The day had finally come, Santana, Noah, and Kurt had officially turned thirty-six years old. Like every other birthday they had they preferred to spend it with their families. All of the parents came out as usual – step parents included - and they all had a great time. The kids stayed out in the yard with everyone instead of ditching them like they usually did and they actually found themselves having a great time. When they were younger they hated having to be present for birthday parties. All the adults ever did was kiss on them and ask about their love lives which were just embarrassing.

Santana thought it was one of the best birthdays of her life. Her children had put their money together and bought her a new guitar pick and a fabulous pair of pumps, which she made sure to were to the party, and she woke up to her wife's head between her legs, three fingers knuckle deep inside of her. After her morning present she discovered that her wife had taken it upon herself to buy her more journals. Journals don't seem like much but the brunette can only write her music in custom made one's. She's very picky when it comes to her music.

Izzy had gone out of her way to design a jacket for her father which had him fangirling for a while. She has designed a leather jacket that had diamonds stitched into it. It was special because the inside was made out of faux fur so he would never get too cold in it. Izzy had been taking sewing classes for the past six months so that she would be able to do that for her father and Kurt thought it was the sweetest thing that his daughter could ever get or do for him.

Tyriq got his father a black ukulele that he had flown in from Hawaii. Puck had been hinting that he wanted one for a while and Ty was happy when his mom told him that she had gotten something else for his father. Puck had almost broken his neck trying to hug his only son for his present. It was a sight to see seeing how he ended up hitting Santana with the ukulele box which caused them to shove at each other for the better part of an hour. Kurt just watched with an eyebrow raised and an unimpressed look on his face.

Cam got up from her spot on the lounge chairs along with her brother and cousins and turned to face their family members but most importantly their parents.

"Excuse me everyone" she called smiling when everyone turned to them.

Izzy took over. "So we put together a little performance for our parents and we hope you like it."

Tyriq cut in. "Yeah we know we can be a hand full but we wanted to show you guys that we appreciate it and we love you."

Everyone looked to Skylar who shrugged. "Some of the lyrics aren't accurate but it was either this or 'because you loved me' and I refused to sing that mess." Santana chuckled at her son and rolled her deep brown eyes.

He looked to the back where the band started to play the opening chords to the song they chose.

Once the music started Cam took the lead.

You tuck me in,

Turn out the light

kept me safe and sound at night

little girls depend on things like that

Izzy took over for her.

Brushed my teeth and combed my hair

had to drive me everywhere

you were always there when I looked back

Tyriq looked at his father and sang it straight to him.

You had to do it all alone

Make a living, make a home

Must have been as hard as it could be

Skylar took over from there.

And when I couldn't sleep at night

Scared things wouldn't turn out right

you would hold my hand and sing to me

They all sang together smiling at their parents who looked like they were holding back tears.

Caterpillar in the tree, how you wonder who you'll be

can't go far but you can always dream

Wish you may and wish you might

Don't you worry, hold on tight.

I promise you there will come a day

Butterfly fly away

The song went on from there and the kids eventually made their way to their respective parents by the time the song was over.

The triples tried very hard to wipe at the tears that had fallen but there were just too many to wipe away.

"Thank you kids"


After everyone left with the exception of Brittany's parents they all sat around the table listening to music and talking about any and everything. Papa Pierce went to bed so that left the rest of them.

"Carmen, why is it that every time I send you one of those friend requests on facebook you never accept it?" Nana Pierce asked causing Brittany to snicker at her.

"I don't really get on facebook anymore" she shrugged.

Nana shook her head. "Child I wasn't born yesterday. Your last post was an hour ago."

Santana didn't even try to hold it in and laughed at her daughter's poor attempt at a lie. She knew that lying to Skyla Pierce was like lying to a lie detector and nothing good would come out of it. Growing up she tried to get a lot of things past the older blonde but Skyla was as sly as a fox and she'd be three steps ahead of you.

"Skylar I heard that you already started bumping uglies." She said causing Santana to choke on her water.

Brittany shook her head. "Mom" she whined.

"Please don't talk about Sky, have sex Skyla. I can't handle the mental imagine, just gross" Santana shuddered.

"I agree with Mami" Carmen said with a finger in the air.

Skylar who had turned an unbelievable shade of red quickly excused himself from the table almost tripping over his own two feet.

Skyla looked confused "Was it something I said?"

Her answer was three face palms.


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