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Enrique and Savannah Lopez were lying in bed in a deep sleep. Enrique had just finished his shift at the hospital about an hour ago and had been sleep since he got home, when he felt his wife moving around.

"Be still" he murmured sleepily. It wasn't easy being a young doctor especially when you have a wife at home that is nine months pregnant and is just about ready to pop. The baby shower with had taken place a month before had gone off without a hitch. They had way more than enough items for their baby. People bought them the same things on accident but they were grateful thinking of it as if one of their items breaks they can use the other, and then the other one after that.

Around the time of their third or fourth check-up Savannah decided that she did not want to know the sex of the baby which meant that Enrique wasn't allowed to know either, she wanted both of them to be taken by complete surprise. Of course her husband objected to this. In his defense it was his first baby, of course it was her first child to but he needed to know. Once he tried to find out for himself but the doctor threatened to call Savannah so he backed off not wanting to face the raft of his very hormonal wife.

Enrique had asked Savannah to marry him right out of high school being eighteen their parents did not approve. In fact they were completely against it they wanted their children to get college degrees and really discover themselves before they went and got married. They felt like Enrique and Savannah wouldn't get to experience college properly if they went married but of course they didn't care about what their parents thought the only thing that mattered was how much they loved one another. The couple of course faced many obstacles during their college periods. Going to different schools put a strain on the relationship but somehow they managed to make it work. It also helped that they were both absolutely stubborn and determined to make the marriage that everyone doubted work.

Even though their parents weren't supportive of their marriage did not mean they were going to prove them wrong. Enrique Lopez became a doctor at the age of twenty-one years old the youngest person to do so. Now at the age of twenty-five he was wealthy, had an amazing wife and a baby on the way, he was content and happy with his life choices which is more than some people can say about their lives.

"Be still?" she seethed. "My fucking water just broke and you want me to be still? Are you insane?" she asked in disbelief.

The moment the Latino heard his wife say the words water and broke he jumped to attention, grabbed their emergency bag from by the bedroom door and ran down the stairs straight to the car.

Just as he was about to open his car door he remembered that he was missing the most important thing.

His wife.

Wide eyed he ran back into the house back up the stairs and back into his room only to find his wife in a fresh pair of maternal jeans combing her hair placing it into a messy bun. He could only stare in disbelief at the sight how the hell could she be so calm at a time like this she was in labor for god sakes. When she was finally done with her hair he escorted her to the car and the rode to the hospital.

The ride over sucked a shit load for the Latino he was sure that he would need to get his hand checked out. Savannah squeezed his hand so hard he thought that she would break at least four of his fingers.

By the time they arrived at the hospital Savannah was a panting mess. The calm person she was at the house went completely out of the window right now she was a crazy pregnant woman in need of drugs.

"Can somebody help me pregnant woman here!" he yelled. Having heard a nurse came over with a clip board and ushered them to the front desk.

"Dr. Lopez, you have to fill this out for your wife." She said calmly.

Rummaging through the back up bag Enrique pulled out the exact same paper work except everything was already filled out.

Enrique sighed. "Here Angie, now take us to the closest delivery room please."

Angie nodded and escorted them to a delivery room not the far from the front desk.

"How far apart are they Dr. Lopez?"

"I'm not on duty right now its Enrique and every forty-five seconds." He answered.

Nodding the nurse helped get Savannah on the bed and gave her some privacy so Enrique could help get her into the gown. Once she was in the gown the nurse went and got a doctor.

Once Dr. Cosby arrived he immediately got Savannah to start pushing.

"Ah-h ouch, Jesus!" she screamed.

"Come on baby you can do it." Enrique encouraged.

"Shut up Enrique!" she hissed. "This is your entire fault you did this shit!" Taken aback the Latino looked to Dr. Cosby who just shook his head informing Enrique not to take it personal.

Savannah kept pushing and pushing until finally the doctor saw the head coming.

"Come on here's the head one more big push and you're done" he encouraged. Pushing the brunette screamed, suddenly there was a small cry.

Dr. Cosby held up the baby. "It's a boy". Both Latinos started to get a little teary eyed. "Would you like to cut the umbilical cord dad?" he asked. Enrique nodded and cut the cord.

"Fuck!" Savannah screamed. The doctor looked down and his eyes widened at the sight there was ahead of brown hair coming.

"Uh, there's another" he quickly stated.

"WHAT?" both Latin's screamed in disbelief. The doctor handed the first baby over to the nurse and proceeded to deliver another.

"Come on you have to push." Following the instructions Savannah pushed again. "The shoulders are out, one more big push… "She pushed. "That's it come on your doing great Mrs. Lopez one more."

Savannah collapsed onto the bed still pushing "You!" she pointed to her husband. "You did this to me how could you?" finally there was another small cry.

"Another boy" the doctor said.

"Two boys!" Enrique said beaming as he cord yet another cord.

Looking back down the doctor sighed, looks like there was going to be another. Ushering the nurse over to him he handed the second baby boy over and looked back to the parents.

"You are not going to like this one bit,." He started. "There's one more"

Savannah almost cried hearing that. She wasn't having just one baby, no not even two, but THREE, three babies.

"Enrique you fucker!" she screamed squeezing his hand so hard it almost broke as she started to push for the last time. "You, you did this on purpose! You must hate me!"

He looked shocked. Never had she ever spoken to him in such a way but he knew that it was only the pain talking, and that she was only taking her frustrations out on him.

"Last push." The doctor cheered. For the last time there was a tiny cry much softer than the other two.

"It's a girl" the doctor said as Enrique cut the last cord. The nurse the baby girl to get cleaned up, with the help of the doctor she got all three babies cleaned and wrapped two in blue blankets and blue beanie's and one in a pink blanket and beanie. Wanting the new family of five to connect the doctor and nurse left the new family of five to bond.

"Good thing we liked a lot of names." Enrique joked. He held both boys in his arms while his wife fed their only daughter.

"What are you gonna name them?" he asked whilst he sat in the small hospital bed with her.

Savannah was confused. "What do you mean what am I gonna name them?"

"Well, you went through all of the pain so I want you to pick their names." He said with a shrug and I bright smile.

She was still a little uncertain. "Are you sure?" he nodded. "Well, our first little boy is Noah, Noah Daniel Lopez. That other little guy right there is Kurt Camillus Lopez and this, my only hija will be Santana Alexandra Lopez" she said flashing her husband a bright smile.

"Noah, Kurt, and Santana." He said testing the names on his tongue. "Not only do I like it I love it" Noah had dark brown hair and hazel eyes, Kurt had brown hair and glasz eyes and finally Santana had dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

And that was the start of being a Lopez.

35 years later

It was Friday and Santana, Noah, and Kurt along with their families were sitting in the backyard of Santana's mansion watching as their children raced in the swimming pool.

Santana had two children with her wife Brittany. One girl who she gave birth to Carmen Camille Lopez named after Kurt who was 16 years old and her son Skylar Santiago Lopez named after Brittany's mother Skyla who Brittany gave birth to was the youngest of all the children at 15 years old.

Santana names Carmen after Kurt because he was the first one she told about her sexuality she figured he wouldn't judge her considering the fact that he was gay too. Carmen had tan skin, long dark hair, brown eyes and was just as feisty as her mami, she didn't think twice about lashing out on anyone much like her mother. She was bisexual and often had a girlfriend and boyfriend at the same time. Brittany talked to her about how even though the plumbing was different it was still cheating and Carmen knew this but she was too much of a bitch to care. She claimed that she was too hot to be with one person at a time and Santana shook her head knowing that she got her cockiness from her. She couldn't help it if she was hot and she just wanted to share her hotness with two people what was the big deal?

Skylar on the other hand was a sweetheart he has a dirty blonde, he has blue eyes much like his mom and he's tall just like Brittany and he loved to box with his uncle Puck. He of course got into a couple of fights sometimes but he was nowhere near as bad as his sister. Growing up they use to fight a lot but now they just argue like maniacs but their parents know that if they are out and shit gets real they will have each other's backs.

Brittany and Santana met in first grade they became best friends and Santana made it her duty to always protect the blonde. Growing up her wife wasn't the smartest tool in the shed and Santana never let anyone talk down to her, and if they did they had to deal with a Lopez nobody wanted to deal with a Lopez!

Kurt and his husband Sebastian have a 16 year old daughter that goes by the name of Izzy, Izzy Danielle Lopez named after Noah. Kurt named his only daughter after his big brother because Noah was the one who introduced him to the love of his life. Izzy is a tall Latina with light brown hair and she loves to dance much like her dad and Brittany. During her free time when she's not with her cousins she works at her Tia B's dance studio. It surprised them how none of Britt's kids liked to dance but her niece was awesome at it she even danced in music video's with Britt mostly her fathers but hey it's still a music video.

Kurt met his husband in high school. Kurt along with Santana were head cheerios in high school, they were the fiercest team in California and everyone knew that. Sebastian was on the football team and also Noah's right hand man he was always around so when Kurt found out he was gay he immediately went for it.

Noah has one son Tyriq Alexander Lopez named after Santana with his wife Sugar. Tyriq was named after Santana because Noah wanted him to have some part of her in him. Santana was a handful and a hard ass so he wanted his son to be at least half the person she was. Sugar and Noah met in eighth grade she had just moved to L.A. from New York and they hit it off immediately. Tyriq was the eldest of the children at seventeen. He was exactly like his father was at that age wild. Tyriq did what he wanted just like Carmen. They were dare devils and no one bothered messing with them or their family members.

"I won!" Skylar yelled getting out of the pool just to do a back flip off of the diving board.

Carmen rolled her eyes much like her mother would. "Who cares? You also have the longest legs dumb ass."

"Mija, watch your mouth!" Santana hissed from her place where she was tanning.

"Si, mami" she automatically called over her shoulder and continued to glare at her little brother. "Izzy, let's get our tan on with my mami."

Izzy nodded and they went to tan.

"Puck!" Kurt called to his brother while he worked the grill.


"Help with the food unless you want it burnt"

"Ask your husband." He retorted.

"Sebastian can do everything but barbeque so come on Puck!"

"Hey papi." Tyriq called out to his father,


"Why do they call you Puck?"

He was about to reply but got cut off by his only sister.

"They call your dad Puck because when we were younger grandfather took us to a hockey game and he got hit in the head with a hockey Puck so we all started calling him Puck to tease him and it just stuck with him." She told her nephew causing him and everyone else to laugh loudly.

"Fuck off!" he mumbled.

"Hey, don't make fun of my hubby I'm sure he was very sexy with that mark on his forehead." Sugar teased.

"Oh he was." Brittany said having been there.

"Mami, can you take me and Izzy shopping?" Carmen asked inspected her nails.

"You guys just went shopping last week"

"Yes, but we are rich why not shop all the time?"

"Who are we? Your parents are rich you Izzy, Tyriq, and Skylar have nothing!" she said causing the girls to groan.

Santana and her brothers were in a singing group. With her raw voice, Pucks tough voice, and Kurt's soft voice they were phenomenal. They called themselves "The Lopez'" and if you didn't know who they were you were obviously living under a rock. They were the group of all time Santana and Puck wrote the music and Kurt came up with the melodies to it they worked perfectly for eachother.

Brittany and Sebastian owned a dance studio. Brittany had been going on tour with people like Beyonce, Rihanna, Pink, and Christina Aguilera when the kids were younger so it was harder on Santana to take care of the kids but she somehow managed to without her wife. Sugar didn't work she was more like a house wife. She didn't need to work her husband was rich and so was her father making her rich by relation so her father never wanted her to work but she made sure that everything around her house was clean.

"Please mami." She asked pulling out her mother's pout.

Santana laughed "Girl please, that is no match for me unless you're blonde with blue eyes and are married to yours truly so that pout will not work."

"Mom, can we go shopping tomorrow?" she asked her other mother.

"Ask your mami" she said

Santana smirked and watched as her daughter stormed off to o sit with her cousin Tyriq.

"Good one babe" the brunette complimented.

Brittany winked. "Learned from the best."

Izzy smiled at her aunties they were so in love just like her parents she couldn't wait until she found the girl for her. Izzy had just come out as a Lesbian two months ago and she was scared that her parents would be mad and when she told them this they laughed in her face. Why exactly would two gay men be mad at their daughter for being gay they found it hysterical.

"Izzy!" Tyriq called out.

"What's the deal?"

"Movies tomorrow? You me and the Lopez'" he teased,

"You're all Lopez' Mijo" Puck said proudly.

After they all ate Kurt and Noah left with their families they all had plans tomorrow. The kids were going to the movies, Britt and Sebastian along with Sugar were going to the dance studio and the other three had an important meeting regarding their next album that was coming out soon.



"Hey, don't be a smart ass to your mother little girl, apologize." Santana seethed.

Rolling her eyes the Santana replica apologized to her mother. "Yes mom?" she asked.

"How much do you and your brother need for the movies tomorrow?"

Skylar cut in. "I'm good mom you guys got us credit cards remember."

"Oh yeah" the blonde said.

"Which car are you guys taking?"

"I think Ty's gonna drive mami."

"Alright I'm going to bed you coming babe?"

"Yes come on" the blonde said holding her hand out to her wife which she gratefully took.

"Love you guys."

"Te amo" they both said

"Love you too!" their children replied

Once their parents disappeared they decided to call it a day to and went to their master bedrooms to get some sleep anxiously awaiting tomorrow.

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