the Amity Park Ghost Division, " she said in a soft tone, "and I will do everything in my power to help find your son. But first I'm going to have to ask some questions."

The man held out a hand and forced a smile, shaking her hand gently.

"Jack Fenton. This is my wife Maddie. Shall we sit?" He asked, gesturing to the kitchen table.

Sam's eyes widened as she mutely nodded.

The, Jack and Maddie Fenton? The retired ghost hunters who supply us with our weapons? This case is getting stranger by the minute...

Following the distraught couple into the kitchen, Sam noticed another person occupying a chair. A woman who looked to be around her age was leaning against the table, ginger hair in a messy, yet sensible bun, her eyes worried as she tried to focus on reading a book.

Jack pulled a chair out for her and his wife, introducing his daughter as they sat down.

"This is my daughter, Jazz."

Sam smiled, trying to lighten the mood and shook Jazz's hand, watching as her eyes brightened.

"Hi, Jazz. My name's Samantha Manson and I was wondering if I could ask your family a few questions?"

The girl let go of her hand with a start as a flash of recognition swept into her eyes.

"Sam?" She whispered slowly, adding emphasis to her name.

Sam's eyebrows came together and was about to comment when Jazz shook her head.

"Sorry about that, but your named just seemed oddly familiar." She said with a chuckle at the end.

Sam merely nodded in acknowledgement.

Gingerly cupping her hands together against the cool table top, she glanced at the tired looking family sitting in front of her.

Maddie and Jack smiled. Hope seeping into their faces.

The jump suit clad woman opened her mouth.

"Would you like a cup of tea Ms. Manson? Or coffee, before we start talking?"

Sam was mildly surprised for a moment, but grinned at the woman's kindness.

"Tea if you have it, and please, call me Sam."

Maddie silently got up from the table and busied herself with making a pot of tea, muttering under her breath.

Sam studied the other two occupants of the table, they seemed more calm now, almost...reassured that she would find their lost family member. Swallowing the lump forming in her throat, she hoped and prayed that she would be able to help them.

Maddie walked over a minute later, and set four cups of tea on the table, reaching for the one that said 'MOM' in bold red lettering. Reaching across the dinner table, Sam grabbed a green cup, letting the warmth seep into her hands. She was about to speak, but was cut short.

"I know who took my son."

Sam was startled by the harsh bitterness in Mrs. Fenton's voice. She glanced at the older woman, along with her husband and Jazz. Jack was nodding, but their daughter didn't look as convinced, almost apprehensive.

Her eyes widened. "Do you have any proof as to who took your son?" Sam asked, needing more information.

Maddie sat the mug down and crossed her arms angrily, eyes blazing with contained fury.

"He's been terrorizing our family, and the town, for years. Causing destruction everywhere he goes."

Jack spoke, though without as much force as his wife. "Our son's name is Danny, and we believe he was kidnapped by the ghost, Phantom."

"Danny, Phantom." Maddie spit out.

No one noticed how Jazz winced at her parents accusation of Phantom, nervously fidgeting in her chair, biting on her lower lip.

Sam's face blanched, her body tensing as she whispered, "Danny...Phantom?"

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