He waited until Anko was fast asleep before he crawled from her snoozing side to investigate the reality he was stuck in. He first discovered two other doors in the hallway his and Anko's room was located on.

He opened the first one, expecting a lab or a dark dungeon filled with corpses, but instead saw midnight blue walls and simple accessories. This was the oldest girl's, "October's" room, judging from the waterfall of hair and lanky body slouched over a magnolia desk, the pen clutched in her hand standing straight. Books and papers surrounded her; a sign of an avid scholar.

He hummed. "Might be my kid." He considered leaving her there to wake up with a stiff spin; but what kind of father would do that? Despite how that word made the bile in his stomach sour, he bent over and carefully arranged October in his arms, laying her out on the unmade bed. He stared at her as she adjusted herself on her side, bringing her wrists under her head-just like her mother did often. Only she wasn't Anko's child, she was his. She had his long ebony hair and body structure, much to his fear and amusement.

Shaking his head, he exited the room and slid quietly to the next one. This one had light pink walls, judging by the minimum amount of light the flower-shaped nightlight in the corner. The rest of the room was covered in paper trinkets and butterfly accessories and a pile of headless animals suffocating the small child, "Mae".

"Yeah," he sighed wearily, "definitely my kid."

He stepped over to the mountain of bodies once belonging to hippopotamuses and monkeys and stared at the sleeping monster who had tried to rip his leg off just the day before. She was a spitting image of Anko, same hair and face, and from what he'd witness, same hyperactive personality. She was…dare he say it…cute…in the only way a Orochimaru/Anko hybrid could be.

As soon as he was done in Mae's room, he moved into the living room. The room was neat and furnished with homey items. The only thing there that gave him the sense that he lived there was the aquarium tank filled with a large red and black python. He smirked and ran a finger over the glass. The snake hissed lightly and Orochimaru moved on to the bookshelf. He scanned the titles, most of which were dictionaries. But there was two binder-like books that caught his attention. The cover was a fine leather, neatly bound. He opened it and his right eye twitched.

This was a family album, and he was in it!

It was a timeline in a sort of way, starting back when Anko was a teenager and skipping a few years until she was holding a small pink bundle. He pulled a few of the pictures out, finding their backs labeled with the even and date. The one he was holding currently was of October's birthday. Anko was smiling while the fatigue from labor glowed on her face. Orochimaru, who was also smiling, was holding their new daughter close while one of his arms wrapped around the mother of his child.

He couldn't comprehend the emotion that filled him at the moment. He looked so happy in the photo, so caught in the reality that was laid out for him. Yet at the moment, he felt empty and confused. He couldn't decide if he wanted this, or if he wanted to leave it all.

The arms that wrapped around his shoulders didn't leave him much room to think.

"Taking a nightly stroll down memory lane?" Anko inquired tiredly.

He smirked slightly. Despite his mixed feelings on the situation, he loved how she could turn the most frustrating situation into a reassuring joke. "More like trying to find memory lane." he flipped a few more pages, the faces familiar but their time and origin not so. "I don't remember any of this." Anko nodded, her grogginess easing her violent nature towards the subject.

"Just give it some time." Anko whispered.

He looked back down at the picture he had flipped back to. Anko had her arms wrapped around his neck in somewhat of death lock. He was smiling despite the uncomfortable position he was obviously in. They were younger, and from the look on their faces, very much in love.

He shut the book and paced for a bit. This was real, no matter how badly he wanted it to be a stupid nightmare. He'd have to do what he could with it until he found a way out, and the best place to start was an arena of some sort. He crept quietly out of the house, sticking to the shadows of the sleeping village as he sought for his destination.

The lock closing the forest was easy enough to pick, once of the few skills Orochimaru still possessed. He stalked through the dark woods, anxiously watching for the creatures of the night. He managed to find a small clearing near the river.

He sighed deeply and lifted his thumb to his mouth. The taste of blood had always been like Anko's dangos: he couldn't get enough of it. Some how though, the taste of the red liquor made him gag slightly. He ignored it knowing that regaining his powers were of more importance. He formed the appropriate hand signs; he knew them by heart in any world.

He placed his on the ground and watched as the black markings of his seal spread out before a puff of smoke engulfed his hand. He lifted it and was irate to see a malformed, twisted snake below him. He stomped on the creature and bit down harder on his thumb, numbing his tongue to the taste this time. Once again he summoned something disfigured and dead. He tried this three more times, his frustration at it's peak. Screaming, he rushed to the nearest tree, throwing his fist into it. He waited for the pain of the break to overcome him, but it never did. Dropping his arm, Orochimaru was shocked to see a flawless crater in the tree's trunk, threatening to break the aspect of forest in half. His hand tingled with a dull sense of power, the power he was all too familiar with.

Catching on, he returned to the clearing and resigned his summoning technique.

"Yes!" he hissed with satisfaction.

A brown rattlesnake, about four feet in length, curled around his arm. The serpents stared into each others eyes, one of whom was smirking like a mad man. This was only the beginning. His power was slowly resurfacing and soon he'd be able to summon snakes larger than buildings and possible to repeat his first attack on Konoha.

I'm back…

A clapping sound intertwined with his self-celebration. It became louder and closer until it was just mere feet behind him.

"Well look at you." spoke the voice. "You're the main deal again, aren't you."

Orochimaru shot around, arm with deadly rattler poised for the interlopers throat.

"Oh please, aren't we above that?"

Orochimaru slowly lowered his arm as recognition stirred inside of him. "Uchiha?"

The speaker stepped into the dim moonlight to prove Orochimaru right. "Long time no see."

The serpent fell from Orochimaru's arm and curled at his leg. "Well, well, Itachi Uchiha." his smirking eyes searched over him with an old feeling of power and lust. "My, have you grown."

One of the Uchiha's eyebrows lifted. "We saw each other just a week ago."

Orochimaru rolled his eyes. Of course he of all people was part of this. "Of course. You'll have to excuse me, I've been a bit…mad, lately."

A scowl crossed Itachi's face. "Is that why you beat the Hell out of my brother earlier?"

Orochimaru gulped. That little shit snitched on him.

Itachi advanced forward, pulling a knife from under his shirt.

Orochimaru's adrenaline spiked as the blade twirled in the Uchiha's fingers.

"Do you have," Itachi hummed as he steadied the knife in his hand, "how crazy we Uchihas are about our family?"

Crazy enough to slaughter every last one of them. Orochimaru thought mockingly.

The knife swerved and he had just enough reaction time to duck so that it only sliced the end of one of his locks, as well as the snake's neck that had tried to protect him. Orochimaru lunged for his waist and knocked him to the ground, causing the knife to fly a few feet away. The rolled and coiled around each other to squeeze what strength their opponent had; however, it was little to now avail for both were running on pure adrenaline.

Orochimaru's bangs were grabbed harshly and he soon met the swirling pattern of Itachi's Sharingan. The effects of his doujitsu were almost immediate. Images flashed before his eyes; the little bastard was looking into his thoughts. But they were images he didn't recognize.

A smirking teenage Anko ran ahead of him, twirling in the cherry blossoms around her.

"Come on!"


She ran up to him and grabbed his arm.

"Easy Anko."

"No…I don't want to see this."

She pulled him up to a tree and pressed herself against it, clasping his clothed hands as she leant up and pressed her lips to his.

He couldn't feel it, but he knew it was happening.

"I love you." she whispered.

"Yes." her face disappeared as her lips traveled down her neck. "Yes! And I love you" too…"

He summoned just enough willpower to rip his gaze away from the red spirals. Itachi grabbed his jaw and tried to regain control. Orochimaru caught a glimmer of the knife.

"Don't you-"

Orochimaru shot up and crammed his skull against the Uchiha's. A sickening dizziness swam through him as he scrambled to the knife, his fingers just barely gazing the hilt before he was yanked back. Itachi's strong arm wrapped around his neck and bent it backwards to a painful area. Orochimaru couldn't summon the chakra he needed to bend his limbs to his need. In retaliation, he grabbed the boy's hair and yanked him to him so that their eyes met.


More images of Anko coursed through him, these slightly more blurry and…steamy.

Itachi started squirming upon realizing what was going on.

Anko was pinned against a wall with a dark head kissing down her breasts. Her face was scarlet and her mouth was a pleasured 'o' as her partner went lower.

"Why would you want to see something like that Uchiha?" Orochimaru sneered. "Want to get a peek at mine and Anko's love life?" To his surprise, Itachi smirked.

"Your love life?"

Anko stared down at the man resurfacing from between her legs. She intertwined her fingers in his hair and pulled him to her neck so that he could place his electric kisses all over the blush of her skin.

He chuckled, vibrating her throat. "Your sensei would kill me if he saw us doing his."

Who the Hell could she be talking to?

There was a mix of emotions in her eyes as her lids smoothed open. She stared at him as he leered at her scowl. "Don't jinx yourself."

He kissed her and wrapped his hands around her slender waist, pushing her slightly up the wall. "He wouldn't get the chance-

Wait. Hold the fuck up!

Itachi with Anko?

That was his wife damn it!

Orochimaru unremorsefully launched his fist into Itachi's jaw, flinching at the specks of blood that splattered on his face.

He'd only been here a few days and he'd already forgotten what blood felt like.

While he was down, Orochimaru crawled across the bruising ground and grabbed the knife, pressing it to Itachi's throat as he straddled him.

"You…" Orochimaru growled. When Itachi's smirk intensified, Orochimaru snapped. Totally and utterly snapped.

"You fucking little bastard!" his fist moved on his own. A sickening crack echoed through the forest as said fist collided with the teens jaw, causing the knife to cut the surface of his skin. Itachi was on the ground, moaning and spitting blood and teeth out as he struggled to remove the extra weight on his chest.

"Let's see who you look at once I gorge those blasted eyes of yours out!"

Itachi's bloody finger lifted and pointed at him.

Orochimaru pushed his hand down. "Shut it you sniveling little-"


"Any damage?"

Orochimaru slowly opened his eyes. The moment he saw the white walls only one thought came to mind.

"Damn it!"

Two faces leaned over him, one smirking, the other glaring.

The smirking face chuckled at his agony. "Nope; he can still damn us all. He's fine."

"Shut up." he growled as he slowly sat up. He was back in the hospital much to his ultimate dismay. "Where's Uchiha?"

"He just left ICU." Hiruzen growled.

Orochimaru smirked at this information. "Good; little bastard deserved it."

"Do you have any idea how much trouble you could be in? You've assaulted not one, but two Uchihas!"

"Both of whom deserved every bruise on their unworthy little bodies."

"Damn it Orochimaru-"

"I've heard enough shit tonight old man. Shut up."

Hiruzen looked ready to jump onto the bed and slap Orochimaru into a coma. Luckily though, Tsunade was there to remind him of the punishment that was to come.

"Chill geezer. He'll learn to mind his tongue when-" a loud crash from outside cut her off. From the window, they could see a very steamed Anko sloppily clothed in jeans with a jacket over her tank top shaking a nurse.

"Where the Hell is he?!"


Orochimaru grabbed the blanket and pulled it over his body. "I'm dead okay."

"Orochimaru!" Tsunade exclaimed.

The room shook as the door burst open. She looked at Hiruzen and Tsunade before stalking to bed and yanking the covers off the man trying to play corpse. "You asshole!"

He sat up now that the jig was up. "Morning to you as well."

She grabbed a nearby tool tray to hit him with but was stopped by Tsunade. "How could you do this!" she continued. "I thought you were finally getting back to normal, but no you turned right around and tried to kill Itachi and-"

"He," Orochimaru growled with malice, "tried to kill me first; I was just simply defending myself."

"It wouldn't seem that way." Tsunade cut in. "He's the one with a concussion, two broken teeth, and two cracked ribs."

"Stay out of this!" the couple demanded in unison. The blond nurse shuddered some and proceeded to quiet down.

Anko scoffed and shook her head. "And to think I was beginning to trust you again."

"Oh, don't bitch to me about loyalty Anko!" He snarled. "I know that you've been screwing Uchiha behind my back!"

A tomato-red blush scarred Anko's cheeks. "What!?"

"You fucked him! My Gods woman; I've been here almost two days and I've not even got any!"

"Are you on estrogen?! What the Hell are you talking about!"

"I. Saw. You. And. Him. Fucking!"

Anko shook her head, trying to get her thoughts together. "When?"

"I…he showed me…"

The other two parties stared at the feuding couple with wide interested eyes. "They really do have problems."

"Out of here." Orochimaru hissed with a nod at the door.

"No way." Tsunade resisted. This was too good to walk away from. However, Hiruzen had a bit more control than his companion. He led the girl out and closed the door, shutting the curtains to give them a bit more privacy.

Anko sighed and leaned into the wall. "It's really hard to find trustworthy boyfriends on the side."

"So you admit it?"

"I have nothing to admit." Anko hissed. "Itachi and I did have a relationship, but it was before you and I even considered each other. When we got together, I cut him off except when he attended the ceremony."

"If only I had those memories!"

"So…there's nothing between you two then?"

She placed a hand on his arm. "Nothing but a very screwed up friendship, one that you usually tolerate." she flicked his forehead. "It's nice to see you acting like your crazy-in-love self again, by the way."

Orochimaru looked down at the hand caressing him. It was eerie to imagine who else that hand had been on, disgusting even. But it was on him and he could let the past slide for now. He scoffed. "Were we always this fucked up?"

Anko's face glowed with relief and she squeezed him tightly. "We have our off days."

He held back a hiss as Anko nuzzled into him. She cared about him, something he wasn't use to anyone doing. Sure Kabuto had cared about him, but it was forced affect and more power-oriented than anything else. He wasn't use to feeling anything for others either. Humans were just cheap guinea pigs for him; no love and compassion needed.

He placed his hands on her shoulders with the intention of pushing her away. Yet as he looked down at her, the scent of her shampoo and the warmth of her arms filling his senses, he could only hold her in place.

"You have to try Orochimaru." Anko said as she pulled away from his grip slightly. She smiled and cupped his jaw. "You have to try to come back to me. You don't remember us; that much I understand. But can't you try to start over? Can't you try to let what I want to give you work?"

Orochimaru stared at her with his mouth opened for answering. He wasn't the man she wanted him to be; he could never be even if he lost his mind long enough to want to. She sighed as he resisted answering and grabbed him by the shoulders. He thought for a moment that she was going to hit him and braced himself for the sting of her iron fist. However, it was feeling of her lips on his that he wasn't prepared for.

The kiss was awkward but let a spark between them that left Orochimaru's head spinning to the point that he had to sit down.

Anko giggled and pounced down beside him. "So?"

He stared at the hand intertwined with his. He searched his advanced vocabulary at what he could call this and only one, slight amateurish word seemed to fit the description.


"You certainly know how to wrap people around your finger Anko Mitarashi."

She shrugged innocently.

He had to chuckle at her expression. She was just as she remembered her, with the exception of the constant rage that someone was directed toward him. Maybe he needed her around for him to accomplish his goal. If it was worth it, maybe he could drag her along with him when he escaped this allusion. Maybe he wouldn't have to.

"I'll try.