His Beautiful, Haunting Eyes

By: Sarah Serena Rose

Chapter Four: Research and Conversation

Fenton Residence

11:53 am

Taking a deep breath before knocking on the door, Sam tried to calm her nerves and push forward with the case. It looked like the photo had affected her more than she would admit. Straightening out her jacket, she quickly rapped a hand against the door, knuckles making a hollow sound that echoed in the air.

As the knock went unanswered, she posed to knock again when the door swung open, revealing a young man that appeared to be around her age. He was of African-American descent, wearing a pair of black rimmed glasses and a red fedora.

Sam stepped back as a strange feeling took her by hold. The man standing in front of her did the same, narrowing his eyebrows.

"Do I know you?"

Clearing her throat she shook her head, wanting to ask him the same question. What was it with all the feelings of deja vu she was having lately?

Reaching into her pocket, Sam withdrew her badge and held it up, nudging it in the direction of the room inside.

"My name is Agent Manson, I'm here to talk to Jack and Maddie Fenton."

There was an intense look in the mans eyes as he blinked at her, magnified by his glasses. A mixture of hopelessness and grief.

He must have been a friend of Danny's. She caught herself thinking before he opened the door, leaving just enough space for her to enter. Nodding gratefully, Sam walked into the house, placing her badge back in place.

Everything was still the same in the seemingly cozy home. Normal to any outsider but the ones who knew of the plight the residents inside had to face. It was hard to imagine a family like the Fentons going through something as heartbreaking as loosing their son.

He's not lost yet! I will find him, whatever it takes.

Breaking away from the thoughts, Sam noticed it was more tidy than when she had visited the day before. Gone was the coffee mug and stain from the floor, along with the clutter that had been lying around.

"Jazz! An agent Manson? is here to talk to you." He called out after shutting the door and walking up to her. Holding out a hand he introduced himself.

"Name's Tucker Foley. Nice to meet you."

She couldn't help but let out a wry grin at the cheerful tone in his voice, considering the circumstances. Leaning a hand towards him, she shook his with a firm grip.

"Samantha Manson. I'm part of the Amity Park Ghost Division."

His hand seemed to tense in her grip, but his face held nothing but a small trace of a smile.

"You work for the Guys in White?" Tucker asked, backing away with cold eyes as the smile left his face.

She paused for a moment, surprised at the underlying bitter tone in his voice.

"Our department is funded by the Guys in White. My boss is the president of the division, so no I don't directly work for the Guys in White."

He seemed to loosen up after her declaration, crossing his arms across his chest. No longer dissembled by her work status.

"Do you have any leads on Danny yet?"

Sam raised an eyebrow at the question. "Sorry Tuck, that information's classified."

He gave her a quizzical look and it took her a moment to realize her mistake.

Why did I call him Tuck? It sounded sarcastic, yet like friendly teasing.

Before either could comment, a voice interrupted them.

"What's classified?"

Jazz walked into the living room as both occupants turned their heads at the sound. Sam noted that the young woman looked more composed than she had previously. While Sam felt anything but, the recent talk with Tucker compromising her concentration.

"I'm sorry?"

Jazz jaunted over, a duster held in her hand. Noticing the glance Sam sent towards it, she explained.

"I was cleaning the house, takes my mind off...you know. Someone was supposed to be helping me, but instead you're chatting up Agent Manson." She sent Tucker a friendly glare.

He held up his hands in defence, looking as though someone kicked his puppy and gave her a sheepish smile.

"Sorry, I had to answer the door!"

Sam would have laughed at their antics if it would have been a different moment in time, but now was no time for laughter. It was quite amusing to see Tucker being admonished by Jazz, for he was much taller and larger compared to the petite woman.

I'll laugh and be joyful after I solve this case...

Clearing her throat once again, Sam motioned towards the kitchen.

"Do you mind if we talk in the kitchen, I have a few more questions to ask."

Jazz flashed her a smile, acquiescing to the question and made her way into the kitchen, Tucker following behind them.

"I'm hoping you didn't want to talk to my parents, I finally got them out of the house this morning. They shouldn't be cooped up for too long, especially with Danny's room upstairs, it could be damaging to their mental stability. I already know my mom is so worked up already and I don't want her to worry all the time."

Jazz poured them all a cup of tea as they sat around the kitchen table. Setting the pot down, she took her place beside Tucker and gave him a look before taking a sip of her drink.

Sam nodded, though she gave the woman a wondering look. Tucker, noticing the confusion on her face, explained.

"Jazz here is training to be a psychologist and fears that Mr. And Mrs. Fenton might have substantial grief because of Danny's disappearance. We're all worried for him, but there's nothing stronger like a bond between parents and their children..."

Squirming in her seat, Sam took a large mouthful of tea, letting it burn all the way down her throat. She knew well the bond between parents and children, and how it could be torn away within seconds.

Setting the cup down, she spoke.

"How do you know Danny?"

Tucker let out a short chuckle. "We've been best friends since third grade, through thick and thin."

Jazz piped up. "Especially the thick part, as teenagers it seemed like every other day those two would be getting in trouble."

Sam smiled at the thought of the boys getting into mischief and pulling pranks on family members and teachers.

Tucker rolled his eyes. "In my defence, it was usually Danny's fault we got in trouble. Though part of the blame was mine too I guess."

"I suppose." A faraway look glazed over Jazz and Tuckers eyes as they were reminded of memories of Danny from the past. A solemn silence hung in the air as Sam clenched a fist around her mug.

This family is trying so hard to keep it all together, Jazz especially.

She broke the silence with a soft question. "Are you two sure you don't have any idea where Danny could be, or why he might have left?"

The pair shared a glance and Sam had an inkling they knew something everyone else didn't. Both shook their heads in an answer.

"Do you believe Phantom was behind this?" Popped out of her lips before the question registered in her mind.

"NO!" They both said at once, making Sam start at the sudden noise.

"I mean, Phantom has been around for years and he'd never do something like this."

"Yeah, he fights to keep the town safe, not to destroy it and kidnap innocent people." Tucker added to Jazz's defence.

The redheaded sighed and continued. "Ultimately, everything Phantom has done these past years has been for the safety of the people in this town. He took on a responsibility he never had to and flourished with it. Phantom is the protector of Amity Park, whether people say otherwise and would never hurt Danny."

Letting the information sink in, Sam mulled the woman's words around in her head.

It sounds an awful lot like they both know Phantom personally...

Instead of going for the direct approach, Sam tried a different tactic.

"I thought the Fentons were 'anti ghost'?"

Jazz snorted. "I never truly agreed with my parents view on ghosts. Them being nothing but dangerous and vicious creatures with no feelings or heart. Everything and everyone has a perception of what is right or wrong. Some ghost follow the good side, others...don't."

"So you think Phantom is one of the 'good guys'?

"Wholeheartedly." Tucker commented in compliance. "He's the only one who tried to do anything good for the town. Sure, he made mistakes, nobody is perfect, but he did his best to correct them."

Sam acknowledged their words, knowing she wasn't going to get any other answer about Phantom from the two. They both believed fully in him, and weren't going to let go. Instead she took a deep breath, debating whether to ask the next question.

Slowly, she reached into her right coat pocket and pulled out the photo that had been plaguing her thoughts for the past few hours. Looking at it for a moment, Sam then flicked it on the table in front of Tucker and Jazz.

They leaned over and examined the photo, coming to the same conclusion while giving her a strange once-over.

"It's...you." Tucker said slowly, eyeing Jazz as she picked the photo up in her hands and put it up in front of Sam. Moving it out of the way, her eyebrows came together in a confused glance.

"Why'd you show us a photo of yourself?"

Sam bit a lip, cogitating whether she should answer or not. Deciding on the former she pointed at the worn photograph in Jazz's hands.

"I was hoping to ask you a few questions about it. One being why it was lying on Danny's bookshelf upstairs."

Tucker and Jazz's heads flew up at the statement. Eyes wide in bewilderment.

"What...why, how did he get a photo of you?"

Sam shrugged her shoulder at Jazz. "I have no idea, but this was taken about five years ago from what I can tell. I just don't where. Read the writing on the back."

Flipping it over, Jazz read aloud, "Come and find me..."

Tucker plucked it from her hands. "That's definitely Danny's handwriting. But why'd he write it to you? Does he know you?"

Sam shook her head. "I didn't know him, and I don't know why he wrote it. That's why I wanted to ask you."

Not that I would have remembered if I knew him in the first place.

Jazz's eyes held sympathy as she gazed at Sam. "Sorry, but I have no clue why he wrote this, unless he wants you to find him. But when would he have gotten the photo and how?"

She turned towards Tucker, but he looked just as puzzled as the red haired woman. He slid the photo back over to Sam and she pulled it slowly back into her grip, placing it carefully back in her pocket.

"Well, thanks anyway," she said with a appreciative smile, "Now, are you sure you don't have any other information about Danny? How he was acting, or what he was doing the past week? Anything that could point me in the right direction."

Tucker and Jazz both shook their heads in resignation. "Sorry Agent Manson, but up to his disappearance, he was acting fairly normal. Normal as brothers do that is."

Sam sighed and stood up from the table. "Thank you Jazz and Tucker, don't hesitate to call me if you can remember anything."

They both smiled at her and she was about to walk out of the kitchen when Tucker called out.

"Wait! That picture that you have...I think it might have been taken at Casper High School. You might want to check it out. Oh, and I think you may want this."

Tucker stood up and ran down the basement steps, unknowing to Sam, where a lab was set up. He ran back up, feet pounding on the steps with some sort of a metal cylinder in his hand.

He held it in his hand out to her, and she took it in her right hand, turning it over. A red button was on the side and a cap on the top. Other than the button, it looked like a type of soup container.

Sam raised an eyebrow at the device.

"It's for capturing ghosts, just press the little button and point it at the ghost you want to capture. I thought you might need it just in case. You know...ghosts."

She stood frozen for a moment, looking at it and gave him a giant smile. "Thank you," she uttered, then made her way out of the kitchen and through the cozy living room. Pulling out the photo, she stared hard at it along with the metal contraption.

Finally, a clue as to what this photo means. Danny. Did you know me?

As Sam left the Fenton residence, Tucker took his seat beside Jazz and looked at her hard. She was deep in thought as he spoke.

"Jazz, that was her. The one he always talked about."

The older woman sighed deeply and closed her eyes for a moment. "I know. He always said. He always said she was...and we didn't believe him," she sighed again and her eyes opened in a revelation.

"For whatever reason, Danny must want Agent Sam Manson to find him."

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